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I have always wanted a BBL. I decided to go into...

I have always wanted a BBL. I decided to go into my 30's @ my best. I know I have a few months to go but I can't help but to feel unprepared. I'm going on my own and I just want to feel safe and confident. I been lurking on Real Self for months. I would love to reach out to women who already went to Yily and who plan on going.

Haven't Posted In Hella Long!!!

I have posted because it wasn't really much to say since March 9. I just been playing the waiting game and lurking on other's profile. So now about a week until the surgery and I have so many different emotions. I'm nervous, scared anxious and pretty much ready to get this over with. I decided not to stay a JM spa because it seems to be over crowded and I never got a confirmation from them. I need some place more reliable. I reached out to another recovery house, which was half price but I found out she was just hiring a nurse and her place is listed on a vacation home rental site for $ 20 a night so she just want to turn a profit ( which I'm o.k. with but the place looked kinda shady) so now I'm looking to rent my home vacation home ( i found so many nice ones ) and hire my own nurse. I wanted to know if anyone is interested in sharing a vacation home ? Its me and another person so far nurses are about $ 35 a day.

Finally Made it!

I finally made it to DR. My flight was about 10 hours. I took the advice of iwantawaist and used Bambino taxi. Juan was our driver he was amazing he made me feel very comfortable. he even gave us tips for post surgery. I highly recommend him to anyone traveling to the DR. Now I'm relaxing counting down to surgery !!!!
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