Duran Doll March 3, 2015 - Dominican Republic, DO

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Looking for a travel buddy! 29 Years old...Dr....

Looking for a travel buddy! 29 Years old...Dr. Duran...getting bbl...scheduled for March 3, 2015...leaving from JFK on March 2, 2015...staying at Real Recovery House Anyone going around the same ?                                                                                                             

SOON-TO-BE DURAN DOLL!!! March 3, 2015

Ok, so I finally decided to post my journey...better late than never, right?! Ok so I'm 3 days away from meeting Dra. Duran! Im packed and ready to go! I'm waaayyyy too excited...and nervous as all hell! I don't know if I should laugh, cry, jump for joy, take a sh*t, throw up or do a cart wheel...either way, ITS GOING DOWWWWWNNNN!!! I have a couple of wish pics that I'm thinking of showing Duran. I luv the upside down heart booty. I'm sure Duran will take care of that azzzzz!

Dra. Duran Contact Info

I see a lot of people are having such a hard time getting in contact with Dra. Duran. It's crazy how so many girls are having trouble reaching her. I Sent her a fully detailed but brief email on a Saturday back in August or so and she replied less than 3 hours later with all of the info I needed. Then I called the office and scheduled my appointment. I suggest you send a THOROUGH email with ALL of your info including pics (naked - front, side and back) name, age, height, exact work you want done, allergies if any, date that you want, etc. The more info you give her, the easier it will be for her to reply without much back and forth (I'm assuming). Here's her contact info below from the email she wrote to me. Otherwise, you can try to go thru either Bellavita Consultants (www.bellavitaconsultants.com / @bellavitaempire on Instagram) and pay their fee (I think it's less than $200) or go thru Curvy Girls (curvygirlsintl@gmail.com / @curvygirlsintl on Instagram) Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran The International Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA) 137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (809) 565-5348 | Cell: (809) 707-7163 | (809) 331-5050 ext. 212, hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com

Today I called 809-331-5050 (ext. 212) to confirm my March 3 appointment and Elizabeth answered and confirmed.

Hope this helps!

Recovery House

I chose Real Recovery House (http://realrecoveryhouse.wix.com/real-recovery-house). All the reviews I read about them were good and their price was definitely good! Your first and last nights with them are free and your stay comes with 2 free massages. I'm staying there for a total of 11 nights so I'm paying for 9 nights plus at the time I booked my stay with them, they had a $13 per massage deal going on so I got 8 more on top of the 2 free so that I'd get 10 massages in total. The price for my stay came up to $689. Most reviews said they were clean and took very good care of the girls there. I've spoken to them via email, Facebook and over the phone and they are always nice. Let's see what happens when I come knocking on their door on March 2 lol...they better stay that way! I got some pics from their Facebook page.

Some things I packed...

3 packs of pads
Chux (dog training pads - pack of 50)
2 tubes of arnica gel
Arnica tablets
All of my vitamins (C, B, Folic Acid, Iron, Bromelain)
5 maxi dresses
Tees to put under the faja
House slippers
Pain killers
Funnel to peeeeee
Shower curtain to cover their bed before I lay on it
Compression socks
Big panties
Boppy pillow
Stool softeners
Ensure....that's all I can remember at the moment

I went to the doctor three weeks to get my hemo checked and it was 12.1. I read that in DR, ur hemo is 1 point less which means I'd be at 11.1 out there....that's not gonna work for me! So I bought Geritol (yuck..the smell and the taste make me want to jump off a bridge) but Geritol is now my best friend. Hopefully my hemo went up. We shall see...

Trying to upload my current pics...

Real Self had enough of me and won't let me upload anymore pics so I'll leave it alone. Nite nite!

Last try...Current Pics :-/

Here are some pics of me now :-( ... Just a few more days and I'll be totally transformed!.....right, Dra. Duran????

3 Days until I head to DR!!!

I'm soooo ready to get this over with!

Keeping all dolls in my prayers.

I pray that EVERYTHING goes very well with ALL OF US!!! No complications...smooth travel to and from DR, a smooth and speedy recovery, amazing results and an over all safe trip! ????????????????

Quick reminder...

1. Do NOT shave! Shaving can cause tiny cuts which may expose you to bacterial or infections.

2. No nail polish, acrylics, makeup, lotion, deodorants, etc on the day of surgery. NOTHING! I'm going to be walking into Duran's office ashy as all hell loll

Counting down...

