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Hey dolls, I'm 28 a mother of two.about 142...

Hey dolls, I'm 28 a mother of two.about 142 pounds and in between 5'5 to 5'6 and I'm planning on getting a tummy tuck,breast lift with implants,liposculpture,and a days of waiting for Mr Right is over,he's probably dead SMH,so why put off my progress? I'm in love with Duran's work so I'm sticking by her..but walkiris Robles is looking nice also,just waiting on her quote

Well,walkiris Robles is out of the picture after I...

Well,walkiris Robles is out of the picture after I just read gulfcoastmom3 reviews,funny when you start a review,you stumble upon all types of fuckary and you know what?,Laura still has her job!!!!, no thanks. I'll stick with Duran. The price might be steep but I want to live. Now reviewing recovery houses I still think dreamboat diva is top!

Recovery houses

Looking for recovery houses and a buddy.the recovery houses play a big role to your healing I've narrowed it down to my final 5. Based on a couple of things like #1-clean spotless floors and nice beds with nice bathrooms #2-free to decent price transportation#3-most supplies are given#4-nurse willing to bathe and assist genuinely#5-nurses having a chart to make sure you take meds on time#6- private safes and prescription delivery#7-massages are reasonable and house has a room for those services.#8recovery house that is gated or has security,and is close to airport,hospitals and clinic.#9- fabulous healthy foods and juices.#10-hot water and amenities. These are the ones that I stumbled are so damn welcome xoxo...dream body diva,luxury recovery princess recovery,serenity,and aromona...

Jairo ulario

So I switched doctors lol,it's important to me that I can contact my surgeon and not get the run around.he's the next Duran and his prices are nice!,he also speaks English!!!,

Need a sx buddy

I'm going on the 13 and having my so on the 15 of March 2017

A lot has changed

I gained 25 pounds!!!

Changed doctors

So, this was sooo last minute, I started getting cold feet and I couldn't get in touch with my doctor or his receptionist Laura, yes seems like every one uses her smdh.i don't want to be stuck in a foreign country and no one is there.

Dr derby sang caputo it is

He speaks perfect English, explains everything to a tea, and he always replies on WhatsApp when you have a concern or questions. His assistant Vanessa is awesome!, she also speaks English and makes sure you are comfortable.

On the other side!!!

My doctor is awesome!!!, I woke up with minor pain, my incision line is very low!!????, overall I feel great.

My results!!

I'm soo blown away, I had only a tt and breast implants. I will post a soon as my back stops hurting, this faja is no joke, I feel like I need my back cracked,I'm looking forward to these lymph massages.


I got to see my twins today and they are gorgeous. My dr recommend 300 cc's ,so that's what I got along with a lift.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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