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Hello ladies my name is Arianny, this might be my...

Hello ladies my name is Arianny, this might be my first review but believe me i know this site like the back of my hand. I am no stranger to most of you (especially girls traveling to DR) i feel like a creepy stalker when I've read most reviews 4,5even 6 times lol. I think if i was tested i on real self knowledge i could probably remember which bodies go on which names lol, but enough of that! Now on to me.
I'm 5'4 189lbs today
My measurements are
bra size 38DDD
Bust (over breasts) 43 in
Bust (under the bra) 34 in
Waist 33 in
Hips 42 in
Butt 44 in
Thigh R 26 1/2
Thigh L 26
Arm R 12
Arm L 13 i double measured and still can't believe it
I'm interested on doing a bbl, tummy tuck and breast reduction and lipo in my arms chin and thighs smh i think it might be too much.

ugh gotta lose weight :(

Do my goal is to get down to 155lbs and I will be safe to get all these procedures done :)
If not I might have to go to DR twice in 2014 I surehopes can do this. But I will Kerri you guys updated.
So today I spoke to samira at Dra yily's office and she sent me the email with quote for Bbl, TT and breast reduction for 5300 wow! What a great price! I will be scheduling next week a more specific date to book a flight but im assuming for Feb/march but not the first week of either because of my period (one less thing to worry about) so if any of you ladies are I'm the NYC area and want to fly together let me know or plan accommodations. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that I'll keep researching

some pictures from before my weight gain

I was about 165-170 last year, just to give you guys a look at where i wanna be before surgery

20 pounds ago

Some pictures of me about 2o-25lbs lighter from last year, just giving you guys a look at where i wanna be before surgery

how to lose? how not to lose? that us the question.

Hello ladies.I've been thinking about this weight i have to lose and i came to a decision, even though i could go the rout I've gone through before when i lost weight quickly its never been healthy or say the least I've gained back all and more (no surprise). When i gave birth i was diagnosed with depression (lost 50lbs in 2 months) then i gained a few back then went on a starvation diet (lost 30lbs in 2 weeks) but was hospitalized and gained it all back after eating, then i started juicing without eating (lost 15 lbs in a week but it shocked my metabolism and gained half if it back in a day. Ok now that i know how not yo lose, onto the next question how to lose? I have a game plan (havn't worked out the details yet) but i do know this...its not time to diet, its time to make a lifestyle change. If i really want yo look the way i want to permanently i HAVE to change myself. I need to make decisions that i can live with consistently for the rest of my life.what do you guys think are those changes i can make now and live with for life?

now pics

187lbs Saturday, September 7, 2013

I'll update my weight every Saturday to clue you guys in on my weightloss
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