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It always seems like somebody is on RS...

It always seems like somebody is on RS LOOKING,READING,WRITING,FANTASYING, IMAGINING, just plain going crazy!! Hi my name is Nikki and I'm a reaselfaolic shiiiit I've been stalking this site for yrs(lmao) Ladies most if our stories are the same we forgot about ourselves over the yrs raising kids,taking care of families,perusing our careers then yrs pass by and WOW WTF HAPPENED TO ME!!! For all you ladies that didn't go in that direction of a raising family,and perusing a career but u just want to enhance your beauty I SAY GO FOR IT we should never stop taking care ourselves and definitely never stop LOVING OURSELVES!!!! Back to the me doing me I got in contact with Dr. Yily about 3 yrs ago got my quote lost weight was on the ball was in it to win it then I got pregnant lol yeah PREGGO so I put it on the side for awhile but now she's 3 and I'm back to doing my THING FOR ME!! Hooked back up with Dr YS and started the ball rolling again this time I'm not stopping until all this fat is SNATCHED,SUCKED,GONE,,,


DAMN been awhile since i chk'd back in well let me re-introduce myself Nik N TO THE IK just chking to c if u were paying attention I'm back everyday im on this site (yess I DO WORK) work and play a girl gotta have some fun too also I have a MAJOR UPDATE i have recently SWITCH "like the men say" my doctor u know what i dont want to get upset or upset anyone but GD some of these bougie ass doctors like too play Games yeah i said GAMES but i aint playing round this MOTHA$%^& not when it comes to my money I DO WORK REALLY HARD yah know I DO for a doctor to quote u one price then turn around and hike the shit up on u WHO U PLAYIN WIT YILY!!! thats how i feel of course me being me i chk'd that ass and i havent heard from her since stay on point sistas...Now im with the truly handsome Dr Contreras he's awesome he listen to want i desire he gave me my quote book'd my day confirmed me we look like we will work good together..

Viewer's discretion Is ADVISED

Here's a new pic lost a few pounds as of yet this diet shit damn I can't get with it I diet for two days and I get hungry as shit... Look imma CARRIBEAN WOMEN we love to cook and the best part is when we get to eat.. GOD KNOWS I try so hard to be a die hard diet SOLJAH people try to help THANK YOU!!!! But the curry chicken or oxtails and rice and peas with steam cabbage just run TINGS for me LADIES BE HONEST it's ok to eat the good food but in small portions RIGHT LADIES!! Funny the food seems to be going all to my DAMN BACK!!! In a serious note I do eat in very small portions shiiiit it working for me not fast as some of you BUT WTH ITS WORKING!!!! keep the luv coming so u soon : )

Holding onto My SANITY

Oooooh nah nah nnnah here's my story and my story goes(singing)Paula Abdul ol'school I KNOW some of y'all don't know it that mean u young that means u was born late WHATEVA!!!! Lmao lol......Ok I'm back here I go uhmuhm(clearing my throat)... Ladies I'm working on my 1month count down and I'm not going to get on here LYING talking I got this and that I'm doing that and this NO!! Thank u for circulating those long detailed list of supplies I will pack with discretion I'm taking the things I need ONLY what I don't get here I will get there I'm not going crazy ova this journey NOMO the madness got to stop sometime I CHOOSE NOW!! I will save my energy strength and my mind for when need it most.. Smh I have put sooooo much of myself into this journey it consumed my life I went through a lot in the beginning that Im just in relax mode right now taking everything one day at a time for me it's the CALM BEFORE THE STORM!!!!! I hope other ladies that's due for sx soon is calm & relaxed too no need for HBP while doing "everything right" that will be the ONE thing btwn u and your sx....to all the ladies that have had your sx hope all is well.....RSistas much luv take care of y'all selves....

What else ladies what else

Don't breathe yet damn I swear as soon as u think everything is at a calm "BOOM" it's a whole new dilemma if it ain't one thing it's the next.. Everything have changed so much over the yrs leaving us to live under an eagles eye this passport situation is crazy if one thing is off u r out of luck NO PASSPORT... Ladies if u haven't got your passport already I will strongly suggest to go get it and get it ova with idc if your sx is 2,4,6,8 months away this is not a joke and they are serious about leaving and entering countries a lil FYI.. I'm glad to have MY MAN & my RS Sistas in my corner supporting me every step of the way..having him in my life have truly been a blessing at first when he thought I was thinking selfish and vain he was skeptical but when he took the time out to listen & understand Y I wanted to do the sx he jumped right on board like he was having the sx I guess he realized it's All for his enjoyment anyway shit we know he's really going to LUV the bbl in more ways than one ; ) he's awesome ladies...my ps have been awesome with my ordeal u would've thought it was all on a money tip but he emails me asking how r things going actually giving me tips on what I can do also told me to relax my date is my date and if I had to change dates It will be no problem to get a new one also he's committed to me and when I'm ready for my transformation he will make himself available if that's not LUV then idk I tell y'all that man is really a respectful compassionate caring PS an I'm blessed to have him as my doctor...Gods Will NIKKI will be leaving Baltimore on 2/16& having sx on 2/17.. Wat is to Be Will Be on that note I will say later for now I will be keeping everyone posted on my passport progress!!!