...but it still hasn't hit me yet... Not feeling nervous or anything but I really cannot wait to get this over with. I hope I recover well (and fast too!) As for scarring, I def need to get something for that. Maybe Maderma or some sort of bleaching cream to apply directly to the scar.

On my waaaaayyyy to DR!!

I'm at the airport waiting to board my flight...can't wait to meet Duran and collect my new booty lol. Good luck to all the ladies going thru this journey...WE GOT THIS!

Made it to DR!!!!!

I'm finally here! My flight was a bit delayed but I'm here. When u get there, you'll have to pay $10 for the tourist permit card (which is really a two-piece receipt)....then you go thru 3 more checks to hand in the paperwork U were given on the plane...and the last check to make sure ur baggage matches the ticket in ur hand that u were given when you checked your bag. As I walked out, Ruth Jr. was waiting for me with my name on a sheet of paper...she is sooooooo sweet and nice (at least for now lol)....Fernando is the driver...he's also nice...I imagined him to be an older man but he's a young guy....looks no more than 25/26 yrs old. Ruth Jr. Looks about the same age. As he said hello, she asked if I was hungry and what would I like to eat..but I was not hungry. So we get to the recovery house and it's very clean. The ladies there are very welcoming. I put my bags down and we are now heading to cipla as we speak to get my tests done. I haven't paid for my stay yet but be sure to print out emails or receipts u have from the recovery house you are staying at to make sure you pay the price you were quoted. Ruth jr. Twisted her face when Isaid I got the half priced massages. I hope I'm cleared for surgery tomorrow...fingers crossed....

S'cuze me, S'cuze me ...Duran Doll coming thru!!!

