Yily Doll FEB 2015 - Dominican Republic BBL,Liposculpture, Arms, Inner thighs

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Hi ladies! I've been creeping for some time but I...

Hi ladies! I've been creeping for some time but I finally decided to make an account and participate! Ok so like my title says I will be going to yily in March. I have not set a specific date as of yet because I keep going back and forth. I am giving myself till the end of October to finalize a date and send my deposit to secure it. I know for sure I will be going in March and that I would feel comfortable if I stayed for 9-10 days just to be safe.
My main concern as of now is choosing a date, finding some buddies, and deciding on a RH. My above quote is for a bbl with liposculpture however I have just emailed her asking how much it will be to add arms and inner thighs which I definitely will be adding !
If anyone is going in March and needs a buddy feel free to send a message or comment. As of now I am pretty flexible to book it any day that month!

This is something I really want to do and I am looking forward to the experience. I am prepping myself mentally for the good the bad and the ugly as well as the pain.
I do believe though that this will be an overall positive experience because when I think about my end results I can't help but smile. I will be constantly praying up to and after the procedure date and just surround myself with positive vibes and people. I am refraining from telling a lot of people to minimize any negativity and bad vibes. I know it won't be easy and some days I will second guess myself but it's going to get done.

quote change and date change.

Ok so I talked to yily via email and added inner thighs and arms. so now I am at 4100. Also I am totally gonna get my teeth whitened as well. I'm waiting back on a quote from Dr. Mariano Estrada.

Finally I have officially decided on feb. My reading week is that month so it is perfect. Reading week is Feb 15th-22nd So I was looking at flying in on the 12th and doing surgery on the 13th. I'm not a superstitious person per say but the 13th of Feb just happens to land on a friday:( For that reason alone I am leaning more for the surgery date of the 12 and then recovering from the 13-21 or something along those lines. Gonna call tomorrow to see if those dates are available and then I'll send my deposit.

Sometimes it sucks being CANADIAN

I am flying in from Canada and its not Toronto lol and tickets are so high compared to you american ladies! I'm jealous! so sick of the inflated airline prices in canada. Even flying internally from province to province is expensive. 500 for a one hour flight.. ya not the business. -_-
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