Anyone else I'm the mood for some "SPRING CLEANING "

When I started this journey I said I would commit my journey to me and FUCK EVERYBODY u feel like that when you're surrounded by fake and phonies constantly feeding off your positive energy draining the life as u know it out of you fucking VAMPIRES. Ladies don't let this happen to you remove yourself from salty situations some people stay in miserable atmospheres and think its up to you to make them HAPPY once again I say HA foh remove yourself and stick to your plan!!! I went off course for a few but now I'm back on track like Amtrak.. I said I was finish worrying about PEOPLE you know what I have learned shiiiit they are GOOD no matter how crazy the situation is once again HA if they like it I LOVE IT..I'm focus on my HAPPINESS and the rest of my life... Ladies I say before you go fixing up the outside make sure the inside is FLAWLESS DIAMOND STATUS sorry ladies if it's not then its a waste of money and we all know we can't go blaming our PS for that flaw that's y when I look at many of these post op pics I say WOW then I read to c that they aren't happy with results they want more SMdh that right there is a sure sign of low self esteem and then there's some with these unrealistic WISH PICS I'm not touching that enough said but sorry u can go a 100 times some of u will never be satisfied and have the nerves to give crazy reviews to these PS... Here comes other ladies that want to enhance and embrace their womanhood but are frightened away with pure bs so confused as hell as to who to choose cause contrary to what they c they hear other things STOP THE BS LADIES!!! We all embrace and respect those honest ladies that love their results but post op was rough we applaud you tell us the truth we want to know what we could be up against and we don't have to go crazy knowing we can ask the question WHAT DID U DO WHEN????? ok so lay it all on us the good the bad and ugly what's to come what to look out for shit if they don't want to know tell MSNIKKI don't leave shit out!! To all the ladies who got haters show em love muah xoxo!!! Remember TODAY for YOU, TOMORROW for ME everybody gets a turn!!!! I just luv All u ladies on RS we need to keep in mind we are on the same mission so let's keep the luv coming and going!! To all ladies that had their turn at sx already u look great and take care of yourselves, and for the ladies waiting for their turn like myself GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES... Thanks for reading and following my journey!!!!

Spring Cleaning went well in a POSITIVE WAY

Okay here it is I know my lovely ladies been worrying about me and my issue me too I'm here to say worry no more... NO I haven't received birth certificate or passport but I feel a sense of calm an assurance that everything is and will be okay.. For the ladies on here that got to know me they know I'm yessss CRAZY but a good crazy I have a wild straight to the point sense of humor, besides that I PRAY "ALL THE TIME" on everything that's the only thing that seems to work for me It keeps me CALM!! If I miss a prayer I'm off the hook running on NIKKI JUICE doing things my way thinking I can move mountains and shit then I notice me by myself ain't moving a damn thing when I take time to realize that that's when I call on the only ONE I can and say I tried everything nothing's working I'm going more crazy so I give HIM the entire burden then within minutes BAAMMM things start turning around I ain't going to church I PROMISE oh it feels good tho!! I contact my PS and semi-booked another date just in case the 17th don't work out not confirm meaning the day I get my passport and ticket in my hand I'm OUT all I have to do is tell them what date,and time what airline and it's done damn I'm so glad I picked CONTRERAS I probably would of been shit out of luck with someone else hey that's how I feel so I said it now I'm moving right along OH YEAH GOD IS GOOD!! Ladies its SUPER BOWL for the football fans watch don't hate my team didn't make it either but imma be a sport and watch it and enjoy the game.. Last yr my home team B-MORE RAVENS did their thang even tho the haters turn off the lights we took that anyway..just a lil FYI imma BOULDIN GIRL that makes me a SAN FRAN FAN when he left I left lol!!!!! if you know me you know my motto: EVERYBODY GETS A TURN!! I will continue to keep you posted on my progress..

So I find myself WAITING but not IMPATIENT

Hey gorgeous ladies just drop by to say what's up and to report that everything for me is GOOD but always a WAIT think I would be use to it by now some things you just can't adjust to tho...Don't really have much to blog about because nothing have change to drastically on a good note I'm still BLESSED, Thank God for that. Valentines Day was nice at least somebody remembered to show me love an send me flowers : ) funny when I was with dude for all those yrs I never got appreciated everything he did for me he thought it was the greatest thing since slice bread foh finally one day BOOM enough is enough and I meet an awesome loving caring MAN with all the sensitivity in the world ladies he make me laugh sometimes being in a fucked situation can take away your joy and leave u emotionless I can say I was broken and slowly this MAN that God send to me mend me back together piece by piece with patience something I lack was the one thing I needed the love Is STRONG but it's limited :''( LOOK IMMA HOP OFF THAT SUBJECT!!! To all my recent ladies that made it to bootyland take care of yourself I wanna read progress and see smiling faces. & To all the ladies like myself that's waiting for your turn whether round 1or 2,3, etc hey to each it's own live your life let others love theirs ,,,,Good luck to all your in my prayers and see ya'll in BOOTYLAND!!!!: )

It's 2:00 am SMH

Let's see what this wk beholds for me.. Everyday I tell myself tomorrow will be a better day for ME and I pray the same for all the LADIES on RS..

D.R. Bound

Ladies how's everything going for ya'll??? Things for me is finally coming together.. Imma switch subjects and come back to me later. I'm going to touch a sad issue surrounding the recent death In DR ladies it's hard to swallow and it can weigh on us heavy giving us second thoughts about what we want and what we need.. I'm going to put this out there any and all surgeries can come with complications just like the RS sista that lost feeling in her foot my heart goes out to her also from least to severe to even death it's not just cosmetic so should we never entrust ourselves to doctors : / whether it's elective or for medical purposes from getting sick giving birth to cancer you might say it's not the same I will say WHATEVER there's risk to everything including pulling a tooth to getting your hair nails and feet done we hear horror stories about everything OMG life that's why we put God first and pray..ladies let's not forget it was a life that's gone that have a grieving family that's missing her greatly right now and forever the young lady will be missed let's not turn her death into internet gossip we wasn't there we don't know facts is that she's gone so let's respect her memory and her family!! Now when it comes down to DURAN let's remember she's human and I'm sure she's hurting also, Dr Duran is a highly skilled PS that is great at what she does she creates ART point blank.. I always say if we had to dig up our doctors past you will find deaths or misfortunate outcome on their record sad but true this is all part of life..this is why any lady from this site that goes into surgery we pray for them comfort their heart and minds give them support because WE ALL KNOW THE RISK WE FACE!! This is why I stay real and positive and always show luv I know how fortunate I am to have come across this website to meet you RS ladies LUV YALL!!
Back to me I'm happy my passport finally came yesterday that little book got BIG IMPACT carry a lot if weight shit it had me stressing!!! my flight booked bags halfway packed so now I can truly say I'm ready to go and let CONTRERAS do what he do best!! Now all I have to do is wait for my date to come around!!! Thanx to all you ladies for your encouragement and uplifting words now you guys can tell me what I need to pack and what the hell I don't need to buy put me down with the do's and dont's...oh yeah to the man in my life that supported me and who have been there for me holding me down being awesome to me I LOVE YOU (MR.J) sorry ladies I had to put that out there we sometimes don't give them the credit they deserve we get caught up in us and forget about the good ones!! Thanx for reading I LUV YA'll


Just noticed that I was made a REALFRIEND....I see people still appreciate honesty im glad I am able to be me and still be luv'd!!!! I will keep posting and commenting most of encouraging and uplifting my beautiful sisters!! THANX AGAIN muah xoxoxo

Finally 4 days left!!!!!

