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My quote includes Tummy tuck, lipo of the abdomen,...

My quote includes Tummy tuck, lipo of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist, will receive bbl via fat grafting to the buttock. Also included in the price: One compression garment, pre-operative blood work, ekg test performed by cardiologist, anesthesiologist (epidural), clinic and surgery fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals and surgical assistants.


This is exactly what I want!!!!! No doubt!!!!

Vitamins Purchased

Hey ladies, ok so I just finished purchasing my vitamins via the email that I received from Dr. Yily. I purchased Nature's Blend Iron Ferrous Sulfate, 65mg tablets - 100ct-$4.89, Nature's Bounty B-Complex w/Folic Acid plus Vitamin C-100ct- $5.79 & Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray-$6.14, from www.theonlinedrugstore.com. The vitamins are to be taken three (3) weeks prior to surgery. So, that is a good thing that I don't have to start taking them now. SSShheesshh!!! Don't 4get ladies that are thinking about surgery to make sure that you have everything in place for your journey. I was online at www.insuremytrip.com looking at medical insurance plans. I came across one that has excellent rating and that only costs $60.00, not the $250.00 that Yily offices charges. So that is a big savings for all of us. Keep in mind that the medical insurance has to be purchased prior to your departed trip otherwise it is invalid. They have several plans to choose from. Take your time and read carefully. So, until the next time ladies......

5 1/2 More Weeks To Becoming A Yily Doll!

Ladies, it's almost that time and I have been excited!!!!! I can't wait......I hope that your journey will be as exciting as mine..........We are all on the same path and let's ignore those with all of the negativity, obviously they have nothing better to do......GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF U!

1 Month 2 Go!

Whew!!!!!! 1 More Month 2 go and my transformation will be complete. I can't wait....I am ready for this journey and can't wait to get back to the States.......

Ready 2 Roll!!!

I am soooo ready to head 2 the D.R. I can't wait. You ladies that have been through the surgery look fab! One more month.........

A Few More Items

I have a few more items to purchase (with no rush) and I will be done!

Counting Down!!!!

It's Jan 5, 2014 - 11:23 p.m. & I am definitely counting down the dayz..........My sx is Jan 31......I am SOOOOOO READY 2 get in Recovery......Ordered my Bobby Pillow yesterday, upgraded to a Kinky Pillow for $4.95 (It wasn't free), plus s/h @ $12.95......www.nursingpillows.com. Also ordered a Abdominal Template from Ebay.com....$13.95...s/h was free! Seller has limited quantities...so if u r getting a tummy tuck then order one....! All other items were purchased some time ago! So happy I made this decision!! Good luck Ladies!


Three Weeks Before Surgery

Stop smoking! In some cases, we may ask you to stop sooner. Smoking can interfere with healing by constricting and decreasing blood flow all over the body which may prevent the wound from healing properly. Do not resume smoking after surgery until you are given permission by Dr. Lopes.

IMPORTANT: Smoking causes severe complications!

Stop drinking!

There should be no alcohol consumption for a minimum of 2-3 weeks prior to your procedure. Alcohol causes increased bleeding, increases the chances of infection, depresses immune functions and may interfere with wound healing.

Make a list of all medications! (Over-the-counter and prescribed)

• Your patient counselor must have a complete list of all medications that you take, either over-the- counter (including supplements and vitamins) or prescribed, before your upcoming procedure.

• Many medications interfere with the clotting process of blood and it is crucial that we know everything that you are currently taking or may take in the near future.

• You will be instructed by your patient counselor to temporarily discontinue certain medications in the weeks ahead.

Check your refrigerator!

It is important that you maintain a healthy diet including many fruits and vegetables. However, there are certain foods which naturally contain salicylates, which affect the blood, and should be kept to a minimum for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Cutting down on these foods will help reduce bruising after surgery. Now is the time to clean out your refrigerator and adjust your shopping lists for the weeks ahead.

Foods containing salicylates that should be kept to a minimum for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery:

Almonds Cherries Grapefruit Limes Peaches Raisins
Apricots Cucumber Grapes Nectarines Plums Tomatoes
Berries (all) Currants Lemons Oranges Prunes Vinegar

Two Weeks Before Surgery

Stop 2 weeks BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER surgery:
• All Aspirin and Ibuprofen products including the drugs listed on the enclosed insert.
• All anti-inflammatory drugs used for arthritis. (Please consult your physician prior to discontinuing).
• All anti-coagulants
• Vitamin E taken internally
• If a medication is in question, call our office nurse.

