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Hello everyone, I have been stalking this...

Hello everyone,
I have been stalking this webpage for a little over a year and Im finally sure that I want to get the brazilian butt lift augmentation. Ive even gone as far as scheduling a consult, attending the consult and saving towards this surgery.

Unfortunately, here in Virginia the price that I was quoted was $8300 for the surgery and prescriptions and what not necessary to heal and minimize the pain that is associated with the healing process. I have been reading alot of women's testimonies and have seen the results of Dr. Yily in the DR. I love the prices as well as her results but I have absolutely no idea as to how to plan for this surgery accordingly. If there is anyone that has had the surgery from Dr. Yily that had to travel outside of the US for the surgery, please tell me everything you had to do in order to prepare for the surgery. Thank you

Ok ya'll. Ive heard back from Dr. Yily and I have...

Ok ya'll. Ive heard back from Dr. Yily and I have booked my flights, gotten my passport application expedited, as well as packed my carry-on for the day. I've sent Dr. Yily the flight itinerary and am counting down the days until my departure because I know when I return I am going to look AMAZING!!! I'm getting my hair braided up so I don't have to worry about messing with my hair, especially since I've decided to get my arms liposuctioned too in an effort to ensure my body looks as great as possible all at once.
I bought some poise pads and very loose fitted pants and shirts for travel there and travel back. While in town I am going to stay in the room for as long as possible so I only bought a gown and some footies to remain comfortable as possible. If anyone else will be there during the week of February 17th to February 24th let me know so that we can see about rooming together and reducing costs. I will keep you all posted about the journey there, feelings before and after the surgery, and my journey home. Wish me luck yall.

Ok ya'll Ive sent my deposit and I'm all packed...

Ok ya'll Ive sent my deposit and I'm all packed and ready to go to get this surgery done. My hun bun is sooo supportive and so are the close family and friends that I have let know I was getting this surgery. I am super nervous about the results being amazing and people acting differently towards me because of the changes. Are any of you ladies worried about the same? Im super excited that its only like a week away now because I dont think I could handle being one of the women that have to wait until August and what not. Im suuuuper excited about what my body will look like. Imma look hot to death come undergrad graduation in a few months. I'll upload some more before pics that way yall can truly judge the difference in my body once the surgery takes place. Oh yeah, I'll let ya'll know how everything goes once its all over and Im stuffed inside of a garment with tubes coming from all of my wazoooos lol. ttyl!

Hey guys, We're just days away from my surgery...

Hey guys,
We're just days away from my surgery and 1 day away from my birthday... (yeah I'm a Valentine's Day Baby). I am awaiting my passport from Visa Passport Pros because I had to get it expedited in order to be able to travel in such short notice. For anyone that is trying to travel under short notice, please be sure to include with your documents (1st time passport applicants) a copy of your itinerary to ensure your passport is completed in time and returned to you via mail. Everything is finally in order and I even found a boppy pillow (definitely going to be needed for the butt on that long 7 hour flight back from the DR to the states. I'm suuuuuper excited about the results Dr. Yily has given other women and hopefully will give me. I am going for the gusto ladies. Currently my hips are a 48 ad I want them to be a 58 after the surgery. My waist is currently a 31 and I'm hoping for a 25 but I will definitely take a 28 if thats as small as she can get me. I am going to have my honey take some more before pics of me before I go so that you guys can see what it looks like the day before, and then after a week, I will have him take pictures of me when I return the following sunday. My goal is to update you guys at least once a week during the first month (both with clothes and without clothes). During my second and third month post-op the focus will be on the healing of my scars and the measurements once the swelling has decreased. ok? I hope everyone is ready for this remarkable/ life- altering journey and hopefully my story and my results can inspire someone else to take this giant step for their own reasons. TTYL BBL sistahs!!

Ok ladies, I am finally able to respond to the...

