Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposculpture and Tummy tuck with Duran

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I'm very excited yet nervous because the...

I'm very excited yet nervous because the coordinator Laura Rodriguez was a bit unprofessional for $200 for her services. I follow Duran on Twitter and she seems very nice and professional she post pictures daily of her work!!!!!!!!! And from the pictures her work is out of this world!!! I was considering Dr. Cabral and Dr. Yilly Because I follow them on Twitter aswell and both of their work is great so it was a hard decision because the waist that dr. Yilly gives you is almost unrealistically amazing!!! but, the booty that Duran gives you is almost unrealistically amazing!!!!! and that's the whole point of the surgery.... I can get a flat tummy on my own. so it was a very hard decision. I'm nervous so I'm going to take my dad and my older sister with me. I'm going to be staying at the paradise Recovery House for $1,400 haven't got my plane ticket yet.

Ready for my wish to come true

I'm a bit worried because I haven't been able to reach the coordinator through phone or whatsapp for a while now??? Wondering if the clinic is closed for inspection. Worried because I already paid my deposit. Having faith it will all be worth it in the end

FINALLY Got in Contact with my Coordinator

Lately I have been a little depressed thinking back on all the years I spent in the house and events that I missed out on being so insecure about my body. Last night I emailed Duran because I had some concerns about my expectations from the surgery because I have such a boxy shape and I was wondering if my body would be too hard to work on. I asked her if it was possible to get the results I wanted in one surgery because I am POOR and I couldnt only afford more than one surgery probably ever in life!!!!! I follow Duran on Instagram and this morning she posted some pictures of girls with the same shape as mine and their results look amazing!!!!!!!! This afternoon my coordinator Laura Rodriguez contacted me on Whatsapp and asked me if everything was okay I told her about me emailing Duran and the pictures and she told me if I needed anything to just ask. This was very reassuring for me I am so happy I can't imagine what my life is going to be like in September to be confident in my body as a whole


Been surfing the internet for ideas of reshaping. Heart-shape or round shape?! I'm wondering how big I should get it in CC's at 5'2 165. I want a HUGE booty but, I want it to look normal. When men look at me I want them to say "DAM she has a nice body" not "DAM SHE GOT A FAT ASS" I got a pretty face too I don't really need a distraction I need an enhancement...

I was worried about the size of my butt due to the...

I was worried about the size of my butt due to the fact that I am 5' 2 but I found a comment on RealSelf from a doctor and he made it clear that if your results are *PERFECT* right after the surgery, chances are after the shrinkage and swelling subsides you're not going to have the results that you want. That's why the doctors make the butt looks so huge after the surgery because they have to add a little bit of extra it's just a precaution to ensure that in the LONG RUN you can have the results that you want..... Makes perfect sense to me

Ass Ass Ass

Surgicordinator Laura Rodriguez

I had my doubts at first but Durans cordinator Laura Rodriguez is so nice and patient. I changed my mind about recovery houses almost 10 times! Lol she emails me almost once a week about everything I need and even small concerns about positions I should sleep she answers all my questions never once had she got angry or impatient with me. Two thumbs up for Laura Rodriguez!!!!????

Knowledge is power!!!!

I've been taking All 4 of my my vitamins three times a day. The first vitamin I take is iron: helps build hemoglobin levels. Hemoglobin delivers oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body, folic acid: helps your body to produce and maintain new blood cells, vitamin C: helps fight off any possible infections and strengthen immune system(one gram three times a day) and my multivitamin that contains all three vitamins in one you should already be taking this. I'm not really good at remembering to takeing medication so i'v placed them in my makeup box with a bottle of water next to it so I have no excuses lol. I've been taking ballerina laxatives to keep me regular with the iron because they do back me up!!! Also here's a list of all the things you should NOT be taking!!! I kept having to remind myself about the fish part ???? I used to go to A Better Weigh weight loss center they would give me weight loss supplements such as take Phentermine 37.5, chromium Picolinate 200mg (fat blocker) as well as Hydrochlorothiazide (water pill). Decided to stop taking them two months before the surgery because I heard that doctor say that diet pills can interfere with anesthesia they give you during surgery supposedly speeds up the heart rate. So as hard as it was, because my body has become so dependent on diet pills to maintain or lose weight and I don't need to gain any more im 5'2 172, I just try to eat healthy and maintain the weight on my own until after surgery. Recently I found people have been saying that "pineapples" help out alot with the healing process (as far as bruising and scarring) so I've been taking a pineapple supplement BROMELAIN (enzymes found in pineapples)

Ready and waiting

Flight has been booked and im ready to go!!!!!! I'm just waiting on my passport???? gotta be patient. This is why I recommend people to get their passport 2 to 3 months before surgery. Just in case there are any inconveniences it won't interfere with anything

Got my passport

My first Passport!!!!???????? I was shocked that it actually came in less than 6 weeks but, still got it early because i didn't want to risk it.

