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I have been searching for months now about Dr an...

I have been searching for months now about Dr an prices...well I am thinking of going to Dr.Diaz for my bbl in the DR can't wait. I see Diaz work on IG an I'm impressed by the way he sculpt his dolls. I am a mother of two an I always wanted to have this done.... scared an uneducated kept me from it but after researching for several years I think I'm ready to dive in....,10/20/16 here I come

Looking forward to my journey

Still shopping

Hello dollz
Im buy all types of things for DR trip... Dont want to leave anything out... Im thinking of changing doctor though.... Nothing wrong with Diaz but i want to get my breast done an it will cost 2,000 more. Mallol will do it for 1,000 less... I don't know my be less is not always best.... Still up in the air bout it.... Don't want to over do myself

Damn!!!! They long..... Breast in need of a lift

Thinking...... Thinking..... Still thinking bout my breast here some picture to see why

Blood work

Ok well my Doctor said all my test came back normal... No health issues tried to get some more pain MED's but she wasn't having my reason of bad cramps.... When it gets closer to leave I'll try to get her write a prescription out hopefully she will until then let the count down continue

Side note i see so many story of infection and open sore/incision got me scared but im hopeful that i will be ok.....

Do I stress now or nah!!!

Well today I told my doctor I use to smoke (yes nasty habit I know) but I told him I been decided to stop... Its been about four months since my last smoke

Well he told me I have to see their pulmonogist which is a extra $200 before I have any surgery.... Nervous already now stressed that if I get there an he turn me away.... Shit I'm gone be pissed. But on the bright side at least I know they won't risk my life for a few bucks....

My journey continues..........

No Diaz doll...

Sorry to say i wont be a Diaz..... But a Mallol Doll finial came to a decision. They both have good reviews Pro's & Con's are about tge same. It was the price that got me in the end.... Want alot done in round one so round to is not needed....deposit been paid now im just waiting count down continue

Sad day......

I can't find it..... To get my passport o need my birth certificate .... An i can't find it lawd why fo i have all these useless forms an papers but not my certificate.. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since i was born in a different state i have to get on mail to me... So I'm waiting two more weeks just to wait for my passport ????

Busy but still undecided

My passport problem has be solved... It didn't take as long as they said it would. I waited like a day or two for it, now I'm off to my scheduled appointment for my passport. I don't get to many comments on here so my profile is like a personal journal. But all my supplies are checked off ready to go. I have pack my bags an have them place by my door as if I'm leaving any day now... I keep researching flights to get the cheapest one. But really they seem to be going up the closer I get to my date, so think i really need to book now. My CBC papers came an my doctor said they normal but I notice my hemoglobin was a 11.9 so i started taking my vitamins early so it will pick up...... Time off from work already put in.... Care for my two babies already setup.... So why do i ferl everyday worried.... Well I'm up in the air about my doctor i have booked an deposits with both, they have good review an some bad... I already either way one deposit is gone no biggie i just want the right one... I don't want a horror story like on botched..... I think im just freaking myself out the closer i get but either way 10/20/16 I'm on my way

End journey

End this page


Still counting down the days just confirm my flight now just waiting on my passport.... Then its snatched 101

Old song new tune

Well I mean Round The Mulberry Bush in time with you and I have come to the conclusion that I am going to steal this side to go with my doctor Diaz even after them long consideration of other doctors and several quotes an attempt of contact with other doctors I still am going to stick with the doctor and she wasn't at first with a minor setback do 2 a car accident I had I have to reschedule my operation from October 20th until January 2nd cannot wait until the changes are done I am all packed ready to go long road ahead hope my journey this ends with a good outlook I have been seeing a lot of botched surgical procedures some in very very bad others with a minor repair I am still optimistic and positive about my journey and the decision of choosing the doctor have chosen until next time keep you posted.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far he has kept an open communication with me this is a plus

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