New date is 5/5/15 with Yily. Needed more time to build my hemo.

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So I've decided I want to do my BBL with Yily (1st...

So I've decided I want to do my BBL with Yily (1st choice) or Dr. Fisher (2nd choice). I really want to do it the first week of April 2015 but I might be cutting it close. I'm not sure I'll be able to get an open date so soon. I've received a quote from Dr. Fisher's office before I even submitted my pics. No I'm waiting for a response to my pics regarding whether I'm a candidate for BBL.

I sent my pics to Yily earlier this week and I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER for a quote. It's really only been a couple of days but dang it feels like forever!

My friend told me she doesn't think I have enough fat for a successful BBL. I'm like please! I can grab a hold of my stomach fat and back fat. I just hide it well under my clothes. lol

Does it usually take Yily a while to get back to people? What method of contact has been the most successful for some of you ladies?

I'll add more pics later once I edit my tattoos.

More pre-pics.

So I called...

So I called Yily's office today and there was no response. I still have a lot of minutes on my calling card that I bought today so I'm going to keep calling back. Can't believe I'm having to stalk her like this. ???? lol

I kind of want to just make a deposit and figure out the rest after but at the same time I'm kinda scared to do that without speaking to someone first.

I'm almost thinking about going through Bella Vita Consultants as a last resort. I really want to get a date in April.

I sent a deposit last night.

This probably sounds backwards as heck but I went ahead and sent a deposit last night lol. And I emailed her the receipt and sent it on WhatsApp. I also emailed the Allure Consultants. Somehow, some way, this is going down! lol

Since I sent the deposit, I figured I'd start my surgery prep (nutrition wise). I already make smoothies almost daily. But I figured I'd switch up the fruits a bit and add more vitamins to my regimen so that I get a full range of vitamins and nutrients. Plus since iron levels are important, I figured I'd definitely get on the ball with that.

These are some of today's purchases. And some of the things I already had in the house. This will be part of my prep. I'm also going to order any remaining supplements I may need online based on whatever else I may need to take before surgery.

Finally got my quote!

Responded with my receipt to show that I paid. I selected package #1 that includes 10 Days at a Recovery House. I figured it'd be easier than me worrying about have to coordinate everything on my own. Does anyone know which RH she uses? Is it decent? With the quotes it looks like there's a $1000 difference between the package with the 10 day recovery house and without it. But because I'd have to pay $400 for meds etc, that really leaves a difference of $600. $600 for 10 days in a recovery house is essentially the way the math works out. I figured that was pretty decent. Doubt I'd get a RH for less than $60 a day. If y'all know something better, definitely let me know! lol

Will I have to buy new clothes?

This may seem like a stupid question but is it possible for me to get a BBL and still wear the same size jeans/pants?

I honestly don't want to have to purchase a whole new wardrobe. I'm wondering if since I'm not planning on going really big with the BBL, maybe I can still squeeze into my old stuff, even if it may be a little tighter on the butt and hips and looser on the waist. Does anyone know? Or will I automatically have to get a bigger size jeans.

I'm already a size 10 or 32 in jeans. (I'm 5'9 or 5'10). And I don't really want to have to go bigger.

Sidenote: I just had my daily dose of Geritol and it tastes gross!

Looks like my date might be the 13th!

They responded asking if the 13th would work for me because my preferred date was early April. I responded and told them I'd take the 13th. So I'm just waiting for a confirmation now! Yaaay!

The RH houses look to have different prices and some include meds and some don't. I'm thinking I'm going to go with Serenity House or Luxury House. I'm going to have to do a little more research on here tonight.

This site has been SO helpful!


Since I'm about 7 weeks out, I'm going to have to be very responsible about taking my vitamins.

Also, I'm wondering if I should put on a few extra pounds, like maybe 5, just so she has a little more to work with.

I know I don't want to get lipo on my thighs. I want to keep them the same size because I feel like they're proportionate to the rest of me. Especially since I'm y'all. I don't want to look like I'm walking on stilts. Lol

So I'm wondering if I have enough fat everywhere else to achieve the hips and bootay that I want. Lol

So April 13th is the date?

I'm wondering between Serenity Recovery House or Luxury Recovery House. Or is there something better?

Flight booked!

