Yily DR TT, BBL, BA-40 Yo Single Mom of 3....ready to Get This Done....I Think :) Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello all of you beautiful people! Omg what a...

Hello all of you beautiful people! Omg what a journey. I have been on RS for about a year. I have known that I wanted a TT since I was 20 and a mom of twins. My little man came along 8 yrs ago, so am glad that I didn't do it sooner. I am going to Yily in DR on the 25th of April. I am 100% on the TT, BBL and 50% on the BA. I've got some nice tata's I just want them fuller. But that may be a next year thing. I'm pretty good with pain, but not good at being down for long. So enough rambling heres the scoop.
I wanted Baez....i contacted her and she was quick to respond, but when i went to set up the appointment she is booked until June she says. Bla bla bla
I am not the type of person that can book something 6 mos out. Because I will drive myself crazy with planning...i think 4 mos would be the same way. Oh and HOT
So back to the story...
I had also tried to get a quote from Duran, but had to go through a booking service and I am not trying to throw money like 200.00 out the window.
Yily has been quick to respond. She is a priced right in the middle of Baez and Duran.
All Dr's have stories, most people do too. I am here to document my story as honestly as I can. I am going into this with an open mind, high hopes and all of you sista's!!! Did I mention that I am excited as hell and scared shitless?
Here we go....welcome to my journey 2016 is it

I got my plane ticket!!!

I am so excited!! Today I bought my plane ticket! I paid my deposit I have my date I am staying at the serenity RH and everything is coming together. OMG things are coming together.
So I have bought/packed the following:
Xtra faja
Men's V-neck t-shirts
chickweed salve
northshore booster pads
compression socks
arnica pellets
liquid antiseptic
portable safe
adult wipes

What am I missing...I am really trying to keep myself casual in long t-shirts and cutoff sweats while I am there.

2nd stage faja????

What size of 2nd stage faja are y'all buying? I would like to think my waist will be snatched up BAMMM but can I get a realistic view? I am 5' 7" 170lbs right now. I'll post pics soon it's just a hard thing for me.

wish pics

how long did it take u to get your passport

I am having a hard time getting my birth certificate from LA County. And only have 2 months until I travel. I am getting nervous that i wont get my passport in time. I dont want anything to mess this up.

2 exciting updates for me.

1 my birth certificate is going to be mailed out tomorrow....whew this gives me enough time with expedited service to get my passport. 2 i am actually going to be staying at Kindness RH. Super excited about getting that information tonight. Now if I could only find someone else who will be there. I'm so excited for all of this.

Waiting on my passport!

I am 6 weeks out! My seem like a long time, but time flies! I am waiting on my passport...should be here in the next couple weeks. I switched my RH to Sea Lily. It is a double room and they have been very responsive and nice. I feel comfortable with that. I am wearing a dress down and either the same or sweats back. I am all set...getting more and more nervous as I get closer. I haven't found any other dolls who are having surgery the same day as me :( I am planning on audible being my best friend for the week. Lining up the books. I started walking 1 mile a day and making sure I get my 8 glasses of water in. I am trying to be as healthy as possible for the trip. That's all I have for now.


Thought I would add a few pictures of my fat self

39 days.....and counting

I am getting so excited and nervous too but mostly excited! Here's what's going on.
My surgery is 4/25 with Yily that has held firm.
I am staying at SeaLily RH they have been really nice and have a great package. Let me know if you want details I will provide them for you.
I haven't found anybody else who is going to be in DR at the same time as me that is staying there but I have talked to them so much I think I will be fine.
My passport has been mailed so I should get it today yay!
I have a suitcase that is packed but nowhere near full with all of my supplies.
I am ready to go just waiting on the day.....let me try to add those pictures again