Ok ladies, I am finally able to respond to the many questions and share with you all my personal experience in regards to the surgery with Dr. Yily.
First off, every flight of mine was delayed by almost an hour leading to the DR. I probably should have taken that as a sign that everything would not be absolutely perfect about the experience but I'd spent too much money to NOT come, you know?
Well, I arrived in the DR at 1255 am but it took a lil minute to get thru the whole airport (which I must say is pretty big) and find my driver so that I could be taken to Jaqueline's Spa Recovery place. My driver's name was Julio and he and his gf or wife gave me a lift from the airport to the recovery house where I only got like 3 hours of sleep before it was time to get up and get ready to head to the plastic surgery place. The girls that I met in the recovery house were nice and all of us were nervous while waiting to be driven to the hospital place for surgery.
When we got there I was taken aback at the various looks of Dominicans..... I was honestly expecting lighter skinned women with great silky hair but the majority of the women looked like regular African American women which I must admit was a cultural shock for me. Especially when they couldn't speak english. It felt like for the longest that my brain, eyes, and ears were having some sort of disconnect with regard to the Dominican women. Lol. Our driver the morning of the surgery was ANA from the recovery house who I must admit has an amazing (all natural) shape and is really cute in the face. Yira (pronounce Gira in the DR) looks so sweet and innocent. She really is a pretty and sweet young lady.
Dr. Yily's pictures don't do her any justice because she is an amazing looking woman. Not the type of amazing looking that you hate on but the type of amazing that you wish you could emulate because she's so pretty. ANd when she breezes into your room and asks you what it is that you want from her there is one of the sweetest perfumes that follows her (not to mention her makeup is friggin flawless). She had Yira translating the things she was saying to us as well as the things we were saying to her. She then marked up the areas yall agree upon with a sharpie, takes her cash payment, then walks out and tells you she'll see you soon.
There was a bit of a discrepancy between some of the women that were scheduled to have the surgery that day and there was a young woman who'd been in town since the 11th of Feb that kept being bumped back in regards to here surgery dates. I dont know her exact details because I didnt have the pleasure of asking her personally so I won't go on record as someone speculating.
Anywho, there was only supposed to be 5 of us for the day and Yily did 6 of us as well as some consultations in between the surgeries (yeah, she works crazy hard for her money). Needless to say, I was supposed to be third but I ended up being like 4th or 5th and my surgery didn't take place until 4 in the afternoon. I prayed the entire way to the hospital, while in the hospital prior to surgery, when being wheeled off to the operating room, and once I woke up and felt like I couldn't move.
Let me just say, the instruments and what not located in the operating room are 1960s technology. I swear yall, I'm not making this up. Everything from the pulse reading machines to the types of needles that are used to withdraw blood and even inject you with medication is outdated in comparison to the things offered in the United States. That already made me feel some type of way but I was already there so I went on ahead and allowed the procedure to be done. I was awake and alert until I got the shot into the IV that put me out.
I woke up briefly during the surgery and felt some pulling but they were already on it and injected some more medication into my IV and when I came to again I was back in the hospital room that I started out in prior to the surgery.
The first thing I remember was being unable to move and the pain that came when I actually was able to make a limb move. Luckily the nurses came in and checked on me and my roommate a few times thru the night and every time they came (which must have been like every 3-4 hours) they gave me some medication thru the IV. They came in later during the morning after they allowed me to have some soup, and they noticed how much I was swelling and called Dr. Yily to tell her that I needed a drain placed in my back to relieve my body of the excess fluid. Now here is where shit got real...
They sent someone that looked like the equivalent of an intern (in America) to give me a drain. First, I was not given anything to numb the area of my back that he was going to cut with the scalpel, then, he just inserted the tube up my back while 4 people held me on my side to prevent me from moving and I screamed out in pain and even then that didn't stop them from what they were doing. My roommate looked on in horror as they kept adjusting the tubes beneath my skin with no anesthetic and the people that kept entering our room and looking as this intern/ male nurse friggin stabbbed me.
I was in so much pain that I began to shake uncontrollably and hyperventilate...... I ended up passing out when I reached my maximum pain threshold. When I came back to I was sore as shit but I was just glad that it was over, or so I thought. About two hours later they came back into my room talking about they did it wrong, and then took the tubes out and inserted some different ones (No Anesthetic mind you) and then gave me stitches to keep the new tubes in place on my back as well as stitched up the place where he'd first inserted the tubes. I have never screamed out from pain so loud in my life. I would much rather have 10 kids (half natural with no epidural and the other half via C-section) before getting this surgery again.
I have never apologized so much to Jesus since I was married to my first husband that was abusive and I was trying to get out of that situation. But honestly I think I would go back to that situation than endure what I endured..... all for what? A fat ass? My own vanity?
I have a 4 year old son that is my world and I realized how close I came to never seeing his handsome face again and when it was time for us to be transported back to the Spa house I just walked slowly back and forth thru my room and praised God for HIS mercy. Never again will I do an elective surgery for vanity purposes.
We're all grown and everyone's experience was not like my own. Even my roommate who watched the horrific things that happened to me had a blood transfusion but her overall experience was great. But even she is willing to admit that she doesn't think she could have endured what I had to. I know it was only because of God that I made it thru, that and my willpower with regards to making it back to my small only child. His picture has motivated me to get out of the bed everyday since the surgery and push thru the discomfort. I guess my butt looks great.... She definitely filled it out. IDC if its cute or not, whether I have hips or not, or whether more could've been done or not. I definitely learned my lesson from this and IN MY OPINION AND MY EXPERIENCE, I would not do it again. But the women here at the recovery house look amazing. I just thank God for bringing us all thru the ordeal and I pray that we all have a speedy recovery. God is amazing!!

Unfortunately, the negativity that was coming...

Unfortunately, the negativity that was coming towards this page and MY post after MY surgery was getting to be OD so Im out. I wish yall the best on everything and hope you all have better experiences. God Bless!

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