I Want a New Body to Go with This Gorgeous Face. Starting New Year with a Banging Body - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi dolls, I am 33 with 3 beautiful daughters and...

Hi dolls, I am 33 with 3 beautiful daughters and they be on my ass, always talking bout mom you dont have no butt, so if my 10 year is telling me that just imaging what other ppl are saying, my boyfriend keeps on saying I am fine the way I am but its easy for him to say lol, I been following you dolls for quite some time and I love the results that Yily and Duran has done. I got my quote a few months ago, I haven't locked in a date yet bcus I dont know what day in January I will b taking my vacation, my job aint gone approve my vac til December but I decided to go with Yily bcus she did a amazing job on my sister in April, the onlu thing is my sister was thick, with her butt n hips and i dont have no butt or hips lol so I want 1200 cc in each cheek, i want full back lipo, tt, fat graph to hips and butt, I also want scar removal cus I had a breast reduction 9years ago and I still have scars. I will post bfo pics later. Can't wait to get into my real body bcus the body that was giving to me is bull. Later dolls

Can't wait to get my banging body lol

January will be hear in know time, Im gonna send my deposit to confirm my date next week, already started getting my supplies. I am so geeked, like foreal I dream bout ass, I stare.at women wit ass lol and my sis told me she can't wait til I get mines cus I can't stop looking at hers. Hers is super big, I want 1300 cc in each cheek, do u dolls think Yily will give me that cus I need every drop look at my bfo pics.

Can't wait til I cross ova to the other side:)

Ok dolls I know it's been a while but I had some set backs,.I got laid off from my job, so I been living on my savings which will cause me to have to wait til I get my taxes but that is fine with me because my kids still get to have a wonderful Christmas. The only down fall is I cant pick a date yet til I know when I'm going to get my refund back. I think Yilly is booked til March or April and I can't wait that long, I should be going back to work by then. So I been researching other Dr.s like fragosa Baez, Robles, and Manuel Diaz. Baez doesn't have a date available for January or February. I leaning towards Dr. Diaz, he has responded to my emails in a timely fashion, he has giving me a quote of $5500 for tt, full back lipo, lipo to flanks, inner thighs, bbl, fat graph to butt and hipships, 10 day stay at recovery house,.post op meds,.garment, and tests. I been following jennberry she just became a Diaz doll and think her results are great and she looks very natural.

more bfo pics and wish pics,.I lost 25lbs

Dr. Manuel Diaz it is! ;-)

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Hi Dr. Diaz, I am 5"7 180lbs. I want to get a full tummy tuck, full back lipo, lipo to flanks and inner thighs, fat graph to butt and hips. If possible I would like to have 1300 cc to each cheek and 200 cc to hips. If hemo levels are good I would also like a scar removal, I had a breast reduction 9 years ago and I don't like my scars. Thank you, please get back to me, I want the surgery towards the end of January or the beginning of February.

Regards, Jen
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Reply from Manuel

Dr. Manuel Diaz Guzman

Hi Jennifer! The quote for liposculpture (full back, flanks, arms and inner thighs), fat transfer to butt, breast scar removal and tummy tuck is 5500 dollars and with the package is 6500 dollars. But i can not guarantee that i´ll do all this procedures until i check your blood work and the cardiologist give us the authorization. If you are planning for January may save a date as soon as possible to secure your spot. Any question don't hesitate to ask.. Have a nice weekend!

Time is almost near,Yayyy

I started my vitamin Regimen, iron, vitamin C, folic acid and B complex. I go to see my primary care Dr. Monday to have my blood work done n to get cleared for surgery. Pray fo me dolls that my hemo levels are at least a 13. I'm starting to get a lil nervous. After Christmas I will go shopping to get all my supplies, I read alot of dolls review so I'm confident I know what to get.

I can't wait to be a Diaz Doll!! ;-)

I can't wait to have a nice body to go wit my beautiful face, I'm booty craze, can't stay off of rs looking at every doll journeys, from bigbootytinywaste to jennberry, I love all you dolls new bodies. Now it's almost time for my flat side, I will start my full story journey a week before my surgery. I have a support team, my mom, sister, kids, and my fiance although he is tired of me talking bout it, but that's fine as long as he supports me we will be good because can't nobody talk me out of this one. I have been wanting a ass since I had my first daughter 16 years ago, I worked hard to get where I'm at in life, now it's time to reward myself. I don't care who hating on me because that's y I'm so motivated to do what I want n need to do. I've been n 2 abusive relationship, the last one was with my ex husband/ baby daddy, we was together for 11 years and married for 6, so we know that since I left him that he hopes for nothin but to see me fail at everything that i do and so far someone needs to
Wipe the salt off his shoulders because I'm a boss, I succeed in everything I do so I need this body to look like a bad b###h boss status also!

Yayy time is near, April 1

Hi ladies, I haven't updated lately bcus I wanted to get things together for this makeover I need so desperately can't wait. I sent my deposit in to Dr. Diaz and I'm waiting on a confirmation. My friend told me she had a dream that I had died n she went to myfuneral and she asked everybody what happened to me and they said I had the surge, I was scared a bit but I really feel good about my PS I chose, I know he gone renovate this body. In claiming a perfectly, blessed, safe trip and surgery in the Jesus name. I know things can go wrong but I have faith and I know my heavenly father is gone show up and show out. I've been taking my vitamin regimen for two months, I'm taking vitamin c, womens one a day, hair nail and skin vitamins, Bcomplex, iron sulf, folic acid. I'm waiting on my results for hemo levels from my pcp but my levels should be over 12 cus I been taking two iron pills aday. I will go shopping 2morrow and get supplies. Thanks for listening ladies I'll talk to you later. I will update as things progress.

2 weeks and DR here I come yaayy

I am so nervous and anxious because time is coming near. Let me start off saying congrats to the dolls who have made their transition to the other side and congrats to the dolls that are coming to the other side. I have been that all my family jump on board wit my transition and most of them are being supportive now that they know I am not playing and this is not a game. I am so excited and can't wait to be complete. My passport has arrived today, I have my plane ticket, my sis going wit me so I paid for her to. I leave on the 31 and I have my surgery on the 1st of April. Dr. Diaz is so nice,.he answers my questions right away so I am happy with my decision. God is good all they time.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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