Stressing out

Hello dolls!
So I'm stressing out. I am so nervous right now about my trip. I have priced out the cost here in Indy and it's like 2-4K more. If I wait another month I can do it here and feel a little bit more at ease about what I am getting into. That is really appealing to me. Then there is the other part of me that says just do it... Plane ticket is set passport is set vacation is planned I have all my supplies. I am lifting this up to God. I know I am an analyst and I look deep into stuff.... Need some peace about this decision. Help a girl out

3 weeks from today I leave **Update**

Ok, I had my moment of freaking out :) I'm allowed that, right? I am still going with Yily. Ian booked at SeaLily and paid 100% to eliminate the amount of cash I have to bring with me. I have the following in my luggage:
Disposable underwear
Hand sanitizer
Hand wipes
Adult disposable washcloths
Northshore booster liners (instead of maxi pads to line my faja)
Emergen-c immune + with vitamin D
Emergen-c vitamin c (has electrolytes)
Emergency-c nighttime sleep aid (has vitamins too)
Pain relief antiseptic spray
Aspirin (I will take instead of heparin)
Tylenol pm
Water pills
Amerigel wound dressing (great reviews to promote healing)
Penetrex (great reviews for relief and recovery)
Beano (acid reflux is no joke)
Multivitamin (been taking daily forever)
Chickweed salve (hear a lot of ladies talk about itching and burns this is an amazing natural remedy)
Blood builders
BerbereX wound cleanser (great reviews)
Second stage faja
Compression socks
T shirts
Tank tops
Shirt dresses
2 maxi dresses
Sample shampoo
Portable safe
Arnica tablets
Armband key money/phone holder (so i don't have to carry my money in a purse or wallet or bag.)
Memory foam seat cushion
OMG that's a list, but I am done and ready to go. Just working on staying healthy. I still haven't found anybody who is staying at SeaLily with me, but I imagine I will meet people there.

2 weeks from Today Ladies...that is T minus 14 days ...11 days 'til check-in

Time is creeping away. I have added item to my bag....lemme see I added dramamine....been seeing stuff about ladies getting nauseous....I'm going to try to curb that. I have more to add...but company just stopped by...be back soon!

Who knew????

There is a tummy tuck forum for March April https://www.realself.com/forum/march-april-2016-tummy-tuckers-check. Great info there for all u

3 days to take off 4 days until surgery

OMG I cannot believe how the time has flown by.
For everybody who puts information on this sight about all of the things that could happen by going to another country for sx you can take yourself somewhere else, because if you were really doing your research you would see that. Also if you haven't done research before going to have this sx anywhere you are, do it, make sure that you know what you are getting into...sx is not a vacation.
1. 4 deaths in 1 year with the hundreds of procedures that happen in a week/day are not bad statistics. God Bless them and their families...not being insensitive
2. Infections happen everywhere you go, I had a friend nearly die after a c-section in AZ a couple years ago, she got a staff infection...not pretty but true
3. The US has means to cover up stories and there are still many of Drs. who have lost their licenses in PS and General medicine due to bad practices. Knowing who you are going to, being in good health and setting reasonable expectations is key to a successful sx at any time of your life.
Quick story.....4 years ago i went into liver failure and pancreatitis due to my gallbladder backing up. I drove myself to the hospital because I was in so much pain. They immediately brought me back and things moved quickly. Long story short I had two surgeries in 3 days 1 to remove my gallbladder and 1 to clean out my liver and pancreas. I had absolutely no time to think about this. No time to do research, no time to choose a doctor. What my point is that when you plan this surgery you have a LOT of time to research and learn about the good, bad and ugly. It is an emotional roller coaster ride that I was not personally prepared for. I wish it could have went like my emergency sx, omg that would have been so much easier on the emotions.
With that said, I have 4 days until I meet Dr. Yily and I am beyond nervous and excited for the next chapter of my life. I am 40 years old I have twin 20 year old and an 8 year old. And this year I am concentrating on myself. I have worked hard in my career to get myself to this junction. I am going to the DR with the expectations of a flat stomach and more of an ass than I have now...not huge but a nice round booty :) I am happy and excited I have a great outlook on what is to come.
I expect pain and have tylenol, advil and naproxen for this, I don't like to take pain meds otherwise.
My pcp has prescribed antibiotics for me and I will begin to take them on Sunday, so that I have a dose in me prior to sx. I am also going to begin taking the arnica tablets on Sunday so that I can reduce swelling and bruising.
I haven't packed a lot of clothes to wear.....some t-shirt dresses.....looking forward to a lot of relaxing and walking. I have a plan for my recovery lets hope it all works out :)
Questions for ladies who have done this before, what did you wear home? I am so curious as to what my body is going to look like and what I am going to be able to/not be able to wear in my closet.
To end my post today....I am staying at SeaLily from 4/24 - 5/4, I have yet to hear of anybody else staying there during this time. I know I have seen several dolls who are going to be in DR during this time. It would be nice to have some support...If you are going to be in DR during this time and would like to connect let me know. I will PM you my number.
Lot's of Love and blessings to you all! Stick with me I will be posting as often as I can.

