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Hi Beautiful BBL sisters. So I've been lurking and...

Hi Beautiful BBL sisters. So I've been lurking and researching for a whole year and with great pics and safe stories I've decided to get my dream body with Yily in the DR. I sent her this yesterday and I'm waiting for a quote. My set date is End of April First week of May.

I'm 5'4 and 165 I would like a breast augmentation Brazilian butt lift (fat grafting) Lipo in the full Stomach, Abdomen, back, flanks & arms I want a flat as possible tiny waist (is a Tummy Tuck needed to achieve this? if so include in quote) and a round big butt and rounded hips

I would like to come April or May 2013

If anyone has had these produces group together verbatim would you care too share your quote so I'll have a ball park figure. I already know she's in my budget so I'm prepared either way just want to be as prepared as possible! I'm also looking for some cool girls to travel with. I have a homegirl going who might bring her sister. I've done my research and I know with Yily it's the more the marrier :-) so if any of you dolls are looking to go around those days and stay a 10 day max. at the recovery spa for 5 or 6 days then turn the rest into a vaca (depending on healing) somewhere safe affordable on the blue beaches I'M DOWN!!!

once I get my quote I'll def share ESP since you girls have been sooooooo helpful with your detailed reviews it's only right I do the same.

P.s my produces will be 100% CONFIDENTIAL so I want girls who are going to be HUSH HUSH ONLY :-)

I look forward to gearing from you ladies :-) xo kisses and livre from Texas

Thank you!

I'M Back and READY!

Soooo I've saved all my pennies and I'm READY! School will be out for Christmas break and I would like to pair with a good hearted HONEST person to buddy up with. I'm going for a BBL, Lift and BA with Duran dates 14-24 of this December and the more money I can save.... The Better lol ijs. Is there any sista's going around this time that have their quotes and funds or deposit paid want to partner up? Let me know :)

New Wish Pics

Date BOOKED- Surgery paid OFF

Sooooo, this has been waaaaaaaay over due and I've went back and forward with myself for almost 4 years about this but gotdammit I'm about to FINALLY do it!!!!!!! Jan. 19th in the day I go under with Dr. Cortes for full body Lipo with fat transfer to my hips! He did my homegirl and her body is BANGING!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooo EXCITED!
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Realself, google, make me heal and YouTube

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