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Didn't think I'd be getting a round 2, but here I...

Didn't think I'd be getting a round 2, but here I am! Wanted Duran for round 2. I already have my quote from her, but it is hard to get questions answered. It seems like no one monitors their Whatsapp messages, and they take forever to reply to email. I know she is probably swamped, but if your team has time to post pics on IG, they have time to get back to clients. And something someone else on here said kind of stuck with me, "if they can't get back to you before the procedure, how do you think they will treat you afterwards". I'm just feeling uneasy about her. My friend and I planned on going to Duran together, but I'm not feeling the lack of communication.

I found another surgeon who works at CIPLA, Jose Julian Flores Capellan. I saw his work on IG and I love it. He is responsive, but it seems like he is a little unorganized. His web site doesn't work, and he's not on Realself. I asked him if he was a member of SODOCIPRE, and he said he was but he's not on the site because he "doesn't have voice and vote". He's the cheapest of the bunch so far, and he has answered almost all of my questions, but I'm still waiting for a detailed e-mail quote and the answers to the questions he overlooked. I like his work the best, but still.

Dr. Medina - answers promptly, answered all my questions, seems very professional. I'm not as in love with her work as I am with Dr. JJF Capellan's, BUT communicating with her put me at ease. If I had never run into JJFC's IG, I probably wouldn't be having any second thoughts about her. She is my first choice for now. I think I'll be going with her.
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