START 2 weeks BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER surgery (Strongly Recommended)

• Take a Multivitamin tablet daily. Most multivitamins contain some form of vitamin E, however this is acceptable to take prior to surgery. We do ask that you refrain from taking additional vitamin E.
• Take Vitamin A - 8,000-10,000 units, twice a day. This has well-documented beneficial effects on surgical healing and will also fuel your immune system.
• Take Vitamin C - 1,000 mg., twice a day. This is essential for collagen synthesis, which is part of normal wound healing. Your need for Vitamin C will increase after surgery.
• Take Bromelain - 1,000 mg., twice a day. (Pineapple enzyme - from a health food store) This helps to relieve the swelling associated with surgery.

For Liposuction patients only:
• Begin taking Slow Fe (non-prescription iron supplement) once daily.

One Week Before Surgery

BEGIN A LOW SODIUM DIET: (1 week BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER procedure):
Limit sodium intake to 1200-1500 mg. daily. Limiting sodium will help you have less swelling and discomfort and allow you to heal faster after surgery.

GET PROPER NUTRITION AND REST: (1 week BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER procedure):
• Avoid white carbohydrates such as bread, bagels, rice, potatoes, pasta and sweets.
• Eat healthy, regular meals.
• Eat 2 fruits and 3 green vegetables daily.
• Eat a small amount of protein at each meal.

IMPORTANT! Your diet can aid healing remarkably and reduce swelling and pain!


BUY SURGICAL GARMENT (if instructed to do so by Dr. Lopes):
• You will be instructed by your patient counselor where to purchase the garment.
• Your garment may need to be altered to fit and you must have it for the day of surgery.
• You may have your hair colored, permed, etc. during the week before surgery.
• Remember that longer hair may be useful in covering the surgical sites during early healing.

3 Days Before Surgery

• Wash the operative area with your normal soap or cleanser once daily for three days prior to surgery.
FOR FACIAL SURGERY: Be sure to wash thoroughly behind the ears for three days.
FOR BREAST SURGERY: Do not shave under arms for 3 days prior to surgery as it may increase your chance of infection.
2 Days Before Surgery

• Take every 8 hours as directed and continue for 10 days.
• Continue taking Bromelain as directed every 12 hours between meals. This anti-inflammatory promotes healing. As an alternative, eat fresh pineapple.
The Night Before Surgery

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! If you are having I.V. Sedation or General Anesthesia:
NOTHING to eat or drink after 12 Midnight the night prior to your procedure.
SAFETY ALERT: Failure to comply increases anesthesia risk and may cause cancellation of your surgery!

• Wash and condition your hair as usual the night before surgery.
• Do not use mousse, gel, or hair spray.

Make arrangements prior to the day of surgery for someone else to drive you home and stay with you for at least 24 hours after surgery!!
The Day of Surgery

• You may brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash. Do not swallow any liquids.
• Do not use breath mints or chewing gum.
• Do not apply makeup, deodorant, lotions, fingernail polish, hairpins or moisturizer.
• Do not wear jewelry or valuables.
• Do not wear contacts. Bring a case for glasses.
• Wear loose-fitting clothing: a button up front shirt, elastic waist pants and slip-on shoes. No jeans or jumpsuits.
• Bring a scarf and dark glasses (to be worn afterwards) for appropriate procedures.
• Bring surgical garment (to be worn after surgery) if instructed to do so by Dr. Lopes.
• You will need a ride to and from the office for the procedure (no Taxi).

(as instructed by your patient counselor)
• No food or caffeine for four (4) hours before procedure.
• You may have a light meal prior to your procedure. Avoid greasy and spicy food.
• 15 minutes before taking medications: Eat a few crackers or a piece of toast.
• 1 hour before procedure: Take oral pre-op sedation.
• Have someone drive you to your appointment and drive you home.
After Surgery

You will be given specific postoperative instructions for your procedure which will outline in detail what you should do for the next 24 hours and for the upcoming weeks.

WHEN YOU GET HOME: (General Instructions)
• Someone must be with you for 24 hours.
• Do not get up without assistance. Stay quiet and do little talking, movement, and lifting
as excessive activity may cause bleeding to occur.
• Pain medication can be taken soon after leaving the office if needed.
• If you experience nausea, use the anti-nausea medication.
• Sip liquids slowly, increase gradually. By evening you may have a light, soft meal.
• Do not drink any alcoholic beverages (beer and wine included) for 48 hours. They do not mix well with anesthesia and may make you very sick.
• Do not smoke.
• Do not drive or do anything that requires your coordination for 48 hours. Medication
and/or anesthesia agents may interfere with good judgement.