First of all I will like to openly apologize to the RS community for my last blog which was unpublished for not what I said but for how I said things my potty mouth was unacceptable behavior and since I'm such a f&@)&@?; Lady I must conduct myself as one at ALL TIMES!! Yes I know those of you that got a chance to read it Loved it and that meant a lot to me.. I'm not the type of person that ever want someone else to feel bad about themselves due to my actions so if there's something I can do to make some one smile for at least one second I will believe me it's a PRICELESS FEELING....
Ladies hey LADIES my awesome PS hit me up yesterday just to touch base answer and ask questions addressed some concerns that I had HE'S THE MAN I tell you!!!
Well thanx to you ladies out there with the notorious pre/post op list my luggage is packed and ready!!!
I'm praying for myself this time that all goes well for me I've waited TO LONG and come too far to let the Devil and negativity stress me out and discourage me my problems are big but MY GOD IS BIGGER evil and evil doers CANT TOUCH THIS!!!
I will like to THANK all my beautiful RS sistas who been riding with me on my journey since day 1 Im asking to keep riding cause I have farther to go even after the physical part of the journey is over it will be over soonand I will definitely need you guys for the major part my MENTAL and that part is a journey in its self that can linger on for a long time from the looks of things it seems like we gon be here till we OLDER and GRAYER(lol) I don't know bout y'all but I ain't no spring chicken but shit imma be a HOT SUMMER BUNNY ; ) I'm only proving that ms Nikki can go in the same category as fine wine and cheese GETS BETTER WITH TIME!!!
I'm going to end this as usual good luck an congratulations to the ladies that's just starting their journey,to those like myself getting ready for sx, and of course you ladies who had sx!!!


I'm just here ready & waiting!!!

D.R BOUND in the morning!!!!

Ok where's my vibrant wonderful beautiful ladies at because that's a I want hitting my page ladies with LOVE INNA DEM HEARTS the rest of y'all can BREEZE OFF ME NAH INNA THE DRAMA BIZNESS!!
I need help on how to stay in contact with my peeps this is the only thing that's digging in my brain 2wks is too long not to be able to talk to my FAMILY& FRIENDS........ H E L P/ M E /P L E A S E... Thank you in advance

Getting dressed for my trip

It's 2:30 I'm up and getting ready for my trip... Off to the airport bound for DR... Will update more when I get to BWI...

4 Long Days post op NO MORE ROUNDS "TKO"

Damn ladies let me start from the beginning my flight was nice no delays OMG Miami airport is no joke that's a journey in itself!!! Well I connected with my bf Myra in Miami of course the big bf ooh-rah!! We got into DR safely around 12:30 we had our driver waiting for us as planned.. After we arrived at PLASTICA CONTRERAS we chk'd in got our rooms and went off to get blood drawn and EKG everything for me went downhill for me took my pressure and found out it was 180/110 WTF I wasn't surprised because I knew I had a lot on my mind especially dealing with the murder of my niece that occurred 3 days before my departure yeah I was smiling but I wasn't happy at all and I'm still not happy!!
Ok back to my hbp they gave me medication to take it went down and was told to relax to where they could operate but they needed it lower so they gave me a stronger dose under my tongue need to say I went I to the operating room with plenty on my mind. Must of lost plenty blood because I had to get a blood transfusion I just layed there looking at the walls like WTF WHY!!
Woke up on the flat flat flat side ya heard meh I haven't been able to see my girl thing just looking down in yrs took a lot of bending twisting and lifting so for that I'm pleased being happy is far in the wind I can't keep the swelling and bloating from occurring HELP ME the incision is so far perfect to look at and no pain but MY BACK OMG won't stop hurting I'm taking Aleves for pain they help no need for stronger meds I wish I could take ibprofens they are great for inflammation which i have plenty of. Strong mind and determination is going to get me through this "situation" I got myself in.. ALL FOR BEAUTY SMDH!!
Anyway I left the clinic yesterday I do t like to be confined at all been a long time since Nikki been in jail and that's what it felt like I had to go to much for me don't get me wrong it's a really nice place but I had to break out.. Came to a friends mom house that takes care if young ladies post sx more like home this is where I need to be at peace!! Will update more I can feel the stomach bloat smh.. Oh yeah one more I was throwing up yesterday do you think I affect my TT results PLEASE SAY NOOOOO!!!


Just wanted to say thanks to my RS sistas CHRYSNEWBOOTY & MS LONDON you two ladies did y'all thing for the sisterhood checking uplifting my spirits making my bf Myra feel a part of the family we really became sistas in this journey and THANK YOU isn't enough.. London I pray all went well last night in that late flight..Myra said she loves y'all too.. One more doll that kept in contact with me the entire time through it all MS LUVINGMYSELF1 thanks so much for your support THANK GOD for technology and the power of WIFI...

It's been a rough 8 days (POST OP)

Ladies thank god I made it HOME!!!! I'm not going to make this a long update will fill y'all in on all the departure and arrival details later since I was up and about and moving a bit more I thought i would post a couple of pics they aren't the best still leaning over and sore but it's just fair to share my journey no matter how little the details so here I am ladies.. Tell me if CONTRERAS did his thing!!!