ADVICE NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a very long plane ride ahead of me so I need advice on chooseing between the dr. Miami booty buddy, BBL pillow, and BBL bed with chair. Has anybody tried either one of these three especially the bbl bed

Vaser vs. Smart Lipo

Does anyone know if Duran uses vaser or traditional laser liposuction??? I hear vaser liposuction works best with REMOVING fat butt Smart Lipo is best at TIGHTNING the skin!!!


Laura Rodriguez is a scam!!! I promoted her so much in the beginning because it seemed so legit but, it all went downhill when I actually reached Santo Domingo!!! Almost all the information and prices she gave me were wrong. I double checked with the hospital and other girls so there was no funny business on Ciplas end. When i made it to Santo Domingo at 12:30am I didn't have a driver, a number to call or even a signal. Everyone at the airport spoke COMPLETE SPANISH. For all my dolls thinking about traveling to the Dominican Republic to have surgery please download the Google translator!!!!! I didn't think it was a big deal when I left but, it is a big deal!!! luckily there was a nice taxi driver who spoke complete "Spanish" who helped me. I ended up calling Duran she answered the phone and gave the taxi driver some information but never answered after that. The Taxi driver and i drove around for about 1 1/2 hours until we finally reach serenity and I had to pay him $60. The next day I met my driver Conrad and I explain to him what happened he told me never received any information from Laura Rodriguez and he showed me a list of his schedule. If that isn't good enough after I had surgery I did not have a nurse or assistant while I layed there in pain and in a pool of blood draining out. I woke up laying on my butt but luckily a random nurse was nice enough to turn on the AC and television for me at no charge and all the channels were in Spanish. They told me to call number 400 for help and I wore that number OUT. Luckily I had my phone to entertain me until the next day. I have been trying to contact Laura Rodriguez for the past 6 days and she has not answered any of my phone calls. I can expect she won't be willing to give me back all the money she charged me to book this stuff yet alone the additional money I LOST out off pocket!!! Stop being lazy do it yourself unless you want to end up like me


Cipla hospital is fairly neat. It looks like a normal American Hospital. I met Duran September 19th the day of my surgery I was the first one to go! She was very nice and attentive room 212. The surgery room was fairly clean it's not a torture dungeon chamber the way people make it seem it's a fairly normal operating room 212. After 3 hours of waiting, taking x- rays, blood work and consultations they gave me a blue pill it didn't affect me AT ALL. THEY started operating on me while I was still awake I remember panicking and saying "no stop" and I was out after that lol. Even though I didn't have a nurse's assistant i remember Duran walking into my room and showing me a picture of my new body and it was so beautiful!!! She told me it was a gift for all my troubles and then she left.

BEWARE there are two different Serenity recovery houses!!! 2

Serinity 1 and Serinity 2. I ended up staying at two different serinity recovery houses because of the situation with my driver when I first arrived I ended up staying at Serinity 1 over night just so I could relax and get some sleep. The next day I was eventually transferred to Serenity 2 because I was told that it was more "updated" and "modern" but I ended up requesting to be sent back to Serenity 1 because it's just as clean it has some minor issues with the shower head but it's but it's a lot bigger more established and it's has the balcony with the blue chairs. Be careful with the advertising!!!! They take some pictures from Serenity 1 and some pictures from Serenity 2 and put them together and make it seem like it's one establishment when it's NOT!!! Serinity to is more modern but it's a lot smaller and the staff is a lot younger so they aren't as nice. The Food is TERRIBLE yes it's true!!!!! lol they feed you stuff like white rice and vegetables for lunch and dinner EVERYDAY!!! It got so bad I just started requesting the sandwich for breakfast lunch and dinner. If I travel to the Dominican Republic for a second time but I choose serenity as my Recovery..... MAYBE

1 day after surgery

Unsatisfied Duran Doll!!!

Feeling so upset! I went to see Duran today about my bbl because i was having some concerns about one butt cheek being larger than the other. She told me it was fine but it's not! I noticed it and other people noticed it aswell. She got Angry and told me that she would NOT fix it and called her security guard on me to escort me out. When doctors warn to you stage the two procedures PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to them because all that bukshit about laying on your sides or sleeping with bobby pillows is bullshit. It WILL alter your results. Don't be desperate like me and end up with your body unsatisfied.

Feeling so depressed

I was in the site and A random guy walked up to me and pointed it out and walked off. I swear I cant make this stuff up!!! I'm so depressed I just feel like another number to get but, sadly this is my body and what I have to walk around looking like everyday. It hurts because I was such a big Duran fan and I felt like she would have a little bit more sympathy. I continue to write her but, she never responds
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