Helloooooooo ....I'm baaack! So im finally a Duran Doll!!! Let me fill you all in....first, I'd like to say I love the recovery house in in so far..they are so caring. Ruth said don't worry, we are your family over here...and they sure do mean it. Again I'm staying at Real Recovery House and would recommend it to anyone coming out here for surgery. It's a clean condo apartment...has a balcony with chairs so u can relax and get a good breeze...across from the beach (nice view). Now...when I got there I put my bags down and Fernando and Ruth Jr. took me to cipla to get my labs done. Durans waiting area is small and cozy with two couches. Elizabeth took my name down and immediately sent me downstairs for X-rays and blood work. The cardiologist was gone for the day so I had to wait for the next day to do that. The labs cost $220 which is deducted from your total amount due for surgery. I had to take off my top and bra for the X-rays (a man did the xrays)...that took all of 5 mins or so then I got my blood drawn on another small room by a lady. I was done for the day so I went back to the recovery house to rest. I wasn't nervous at all. Ruth told me to pack my overnight bag and shower with dial. (Post op, she said she'll clean me with Hibiclens). I showered and went to bed. I woke up at 6am the next morning (March 3), threw a dress on and Fernando was ready by 6:30. We got to cipla, went upstairs, gave them my xrays and waited for Duran to come. She walked into the office a little before 7am and man does she have style...nice short dress, heels, hair up...she looked GREAT! They called my name to go see the cardiologist. She puts these metal clamps around ur ankles and these tiny metal suction cups on ur chest. Painless. Once I was done with that, I went back to the waiting area. I was called shortly after to see Duran. She's really nice...we talked about my hemo, which was 12.3, she said I may or may not need a blood transfusion then cleared me for surgery. I signed some paperwork and we went to a smaller room in her office so she can mark me up. She asked what I wanted and I pointed out my problem areas. I came with wish pics but chose not to show them to her. Everyone's body is different so I didn't want her to be so focused on my wish pic and end up messing me up lol... So I just trusted her. After that, I paid the balance and also paid for my stage 2 faja $150 and anti-embolism stockings $35. I then went to something like a triage where they measure your height and weight, ask you about previous surgeries, allergies, etc. You sign more papers then I was told to go to the fourth floor. By the way, I was not alone, Ruth's daughter was with me the entire time. I went upstairs and waited on the couches for them to give me my room...I was there from 8:30 to about 12:30. I finally got a room and moments later, they came in with my goesAnd the infamous blue pill. I still wasn't nervous. I took the pill and changed and a male nurse wheeled me away. By the time I got to the operating room, I was drowsy. He walked me in and another nurse put the IV in a vein at the top of my hand. He put my face in his chest and said they're going to give me the epidural now. That stung like crazy. Duran walked in and said she'd be right with me in another 20 mins. Another nurse gave me the anesthesia and the next thing I remember is waking up during surgery. I felt the Canula in my back but NO PAIN... Just the movement. I recall me saying hi or something lol ... Trying to let them know I was up.... Next thing I remember, I'm in another room getting a catheter jammed up my vagina. I was wheeled back to my room and they put me on my back. I paid my recovery house $60 to have someone stay with me. THANK GOD for her. She was great...every move I made, she came to me. She was on point with everything. Duran came in to check on me and said she wants me to lay on my stomach, not my back. I was happy about that. I kept thinking about my butt deflating lol. Moving around is sooooo tough. I didn't exactly feel pain but more like soreness and stiffness which makes moving HIGHLY uncomfortable. It feels like you were working about with heavy weights in preparation for a bodybuilder competition Lollll....sleep was tough. I was so uncomfortable...my back was hurting, I could barely move. Their painkillers sucked. I couldn't wait for the next day so I can get up. I drank soup out of a cup and straw a little before 10pm then tried to sleep. I was in and out. Next morning around 6am, a nurse drew my blood to check my hemo levels. Then around 8am, Duran came in to check on me and give me my prescriptions. About half an hour later, two nurses came in to put me in my stage one faja. They wiped me down with wipe and omg my stomach is soooo sensitive. It feels so strange when they touch. It's an uncomfortable feeling. I expected the process to be extremely painful from them pulling up the faja but me moving was the only uncomfortable part of it. They make u stand up to slide ur legs in then have u sit in a chair to buckle it up. After that, I opted not to lay down. I stood up but started feeling nauseous so I sat down....my overnight nurse turned up the AC and in no time I was feeling better. The nurse came back and said I do not need a transfusion!!! Woohoo! I was discharged then headed back to the recovery house. The ride home wasn't bad at all. I was asleep the whole time. As soon as I got to the RH, I declined the wheelchair and walked. When we got upstairs (they have elevators), I walked around the apartment and up and down the hallways. I'm determined to heal so I refuse to lay in beans remain sore and stiff. I walked and walked and walked...I ate then took a sleeping pill and my vitamins and went to sleep. I must say, movement will be your best friend! Even as I came out of surgery, I was moving myself side to side, lifting my legs up...also I wiggled my toes, did circular motions with my feet, opened and closed my hands, lifted my arms and head to ensure I was fully functional lol. I made sure not to lay stiff. Move move move! I went to pee on my own for the first time and grabbed my funnel. As I tried squatting over the toilet, I ended up sitting right in it. The nurses were so shocked and said that's a first. It was painless. I've peed 3 times so far by sitting as I normally do. The walking HELPS!!! I've been getting up and laying down on my own. I'm TOO proud of myself. Ladies, I mentally prepared myself for this. I told myself YOU WILL WALK one day post op! Don't let the pain or discomfort take over U...it's mental and I'm very determined to heal. I'm not in pain now...just sore as hell. I'm padded to the max but I can kind of see my shape. I just ate and I'm going to walk again. It's helping so much.

Trying to post pics...

But Real Self is not having it. I tried about 6 times. I'll leave it alone for now.

Pics 1 Day Post Op

I'm walking as I upload these pics

I forgot to mention...

I was trembling and shaking like crazy right after the procedure...teeth shattering and everything. I was trying to text and the phone kept slipping out of my hand lol. I hear the shakes is a normal reaction to the anesthesia wearing off. Also, when the nurse puts the "pain killers" in the IV, it will burn as it flows thru the needle.

Day 2 pics!

Just got cleaned up...faja washed....here at Real Recovery House, they don't use wipes to clean you, you are washed by the bathroom sink with a wash cloth and Hibiclens. I really like that. I feel sooo clean! So here are some day 2 pics. Still swollen and full of fluids but ooohh weeee look at this azzzzzzz!!! I love Dra. Duran!

One more...