I'm officially at my 2wk mark im smh up an down tho with a SMILE... Wow unbelievable how well things can go for you during your recovery period when you take things EZ... I know summer is on its way yeah but so is Fall,Winter,&Spring A BAD B:$(/ CAN MODEL IN ANY SEASON it's all about attitude and confidence and it's such a great feeling to look stunning in our clothes gives you a sense of pride and puts a zing on our WOMANHOOD.. I know some ladies say "oh you gotta wait to see your results" I say then I waste my money ladies come on now I don't know what some of you are looking for and what was your greatest ASSET from your sx I pulled out some old photos and the first thing I noticed was that gut and it's no longer there everything else will fall into place in due time I'm not rushing my results I'm grooming it doing everything that I need to do to insure my realistic results so far I'm happy with the work of my PS THE TT SCAR IS THE BOMB low in the definition of my body and out the way... Eventho I go through swell hell and that horrific lower back pain I say it was all worth it because it could've have been worst no way you can walk away from this sx without some type of glitch.. So far I've used my garment, bio oil, icy hot, epi foam, arnica gel & pills, thrombid cream, beta biotic cream on the TT scar, boppy pillow, body pillows, compression socks, Aleves, stool softners, tramadols, pineapple juice, coconut water, lots of fruits, plenty water ladies you might find my list helpful and then u might not cause what works for me might not work for you and since it's your own personal journey just venture out and see what works for you there's no wrong or right list as long as something works.. To all of my wonderful DOLLS out there that had your sx take it ez and take care of yourselves remember prevention is better than the cure, and to my DOLLS to be congratulations good luck and best wishes.. MS.NB luv y'all and will always be there to encourage journeys and spread love to all my RS SISTAS!!!! $$ MONEY WELL SPENT$$$

Blessed with another BDAY 4/26

Hey ladies it's me dropping in to say HI!! I miss you ladies so much I would've lost my mind and went crazy many times before and after my surgery if it wasn't for my sisters on RS... Since my surgery I've had my days can't complain though because I'm so happy with my results.. what I see whenever I get dressed the looks the stares the compliments AND OH YES I ANSWER THE QUESTIONS HONESTLY I'm proud of my actions and the choice I made to do my surgery so I don't have a problem sharing my journey with other sx-curious ladies... I wear my garment RELIGIOUSLY and my corset over it a lot of my swelling has decrease my lower back and sides are my torture areas with a combination if my massages garments and good ole time they will heal also CANT WAIT.. YES I still get sore and stiff and when it rains OH SHIT I swell so bad I take the good with the bad and at this moment the good outweighs the bad so fallback and take it EZ that's the best medication relaxation and rest.. As always good luck and best wishes to the past present and future dolls!! Put God first and all things are possible!! Love Y'all


To all you PHENOMENAL MOTHERS out there doing everything and anything to hold down your lives.. raising yourself yes I said yourself still trying to live life for ourselves and still do an outstanding raising kids, maintaining families.. it's a hard job it wear us down makes us angry makes cry shit I know we do a whole lot of screaming because we want to be heard people sometimes confuse us with being bitter women we all know ain't no way "SUGAR" can be bitter we're to sweet for that.. We carry loads of all shapes and sizes on our back shit gets so heavy at times we end up dragging rolling or kicking our loads never do we just leave it undone but at the end of the day when our work is finished we smile take a deep breathe followed by a drink whether strong or light maybe even roll and spark one or just saddle up and perform a rodeo where we are the star "MAKE IT BOUT U SOMETIMES LADIES" you know when it's the best ; ) shit only you know how heavy your load is some of us do it while wearing sneakers boots pumps shit even stilettos and we bad enough to do ALL the work place before us LOOKING FLAWLESS!!!!! That's why MSNB always remind you women that you are all beautiful the way you are BUT if you know you can be SEXY RADIANT STUNNING UNIQUE & BEAUTIFUL in your skin and doing any sx of your choice can do it for you GO FOR IT YOU ALL DESERVE IT!!! Today ladies is your day whether you go to church cook dinner go out to a dinner or just lay around all day watching movies and getting catered to as long as it's what you want to do DO IT.. From this long review you can see what my choice is YES ALL IM CHILLIN!!!
Today puts me at exactly 2 months post op!!!

Contreras Diva

I have nothing really to update RS told me it was time so I'm here handling that gotta show my respect FEEL ME LADIES!!! Almost 3 months and I'm feeling really GOOD emotionally, mentally, Aawwwhh PHYSICALLY I'm so so I have my days.. Ladies I shed a tear when I see myself because I just love MYSELF....,,, IM CONCEITED I GOT A REASON!!!!
Well ladies here's MSNB new pics let me know if you like..... Love y'all and CONGRATS to the Divas who just had their sx & Good luck and best wishes to you ladies who bout to do y'all thang!!!! Muah luv y'all xoxo!!!


Happy July 4th to ALL enjoy and be safe...
I'm almost 4 months post op and eventho it's been rough at times I'm really luving my results my waist is still shrinking my butt is still settling and taking on shape... I'm starting to excerise very lightly tho due to my TT which is a issue in itself the numbness is still there and the left side where my drain was is still swollen but I'm still in my compression garments and still using my foam which I cut only for that at spot which seems to be working but slow as it may be visible in the pics but it's not to bad.. The more my torso shrinks the more sore I get smh if it ain't one thing it's the next but I'm not going to complain and bitch about what's suppose to happen SHIT for real I'm too busy buying clothes and getting my sexy and SEX on to be worried about the LITTLE things that could look better or beat up myself over not doing my breast at the time nawwh foolish when I look 100xs better innA dress which I never use to wear now I'm buying 3, 4 of'em at a time whether long or short ME NIKKIBUNZ IS IN IT and wearing it well ladies I know I luv my results so much because I did it solely for me and only me so whether no one else notices the change or hating so hard they don't want to notice the change I walk with my head so high I don't really GIVE A FUCK!!!!! I luv y'all I wish y'all the best in everything and I hope all you ladies get the everything out y'all sx that your hearts desires!!!! Xoxo

96 degrees in the SHADE..DAAAMN THATS HOT!!

