ReAdy to retire this BoDy and become a Yily GoDDesS! 25 days and my HeMo is Straight TripPing @ 11.2! - Dominican Republic, DO

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Woke one day out of the blue and realized " I need...

Woke one day out of the blue and realized " I need to get my sexy back"! One of my girlfriends is from Santo Domingo and informed me of Dr. Yily De Los Santos. Googled her for more info, found this site and became obsessed (lol) but even more determined to get to where I want to be! I am married, mother of three which makes me the "Queen amongst Kings"! For years I have been putting everyone and everything before myself and now it is time to handle me and splurge on the things I want which is a beautiful banging but natural looking body. So I have been emailing Yily back and forth, which thus far she has been getting back to me in a timely fashion and I received my quote of 4,200 (USD) for TT, LIPO of the stomach, back, under arms and flanks, with fat graft BBL, I am scheduled for February 11, 2014, and will be SX partners with my fav cousin.... I must admit I am nervous as hell about traveling outside of the US for surgery. But shit staying in the US will put a b**** in debt over a new waistline and ass lol..... Besides I want Yily's and Yily's only beautifully carved silhouette waist and thighs mounted with a romp shaker. After the holidays flight will be booked, recovery home which I plan on staying at Real Recovery Armonia! So let the JoUrNey begin and off to BeautifulBeginNings!

Ready to bounce that Ass!!!

Seasons greetings Dolls! Thanksgiving was beautiful, but to be honest I am happy it's over and ready for Xmas to come and get gone as well, I love the holidays but since I've been on my quest of becoming a YilY Doll these holidays are throwing a money wrench in my plans, I feel like I am at a standstill. I just wanna say bump everything and grab my ticket.... But I cannot make moves urggggg until the first wk of January!!! Which is right around the corner but seems so far away. I have been jotting down my plans and my lists of things to do and buy as well as protocols and precautions. I am so obsessed with what my body is gonna look like!!! It's all I can think of day in and out lol..... I do know that I want to look like my natural self minus all the unwanted fat in all the unwanted areas, melt that shit and suck it out! I've always been thick growing up and I love thickness, but after my children and not properly maintaining my weight, no excuses but not having the time in between work and mommy life I feel unsatisfied and unsexy with my figure, agitated with not being able to get my sexy on, or throw that sexy body hugging outfit on with confidence! I want Yily to LIPO the hell outta my stomach, upper and lower back, underarms and flanks to make my hips bust lose, I love hips and wish I had more! I also want her to add projection to my booty to make it look fuller and rounder, I don't really want the shelf look but I want that slopped bubble butt with a little jiggle lol....I be been researching recovery homes as well as looking into hotels and hiring a nurse and Masseuse.... Traveling with my cousin and we wouldn't mind having travel buddies for 2/11/14 to share the experience! Until next time stay bootyful ladies!

All I want for Xmas!!!


I am super anxious I keep strolling through real self looking at updated stories and all these fresh asses and about to have an anxiety attack if my day does not come like tomorrow lmao..... No but really shout out to all the post op girls u look great!!! And happy headings. So a lil about me real quick I am 30 years old, 5'2 and 167lbs.... I be always struggled with a pudgy belly, urgggg hate it! But anyways I am getting my passport this weekend and my Doctors appointment is January 7th, I tried to get one sooner to make sure I have time to boost anything up if needed to be. I am hoping and praying that my levels are good to go, I am anemic and have been Doubling up on the iron one in the a.m and p.m so hopefully that helps, eating 2 fruits a day and lots of green veggies!!! I told my hubby and he think I am playing games with that passive you don't need to do nothing with ur body ur fine the way u are, lol so I guess he will realize I mean business when I book my flight and I am like hey I need to be dropped off and picked up this time from the airport..... I be been thinking of arrangements for my babies while I am gone since the hubby has to work. Don't make me mess around and drag their asses with me and hire a damn nanny lol by all means I am getting my body worked ..... But seriously I will figure it out I spend the majority of my life figuring shit out, that's why I am well deserving of treating myself to a makeover! Until next time ladies enjoy, good luck future dolls and most of all CONGRATS TO THOSE WHO MADE IT!!!

