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Hey ladies I am trying to start the process to...

Hey ladies I am trying to start the process to have surgery done with Dr. Yily. After readying the reviews I feel this is the right choice for me. I would be traveling from NY and early December is what I am aiming for if anyone could help me start the process that would be helpful. I've sent 2 emails already and I've heard nothing yet. I just want fat grafting to the butt and hips, if you ask me I have a nice little butt already I just want more. I haven't been quoted yet I will update you when I have that information

Hey I got my quote from Yily. I'm very excited. I...

Hey I got my quote from Yily. I'm very excited. I hope to have my deposit, flight and hotel booked by August. I am looking for a buddy so if you're planning on going to DR in the 8th of December let me know. I plan to come back to the states on the 17th

Hey ladies after consideration of my school...

Hey ladies after consideration of my school schedule I will be having my surgery done early January. Still very excited and still very comfortable going to Yily. If anyone would like to buddy up that would be awesome. A group of 4 would be my goal that way we would get a discount with Yily and we would all save at the recovery spa. The money we save can be used toward massages. I have a question for the ladies who have gone thru with there procedures, do your pants still fit or are you buying new bottoms all across the board?

Surgery date looking at January 3rd. Still looking...

Surgery date looking at January 3rd. Still looking for a group to go with. Someone close to me just had this surgery and it was rough for them. So I'm not goin to rush to get back to the states if I'm not in the best conditions. So I will probably do 5 days in the RH and then transfer to a hotel somewhere safe and relaxing. If anyone it interested send me a message. Or if you know anyone going around the same time comment below it message me

Possible change of plans

Hey ladies I wasn't able to register for summer classes so I am thinking that surgery in August would be a good plan!! Anyone going during that time?? I really want a group me and 3 other woman would be ideal. Keep me posted fellow Yily dolls

Back to original surgery date

My surgery will be in Early January of 2014

Weight gain before DR

Hey ladies I'm for sure moving forward with surgery. I'm not exactly sure what my goal is but I do want to pack on some pounds. I'm thinking ensure plus to begin. Any advice??

This is not the best picture

By this is me before Yily

Another before

What do you guys think?? I want as much fat possible put to my butt and hips

Still waiting

I love how obsessive I am becoming over this surgery. Any who I am still waiting to hear back from Duran. My heart was set on Yily but because of her taking 2 months off our schedules don't add up. But I am for sure moving forward with surgery. I have been playing with numbers and I think my goal is to have 1000 ccs in each cheek and 200 in each hip. How long are you ladies waiting to have sex after surgery and even better when is the sex comfortable? How long should I wait to start a light work out plan, like maybe yoga and pole aerobics? Sorry to bombard you with so many questions but I love the support system here

Big changes

Hey I got my quotes from both doctors Yily and Duran. I was planning on having surgery in November but instead I will be having a baby in June. I'm super happy to become a mom. I would like to still have my surgery I just need to know how long I'm required to wait he after giving birth

Mommy make over

So I've decided to have my bbl surgery 3 months after giving birth to my child that is due in May. It gives me time to save and get my plans nice and tight. Also it makes it so I don't have to explain my surgery since my body will be different after I give birth anyway. I have my wish pictures and I am open to go to Yily or Duran either or I will make my decisions when the time is closer.


I will be giving birth in June**

Nurse in DR

Does anyone know how to hire a nurse in DR?? I think I'm gonna stay on a resort

New set of wish pictures

I've been everywhere with my wish pictures but here is my new booty wish pics. One girl many different pictures. Tell me if what you ladies think?? Think I will get close to what I want??

Question For DR Ladies

How are you getting your pain medicine here in the states before you go??

Yo Yo Yo

Hey ladies I'm still moving forward with everything. I'm booking flights I'm putting down deposit. I want to stay at the recovery house for 3 days I'm think the Aroma house but I think I'm spelling it wrong. I have heard that this house has nurses and massages so if anyone has any info on how to get in touch please message me or just comment I'm really excited this year has so much for me to look forward too.