Not much to report except for one thing to my ladies out there shit if I knew then what I know NOW I would if had this sx yrs ago.., I'm mad at you VETS for not sharing the secret but F(&; SEX AFTER SX is f:&!,'ng MIND BLOWING MIND ALTERING shit I be looking at my MAN like IS IT ME OR IS IT YOU got me doing strange things my ass NEVAAAH thought of doing none of this freaky shit without me huffing and puffing or picturing one of us with broken body parts SMFH.... All imma say is that we went to one of our favorite get together spots to get BIZZZY and goddamn if we didn't pop down the head board and damn near breakdown the bed SMFH that was over the wkend and I'm still trying to catch my breath what the hell was that all about ladies when I come down from cloud 9 I will update on my results YESS IM STILL IN LUV recovery is coming along day by day still going through it at times but I can't complain just waiting to see my final results... Xoxo to ALL I will keep y'all in my prayers for those going through it getting ready to go through it and those that's thinking about going through it I WISH I LADIES ALL THE BEST!!!! Oh yeah chk out the pics..

Just for YOU

I really have nothing to write about I'm still dealing with post op conditions of my sides swelling yesterday I was able to go stretches without my sides burning and feeling as if they would rip apart smh so for most part I think I'm ok...
So many of my new RS sistas want to put a face to the crazy chic that been making them laugh lifting their spirits giving advice motivating them just being there for them I LUV YALL ALWAYS..

RS you tell me

Ladies I'm back yes I been missing yall I been on the site quite often reading looking lurking listening really feeling my sistas I hear you when you cry, laugh, happy, sad, I feel your fears curiosity concerns for the unknown the what ifs I know all the emotions pertaining to sx going out under deep sedation putting our lives in the hand of another human being I will be the first to say GO FOR IT LEAVE DESTINY TO GOD LIVE BY FAITH.. I know the haters are all in your head mad jealous because you not scared of progress and with progress comes change and shit why not start with ourselves who better to practice on tell the haters to STEP UP OR SHUT UP.. RS I see it's a lot of new ladies doing the damn thing for themselves and shout out to my ladies that done did it hope all is well advice leave the bottle popping pill popping blunt passing for when the healing cycle is complete I know you saying TURN IT DOWN FOR WHAT IMMA SAY FOR LIFE shit we gin have our each individual turns to be TURNED UP ...
Where my vets Luvingmyself1 30sdnew20 chyrsnewbody Duran Barbie London lol this time last yr we were on RS every damn second like we didn't have shit to do my girl 30 had everything down pack to a T she didn't miss shit I was like snap shot she had a frigging store in her house she was more ready than we were and our shit was first.. chyrs and London held it down in DR with a sista I was grateful for them.. I have had so much fun on here it really made me feel comfortable with my decision my RS Sistas been there for me from day one I tell no lie. Vets embrace the new ladies remember when we were fresh on the scene and we was in their shoes WANTING TO KNO ASKING FOR ADVICE Shiiit I know I had million of questions don't think now that you got your shit done that you to good to answer a few questions or to show luv...
To all my DIVAS I LUV YALL and to the phenomenal RS TEAM I will like to say THANK YOU for having the brains to come up with such a remarkable website where everyone can come and discuss personal feelings clear their minds free their thoughts sometimes we forget that there are guidelines to follow but forgive us you know we are emotional women with a lot to say....


Happy New Year to all my beautiful ladies here on RS.... Happy healing to all the New Beautiful Butterflies SPREAD YOUR WINGS and for those of you that are still caterpillars that will soon transform into Beautiful Butterflies whether you have just started your journey or is coming close to "THAT DATE" my prayers are with you ALL... LUV YALL AND HAVE A BLESS SAFE NEW YEAR FILLED WITH PROSPERITY AND GOOD HEALTH....

Somethings to GOT ME THINKING I just might DO IT!!!

Guess who yeah your GURRL IS BACK!!! RS is funny to me it's funny how chicks hate on the low side line shut from everywhere and angle that haters can hate from and lmao don't do well the hate is so strong they can't hide or sugar coat it... moving along imma leave them birds in 2014 the only birds I'm on right right now is the RAVENS,,BMORE whether we make it to the super bowl and win this yr it won't even matter we made it this far so gotta love'em...
On another note the reason I made this update is to let yall know how these last 10 months have been soooo crazy but I'm crazy so wth I guess it's all good... One day I'm feeling great the next I'm miserable lawrd have mercy on my soul is all I've been quoting out loud and in silence I know he hear me tho...
Since my tummy tuck I've been feeling sexy and ALLLL THAT feel me my shit is in tack but o o there's a boo boo a tell all a constant reminder soon as I forget cause there's no pain I see THE SCAR hell no!!! I didn't have a problem showing you ladies what only me and my man see eventho i can hide it my doctor put the incision mad low he really tucked it away for me good thing anyway it's not like I'm out there exposing myself I only do it for yall and my man I guess that's y it's not really a big bother other than it itches like hell... I woke up like this FLAWLESS MY ASS but guess what I ain't mad tho NO FO WHAT?? I signed on the dotted line for this good or bad I was fully aware of the outcome because I know my body but like all the bad or negative in my life this too shall pass..
I contact my dermatologist he specializes in keloids and I will have it taken care soon i havent really press the isdie because HELL YEAH the shit still hurts every now and then in certain areas it's levels to this healing thing imma let time do its thing then when I think time had enough time that's when imma take control. Contreras said he can fix it but shit I started sweating shaking all nervous he ain't touch me he just told me what he will do for me I ain't gon lie a sista scarrred smfh imma find another way MY WAY!!
enough of the TT scar it is what it is at this point.. my next issue is my frigging sides from day one I cried bitch and complained it like everything was going well but my damn sides were always stubborn like they want to stay in two halves and not become one.. I rubbed wrapped massaged put padding around my side and wore my garment like extra skin and them shit still didn't budge but shit I got something for them real soon imma show them who run shit who body this is for and who will win IT'S MY BODY AND I DONT WANT THEM THERE THEY GOT TO GO!!!
After all the rambling overall in happy with my results I can't blame the doctor for my genetic make up he was and is always there for me for any concerns I have or any issues I come across so I'm glad we have this relationship yes I am considering Round 2 just for touch up reasons where my torso is concerned...
Breast coming soon tho I can't wait gotta have NICE SET OF TITS TO COMPLIMENT MY ASS.
I'mma leave yall with a few pics enjoy..


