BBL with Australia Fragoso Baez

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Sooooooo hey! Lol. I got my quote from Yily about...

Sooooooo hey! Lol. I got my quote from Yily about a week ago and I'm so excited! Im 21 5'6 1/2 and 155lbs from Brooklyn, NY. I told some of my family and friends and they Don't agree and keep putting me down about it but I feel like if its something that I've wanted for myself since high school, I'm paying for it and its something that at the end of the day will help me feel better about myself, then it shouldn't be the big problem their making it. I wanted to go like.... Tomorrow lol.... But I can't because I need to save up. I think that all together for the surgery/ flight, RH, ect. I would need to save up between $5000-$5500. (If you think/know otherwise... Let a chick know lol) my ideal time would be December, no later than January.

Quote and pics

Sooooooo instead of me sending people to my Instagram to see how I look and to why my quote MAY be so low, her are some pics and a screenshot

change of plans

So I've decided that I'm going to go to Dr. Australia Fragoso Baez on Dec. 9. I plan to leave NY on Dec 8 and just wanted to know of anyone is going during that time so I can have a RH buddy!?!? :))))))
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