Ok I switched to Dr. Edgar Contreras and I like what I see so far. Especially my nose!!!

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Hi to all my BBl sisters, I have been searching on...

Hi to all my BBl sisters, I have been searching on this site for ages.
I wanted a BBL since I was 16 and now Im finally here:-) Thanks to this site and the sisters that shared their stories and supprted and encouraged others to make this move.

I am 23 yo, 64kg/ 140 lbs and 5.7 .

Im getting Lipo, BBL and Breast Lift-reduction, as my breasts are way too big for my body.

Im looking soo forward to finally get yilyfied, dollified....lool, Im already dreaming about my new barbie shape aka tiny waist nice round and firm boobs and a nice heart shaped ass and some hips.

I have already sent my Deposit and booked my flights and recovery house and will be staying in DR for 10 days.

Im going to share my journey with all you ladies looking to make this move.

Ps. Im also considering getting a nose job after my BBL, so if any of you know a good surgeon for Black peoples nose, I would appreciate you sharing this.

Wish Pic :)))))))))))))

Before pic frontal

Just square, saggy boobs, no small waist and no hips:( Yily gotta put her signature on that:)

A Wish Pic out of Yilys work

Wish pic!!! I think we have the same foundation so I think I have a very good chance to look like her!! Im not a thick girl and Im not looking to become thick so I didnt gain any weight also I have heard that the fat you gain doesnt survive as good as the one you had for ages! Im just looking to have that nice barbie shape, nice boobs, tiny waist and some hips I care more about hips than ass tbh cus I actually have a bit of ass already. Also I started doing some squats a few months ago which makes my ass becom rounder so I can only recomment you guys to be doing some squats prior to your surgery. It might improve your results

Recovery House and Sx Buddies

It has been a difficult decision between the popular Armonia Recovery house and Jacquelines Spa. But I finallly made my mind up and decided to go for the Armonia because they have been replying to all my inqueries quickly and in a nice and professional manner.

I always wanted to have a sx buddy to do this journey together and share the RH costs and this whole experience together. But after meeting some CRAZY ASS BITCH on here Im veryyy careful about the whole buddying up situation. We got along for a week or so and endet up in drama, but Im not gona go into details as its really irrelevant at this point. Im just very glad it didnt happen to me while in DR sharing the same Recovery room after all this procedures!!! My advice to you ladies is be very carefull as you have to consider that this is the Internet and you still do not know all of this girls personal, Im just saying. You are looking to recover in quit and peace and sharing a room with some one you dont know personal just to save 10-15$ a day is really NOT WORTH THE STRESS in case you end up in drama with your buddy. I will still be buddying up with some one and Im really glad I met her, but I will be staying at my OWN room. My health and comfort comes first. Im looking to recover in quiet and peace. This is the wrong occasion for Bargain. Just saying.

Also Yily doesnt give any group discounts anymore. This was for last year only. So you girls wont be saving any dollar if you are having your sx with yily on the same day.

Yilys Contact details

E-mail: drayilyplastica@gmail.com
Whatsapp # 829-469-6102
Office # 809-331-5050 ext 208
Office Hours 9:00AM-5:00PM EST
Office Admin Teresa (Only speaks Spanish)
Assistant Samira (Speaks English & Spanish)

7 Days left

The countdown is here.!!!! Im actually very relaxed instead of beeing excited or anxious...lool. I just wanna get over this whole surgery thing ahh I wish I was 5 Months Post op...lool.
I got all the stuff I needed meds clothes etc. The only thing that hasnt arrived yet is the waist cincher, which I would actually love to take with me to DR Im praying it gets here in a few days otherwise Ill just buy one in DR after trying it on. Also Im going to order a Lipo foam which I will be using when I m back. I will name all the things I will take with me and a few other things Ill be using when Im bk home soon.


I got only 23 kg lagguage allowance and I'm going to use it wisely and not gona take any nonsense or any unnecessary stuff I won't need.