RS you can hit me up any day of the wk any time of the day but please I beg yuh on Wednesday nights btwn the hours of 9 to 10 don't ask me or tell me SHIT I will be glued to my tv.. no luv lost but sistas this show got me wide the hell open... REALITY SHOW FOR YOUR ASS... I'm slowly coming down from tonight's episode smfh a whole damn week of waiting imma hot mess and it only been 2 episodes.. Taraji and Terrance got that T-N-T POWER perfect for their roles... GN ladies now I'm sleepy..

DR ain't only changing MONEY, DR changing BODIES

My journey ain't over yet, IT'S JUST THE BEGINNING.. STAY TUNED!!!
in the meantime chkout my friend that just came back from DR.. shit the world in trouble now EVERYBODY EVERY WHERE doing the damn thang!!!

DR. or Mexico

My RS family I'm back once again I know I have been missing for months but I have been going through the motions.. For those who know me the last thing I was getting prepared for was my sx which didn't happen. 2wks prior to me leaving for DR my mom was struck by a car she suffered multiple broken bones and underwent multiple surgeries her health went down so many times over the last few months and the only one I keep and will keep giving the glory and praises to is the Almighty God i tell you all with him All things in your life is possible through him and me keeping my Faith I was able to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom being present in my life and I can't stop saying how grateful I am to still have her here with me...
Right now while things are on the up and up I had time to think about me and this sx I'm not rushing I'm taking my time this time around get my money together listen read communicate with my potential surgeon make sure he have me and my best Interest in heart and mostly take his work very seriously.
These microwave next in line looking good for a name trying to get their name on the surgery board that's selling chicks dreams knowing they not even skilled like that "LYING YEAH LYING" while real doctors that's bout their work getting over looked because of birds yacking on the so called grapevines.. A few things to consider when considering a surgeon I say look for consistency look at skills look at the results look at how many times they are able to DELIVER not sometimes but all the time.. I say don't let money be the reason why you end up elsewhere or busy birds at their best influence your decision if your quote surpass your budget I say wait and get your money up this is one of the best investments for yourself that you can do for yourself so be patient all good things comes to she who waits..
On the surgery note my round 1 was great my results are loveable it made me look at myself and gave me a boost of confidence so I'm grateful to Dr. Contreras for all he did for me.
Round 2 yes I have my quotes from both Cabral and Pantoja which I'm impressed and pleased with now I have to do the biggest part and make my mind up make a final decision I'm sooooo ready to get this done...

15 months later

I knew from the beginning the areas on my body that would need to be fixed after sx and I'm talking days following I don't take a rocket scientist to figure out when something is wrong especially when it comes to your body.. Eventhough my overall ratings for my results are loveable and high I still need some areas touch up.. My damn sides are disgusting I wear waist high panties and tight spandex under shirts to hold in my sides in certain clothes so my sides aren't bulging out some people say it looks more realistic well I don't want realistic we don't say that shit when it comes to our hair shit we know it's a frigging weave but we want it done right regardless the kind of hair type it is we don't say shit mess up this side or leave the edges rough so it can look more realistic oh please.. When you are paying for something we should get what we want the look we desire shit it ain't like you didn't tell them what you wanted but like I say people will sell water to a well all bout the bengies and when it comes down to this sx thing we dishing out a quite lot of it.
My tummy tuck scar yes it's there I don't like it so a revision will be getting done. I'm starting to see extended tt scars going all the way to your backs please ladies let me know how rough it is to deal with the incision going so far back when it comes to motion twisting and turning I'm all ears help a sista out.
My breast will finally be getting done this was supposed to be done on round one but Contreras had other plans for me oh well that's the past and I'm so over that I'm now focus on my new sx with a new doctor of my choice..
Ladies I know there are plenty Cabral dolls so hit me up let me know what to expect.. I'm also very Interested in hearing from Pantoja dolls also hes been in my mind for awhile now I just want to see and hear from more recent dolls.
Don't be strangers let me know the deal on these docs the truth and nothing get but the truth..


I FEEL SOME TYPE A WAY!!! I think bitterness, pain, hurt, let downs, lack of finances, jealousy, hate, bad mind, is the reason why certain GREAT surgeons are being attacked so viciously on RS, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter all over these social media sites. I'm speaking for self when I say you get so many oooooh's, OMG's,really,wtf,aawwh, when we hear or see the inevitable happen I'm sitting here like S-T-F-U with the bs y'all phoney asses who the cap fit wear it We ALL know and heard the stories and news but huh we still on here for the same reason in search of, it do not matter who we pick or where we go we are all at risk and for the love of ourselves we are knowingly ready to take THE RISK.. STOP THE DOCTOR BASHING AND EVERYBODY GO DO THEIR OWN THING HOW MANY TIMES WITH WHOMEVER YOU LIKE.. LIVE AND LET LIVE.. GN RS ladies good luck on your journey smooth recovery and best wishes to all..


my mind is made up yes he's the only man for me!! " SORRY MR. JAY" if I want it done right once and for all I gotta go to where the skills and talent is can't be playing and skimming cause the only one-third going to end up getting skimmed and played is me the only 2 regrets I have when it comes to this sx I'd that I should of went to him round one then there wouldn't be a round 2..
Since I already received a quote from him then I'm going to jump on it and set up a date also book my recovery house...
Is there any ladies that hot a tummy tuck and boobs done but didn't stay the recommend time also how many days do Cabral keep his drains in for??
Is a tummy tuck revision worst than the initial tummy tuck??
How bad is the pain after Breast augmentation??
I'm wondering if 7-10 days is enough time in DR after so with these combo.

as soon as I thought it was cool to relax..

