Duran/Diaz Doll June 2016

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After seeing various patients on Duran's twitter...

After seeing various patients on Duran's twitter page Im bent on contacting her and seeing what she can do for me. I been stalking this site for a while and been considering the BBL procedure for a minute. I'm still a little skeptical being that its a foreign country but I definitely think she does a great job. I want my BBL to look like K.Michele n Nicki Minaj booty.Ladies if you have any suggestions on where to stay and what to bring I would greatly appreciate your insights. Thanks ladies

Quote from Yily

So after weeks of contemplating Yily or Duran I finally got a response from Yily..Yayyyyy I already have a booth but still wanted that exciting bootay from Duran but Yily responded 1st....I know they are both great doctors, so if no respond from Duran I will go with Yily's quote $3650...Sweet

Back in bbl mode

After being on this for the past 2 yrs and having been so close to getting it done last yr summer it's overdue.. I was slated to get my procedure done n then became pregnant right at the last minute..I have lost quite a bit of my baby weight but decided to hold on to some of the belly fat just for the sake of a bbl..My friend n I were actually supposed to be buddies then n even though I was preggers I still went ahead in support of her. This time around I kinda am aware of what DR is like and what to expect from my own experience there and as well as hers..I would love to book a hotel for the duration of the stay there with someone that's chill. Let me kno in advance

BBL buddy

Hoping to share this experience with someone else as buddy..Would prefer to book a hotel for the duration of the stay and they're several around within close proximity of CIPLA


I don't know but it's like TT are more popular nowadays it's almost like everyone is getting one even when it seems like they tiny..I'm not a Dr but I don't have a hanging gut and they all suggest a TT when I send my pics in.

Got my quotes

Yayyyy dolls..I finally got both quotes for the doctors I like..Duran would be $3900 bbl+lipo or $4800 bbl+TT while Diaz is $3200 bbl+lipo or $4500. Duran couldn't decide what I needed through pics which is pretty honest since my stomach is not extremely big and could be worked down some with exercise and nutrition. So she'll have to do a physical to determine..I plan on losing about 15-20 lbs and I'm confident that I can do so before my June date. Now I gotta choose between Diaz or Duran..Dolls let me know who you choose as being more aggressive with best bodies. Thanks
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr Diaz it will be

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