Arnica tablets
Arnica creams
Frolic acid
Ferrous sultans (iron tablets)
Vitamin C
Vitamin B complex
Stool softener
Bepanthen cream for wound healing

Things Ill Need for Surgery
Bobby pillow
Female urunal
Kotex (menstrual pads )
Cotton balls to clean incision
Liquid alcohol incision cleaner
Tank tops 9
Grany panties 9
Compression socks 4 and 5 normal socks
3 maxi dresses
Flip flops

Toiletries( toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant etc.)
Make up
Anti bacterial hand wash
Eye mask
Jumpsuit for my way back
I phone
Mac book air ( lap top)
I phone and Mac book air charger
2 books to keep me entertained while my long ass flight and the boring recovery time

If anyone know anything else that is necessary I would appreciate you letting me know.

But for now I think that's all ill need.

By the way I fogott to mention

Try to get all your medicines from your GP ( General Practice here in the UK ) Your main doctor.
I got all my medicines prescribed for free!! Basically all the medicines on yilys list apart from the 2 first ones as they are injections which you have to get from DR. All my medicines got my name on it so I won't have no problem at the air port. And Im only gona take my pain meds in my hand luggage and all the other ones will be in my main luggage which ill drop at the air port.

Pre OP Check

OK. Today I had all my pre op check done. This very important to do before even flying out to a different country, just to ensure you are healthy enough and eligible for your surgery. I had Blood work, Cardiology, EKG etc. done and everything is very good with me. I feel like everything is going smooth and great right now. Im covered by the blood of jesus and my sx is going to be great. Stay blessed.

Currency Exchange

Im based in London UK and have to convert some british pounds in US dollars obviously.
I couldn't get Dominican pesos here in London so Ill just get some in DR at a local bank a few days after my sx.

I have done my home works and found out that you don't always get the best rates with your house bank. I got my best rate with a local money exchanging shop. So do your home work and find out where you get the best offer for your money.

Applications to download for DR

Whatsapp ( free messaging app around the world)
Viber ( free phone call app around the world)
Google translator ( since we are going to an non english speaking country and we gotta communicate somehow especially us non-spanish speaking candidates (like myself) lool.
Currency convertor just to know the rates in approx. I know you never get the same but it helps

OK my $$$ calculation so far on what I will be spending for everything

Sx = $4000
Flights = $1000 ( this is from London to DR from the USA should be cheaper tho)
RH= $850 (10 days x $85 a night)
Massages= $250 ( 10x $25 per session)
Stage 2 Garment =$140
which I will be buying from yily. You can get cheaper ones on the internet but I thought whats the point of ordering it online? what if the size is wrong? you gotta send it back and return..loong story, another thing you could do is buy it in DR they're really cheap there, but you would have to go to DR like a day prior to your sx, have time for shopping, transport and pay an extra night at the RH so you might as well just end up spending the same amount as you could have bought it from yily.

so this all total makes $6200.
the stuff I ordered online like female urinal, bobby pillow, scar treatment gels and silicone sheet, waist cincher, lipo foam, maxi dresses etc. listed above, did cost me around $200
makes 6400 all together.
Ill change 100$ in Dominican pesos and keep $500 with me for emergency, spending money etc.

I hope this gives a clearance on how much you spend etc. depending on the quote you get also. Ok ill update you later. stay blessed my beauties. Xoxooo
Stay blessed

4 days post op.

Sorry I didnt update in a while.
Ive been busy getting things sorted etc. As things didnt Go the Way I expected. And Ill also tell yoi the reason Why I switched my doc. in a few days when I feel a lil better.

I'm 4 days post op now. The sx is actually not the issue. The issue is the recovery cus this pain is no joke!! I started my massages 2 days post op and getting 2 massages a day. It hurts by you feel soo much better after it.

Ok I'll be bk soon and clear the confusions up.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

After following many RS sisters I choose Yily because of her sculpture skills. I love her lipo skills, the way she gives people such a small waist, nice hips and a round ass. In my opinion she has the barbie in her eye and makes all her girls look like dolls, but in a natural way also. The communication with her office and assistants can be very annoying and discouraging, so the best way to communicate with her is through her whatsapp ( free messaging application for smart phones). So far Im looking to become one of her barbies and will keep updating my experiences.

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