2 days until departure

Yay! I am so excited I leave on Sunday Morning! I can check in to my flight tomorrow morning. OMG it is getting real! Wondering if I can purchase insurance before I go and not have to pay Yily 150.00....anybody out there who knows this?

Sx done!!!!

It is 1:38 am and I'm awake and the wifi is strong so here goes. My RH is da bomb. These people at SeaLily are warm enviting and treat u like gold. The house isn't air conditioned but the bedrooms are. It has been a blast so far. The smoothies and juice and food is just awesome. Most of the girls who are there are leaving soon. fast forward to yesterday. Got to cipla got checked in then went for blood draw. Then waited until 8:30 for X-ray then went straight to cardiologist. Tip- make sure you have a RH rep with you they can help expedite the process. Then we drove to where Yily is now working. Did admissions and waited to be marked up. Went back for sx and the rest is history..we to this point. I'm sore but nothing unbearable I keep throwing up and that hurts. All in all right now I am good I leave here at 6 am, yes

Been a long night and some FYI stuff

It's been a long night, but not because of any in particular. Still not in a lot of pain...just sore. Remember to have the address of the RH when you fill out the paperwork for immegration and custom, you will need it. And if you are coming for bloodwork one day with sx next bring your stuff sx could be that day. Cabrals office was packed omg craziness there. It is HOT here and everywhere...no central ac here ???? Be ready there is nothing you can do about it and complaining does nothing for it. Plan on sweating. That's all for now. Heading to RH in 2 hours might as well try to sleep a bit.

Day 2

Still holding strong on SeaLily being the best place for me. I push the button they come running. Last night I got my first shot if heparin and my body did not like it. I felt dizzy and hot and bla. I do not look forward to that again. I slept ok last night. I am sleeping in a recliner right now and it is good. This surgery is not for the weak. You really need to go into it with a plan for your recovery and push through. Setbacks will happen, but perseverance is key to success. I am really taking it easy today and resting a lot. I am looking forward to tomorrow. Oh had my first massage today it hurt good if that makes sense I loved the way it felt a good massage is never completely pain free. I love the way this faja supports me. I am nearly walking upright. Every bodies recovery is different they are calling me superwoman around here because of how well I am doing. We will see if that holds true.

Day 3

I feel much like I did yesterday. I go to see Yliy in the morning. I am making sure to walk a lot and take my medicine. I stopped taking the pain pills today and switched to naproxen and Advil. I moved out of the recliner and to the bed today which will be nice. My pain is more in my back than my Tt incision. The Lopo is no joke. Here is a picture of me from day 1.

Day 1

What I got into!