I'm interested in staying in the Armonia Recovery House

Okay Ladies

It is confirmed my surgery date date with Duran has be set. I am scheduled for August 11th 2014. I plan to be the first one at the clinic so I can be the first one to get surgery performed. I plan to stay at the Armonia Recovery house but that will be confirmed once I book my flight and send then over the information. I plan to have a nurse stay the night with me just incase I need anything I want to be as comfortable and as relaxed as possible. I'm so excited

&& Ladies

Please do not get discouraged if you are having a hard time reaching Duran. After I got my quote I haven't received a response to any other email. And yesterday I called her office at least 25 times with no success. But today it was one phone call can I speak to Elizabeth and bam there I am I am scheduled and ready to go.

3 in 1 day I'm on a roll

So ladies how soon after surgery are we getting massages?? Can I get a massage the day after surgery?? Or will I die and pass out?? I probably have a lot more questions but for now how soon after can I get a massage and where in NYC can I get some massages??

DR vets I have a few questions

Hi vets I have a few questions. I have been on this site forever but after reading so many reviews it's a mash up of information. I'm gonna ask a few questions and you guys can correct me if I'm wrong or answer them in the comments or in my inbox.

When can I start massages??
From what I read 3 days after surgery. So If I have surgery Monday I can have my first massage on Wednesday??

When will me drains be removed??
I am scheduled to have surgery on Monday so hopefully by Friday I will have my drains removed

How many times after surgery will I see Duran??
I have surgery Monday leave cipla on Tuesday I'm assuming I will see her again to get my drains removed, but after that can I expect to see her again??

Those are the most important questions I have I would greatly appreciate it if you lovely ladies could help me answer them.
Blessings ladies hope to hear from you soon

Got the ball Rollin

So my deposit has been sent.
My surgery has been scheduled
My flight has been booked and paid
The only thing left for me to do is my passport and I will do that by the end of this week.
My surgery is Monday August 11th do if anyone is going on or around that date and would like to buddy up please let me know. I don't know the exactly benefits of buddying when it comes to Duran but if it saves us some money why not??

I am deleting my pre op pics that I currently have and I will add new ones on June so we can see what I'm working with

My Checklist

Hey ladies this is my strict checklist for preparing for DR. If you have any suggestions please comment below. I'm only bringing a carry on and a big purse.

Lipo recovery kit from Make Me Heal
Pain killers percs and oxi
Q tips
Alcohol pads
Water pills
Heparin gel
Arnica gel
Stool softener
2 pajamas
2 maxi dresses

* I'm still debating on garment or not but I'm leaning towards yes to the garment

Tonight was the night

Tonight was the first night I got in contact with Duran thru the WhatsApp or what ever it is called. I downloaded that app specifically to speak with her. But she just confirmed my date. She has me on the books so everything is gravy I'm excited

It's been a while

Hi ladies I can't even remember the last time I updated. But since then I have given birth to an angel. Being a mother is amazing. I'm still having surgery in August. My check list is passport pay and book recovery house and of course money for surgery. I've put done before pictures I'm wearing a postpartum garment

32 more days

A little more than a month away from surgery I am so excited. I am 5'6" (I feel taller tho) I weigh 174lbs. I tested my hemo levels today 12.5. Gonna keep up my regimen.

Getting closer and closer

I am so scared 1. That I will have done loose skin and 2. That I don't have enough fat. I think I will try to gain 10 more lbs but I still want 1000 ccs in each butt cheek and as many ccs it takes to give me the hips I only dream of. Getting closer and closer I need percs or Vicodin for pain management

Ladies please help

I am having so many issues getting my passport is there anyone who would be interested in switching dates. I am scheduled for August 11th looking for a late August date or early September

Changes changes changes

I am having surgery tomorrow morning with Dr. Baez NOT Duran. I still love Durans work and she is still one of my top choices but I'm going with Baez because her communication with me has been amazing. She responds to me in truly a matter of hours and she communicates concerns. I hate that I changed at the last minute but I think I'm making a decision that's best for me. This entire experience has been so surreal to me. Like I cannot believe I'm actually here. I can't believe I got on 2 airplanes it's so crazy I swear. I don't have measurements I apologize but if I have the opportunity I promise I will take them

It's official I'm a Baez Babe

There is so much that I want to tell you guys I just have no idea where to start. I will say this ass is stupid fat. Baez is gorgeous and she's a sweet heart.