Side view...2 days post op

Day 3 PO

Woke up at 3am....noticed it was slightly less painful to get off of the bed...hands, mouth and eyes were a bit swollen....walked up and down the hallways for about 40 minutes while drinking a bottle of water....went back to sleep. Woke up around 6am panicking! My nose was stuffy and runny, felt like a sore throat was on its way, head pounding and I was nauseous. I got out of the bed and opened google translate to type "stuffy nose and throat hurts...is this normal" for the night nurse who speaks NO English. She nodded saying it was normal and gave me a pill. (There is a daytime nurse that I LOVE! Her name is Kim. She's awesome PERIOD!) Ruth came in and saw me and sat me on one of the rocking chairs on the balcony for fresh air. She gave me "cookies" which were really crackers and water then told me it's going to be ok. She stood over me and rubbed her hands across the side of my face while I drank the water and ate the cookies. She went back in to get fresh fruit, oatmeal and toast. I felt better within minutes. No change in my body today. Now ladies, if you are looking for a great recovery house, THIS IS IT!!! For this kind of surgery, you NEED this level of care. I'm amazed at how attentive these ladies are. They are so affectionate and coordinated. They have a book that they note everything they give u. Your medicine is given to you on time, rolled in a napkin with your name on it. They are so sweet and most importantly they aren't rough or rude. They take their time with what they're doing and always ask if ur ok. It's crazy how anything you want to eat magically spears on your plate! Me and some of the girls laughed about this in amazement. They also serve the food as if u are in a restaurant! I'm sooooo happy I chose this place! I'll post their specific info in a few minutes. Their flyer is in the dining room but This rocking chair and fresh breeze is feeling waaayyyy too good on my stuff ass body! Can't get up right now....must,....enjoy...breeze..and...view.....

My view right now...

So relaxing...I've only been here 4 days (out of my 11 day stay) and it feels like I've been here for 4 years. The days go by slowwww....there's not much u can do. You'll start becoming a mad scientist lol...trying to figure out how to lay down loll...one of my roomies left today and the other is getting surgery. I'm in the room all alone, playing with pillows, sheets and boppie pillows lol...The ladies working here always walk in on me and start laughing...but they help me. Kim asks me...now, how do you want to lay? Then I pull out the master plan and she helps make it happen lolll... Besides working in my lab (the room lol), Sitting on the balcony has become one of my favorite things to do and here's the view...

Real Tropical Deluxe (Real Recovery House)

So there's always the confusion between real recovery house (the official name is now real tropical deluxe) and recovery Armonia. Recovery Armonia is ran by Mayra and real tropical deluxe is run by Ruth. Yes, Ruth used to work for Mayra at recovery Armonia then ventured off and created her own recovery house. I'm here with Ruth and she's AMAZING!!!! So motherly, caring, kind, sweet, gentle...all the ladies are. Ruth Jr. lol is her daughter. She's here everyday...funny girl ...does a lot, if not all of the back and forth with us and Fernando, who is her husband. There's another pregnant sister named Esther...also nice and caring. She was the one with me all day on my day of surgery. There are two nurses...Kim during the day...SHE'S great! Speaks enough English so it's not a struggle. She looks like she's in her late 20s maybe. She's the one who administers the meds, cleans us up, makes our beds and is on call when we need her....there's a night nurse but she doesn't speak English. I haven't interacted much with her since she comes late and leaves early and most of us are knocked out. There's another funny lady who cooks...food is great....she comes into the room and says FOOD! YES? Let's goooo!!!! Lollll ...the food is always served so nicely. They ask u what u want to eat. There is no set menu...so if u want fried chicken, u got it.....salad...you got it....potato salad..u got it...popcorn u got it....tacos....soup...rice...pasta...bacon....eggs...WHATEVER YOU WANT ENDS UP ON YOUR PLATE! They have a cleaning lady and she's ALWAYS cleaning...the condos are neat and clean AT ALL TIMES! The beds are always made, floors are swept and mopped...everything is disinfected. I'm in the triple room which has a bathroom inside...u have a remote for the AC ...you are in control of the climate which is GREAT! Flat screen TVs....there's an outdoor pool and lounge area...I intend on taking walks out there starting tomorrow...we're across from the beautiful ocean. The care and hospitality is on point! Again, they are very gentle and make sure u are not in pain. I've read stories where recovery house nurses are rough...scrubbing them hard with wipes, yanking on their drains...girls passing out...OH HELL NO! None of that happens here. They don't use wipes to clean U...they use Hibiclens, a wash rags and water and gently clean you by the sink. I really like that...you feel so fresh instead of being wiped down with wipes everyday. I don't regret choosing this recovery house and I would recommend it to anyone coming out here! I have ZERO negative comments. I sound like they paid me to write this but they didn't lol... Look, I just asked for a cheeseburger and they're making it now....I'm gonna ask for octopus and string beans (ew! Lol) just to see if they're gonna really serve it lolll... But seriously, you ladies need to get your butts over here if you're looking for serious care in a clean, fresh environment!