So if you see my posts above I was really concerned about what I was getting into coming to the DR for sx. So I thought I would write on what I did get into ????.
1. As I have said SeaLily has been awesome. There are a lot of young staff who make the process easy. They are very helpful and the food is excellent. I have loved it here.
2. Sx in the DR is not bad at all. I had blood tests, I had a x-ray, I had an EKG and an echocardiogram prior to sx. I was asked 3 times by different doctors about my medical history, going over extensive questions each time. They would not take me back for sx until they knew they had my blood type on hold at the blood bank. The waiting area was not unlike the waiting area at other clinics with curtain deviders. The hospital/clinic itself was a little old looking, but even the newer homes here have several faults. Once I was wheeled back to the OR I was hooked up to a bloodpressure cuff and an oxometer was put on my finger. Oh I had an IV. Every time I was stuck with a needle, my arm was cleaned with alcohol the person wore gloves, and the needle was new from a package. I received fluids until I left. The nurses came and checked on me constantly emptied my drain wore gloves and took care of me.
3. The people drive crazy here and are often late. If you come in with a bad attitude you will get people with a bad attitude. I saw it first hand.
That sums up my experience so far. I will alter anything that requires it after my stay is up.

Day 4

Feeling stronger. Went to my first post op appointment and was told my incision is healing quickly. I go back on Tuesday to have my drain removed. Working on getting stronger but really taking it easy. That is why I am here. Any questions?

The nitty gritty -- day 6 PO

Ok so I thought I would write an update on the little things. Since my recovery(by the grace of God) has been uneventful. I really feel great and am ready to ditch the drain.
1. Before you buy anything check with other girls to see what they paid ask around you can always get a better deal. They think that because we come here for surgery we are rich and can pay crazy prices (even higher than us).
2. When you stay at a recovery house make sure you negotiate the charge for any recreational outings before you get there otherwise they will charge you crazy money ($20+) to go anywhere and you have to pay if you don't want to be stuck in the house all day.
3. The culture is very different here. What we consider rude - being late, taking all the seats and making you stand, being dishonest are just a part of their every day life. They live to look out for themselves and nobody else. Common curtesy is not a thing here.
4. Lipo sucks. I will never do this again. My back hurts so bad I can't get comfortable not matter how I lay down or how many pillows I have. It just sucks and it is a long process to feel better. I keep googling it to see if I get a different answer but I never do ????.
5. Tummy tucks are not that bad. I didn't allow myself to use a walker or a toilet seat booster. I found a way to get myself up and out of bed. I forced myself outside of my comfort zone and it has been the best thing for me.
6. You can't shower while u are here. They gather water in barrels on top of the house. This is the water supply for the house and it is not purified.
7. Dogs bark, cars honk and cars with speakers so they can sell things on the street are normal all the time.
8. They are crazy drivers. There are so many people with Mercedes and Lexus and bmw's here and they still drive crazy.
At this point I am home sick and ready to leave. 3 more days to get strong enough to travel home....I know I can do it. Blessings to all of you dolls!!!

I'm home :)

It's the little things like a hug from your mom that make everything good again.
Lots to catch up on:
1. I am 10 days post op this evening and I feel great. A girl I met at the airport yesterday told me I should be the poster child for tummy tucks. I'm doing well but I don't know about all that.
2. Drain was removed on day 8 my fluid was clear and it was time. Whew being drain free is ahhhhmazing.
3 traveling sucked at this point, day 9, give yourself as much time as you can. ATL airport has issues with not picking up in a wheelchair and walking that airport ain't no joke. I cried huge tears yesterday. I was so tired and swollen I just wanted to be home to put my feet up. I may be in bed all day today after that.
4 my butt isn't big. I have talked to 3-4 ladies who have all said the same thing. Then people tell us at 3 mos it will be......idk can't wait to see in 3 mos lol I'm happy with a flat belly for now.
5 before I left I heard a couple of people talk about different cultural differences but didn't identify them as such. If you haven't been on your journey yet please remember that you are going to their country and you are not going to get the same as the US. The cultures are different and etiquette is different and you have to adjust not them.

My new countdown!!

