Soon to Be Yily Doll November 2015 Bbl,Lipo,BA - Dominican Republic

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I am 25 years old 5'2 weight 165 will be traveling...

I am 25 years old 5'2 weight 165 will be traveling from New York to the Dominican Republic to get that Barbie shape from Dra Yily De Los Santos. Yily has been very helpful although Through her emails always receiving a response from her definitely makes things easier.
She quoted me 4,900 for 15 days

3 month post op pics

I have always dreamed of having the perfect barbie shape although all my friends think I'm crazy for wanting to get surgery they all say I wish I had your body but there are something's I want to fix and I finally decided to go through with it truth is if they had the money they would go get surgery in a heart beat !! Also I have never done any surgery before and I do not have any kids and don't plan to have any for the next 5 to 8 years

3 months preparation for Sx details

Currently the vitamins I am taking are
Vitamin c
Vitamin d-3
Taking all these pills can be annoying but I did discover an all natural powder called Tangy tang 2.0 that has every vitamin with more mg and no synthetic stuff in it just waiting for it to arrive this week that will be way easier plus I was told it taste good.
I just started drinking Natures food all in. One vanilla protein for breakfast in the morning before my 45 min jog I do feel a difference in my metabolism my goal is to be as fit as possible before the surgery so I have better results.

More preparing things I'm taking with me

Alcohol pads,Clorox wipes,Mederma,Neosporin,Arnica Gel,Arnica pills,overnight maxi pads,granny panties ugh, Zzz NyQuil,Scar spray,L-glutamine,2 fajate fajas size medium, belly foam pad, uncented wipes, unscented soap,dial soap, a lot of maxi dresses, compression socks, arm faja and more stuff just too much to list I am totally a perfectionist so i made sure to get anything I might need that's just me I know some of it wont be necessary but oh well I'm excited ugh I feel like time is going so slow 80 more daysss!!

Countdown 21 day to go!!

I am super excited as the time has flown by i have 21 days till my sx. I am currently taking my necesary vitamins and also watching my diet also have given up the alcohol also I'm focusing on my iron levels I take iron supplements and also make natural juices with spinach beets and vegetables high in iron just so I can be as healthy as I need to be before the surgery . I just can't wait to see my results I'm not even scared just too excited can't wait!!

Wish pics this is yilys work too!!

3 days pre sx excited.

So I will be leaving in 2 days and will be having sx in 3 I feel very excited and anxious not really scared. At this point I just want to get it over with and hope that everything comes out fine. Apart from negative reviews and negative people I remain positive and just picture myself a few months from now. This journey is not easy but I made it this far good luck to any other dolls going through this journey as well .

Finally arrived at Cipla yesterday!! Having surgery today!

I arrived at cipla yesterday around 2pm where I waited for the driver Jose to take me to the recovery home since it was sunday I couldn't have my test done just yet. Cipla for the most part looks very nice and clean only bad thing was the hard bed. Once I arrived to luxury recovery home I felt so comfortable and welcome the staff and other yily dolls are so nice. My roommate just had surgery done with yily Thursday so this was a great help

At Cipla just paid for everything

1 day post op.

Got my surgery done yesterday at 12noon
Yily came to mark me up my hemo was 12.7 so she said if I bleed a lot she won't do arms. They sterilized me gave me a gown blue pill. Rolled me into the surgery room they put the epidural block in my arm. I was up the whole surgery but I didn't feel anything I was day dreaming with my eyes open I remember bein brought back to my room and cursing in Spanish that I was freezing. Arms are the worst I would not recommend getting them done as you really can't move so not being able to use your arms makes it so hard hat to pull my blanket with my teeth last night crazy.

1 day post op with yily

So I barely slept last night had a nurse with me all night turning on and of my ac. Pain I feel 6/10 soreness 100%. Nurses came to wipe me down and get me into my faja slowly. Yily came to look at me tells me my hemo is at a low 7.7 so i will need a transfusión which i just got made me feel way better.


Boobs and blood transfusión

First post op body pic yily did that!!!

Blurred out my tattoo that's what the black mark is. Got my first warm rag shower when I tell you I was begging for my faja girls this faja will be your skin after surgery pain is a little lest I just need assistance to get in and out of bed at this point. It is my 3rd day after surgery now will not say it is easy but if you remain strong and positive you'll be just fine.

Felling down, although had my first massage.

I'm feeling a little bit worried because I got arm lipo but every time I look in the mirror I feel like all I see is big ass arms with tiny waist I hope it's just swelling because this looks horrible I don't even want to take a picture of my self. One thing good was that I had my first massage it was painful as I could hear and feel all the liquid going down from my belly and back she was a bit gentle it was painful but after I felt more relaxed and massages are much needed for better results.

Pic after my second massage.

Had my second massage today it is more painfull on the belly area than my back but it feels better after you feel more relaxed. Still a lot of bruising on my arms, butt is also bruised but it plumps after months.

7 days post op drain finally removed!!

So I am exactly a week post op today had an appointment with yily today had my drained removed at the same time they started to pinch my stomach and it burned and hurt I got dizzy almost passed out Yily and her assistants are so rough they had to fan me to bring me back they told me I need to have my massages done a bit stronger because I have still a lot of liquid on my belly areas that needs to be smoothed out. Also I need to have my faja sown 2 inches from each side to compress my belly. Over all after getting the drain removed I feel way better I can sleep better move better.

7 Massages later with arnica.

The Massages finally felt good today i had my 7th one today it felt great loving my results.

22 days post op

Finally fit into a Xsmall faja shrinking more and more every day I still continue to get massages daily to ease out the discomfort on my belly area.

22 days post Massages!!

I can not be without getting massages at least 4 times a week I just feel less discomfort after and also this is a process my stomach still has bumps in certain areas which will only go away with good massages and wearing the faja daily. My massage lady uses the ultrasound machine to target those hard areas. After the massage she applies parrafin wax on my stomach and back leaves it's in for 15 mins this help with the inflamation especially on my back area that feels so numb. On the days I do not get a massages I have my boyfriend massage me atleast for 30 mins with gloves arnica gel and oil.

Exactly a month after sx

So what I can say at this point is that I am feeling great. Just want to let future barbies know this is a long process that will cost you time and money if you want the best results. I have swelled down allot all my garments became big on me and I didn't feel to great in my fajate girdle. Finally I found the maria e faja 9142 in size Xsmall the fajate girdle was cause to many bumps one my sides although I stuff it and use a foam board this one fits just right and I can see the difference. My boobs still are heeling applying ointment daily to avoid infection at this point my boobs are what bother me the apart from that I feel good and happy with my results one month down 2 more to go.

1 month and 10 days post op.

Wearing a waist trainer in xxsmall feeling great with my results.

2 months post op

Feeling great although I'm sick of wearing the faja and will admit I do remove it at times but my body feels better when o do wear it. I am very happy with my results although I wish my booty was a bit bigger they told me after 2 months it would fluff up but it hasn't just the swelling of my back had gone down I'm still happy because I only told yily to fill my booty in the areas that looked flat. I do see my self going back in a year or two for bigger breast and booty.

2 month post op booty pics

Hoping my booty does "fluff" up currently I am exercising slow on the treadmill and doing squats see if I can reduce my cellulite ugh hardest thing ever.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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