Pre op..... Embarrassed.....

I can't wait to make it to the flat side!!!!

The WaiTinG GaMe!!!

Hey RS sisters. So I officially have my time off from work for recovery approved!!! I be been taking my vitamins faithfully for the last 2 wks, making sure to eat healthy as well as adding dark green veggies to my diet as well as chunks of pineapples at least twice a day till my Bromelian arrives from amazon... I am just super excited, and thankful for many of your reviews, thanks to Njprbeauty and her list, packing will be extremely easy, I am not buying thousands of things I am not going to need so I will be following her list including
Dial hand and body soap and Bed chucks this is her list I will follow
For 7-10 days you will need:

Thick Kotex (to go under your garment)
Baby Wipes (This is what you will bathe with the first few days)
Sports bra that zips in the front especailly of you are having breast surgery
4-5 Loose Pjs w/o pants
5-6 Maxi dresses
Slides or flip flops
Socks (a few pairs and one THICK on for after surgery)
Sweatsuit to travel home in
Personal Hygenie Products

That is all you need! Some ladies take boppies and foam board, I didnt. I was only there a week. You will be home in a few days and that is where you should start your post op care, after the doctor gives you clearance to go home. Then you can use scar cream, maderma, etc

Can't forget my drugs my doctors appt is January 7th and the doctors here in boston are tight with RX never mind narcotics lol......
Overall I am super excited and can't wait for my fat back! As always happy journeys to my pre op sisters and happy healings to my post op sisters! Seasons greetings to all!

More pre op pics thirsty for some Dra Yily

The Countdown!

Happy New Years sistas!!! The countdown is on!!! I cannot tell u how excited I am! I am purchasing my tickets on Friday and just playing the waiting game. The closer I get the more obsessed and anyicipation I get, with sucking in and pulling on fat to see how my body would look, reading and waiting for updates. Post op sisters u have to understand that us pre op baby sistas hate to stalk and get on ur nerves but we just so damn curious and ready to be where u guys are. I know me I look forward to certain updates and pics and I be pissed when I be stalking for an update and it be like last updated 7, 10,18 days ago lol.All I keep thinking is damn I am so close to my dream body I am freaking out. It's so aggy not being able to wear what u want, or not feeling comfortable or sexy enough in your own skin, don't get me wrong I am not one of those insecure chicks I am confident and content with who I am mentally as a person and could care less about what ppl feel about me, but reaDy to change my physical appearance! Blah blah blah! Lol just give me some hips and ass....oh and a flat tummy.

Ready to retire this body!!!

So I been trying to occupy myself with other things, but the closer I get the more I eat, sleep, and think about my new ass! Especially all the fun I am going to have this summer being free to wear what the hell I want without fat over spilling everywhere! I am 25 days away and still haven't gotten my life together as far as this trip, supplies and tickets! Instead of panicking I am taking it one day at a time. So I has my doctors appointment and got my result on Monday, so my BMI is 32 which is good considering it needs to be under 35, but my hemo is 11.2 wtf, I need that ish to be 13 and higher I need Yily to LIPO the hell outter my upper body. So my Dr put a prescription in for a stronger iron and I am going to stack up on some liver and eat it 2-3 times a week with steamed spinach! So I hope it's not yucky, ladies feel free to share some tips on how to cook it, my family is from the southern part of the US and they smoother it in gravy. I also need some ingredients for some fruit juices to help increase the iron as well so somebody help me please Baby Jesus!!! I haven't reached the nervous part yet, just trying to remain cool calm and collective, and pray everything fall in place financially wise! I've been through so much throughout the years that I feel as if I am well deserving of doing something for me that only I will benefit from! I am always doing things and putting others before me, I just finally want something ONLY FOR ME!!!

Ready to retire this body!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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