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Ahhhh the long awaited reply from duran! But let...

Ahhhh the long awaited reply from duran! But let me get started on how I started.
So after coming on this website to look for a breast lift, I started venturing about to see what else was available just to be curious. I've never been FAT but out of my friends I was the "fat one" (all my friends were really slim or curvy in e right places) my middle is square and that bit of belly bulge everyone seemed to point out. I've always wanted to be that BOMB girl everyone wants seeing as its never happened I thought "if I don't like something why don't I just change it?" My highest weight was 150lbs, (im 5"4)and started losing weight but during this weight lost is when I came across this because my boobs were starting to lose plumpness and dropping down south. And after searching about I thought "WOW, I can take weight in the wrong places and put it in the right places! That is life!" My journey began!

My first doctor I looked to was salama, I originally wanted a DONK but realised on my body it would look too fake, and I seen his prices quickly rising up over 4 months. Then I moved onto campos, his contouring was amazing, one girl also from the UK, her body was so banging she literally was the reason I was going to him, but once again his prices went up and up and over time I saw his booties weren't very big.

I want that TINY non exsistant waist and big hips and just a sexy booty like in my wish pics, not a bubble butt.

So after being down and out, I came on here browsing again and came across duran, her prices are amazing, her results are perfect, her stomachs look so good and the asses look naturally that big!

So contacting her at first was simple, got my reply the next day and I was super happy with everything. Then it went down hill, I had sent an email and about a week later saying I had sent the deposit can you check you have received it, I thought wait she hasn't replied? So then I sent another.. A few days later another? What was happening? So I made a Facebook (feel free to add me : melissa wood ill be posting pics of myself on my journey when I go) and added her, I saw other duran dolls posting asking about replies and got super worried. So I was posting on her wall, messaging her two assistants, I got one reply off Helen but not another! I literally wanted to cry! I thought I've lost £350 ($500) and won't get I back! Only just 2 days ago duran has replied! ALAS I CAN GO! She told me to take a copy of the deposit and fly out and we will arrange everything! Oh thank god! Now it's just reservations and flights! So happy now!

Wondering if anyone else is going? My appointment is 16th September fly out 14th and fly back 23rd due to work (she tells us to stay 10 days) I can't stay the full 10 but anyone going let me know! I can't get anyone to fly with me (my flight is 11 hrs long!) and don't want to be alone :-(

Posted some Before pics and a SX simulator thing

Ugh can't believe i'm 20, I mean I dont really work out, but I look like this!!! gross! This should be the age where I look my best, ahwell soon will be! Just ordered my meds to take, i'm doing it from when they arrive until SX she said atleast a month so mines 2 months pre. I want to gain some weight though about 5 lbs before for that extra butt haha.

As for my edit pic, a Thigh : Butt Ratio is VERYYYYYYY important to me, it's the difference in a real to fake butt. I don't want my butt HUGE but big enough to be like AWOAH SHAWTY hehe, Some models you see have TINY legs and this huge ass, I mean I know it's possible but looks better to be a bit thicker anyways, I love HIPSSSSS also, I more want A good shape and a decent size a$$ than I big butt and no shape, because it will still look great in a dress atleast. Update once my tablets get here and start ordering things to take with me, any ideas what clothes to take? or any ideas for toiletries etc

thanks for the positive responses dolls and all the long comments I love to read! It means your actually taking the time to talk and are into, I have better responses here to my BBL than of my mom LOL (she's no into my sister is so excited for me)


OH forgot

Any information on garments lipo foam squeems etc are appreciated! I see different techniques so would love anyone's ideas for that TINY waist =)

Right So i've found my

Post op garment and my lipo foam which took forever because there is literally one seller of epi foam in the UK! Do you guys think this garment is suitable? I was thinking to cut the bum out maybe? It's a pull on one so no fiddly hook and eye, but not sure if it has a hole for peeing and stuff, so was thinking I could cut that too? (I know that sounds like alot, but the UK lacks post op garment things :-( ) It's called "Vedette Full Body Shaper Suit Waist Hips Thighs Bum with Strong Compression"

Also finding UK squeems in hard, so might try this one from makemeheal? Anyone tried it? It's called "Slimming Thermal Weight Loss Body Shaper - Firm Control
MMH ID: 33599; Brand: Ann Michell/Chery; Model No: 2025"

Yes I need that tiny waist LOL help me dolls! Your support means so much

Oh my god!

What to do! I've been in hospital the last week they thought I had appendicitis! But thank god it wasn't I had a build up of fluid inside me pushing on my lady parts :-( I'm 6 weeks away now from my surgery date, the operation was small that they did but mother bear says I shouldn't go ahead? What do you guys think I should do? Also quick question, does duran speak good English?

Here is a quick pic of my wish...

hips, I used my before pics so you can see what i'm after

forgot to add

Anyone know if duran uses general or local anesthetic, its hard contacting her, hence why I ask dolls on here, love reading all these stories makes me more excited!


I can't have surgery after my operation, when I went to my doctor he said no, so I thought why not let a duran doll have it, I have a deposit down, so I can ask for my money back because it's medical, but incase someone wants an earlier date, I can forward an email address to her and possibly get you in earlier, let me know if anyone wants it :-)
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