Real Tropical Deluxe Flyer Info

12th try...

Real self acting up

18th try....been trying to upload pics but Realself is being super petty ...I was trying to update while I'm here but sems I may have to continue my updates when I get back home next Fri/Sat.... I tried ... sowwy :-(



My Lab lol

Day 4 PO

Woke up around 12am. Laying on my stomach with a pillow under my tummy was the perfect way for me to sleep since I had the surgery but now, I get headaches and I feel all my blood rushing to my head in this position which made me wake up. I walked the hallway for about 30-40 minutes then went back to my lab. I organized the pillows so I can lay on my back. I slept like a baby and woke up around 10am. My body is still swollen and full of fluids. My drain is not sucking the fluids properly (great!... Sigh). Tomorrow I start my massages so hopefully the fluids can be forced out. Other than that, still tight....sore but no pain except one shooting pain in my left side when I make a certain movement.

Day 4 PO

Also made it to the second row of hooks. It's so crazy how shapeless I look in a faja...especially from the side....Then when it's off its like BAM!!!

Day 5 and 6 PO

My body is still sore and stuff but each day it gets a tiny bit easier to get out of the bed. Yesterday I had my first massage. They most definitely DO NOT feel good! They are HIGHLY uncomfortable so brace yourself. I made ugly faces and tried breathing in and out very heavily. Here they also use this vibrating handheld machine across your stomach, which didn't hurt. The massages are bearable...you have no choice anyway lol. Today makes 6 days post op and I had my follow up with Duran. My drain FINALLY came out! I didn't feel a thing when it was pulled out but some girls said it hurt them. I was waiting for the drain to be pulled, meanwhile I looked over and it was already in the garbage lol. My extender was removed and this stage one faja is TIGHT! I'm going to get a message in a few minutes then another one later. I leave Friday and I'm getting two massages per day. Duran said she put 1000 cc in each cheek. I feel my butt is too big but she said wait for 3 months and if I still feel it's too big, she'll tell me what to do.

Over reacted...

Ok so I have over reacted. Today wile getting dressed for my second massage, I looked at my booty and you know what, I was really being a moron! It looks fine and it doesn't look so big after all. I guess Cuz it's so new to me, it seemed so unreal but I'm getting used to it. Smh. I can't wait to see my body transform into the final result. I got my second massage just now by Mama Ruth and boyyyyyyyyy was it sumthin! She knows what she's doing...it's not a massage, its a drainage she says! Still, HIGHLY uncomfortable. Fluids were oozing out of me like crazy ....they even made a video of the fluids squirting out! I feel SOOOOOO good now....relieved...less tight, less sore. Tummy and back feeling and looking smoother with each massage.

New Faja

Day 7 and 8 post op were uneventful. No major changes in my body. Still swollen. No longer sore but parts of my skin hurt. I get on and off the bed on my own. That no longer is a hassle. I had my second follow up with Duran today and got my stage 2 faja in size medium. This thing is TIGHT!!!! They don't pad you up like the first faja...maybe one or two pads...one behind the hooks and one at the seam under ur boobies. There's a spot that's killing me....burns like fire if I move wrong. I was told this is where the drain was. Hurts so so bad at that spot (front hip area...below my waist). Otherwise, this faja actually feels comfortable. I have no clue how I'm going to get this on by myself Lolll

Finally hooooome!!!!

