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I wanting lipo to my lower back and decided while...

I wanting lipo to my lower back and decided while doing that I might as well have a BBL. I feel I already have a great shape and a big butt. I do have dimples on my butt but I csn love with that. I would want my butt maybe a bit rounder..I don't want any exaggerated because my butt is already huge to begin with. In the past few years I have had the sleeve I ordered to lose over 140 pounds and also had a body lift to remove loose skin. I emailed Yily, cabral and almonte..all agreed I need to lose an additional 30 pounds. I really want to go with Yily because I like how she shapes people and she works on bigger women. Which one should I choose? I have attached their responses.

Response from Cabral

I felt like I had to pull teeth just to get all the info from him

Dr mallol cotes

I messaged him Friday and waiting on a response. I really like his work because it seems natural and from the reviews he's a really caring doctor. As stated I want to round and shape it..not necessarily add more to it. My butt has major dimpes but I'm happy with the size and I know that a bbl might not fix it..mean thing to get my back fat gone and waist smaller..I think I'm at 35 now.

Rent a hotel or from or stay in recovery

I'm really debating on if to rent an apartment or stay in a Recovery house. I feel renting is so much cheaper than staying in a Recovery house..I could hire a nurse etc..any information or opinion on that?

How tale deposit for Mallol

Got a response from Mallol but no info on how to make a deposit nor anything about if I needed to lose some weight..any ideas? Was anyone told to lose some pounds.

DR. Mallol 4/20/2017 date reserved

Paid my deposit and got a confirmation for 4/20/2017 for Dr.Mallol. I asked to be in the Highclass recovery house if possible. Now I need to start my vitamins up. I started walking 4 miles a day. I believe I will be able to lose weight by then.


I had to change my date from April to December due to me leaving put the country for a month at the end of 2016. I don't want my employer to get mad I will turn around and take another 2 weeks off a few months later.


So I'm really debating on just getting aggressive lipo and maybe a breast lift or implant..I am really scared of doing the bbl and getting an infection or even dying. What are your opinions?
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