16 Dayz For My Arrival In the Dominican Republic!!!!!!

I'm soooo excited & ready 4 this transformation!!! I will be arriving two dayz earlier so I can enjoy some parts of this beautiful Country. Get a little shopping done, visit historical sites, etc. This journey is surreal and I am happy to have gone through this with some of you. Happy Healing and I'll touch base soon. Take care ladies!!!!!!

10 Dayz To Go After Midnight!!!!!!

Everything iz so surreal!!!! 10 More Dayz after midnight........U have no idea ladies....Prayers alwayz, everyday of my Life!!!! I'll probably faint once I get to the Airport, lol. Less than two hours from ATL and then 4 hours to the Dominican Republic! That is going work my nerves.......4 hours seems like a long time. Then more anxiety because I am arriving 2 dayz b4 my Surgery. I'll get an opportunity to visit historical sites, shop a little bit and enjoy some of the D.R. food. I am happy for all of us because we are all going to be Fab!!!! Touch base soon ladies!!!!

9 Dayz 2 Go!!!!!

So, the only thing that is left to do ladies, is to grab me a couple of $5.00 International Phone Cards from my local gas station, grab my cash out of the bank and head to the D.R. Got my nails done 2day which will last about 3-3.5 weeks. I have a hair appointment tomorrow with my stylist to hook up my quick weave, (got to look Fab ladies even though we will be in pain..lol). And thatz about it! One thing that I am not happy about is the fact that my return flight from the D.R. to Atlanta is a 3 hour layover. I am going to want to get home as soon as possible after sx. Three hours???? Oh My Goodness!!!!! I had thought about it and initially I was going to change my flight to arrive in ATL a little earlier to visit some family and friends and then keep my return flight back to my City for February 12, 2014. But after Delta Airlines told me that in order to change my existing return flight, that would cost $300.00 plus the difference in the price of the airfare. So in reality, the total cost was $624.00, heck that was more than my original ticket of $440.00. So, staying in the D.R. for 14 days only! I'll keep you ladies updated and let me know if you have any questions, just send me a message privately. Thank you.

Exactly 1 week from 2Day!!!

Hey ladies, not sure why I am bummed out! I am most definitely ready for this journey, just not sure why I am feeling a little down. Thatz krazy. I got my hair done yesterday, came home, re-checked my suitcase, ate a salad and chilled. I woke up this morning before 7:00 a.m., had breakfast, jumped in the shower and now sitting here with all kinds of mixed emotions. I guess I'll run some errands, get some fresh air since it's only 9 degrees currently. OK - Time to keep my head up!!!! I'll talk to you ladies a little later....:>)

5 More Dayz & I'm Off 2 The Airport!!!

Well Ladies, I have 5 more days and I am off to the Airport!!! I am hoping that this weather will let up some. It was below zero last night and several inches of snow in some places. I don't want any delays regarding my Flight, I want everything to go smoothly. But the evening news has already reported that another snow storm is headed our way. What in the world??? As I have become closer and closer to my date, I don't feel as excited as I have been the last couple of months. But I am sure that as soon as I arrive in the Dominican Republic, and feel that beautiful 80 degree weather, I will be fine. LOL!!!! I WISH ALL OF YOU LADIES BEST WISHES and just know that we ALL are going to be Gorgeous!!! Dr. Yily has already contacted me this evening to re-confirm and I am off and running!!!!! So, talk to u guys later!

3 More Dayz & I'm headed 2 The Airport!!!

Three more days and I am headed to the Airport! It's been snowing every single day here in C-Town and there was at least 7-8 inches of snow on my car this afternoon. I quickly turned around and came back in the house and just said 4get it! A neighbor brushed my entire car off and at that point I was able to go to the grocery store! Wednesday morning, my flight will leave at 7:05 a.m. heading to Atlanta (4 hour flight) and from there, off to the Dominica Republic (another 4 hour flight), ugh!!!! I am ready to get this transformation completed, heal and return to the States! I'm so happy for the rest of you that will be going on this journey, it's overwhelming, your indecisive, scared and just hoping that you will yield the results that you want. Best Wishes Ladies and I will keep you posted. Have a good evening!!!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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