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Hey all, i am NOT new here but this is the...

hey all,
i am NOT new here but this is the beginning of my journey and id love to share be it that i learned through what others shared with me.

i chose dr. yily after deciding i didnt trust mexico enough to go with dr. campos. then i looove dr. jimersons work, but DAME he is too exspensive and i dont really want a stripper booty as much as i no longer wanna look like an up side down vase, ILL explain,, lol
my measurements so far are as follows
wt:148 (gained 10/15 for sx)
ht: 5"5"
YUUUUP! straight UP and DOWN. i was blessed with nice full breast and beautiful legs, but in between all that NOTHING is happenning! and i mean NOTHING!! i will post pics after sx so that there is something to be compared rather than just postin my flatness without any improvement.
as i did my research and considered realistic (in MY budget) prices, i discovered dr. yily last year as she was becoming very popular with reviews of happy people and beautiful results.there were sme bad reviews but more good than bad and later some even updated their negative post to positive, after swell hell.
i have made my deposit and i am set for april 8, 203. i have printed out ALL emails between dr. yily and i. (more like yira and i) just so there is NO confusion on their part once i am in DR.( I WILL B TAKING THE EMAIL THAT STATES I AM THE !ST PATIENT OF THE DAY!!!!)i a have also printed a letter in SPANISH that i will read in my consultation along with my OWN translator ( IPAD), just so i DONT have to deal with, ANY language barriers. i know i have picked the queen of sculpting for my bbi, but it is important to me that she understand i DONT want my butt to look big due to the illusion of my small waist. i WANT my butt looking big because its BIG! i have gained enough weight for two a$$es so im praying all will turn out how i have envisioned.
i leave los angeles for the dr april 5, so that my man and i can enjoy the carribean sea b4 im outta commission.. lol
i have NOT packed yet, nor have i schedued my jm med spa days cause i NEED A SX ROOMMATE!!!
if any ladies out here reading are also gonna see dr. yily on and or after my day, lets pair up and save some $$$.
thats all for now.

Alright ladies! ive got 2wks left until my Yily...

alright ladies! ive got 2wks left until my Yily date and im pretty calm.i have decided to saty at a bed and breakfast for a few days before my surgery. i got th place for $30 a day for my hubby and i. we have a private room with balcony and wifi. i fund this spot via airbnb.com.
the day of sx, i will be dropped off at cipla and my hubby will stay at the bed and breakfast since he cant stay with me at the recvory house.i havent booked my stay at jm yet be it tha i am still searching for a roommate so that i can save a couple dollar, although its looking like im gonna just go for it and pray i get a roommate that doesnt irritate the f*ck outta me. i have been taking my vitamins for 2wks already so hopefully another two weeks will sky rocket my red blood count. my shopping will commence next week in all its annoying glory. that is all for now

Hey my bbl sistahs. it is 5dayz until i go to...

hey my bbl sistahs. it is 5dayz until i go to DR!!! i am sooo excited.
when it comes to yily's communication, she has room for improvement, however, once i submitted my flight n4 and my date gets closer, yily responds the same day. i have been having a great experience with her via email as of late. so dont get discouraged with her getting back to you, sooo many girls book a date pay their deposit then change their minds. once she sees that not only are you seriously coming to her, and your date gets closer u and she become closer.

anyhow, as far as preparing is coming along. i have been takin my vitamins for a lil under 3weeks now. since i will be in town (dr) 2dayz b4 my sx i scheduled to come n2 the office and get my lab work done early saturday morn. so by monday (my actual sx day) i DO NOT have to deal with it. i will be able to just get consulted, take the blue pill, and get on with my dream-ish body. i am also staying at a bed and breakfast so that i can roam boca chica beach b4 i cant go n2 water for 3months. after sx i will stay at JM spa for 3dayz then back to my husband at the bnb.

dial soap/ dove soap
ted hose ( anti-embolism stockings) for the flight back home
waist trimmers (to go under the faja instead of the bulky epifoam)
wife beaters
maternity pads
anti -itch cream
first aid kit
tooth brush
post/pre vitamins

i purchased as much as i could off of yily's post op sx med list, so that i dont have to spend $250 for things i know i can purchase at home.
i was able to find
omeprazol (target)
vitamin c
ferrous sulfate
folic acid
thrombocid cream
so i only ave to purchase the rx drugs that i could not get which are
diclofenac anti-inflammatory
those 3 things better not be anything close to $250/ mayb $150
i am beginning to pack today. i have chosen 3sweat pants, wife beaters and lil t's, long skirts, sun dresses, 2pair of sandals, 1shoe, and 1 boot. i highly doubt i will need more clothing than that, and if i do tuff titty, ill just rinse and re-use wat i brought.
everything is happening so fast, im tryna stay a head of wats coming, if any1 has questions so far or sees that i am missing anything please feel free to share. i will keep my ladies posted.
that is all for now. *muah*

2nd round bbl with Dr. Yily

Hey all its been 4years since I have had my bbl
With Dr. Yily.
I am still happy with my results. However being the I was new to this so life I had not had my thighs and arms lipod because I feared that something would go wrong . Now I am ready for a flatter stomach (didn't wear. Board ????)
Hips and a full backside . Has anyone had round 2 with Yily? If so what was the 2md round discount in hearing about ?? And also was it worth the pain to go again ?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

i am NOT done with my rating as i have NOT had surgery yet, but as far as her office management im gona g ahead and give it a 4 out of 10.......yea.....4/10

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