I flew back yesterday. Man I could not wait to get my butt home. I've been homesick since 4 days post op lol. I said my goodbyes to everyone and tipped the cook Maira, the nurse who took such great care of me Kim, the cleaning lady Jilty (I think) and Fernando the driver with $20 US each. I developed great relationships with them so it was only right. I miss them so much already. Fernando took me to the airport 2 hours before my flight. No traffic. Got there, went to a kiosk and printed out my boarding pass and hopped on that long a** line to go thru security THEN another super long a** confusing line to give them a blue slip (that someone will hand U once u get on the line) along with ur passport and boarding pass. I got thru that and waited at my gate. Once I got on the plane, I sat on my neck pillow so my booty didn't touch the seat, popped some sleeping pills and pain killers just in case and fell asleep. That was short-lived Cuz this old lady kept waking me up every time the steward passed by. He kept telling her not to but she still continued to wake me up. I guess she didn't want me missing out on anything. After the third time she woke me up, I gave up and stayed awake for the rest of the flight. She meant well so I didn't say anything to her. Once I got off the plane, I checked to see if I was swollen...nope! I had Kim put on my anti-embolism stockings, my stage 2 garment and my super tight leggings with tummy control. I walked like a robot through the airport. At least I didn't swell up but it did warn me a strip search at JFK. They emptied out all of my bags then put me in a room and made me undress down to my garment. I told the lady if u make me take this off, ur gonna put it back on..and it's not easy! She laughed and said ok nevermind. She patted me down and after that, I was released and headed home. I hate having to sleep Cuz I can't find a comfortable position yet. My nights are still a bit rough. Today was uneventful...just ate and relaxed all day. In DR, I got 8 massages. I'm going for a few more out here starting tomorrow. I'm still swollen under this garment and have not fallen in love with my naked body yet. Still bruised but the soreness is 90% gone.

My Horrible Day

Yesterday was a HORRIBLE day. First, my sleep was off! It's so hard for me to sleep at night....I can't find a good position. I hate standing up, I hate sitting down (which I think I caused a flat spot from doing so. I try to stay off my butt but man is tha hard to do), I hate laying down. I woke up nauseous as all hell then eventually threw up...that was followed by a migraine which stuck around the whole day. My skin hurts in certain places. I hate eating the garment yet I hate when it's off. Aaaarrrggghhh!!!! This recovery is starting to hit me...it will be quite annoying. However, I got my massage from a woman my sister referred me to. SHE IS GREAT!!!! She's located in Brooklyn and works out of her home. She has a designated room for the massages with all the tools she needs. Before this massage, my body felt very lumpy and I was not in love with my naked self but she used some lipo cavitation machine and smoothed me out completely!!! When she was done, I went down an inch in all measurements. I'm soooo smooth and my body changed instantly. So even though I was feeling like crap (I walked in with a plastic bag in case I needed to throw up)..that massage was the highlight of my day. My body is slightly sore when touched rough enough so the massage didn't feel great but it was definitely worth it. My body looks so different in clothes already. I don't look swollen anymore. I asked her if I can post her info and she agreed. Her name is Joane. Number is 347-221-4518. Located in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Masseuse

Name: Joane
Number: 347-221-4518
Brooklyn, NY

She is great! She's who I'm going to for the remainder of my massages as well as maintenance every 3 or 4 months going forward. She uses a lipo cavitation machine to melt more fat pockets that were missed or that have formed and smoothes your body out. She also does laser lipo and many other treatments. Her massages are really worth it.


2 weeks post op pics. Skin still feels sore all over. Sleeping is still a major task. I hate bedtime....no muscle soreness....

Back View: Take 2

Arm out of the way so u can see the waist. So far, loving my results!

Quick Random Info

My height and pre-op weight: 5'5, 170lbs

1000 cc in each cheek. (Didn't ask how many in the hips)

Used all of the supplies I packed except the shower curtain and the funnel (See previous post about things I packed).


I did not pay for insurance when I paid for my surgery. Elizabeth didn't even ask about it nor did I remember lol


So I went from thinking my butt was toooo big to asking myself where the hell is my butt. My butt has DRASTICALLY gone down. I do not plan on doing a round two so I'll have to deal with it. At least my tummy is flat. :-(

:-( Part 2

so it may be too early for me to be feeling like this but it finally got to me...I'm depressed. I've mentioned that my butt has gone down drastically but I also have this huge flat spot on my left cheek. When I bend over, there's no curve...it's flat. Now I don't know how it will look 3 months from now but this does make me sad. I tried to take pics but they weren't coming out right. I decided to finally play dress up last night and boy was I disappointed. I tried on a skirt and a pair of jeans then stopped. I read in other reviews that some felt their bodies were blah on some days, then great on other days. My body looked SUPER BLAH! Since last night, I have been in bed, sulking...wondering what I did to my body...my left butt cheek looks crazy...I also have a new dimple below my left hip...ass looks flat....I was warned about these feelings from other real self posts but this shit does get to you. At this point, I don't even care about the butt not being big, I am really concerned about that flat spot...Hopefully I don't heal weird with a huge dent in my ass....BUT...I'm still keeping hope alive that my body will change for the better...I am only 19 days post op...just needed to vent tho... *drops mic*

