Want to Be Duran Doll, but I'm Kinda Scared - Dominican Republic

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I'm only 17 years old at the moment , so I hope I...

I'm only 17 years old at the moment , so I hope I don't just get disregarded because I'm young but I've been wanting to get this procedure since I was literally 12 years old. Growing up I was diagnosed with poly cystic ovarian syndrome , which is caused by a hormone imbalance , to be curvaceous women have to have estrogen and progesterone , this is what makes your ass and breasts bigger and give an hourglass shape. Unfortunately I had alot of testosterone , now that doesnt mean I have a body builder body and a beard , I just have small breasts and a big gut and there really isnt much I can do , I have a decent butt from insane workouts and squatting up to 170 lbs. I love all of Duran's work , she really makes you look hot ! But , I've heard of women dying under her care. Is this true?
Also to anybody thats gotten it done with her , are her procedures really around 3,800$ ?! That sounds way to good to be true !! I just am so excited that I found this website , its one step closer to finally having my dream body

saving up my money

I'm gonna start setting some money aside to be able to get this when I turn 18
Hopefully I don't get frowned upon for getting it so young but this is something I can't even explain how much I've wanted , every time I walk down the street I'm self conscious of my looks and I am so jealous everytime I see a girl with a beautiful body , wishing everybody wanting this a lot of luck and hope your self asteem is through there roof !

some wish pics !

more wish pics

thinking of getting fat grafted to my breast , im a small a and this looks at least like a full B

hopefully you beautiful ladies can help me out

Okay , I've never flown in a plane , except or when I was like 1 year old , what airline did you girls use? I'm coming from Arizona. Also , how does it feel to ride in a plane , I'm actually really nervous about it ,, I don't wanna end up like Aliyah or Jenni Rivera which is all I can think about. Which airline is the safest and cheapest basically .
Also , I've been put on birth control to maintain regular period , which I will discuss with Duran of course I am always very straight forward when it comes to my health , would I need to stop taking these for the surgery ? I've had a tonsillectomy and adenoid removal and they never told me to discontinue , but I'm guessing since this is completelty different, maybe I'd have to stop taking them???

wish pics

fat transfer to breast

Does anyone know how much more Duran charges for fat transfer to breast ? I'm a 32 A and I was hoping to go for a full B

wish pics

another wish pic cx

Breast augmentation

I wanted a fat transfer to breast as well as the bbl, but it heard Dra. Duran will only do breast implants , is that true?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have not come in contact at all with Duran , yet

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