I can't believe I have been home for a week. It has definitely been a roller coaster ride of emotions. Over the last week I have been through a lot! First it took me 3 days to recover from the trip home - no joke. I celebrated mothers day with my family....from the couch :) And now I am back at work. Coming home has changed a lot for me. I was in a pretty decent post-op routine before coming home. Then it went to shambles. I didn't have the energy to get set up at home like I was at the house so I am just now getting back into it. Don't forget to drink tons of water. It is good for you and will help you heal. I went and saw my daughters boyfriend, who is a piercer, to look at my bellybutton. He said it is healing nicely and gave me a saline solution to clean it with. That stuff has been awesome. I clean my bellybutton and drain hole with it 3 times a day.
Now about my new countdown.....I am supposed to wear this compressions garmet for 3 MOS holy hell. I started at a large and am now in a small. I am 16 days po and can't stand this thing. Nothing is easy with it. I can't use the restroom I can't sit I can't walk bla.
Ok, so that may be an exaggeration but damn I hate this think. At the same time, I like the support from it :) So my new countdown is being done with compression. Not to mention at the 3 month point you are supposed to see your final results. So that's it...my new countdown. T-minus 8wks 5days

What I needed

Thought I would write about what I needed from the stuff I brought.
Xtra Faja
mens v-neck t-shirts 4+
nightshirts 2+
tanktops - 6+
chickweed salve
northshore booster pads - 3 per day
compression socks - 3 pair
portable safe
adult wipes (much better than babywipes) - 48 was plenty
Neck pillow
tylenol - PM
personal toiletries
Chux - 3/day

wore 2 pair of my own underwear. It is hard to wear them when you have a drain. did not use the disposable underwear. I brought a big suitcase and left with a small one :) Wore 1 dress, it is hard to wear a maxi dress when you have a drain. I suggest the oversized t-shirts/nightshirts they were my savior. I didn't bleed a lot ....I see a lot of girls with blood on their faja....mine didn't get like that.

Money -

I paid for my RH via paypal
- 700 for 10 nights/transportation/meals and 5 massages
Surgery - 4200.00
Insurance - 135.00
Blood transfusion - 250.00 (refundable deposit)
Heparin & Pain meds - 100.00
Spending money - 200.00
X-tra massages (I got 7total) - 30.00
spent 300.00 on supplies
spent 550.00 on airline ticket
Just in case = 500.00

Total needed - +/-7000. 00

1 month post op

Hello dolls!
Oh what a roller coaster ride. Let me start by saying that your healing time is at least 3 - 6 months. This has been the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around. Patients in the US see their PS once a week for the first month and then every couple weeks for the second. I miss this. I wish I had somebody to tell me that everything is ok. I have a burn from the lipo right down the front of my belly from my belly button almost to my incision. It is healing nicely, I blame this on my need to clean it at least 3 times a day and take my daily vitamins to keep my immune system in check. I will show pictures once it is healed better. In the mean time I think it is ugly. At this point in my recovery I am really swollen. I have to watch my diet closely and stay away from salt. I drink a lot of water to keep myself hydrated. I am wearing clothes that are at least 2 sizes smaller than I was before surgery and am loving that. However, as I said above I am still swollen so I hope to go even smaller. I can't wait to get in the gym, with as hard as this surgery is i'll be damned if I don't keep it up. My back is still swollen, I love my butt...not too big and nice shape...i only hope that I keep it all :) I am not bitter about the burn, I have read that it happens often. I am thankful that I am healthy and my recovery is going very uneventful. Taking this back to the question...would I do this again?
The tummy tuck and lipo - yes, I love my results. Going out of the country - no, I really wish I had a dr here in the states to follow me and calm my nerves. You aren't out of the woods for infection for a long time and everyday is about making sure you are keeping everything as clean as possible. I have done a lot of research on what to expect this is a good post https://www.realself.com/forum/12-knew-before-surgery God Bless you all I hope you are well!

Before and after

Almost 2 months post op
Dra Yily De Los Santos

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