Future Cabral barbie-2016 Tummytuck Bbl Liposculpture - Dominican Republic

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Hi I am trying to have surgery with Dr Almonds and...

Hi I am trying to have surgery with Dr Almonds and I was quotes 5100 for
Tummy Tuck + Liposculpture full back full abdomen flanks waist armpit area + BBLincludes:
?10 days in Recovery house, meals, 24 hour nursing monitoring
(Recovery House available: My Home Patient care RH, The new life, Armonia, Tropical. Due to the high season the RH will be assigned depending on the availability of each one)
Transportation from airport/clinic/consultations
Preoperative Cardiovascular evaluation and blood tests, EKG, X-Ray
Post operation medications
1 Post op garment
1 night at the clinic
Free of charge consultation post op I am 5'3 & 190lbs I plan on losing weight before my surgery and wanted to know if it's better that way.I lost my shape after my pregnancy.I want a small waist with a big butt.I'm kind of scared to travel out of the country by myself but I still want to to.I'll be going for 10 days.I want to be able to look good in everything I wear again like right dresses I use to wear.I'm currently taking phentermine diet pills to kill my appetite and I'm juicing.I need some more information:) help me.I had gained 100 lbs after having my baby and I use to be 120-130lbs. Her assistant don respond back really.

Evaluating other doctors in the DR

Ok so today I have been reaching out to other doctors in the DR for different quotes.I want to have my procedure done at the end of February or March2016 My first choice is DR Fatima because I love her work and I want as much fat in my butt as possible with a small waist and flat stomach.I want my breast worked on also because one of them is bigger them the other one and they need to be lifted.I want Lipo in the breast or a reduction because I want to be able to wear dresses of ceratin stuff without a bra and I want them to be perfect. I wear a c in bras right now a 34 c or whatever but they look bigger to me.They really got huge when I got pregnant and I hate it.please give me information on the best doctors in the DR that I should check out.I have heard of Dr.yilly and Dr.Duran on realself and also Dr.medina.comment or inbox me. And I wish I can find a travel buddy.

Surgery update

I am now waiting on a quote from Dr.yily for march.I will like to have surgery around that time Dr.Almonte is full.Dr.Medina people never write back like they suppose to her assistant or whoever she suppose to be was a mess.She write back hi and told me to send some pictures that I had already sent her in an email and on what's all.I hear bad things about every doctor but I'm not scared to take my chances with Dr.yily. Ima tell her when I pay my deposit don't have nobody else working on me if I'm paying you my money but she seem nice she respond back to me and stuff she don't have an attitude with me like people be saying on Real self ima just be straight up with her.And ask her to make sure I dont get burnt like people be saying she did them.I'm kind of nervous but I'm not scared.Going to DR is far I'm from the US.I think I need to bring my mom also I have a 2year old baby I dont want nobody slapping me or putting something over my head if that's true cause when I recover or be able to move I'll go back and we will have a field day lol I'm just being honest:)

Who is going to Dra.Duran near September 2016? I...

Who is going to Dra.Duran near September 2016? I really love her Work despite some of the bad stuff that i've heard.I really think she is the best at what she does and I want her to be my surgeon for my Bbl-Lipo-Tummytuck-BL if you think otherwise or you like her work comment below.Where can I find more pictures her Instagram is gone Private and I will like to see more pictures.

Surgery might be earlier because of college

So I wanted to have surgery in September but I think I might be having surgery earlier because of college is in the way.I'm graduating college sooner then I thought and I might end up having it in August because I want to get snatched bad.Maybe I'll go for round 1 & 2 so now it's time for me to save!!!!!!!

Who in the Dominican republic will give you what...

Who in the Dominican republic will give you what you want on Round 1?I don't like pain so maybe I'll only go once.Who works well on 5'3 girls 190 lbs?Im expecting to lose 30 lbs.I want perfection like a k.Michelle or black chyna type of butt with a lot of fat injected.4000 CCS maybe. Small waist!...

Right now I'm tryna figure out how much I should...

Right now I'm tryna figure out how much I should save up for my mommy make over basically. I wanted my procedure done in September but I'm most likely going earlier.I am trying to figure out how much I need to save before going to the Dominican republic.And what all I need to buy extra.I'm going with Dra.yily she is willing to do everything I want.I'm going to go from 190 to about 165 all liquid diet.After surgery I'm hoping to be at least 140 to 130.

Plastic surgery back on Duran or Cabral

So happy I'm going to get to have surgery in September for sure now all I have to do is wait for some responses from the doctors.:) waiting on cabral.

Losing some weight ideas

Right now I feel like I want to lose at least 50 lbs before my procedure.I heard of so many helpful protein shakes. I WANT THE BEST results possible from Cabral because I know I hate pain and will not go for round 2 and three.I know that tummy tuck is going to have my waist snatched to capacity. I can't wait for the new me to be transformed. I'm going to show my whole Damn face afterwards for the community.Going to start my diet Monday I'm juicing all the way.Maybe for 30 days I got to get this weight off of me now.Wish me luck!

Needing surgery buddies for Cabral

If anyone out there going to Cabral near October 3 comment or inbox me.I'm a nice person from the South and like to laugh and make people happy.And I'm very supportive.Alot of people don't believe in plastic surgery and sometimes people hate to see you doing shit that they can't do because they're afraid of what others are going to say.And I feel like some people just are haters for no reason. I'm going to lose this weight and do whatever make me feel good about myself and help me have more confidence.Besides it's my money.

Diet before surgery day 1

Starting my juicing Diet today I'm pushing for 30days now that I have my juicing machine.Phentermine and green tea with vegetables and fruit:) #Motivated

Can't wait until I get to the otherside

I can't wait until I be the one getting my bbl.Everybody look so good after their surgery.I want to feel amazing also.After my procedure I'm getting a nose job in the US with a chin implant I'm so ready.

BBL Medicine? Glutathione injection

Trying to figure out the medicine I need to buy before heading to see cabral.Also who offer the glutathione treatment for skin lightening I have hyperpigmentation.

Dr cabral February 2017

Having tummytuck bbl February 2017. Also rhinoplasty with Luis mejia. So excited can't wait five more months and my juicing Diet starts back monday.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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