Brazilian Butt Lift *Yily Doll* March 2016. Dominican Republic, DO

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After long months of reading reviews and getting...

After long months of reading reviews and getting myself together I'm ready to share my journey. I'm 26 years old with one child (10years old). I'm having a BBL with Dr Yily March 24th 2016. My deposit is paid, my flight is booked with spirit (not the best airlines but was the cheapest tickets so whatever), my passport just came yesterday (I was jumping up and down like a kid in a candy store) & I've been taking my pre-opt vitamins for a little over a month now. I booked my flight from March 23rd- March 31st Imma stay at the recovery for 8day. It's about a lil more then three weeks till my surgery and I couldn't be more excited I'm more anxious then anything. I read realself literally everyday for a minimum of two hours once I get off work since I can never go straight to sleep anyway. I read so many positive stories and not so positive stories more good then bad tho so I'm keeping a positive attitude. I know I'm gonna be in pain for at least the first three days but I'm hoping I can still have somewhat a vacation. (Hopefully anybody who's ever done it can shed some light on that for me). Is there anybody out there going around the same time I am?

Recovery House or Hotel?

Did anybody stay at luxury Recovery house before? I was originally booked to stay at Diamond recovery house but I haven't read not one good review on them so I emailed Sasha (Dr. Yily Assistance) informing her I don't wanna stay at Diamond Recovery house and if that's my only option then I'll just pay for my procedure without the RH and stay in a nearby hotel. I read one lady experience with Diamond Recovery House and she compared it to a prison. Umm no thank u I'll pass I know this isn't an offical vacation, but I'll like it to feel like one as much as possible and not to mention I don't have the best attitude in the world so that wouldn't work for me. So for those who have experienced this already would u recommend to stay at a RH or just book a hotel?

Should I add on a tummy tuck?

I need help and advice. I was happy with just getting a BBL but now I feel like that alone won't be enough to give me the results I want. A lot of the girls work I saw that body is snatched they also got a tummy tuck as well. Omg decisions decisions idk what to do because I don't want the scaring that the tummy tuck leave but I do want the best results. Any advice anybody?


As the days grow closer I get more nervous. My surgery is next week Thursday and I'm so anxious. I read so many different reviews and I still don't know what to expect. I'm convinced that this is just something you'll have to experience on your own since everybody deals with pain and interactions with people differently. Is any getting surgery with Dr Yily March 24th or knows somebody that is? Also will anybody be staying at Luxury RH during March 23-31? Mayb we can get acquainted from now. Lol

Second thoughts.

OMG now I think I wanna go with Dra Duran over Dra Yily. SMH please let the lord be with me. Reading Yily not doing her own surgeries is bothering me.

7days a way.

In exactly one week from today I will be under the knife for the first time. Talk about nerves cuz boy ole boy are they kicking in. Today is my only day off from work before I leave so I have so much Running around to do so that I'm prepared for this trip. Anybody have any tips on what I should pack?

Post surgery medication.

Grateful for my doctor today he prescribed me most of the medication I would need Post surgery. Antibiotics (for any infect or virus.), Aspirin (to prevent blood clot formation.) Muscle Relaxers, Ibuprofen (for pain.) & sleeping pills.. Also I brought 20 Percocets from my bestfriend's mother.

Pre Surgery vitamins

6 more days

Starting to pack. I'm Anxious.!
Here's a few things I picked up today.

11 days post opt

So today I'm 11 days post opt. And I'm having a problem with swelling and hardness on my back and front. Can anybody give advice besides massages what can I do for the hardness to subside?

10 day post opt pictures

2 weeks post opt pics

Before pictures

People have asked me to post my before pictures so here they are from every angle.

Officially one month post opt today

I'm one month post opt & this recovery has had its up & downs. I'm still not out the woods yet but lord knows I can wait till I am.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr Yily office have always responded to me promptly. Same day response always answer my questions so far nothing negative to say.

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