Well ladies I already know my life is complicated and nothing ever seem to go Ez for me I guess that's an excuse for my attitude (NOT)..
If you been reading my review you will see where I chose Papa Cabral for my round 2 quote was great I was loving it to know one chapter was done I was moving on to the next chapter.... BAM!!!! I get a quote from Mama Yily and the funny thing is I received a quote with the same exact price but the crazy thing is her quote includes EVERYTHING!!!!, so once I pay this price its no more worries right, WRONG now I'm here wondering who to go to and whos going to deliver the GOODS!!!
I don't want to choose wrong and be going back for a round 3 SMH ladies I need your help usually I have all the answers or can quickly figure situations out but shit this got me STUCK what would you do I mean they both do great work but DAMN WHO DO I CHOOSE...
any suggestions,information,comments anything I'm open IM GOING SANE this is not normal for me crazy is my norm I don't like this feeling SISTERS HELP 911!!!


Ladies I'm back in full effect and definitely very focused on me (NIKKI) I say if I DONT care bout me and put me first then who the hell will.. We as humans when we fall in love within an unhealthy situation-ship it drains you of who you are as a person then we are quickly transformed into someone else we don't even recognize.. The last couple months I have been praying so hard even though I feel weak I have found the strength to gather myself and my mind to get away from a strange unfamiliar atmosphere I just refuse to continue to give 100% that's too much of me for WHAT someone that will never give the same lol have to laugh you only get what they think you deserve not what you're worthy of..
Cabral and Me for the upcoming yr no more bullshitting I feel brand new like a weight been lifted off my body I can see, breathe,think and focus on me with no worries..
I'm 5'4 ish I would love to have some big C cups not too big cause IM short.. Is it true you have to change out the breast implants every 10 yrs or can they stay longer with no complications shit I want to die with them not because of them.. I'm so ready for my transformation I have quite a few months to thoroughly plan out I WASNT ready last round at all I want to be totally ready and go into sx stress free so IM eliminating the bs from now..

Appt Set & Confirmed 2/16/2016

I'm in LADIES, Ladies I'm IN!!!!!
IM onto round 2 not really a must or a have to but a want to I have some areas that need ATTENTION and that's what they gon get. I read on another lady review and she said Thank God she is blessed to have a job to pay for what she want and that is so true.. I'm back on the ME bandwagon gotta think about myself and stop worrying bout others keep cutting myself short when Im suppose to come first after God...
Nikki bout to be on some JUST FOR ME SHIT...

Just a BIT MORE!!!

I'm 4 months away from what will be my round 2.. I'm very much excited and ready for my transformation this time with King Cabral.. Im going things very differently this time around I'm dieting excersing working out getting toned to help maximize and optimize my results I learned you can't leave it all up to the surgeon to take care of because somewhere down the line the results won't look as Good as it could've if you would've taken time out before sx to work on you trust ME.. I started seeing fatty areas as my tt loosen up and stomach became softer first I was like WTF then my senses kicked in and I was like shit he couldn't get ALLy damn fat shit I would've still be in sx til today lol... Honestly ladies it will be all worth it in the end..

17 months later..new pics & STILL PHAT..

Hey ladies.. first off I will congratulate those who have had their sx done whether 1,2,3 or how ever many rounds it took to get "YOUR LOOK" big shout outs to you ALL.. to the ones that had it done but not satisfied pick yourself dust yourself off and try AGAIN you might have to research new surgeons fly across the world spend a bit more money I say if theres a WILL THERE'S A WAY!!! anything you want to achieve in life have or keep is always worth working hard for blood sweat and tears just keep your heads up we are the best at what we do mask it fake it tuck it until you make it we got our ways of making things work for us so WORK IT and LUV IT it's yours GOOD OR BAD....
IM here preparing for my round 2 which is 3 months away SMH these days are really moving fast time really don't wait for no-one.. This time around I'm just chilling not stressing too much just taking it one at a time my diet and excersie is working for me it's really enhancing my results I'm luving my body more and more out of clothes even my scar it really don't bother me anymore I'm truly luving the skin I'm in..
Keep grinding....
Enjoy the pics ladies...


I love this site the different journeys the big SACRAFICE that are made for a better US I know life can be trip at times but this "THING" that we decide to do can be so life changing in a BIG WAY!!! Stereotypes of the WOMAN can be so degrading at times especially THE BLACK WOMAN no disrespect to no other race..
Questions statements about everything we do for us from our hair to our clothes to our lifestyle when the honest truth We love to always be able to look STUNNING it seems we're the only group of WOMEN that is called out when we DO US.. Well this site have helped us CRUSH THE BS STEREOTYPES and allow us to be ourselves show our before during and after the transformation of the BUTTERFLY and actually feel BEAUTIFUL while transforming.. I love it when I come on here and ALL HUMAN BEINGS from everywhere no matter race religion age from everywhere MAN/WOMAN feel free to say look at me this is what I have done for ME and Im HAPPY... well I'm on my way to round 2 I can't believe it I'm doing this again and feeling great about it.. RS MEMBERS KEEP DOING YOU HOLD YOUR HEADS UP LETS THE WORLD KNOW ITS MY TURN AT IT!!!!
BBl and tummy tuck pics almost 2yrs post op.. I'm still smiling..


Hey RS, Im off to Dr again trying to get this body right where i want it. Its been awhile since i blogged but were family so i had to drop by and let you all know that its that time again. Its almost 2yrs since i been to DR and had my last sx.. Not much has changed with my weight or results must say my hbp has regulated to normal numbers GLORY TO GOD for this not just for clearance for sx but for my everyday living and boy does it feel great to have my pressure under control..
Rnd 2 agenda is Breast aug with implants i got my heart set on a 36C im currently very small lol im thinking this will be an ideal size for my height and weight...
Full body lipo i definetly wants a more define torso a smaller waist is a must have im thinking on having something done to my thighs im going to leave this to the discretion of my surgeon for some reason i when looking at my butt it looks flat at the bottom i definetly need some work done in that area...
Last but most important to me is that SCAR im doing a scar revision i cant redo that tummy tuck im not ready mentally to live through that ordeal again plus i like my tunmy tuck its the scar i have an issue with...
Im praying and hoping being very Faithful that this will be it and theres no need for a Rnd 3 LORD TAKE THE WHEEL!!!! I will keep the Fam updated from start to finish I GOT YALL so im going to leave for now...