I must say tho I was awake for a lot of my surgery. I wasn't in any pain I was just awake and feeling pulling and pressure. I don't want to start rumors but I don't think Baez did all of my lipo I have a feeling her assistant did help. I can't confirm that tho because there was a sheet blocking my face. Not a sheet that would smother me or anything but to keep blood or anything like that out of my face.
When surgery was over I was very drowsy. They immediately put me in my faja and put me in my recovery room. I had constant nurse attention from about 4 different nurses I was very surprised about that. I just rested and let them know when I needed pain meds. I was given not phone thru my iv. I had a nurse spend the night in my room with me she didn't speak much English but all my needs were met. I tried to let her sleep but every time I would move she woke up and asked if I needed help. I can't complain about that. She sponge bathed me in the morning. As of right now I am in my hotel room with no help just chillin. Getting off the bed is a bit troublesome but other than that I am fine. Jose Bambino has been my taxi driver and savior since I've been here. He speaks really good English so he translates for me. I will post that info very soon. I also have to get some help taking pictures. My pictures will be straight up and down left right forward and backwards I won't be arching and poking cuz that's not accurate in my opinion

I should have done a before and after

This is the dress I wore for surgery

So far so good

Hey ladies I'm staying in the hotel all by myself and honestly I feel pretty darn good. I've been walking and doing everything for myself and I'm just fine. I just realized I forgot my ensures tho. But I have pineapple juice and water and other food so I'm okay for now. I go back home in Friday I cannot wait to get back to my baby I miss him so much

Last Day in DR

So for my last day in DR I decided to get my hair done and toes and all that jazz. I ended up paying 30 dollars for hair nails and toes. Can't beat that with a stick. I was so paranoid about sitting I don't want to make my booty flat so I have no idea how I'm gonna survive this flight

Best taxi driver in DR

Ladies if you are coming to DR soon for surgery. Hire Jose he is amazing. He has made this journey so easy for me. He knows so much about getting surgery away from home he use to work with a recovery house and he speaks English French and Spanish. He has been so gentle and helpful. He's help me set up my room here at the hotel taken me shopping for food to and from the recovery house picked me up from the airport anything I could ask for. And most importantly he has never given me creep vibe!! I am so sensitive and I do not like creepy men but he has an amazing trustworthy spirit. Nothing but good vibes ladies I highly recommend

So annoyed

I've been in this fresking airport for almost 5 hours. I'm super tired and I'm trying every single thing I can not to sit on my beautiful fat ass. I don't want to squash her or kill any fat cells I'm losing my marbles. As promised I will post better pictures and try to post my measurements once I get home.


So I took my measurements 30-28-43.5
Ladies I have been in pain. I think I went to crazy to early. I was feeling really good so I decided to take the baby to the zoo. When I say I almost died I almost died. I was in so much pain. Also I was out of my girdle for the weekend. Not in purpose but it was a big mistake. I was super swollen. It hurt to get up it hurt to hold my child it hurt to sit down. I don't take any pain meds. Going to get a massage tomorrow. I promised you guys some better pictures and trust I will follow thru


Omg ladies in becoming concerned. My tummy is swollen and hard. I have no idea what to do. I am looking on amazon now for lipo foam next week I will order some more fajas. I know I want a vedette strapless one to wear under my sundresses. One to sleep and I think that will be fine.

I fell in love with my swelling

Hey ladies my phone broke now I have An android so it is harder for me to upload pictures. I really wish I took my measurements before the surgery. That would make it easier for me to see how much bigger my butt is. Idk how much difference I see now that swelling has gone down. My stomach is kinda weird tho

Very long over due review

I have to start by saying. I have birth the beginning of June and I had surgery August 12th. So I did not wait the recommended time.
I changed doctors for 2 reasons. 1 money was tight and 2 I could not get a hold of Duran to save my life.
I literally was emailing DR. Baez on the plane. She emailed me back and forth the entire night.
When I landed I was greeted by both the lady from the recovery house and Jaun my taxi driver. Because money was tight I went with Jaun and stayed in the hotel del plaza which was fine for me.
The morning that I landed I met with Baez I told her that I gave birth in January. She gave me an examination scheduled for cardiologist and blood work. She doesn't speak much English but her husband does he did all the translations but she is so beautiful so sweet.

I'm still working


Round 2 Dr. Contreras

So my date for Round 2 is set for June 18. I will be having round 2 bbl fat transfer to the hips and vagina as well as labiaplasty.

All of my garments ordered are salama faja brand my favorite style is 0214.

I will be staying in his recovery house.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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