The Flat Spot

This flat spots making me so miserable. I know it may seem like I'm exaggerating but I'll tell u why it's making me so miserable. Not only is it an obvious flat spot but the feeling I get when I walk is what's irritating me. When I move, I get the feeling like I'm going to pull a muscle in my left butt cheek. Ever had a leg cramp in ur sleep? Sumthin like that. I get a very slight shooting pain in the back of my thigh with each step. Very slight. So when I walk, I'm now holding my butt cheek from the bottom, squeezing it up so I don't feel that pulling/ripping sensation. I truly truly hope this is temporary. For all I care, the flat spot can stay but that feeling must go! I contacted doctor Duran and she told me to send pics and describe what I'm feeling. I'm waiting on her to respond. So that's my problem with this flat spot. I'm hoping my next post will be "Yay! No more left cheek discomfort!......or sumthin......


I took a walk without my faja on and I realized the flat spot has nothing to do with the discomfort. I feel sum tightness in one section on the left of my my left cheek. That's what's causing it. It never ends! So that's another problem to add on top of my crazy flat spot. I'm now looking for a doctor to see if I don't have fat necrosis, nerve damage or blood clots.

Feeling a little better

I woke up today in a much better mood. I went to see a general doctor yesterday about my left cheek. I was afraid of fat necrosis (when the fat that doesn't graft dies and gets hard) or something worse so he had me get naked and lay down and poked around my butt, poked the spot where I felt the discomfort...checked my temperature, checked for discoloration....everything was fine. He said it may be my nerves waking up and nothing looked out of the norm. No signs of necrosis or anything else. He said monitor it for about 10 days and if it feels the same or worsens, to contact a plastic surgeon he recommended. Today the pain in my cheek is not that bad. I was so focused on the pain that I wasn't even thinking about my obvious flat spot....I don't even care about it anymore....as long as I'm not in pain and I can walk normally. So I tried on my other body suit that I had for years with the cheeks cut out. I figure I can wear that and massage my flat spot while the fat is still grafting in hopes of making it look a little less obvious. This body suit is an XS.

Thoughts on Duran

None of this takes away from how I feel about Duran, by the way. I think she did an excellent job on me and I would still recommend her to anyone. I think she is one of the best surgeons out there. The pain, butt shrinking (fat loss) and flat spots are all part of this annoying, frustrating recovery and shit happens. I am overall happy about my results....but things get crazy or weird during recovery and a girl has to vent. Happy to have all of your support when I start acting up on here lol

3 weeks Post op

Quick update...I'm three weeks post op today and already on the last hook of my faja. I'm going to have to buy a small or xs very soon.

One month post op

A little over one month post op..still swollen in my midsection.....sensitive feeling is still there...def not feeling like myself yet but so far things are going well. Sleep is still tough..I've been sleeping without my garment (I know, I know)...so I bought a soft maidenform brand body shaper in size small to sleep in...hopefully it helps....I got my medium sized faja taken in at the sides so it's super tight now and it's just too much for me at bedtime lol....soooooo my butt....is big again...nooooo clue what's going on....about two weeks ago when the masseuse measured me, I was 41"...this past Wednesday, I was 44"....crazy...but yay! Welcome back, booty!

Feelin myself hehe

1 month and 6 days post op (yesterday)

By the way..

I broke out ALL OVER my face.....which I expected from reading reviews but damn! No aggressive itchies yet. Sharp zings here and there...hmm... what else? I now sleep in my stage one when I can't handle the tight stage 2...but I wear the stage 2 all day. Going to buy a waist trainer/cincher later today and I'm ordering the Sweet Sweat waist trainer on Amazon right now for when I work out.

2 Month and 1 week Post-Op Pics

Heyyy! I'm 2 months and 1 week post op. Still very swollen in my midsection (back, tummy, sides)...Pins and needles burning/itchy feeling is still in full effect.

Great NJ Post Op Masseuse Info

Shaira is certified and great at what she does!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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