YASSSSS!!! LADIES NIKKIBUNZ IS DEFINITELY BACK... Im not going to lie omg it's been a rough recovery in comparison to my first round yes this one got my attention... I arrived in DR on Feb 15th after missing my connection due to snow in Baltimore I was delayed in Miami for 3 hrs that shit was wack and nerves wrecking just sitting in an airport waiting not my thing.. When I got to DR got a damn surprise after waiting for about 20 minutes to receive my luggage i realized my stuff isn't in DR so I had to go to the counter and fill out paperwork I was pissed because I didn't know where on earth(literally) my luggage was they assured me they would contact me on cell my things arrived in DR at this point what could I have done EXACTLY "NOTHING" so I was like fine call me... I leave the baggage area and started to exit the airport when I saw my driver with my name I was like MY MAN!! Right about now I was just hungry and tired we had to wait for another lady which I was cool with that so I chilled my crazy ass out and pumped up the dial on my patience button.. It took about 15-20 minutes for the young lady to arrive then we was out luckily I had contact Cabral while I was in Miami and told him about my delay he was mad cool and assured me don't worry he will wait for me to come to CIPLA, so I told my driver to take me to the clinic.. I got to the clinic chk in with Maria saw Cabral we spoke for about 20 minutes I got my quote which I was happy cause it was lower than the one I got through email I paid Maria since it was late I only got my blood drawn and ekg done I was so happy when he said don't come back to the office til after 10am I was good with that since I had to wait for my luggage or some words from AA. I got back to the recovery house I ate my stomach full and slept my ass off which I loved... Whattsapp was my new BFF while I was there I kept In contact with my VIPs... The next day was the big day SX DAY and I was sorta stressing bout my stuff but I didn't want to send up my pressure by worrying so I prayed and left it alone when the other girls were up a d out by 630-700am I was still in my bed. I got up around 9am tried calling the airport there was still no word then by 10 am they had call and told me by 2pm they would drop off my things I was like bump that Im OUT!!!! Got to CIPLA shit I had sooooo much shit TO do.. See the nurse,get X-rays, then bam when I thought I was good I had to go to CEDESA an outside lab for extra blood work come to find out my hemoglobin was great but my clotting factors was kind low so I had to get clearance from the doctor but it wasnt Cabral basically wanted to know have I ever had a blood transfusion I told him yes one time which was with my first round of sx after my tt but never before or after that not even after childbirth he then said your hemoglobin is 14.5 so he felt as though I was good for sx they prepare me for sx about 600pm I went to my recovery room I took that BLUE PILL, Cabral came in marked me up and off I went last thing I remember was a man telling me to put my head in his chest and stay still at this time my epidural was placed good for me I was sleep before he Inserted the damn needle cause I would of freaked out for real I had all my kids naturally YES IMMA SAVAGE lol... For some reason I woke up after they flipped me on my back I was up during my scar revision and breast augmentation which I didn't feel only pressure which was nothing... The weirdest part was when I first woke up and couldn't swallow I got kinda scared then I started talking to myself in my head like calm your ass down breathe slow and BITCH SWALLOW everything was fine I could hear them talking joking and laughing I couldn't see there was a sheet up I front of me my hands were tied to the bed I felt kinky as shit since I wasn't in any pain I just layed there until they were finished... Soon I was rolled to a big recovery room it had so many ladies in there from different doctors just waiting to be rolled to their own rooms I must have went back to sleep but this time when I got up I was in so much pain in my left thigh under my butt I was screaming like a SAVAGE for a nurse one finally came in I was screaming help me get out the bed she said no not until Cabral see you and OK you to be moved I was in agony I was in pain for what seemed like forever they came in and gave me vitamins and iron through my Ivy that shit didn't help at all I left the clinic and went back to the recovery house in so much pain my mind kept telling me keep moving around eventhough it was painful to put pressure on it or even move it but I know If you move or excersie some injuries early on things can get better and yes my leg did get better by the 5th day mean while the people at the recovery house was Catering to me breakfast lunch and dinner In bed the only thing that sucked was now I wasn't draining at all I was feverish head was thumping I could hear a Wooshing sound in my head it got worse if I moved they tried to manually drain me at the house nothing came out when I saw Cabral the following Monday I was able to be drained after being g massaged it was a major relief I started feeling better immediately I was thankful and grateful I was amazed how the liquid was pouring from my back... Everything and everyday after that I was drained and recovery went as expected the usual ache and pain discomfort but I was in a better place and Cabral was on point with me every step of the way.. The day I left was the same drama with the weather I was delayed in DR for 2 hrs but this time I was determined not to miss any planes I was getting my ass home on time as planned I had wheelchair service which came in handy cause I was flying through jfk and YESS I made it to my connection just in time I was so happy I made it home by 115pm I was swollen and in pain I couldn't wait to get in my house to shower and relax.... As of today I'm doing well my back is still swollen a bit but improving my waistline and stomach at times gets so stiff I feel like Imma tear my bio oil is a blessing for that Lil situation... Overall I love my results my boobies are awesome I have no complaints I had no pain just stiffness other than that I was fine I did an areola cut nothing too invasive I love them til this day... My incision for my tt scar healed better than before so I'm happy with how it look I wore that tape til it fell off then I got more I'm currently and have been using merderma on my Incision it seemed to be helping... Here's some pics luv y'all


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

DR CONTRERAS March 11,2014 Very professional & business oriented top of the class response quick answers only the questions ask volunteers helpful pt information.. Still got mad luv for Dr Contreras but I had to go to the KING CABRAL FOR MY ROUND 2 FEEL ME!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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