So I booked my flight yesterday. I arrive to DR on April 12th for surgery on the 13th. Next is the Recovery House. I have to do some more research because I really really want to be comfortable and I've read some horror stories on here.

I also started ordering some supplies from Amazon. Tomorrow I'm gonna order some more things. Not trying to order everything at once because I don't want to go broke prepping for this thing. lol

Has anyone heard of the BBL pillow? I ordered a hoppy pillow but I saw a website selling a thing called a BBL pillow. A girl on here posted a pic of it and it made me do further research. Part of me wants to order that thing because it looks so practical but the other part of me doesn't want to spend $50 on something that doesn't work. I wish I saw more reviews on it. If it does in fact work, then it would be worth the investment, considering how much is going into this surgery.

Prep items are starting to arrive.

I've been ordering my surgery prep items from Amazon. The first items have arrived. This is becoming more and more "real" to me.

Need to build my hemo in a month!

Okay, so I got my hemo results back and I'm kinda sad. I'm at a 10.8. So it's operation increase my hemo by 2 whole points, in a month. Yily wants it at a 12.7 for my procedure.

I was taking geritol and a multi-vitamin for 2 weeks until I took my results. I've since changed my regimen since I received my results.

In my stash, I have pur absorb, hemaplex, geritol, hemoglobin builder tea, Megafoos Blood builder, and regular iron supplements.

I've also bought some beets to make a beet based smoothie.

Anyone have any suggestions for a regimen that will build my hemo 2 whole points in the next month? Preferably a regimen that includes some of the products I already have?



My new date is 5/5/15. My hemo wasn't high enough just about a week ago so I decided to do the responsible thing and push my date back. I was supposed to fly out today but there was no sense in going down there unprepared. What's meant to be will be and I didn't want to rush it if I wasn't ready. My bags are already packed because I was supposed to leave today. lol So I have another 3 weeks which is feel is sufficient to prepare me physically and emotionally.

Hemo decreased! Oh BOY!

End of Feb my hemo was 10.8
Mid of March my hemo was 11.3
Last week my hemo was back to 10.8

I was taking one capful of Geritol per day for a few weeks before I got my Feb results.

After getting Feb results I switched to one blood builder, and 1 hemaplex.

After getting March results, I switched to Pur Absorb, 2 ferro sequels, vitamin c, b-complex, and and an occasional blood builder. Also made a beet smoothie every morning which also included spinach, pineapples, and carrots. And I ate liver for a few day and oxtails.

In the interest of full disclosure, my cycle came the day before I got my hemo checked last week where it went back down to a 10.8. My cycle used to be very heavy but it has lightened up significantly since I started supplementing with the iron in Feb so it wasn't heavy last week before I got it checked.

Anyone experience this before? Any ideas or suggestions? I don't know what to do! Google said it may take up to 6 months to correct anemia and technically my hemo levels put me at anemic but I don't know what to do at this point.

I'm trying not to let it get the best of me but I'm starting to feel defeated.

1 week pre-op!

Only one week to go. Next week I'll be in DR and Tuesday, God willing, I'll be in surgery. I have a few last minute items to grab but for the most part, I'm all set!

Back in the states.

Hi dolls,

I'm back in the states, still recovering. I feel like I'm getting better and better each day.

I'm trying to stall my return to work for another week because I still get winded pretty easily and my bladder hasn't returned to it's full strength after they removed my catheter.

My job had the nerve to google Dr. Yily after I faxed them the sick note. OMG. The lady said she "saw some things" online and wanted to make sure I was okay. I'm like...OMG.

I like my results though I'm still in that depressed/why did I do this/did I make the right decision phase.

I will say I was still able to get into some my old jeans and pants last night which made me SO happy. I thought for sure I'd have to replace my wardrobe as far as my pants and denim went.

I'll try to post some pics later on in the week and more about my experience.

Also...Luxury Recovery Home is terrible. Some of the employees are wonderful but the facilities are Internet and TV work off and on, can't flush tissue in the toilet, but most importantly the food was horrendous. It wasn't tasty and it was salty as heck. Barely any vegetables.

And on my way out, I realized they used my personal bought fruit to add to their fruit salad. Used my kiwi, grapes, etc. Amazing.
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