Torn Between Dr. Duran and Dr Yily for Lipo and BBL, FEEDBACK PLEASE! - Dominican Republic, DO

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After stocking this site for quite a while I have...

After stocking this site for quite a while I have minimized my choice of plastic surgeons to Dr. Yily and Dr. Duran. I've contacted both of them and Duran gave me a quote of $3500 and Yily $3300 which is way better than I expected because I was planning to spend about 10k due to the quotes I've received in the US, I'll be saving more than half!! :).. But now I'm undecided on who to go for. I've noticed that Yily gives women that really small waist and nice shape but Duran gives you a BOOTY, I want both, I wish there was some way to combine them. Please I need feedback from you guys on who you suggest. I will post up pictures of myself, they both said I need to gain about 10 pounds so these pics are before I gain weight, I'll post some after too to keep everyone updated. I will have to decide on who to go to by the end of this month so I can buy my ticket and book my appointment for March 2014 (fingers crossed).

What's the damage??

So I have the money for the surgery set aside but obviously there are extra costs? I'm going to calculate it myself but what so you girls suggest is a decent amount of money to save up pre-op, EVERYTHING included even the plane ticket??


I've been thinking about my decision every single day, LITERALLY, debating. It's all I talk about lol.. So this is the conclusion I've come up with thus far, I might be going with Yily, these are my reasons why: when I emailed Yily, whoever it was that emailed me back, I think it was someone from her team, they were the ones that made it a point to gain the 10 pounds because I didn't have enough fat for my bbl, Duran NEVER mentioned that, all she gave me was a price and info on what it covered and pre-op instructions, I was the one that had to ask her is I had to gain 10 pounds in order to get my results then she told me to gain the 10 pounds. Another reason is because Yily emphasized that she does not use PMMA and that is why she needed me to gain weight, did Duran not mention the weight gain because she uses it and it didn't matter how much fat I had??!! Also I've been thinking about the fact that the fat that they graft to your butt usually fades after about a year (correct me if I'm wrong) while if you get a small waist, as long as you maintain it, it's not going to simply fade away, Durans a master at giving you the ass that you want while Yily masters the waist line. Again, these are the thoughts I've woken up with today, people wake up with different feelings EVERYDAY lol. Would love an opinion from my real self bbl sisters on their opinion!!! :)

Fingers crossed that I chose the right Doctor, getting closer to my decision!!

Yily just sent me a confirmation stating that I'm booked for March 4th 2014, as I requested. Still waiting on Duran tho. Nothing's set in stone until I send out my deposit.

Hey girls.. I've made my decision!!!

DURAN IT IS!!! I made a call to her, she picked up and sounded extremely busy "she said she couldn't talk at the moment because she only had 15 min to breathe" I'm guessing she was in between surgeries. She then asked for my name and that if she had already agreed to do surgery and given me a price, I told her yes so she said that I would have to call her office to make an appointment and to call her back if I had any questions. So I'm booked for DR. Duran on March 19th. So this is how I made my decision: Although I like Yilys waistline my intuition is telling me to go with Duran. I found this Spanish website,, and they were saying a lot of negative comments about Yily saying that she did sloppy work that her work was unprofessional and that her postop pics were photoshopped so on and so forth, I'm not sure how legit the website is, but there wasn't much about Duran, most of the comments about Duran were positive. There's also negative comments on here about the infections people have gotten from Yilys surgeries. I'm pretty sure Duran will give me the waist I want as long as i emphasize on it.... So I'm asking for my 2 weeks off work tomorrow, sending my $250 deposit next week and finally starting my journey to my ideal body!! =) I calculated all my expenses and I'm sure that $7000 will be more than enough to cover all my expenses. Don't know what rehab house to stay in yet? I'm still researching. Mood: Excited!!! =D

It's official

My PTO (paid time off) was approved. I'm taking 2 weeks off of work, 12 days to be in the Dominican Republic and 2 days to recover at home when I return. Now time to search for a plane ticket!!

Now to gain my 10-15lb

I have about 4 months, which I'm pretty sure is more than enough time, but what's the healthiest way to gain weight?? And when do you ladies suggest I start, I was thinking of slowly starting my fat rampage the beginning of next month. I appreciate everyone's feedback =)

For all the ladies that are considering Dr. Cabrals

Check this video out:

Ive been M.I.A. but ALOT has happened since then...

Hey girls, sorry I haven't updated you guys much. Soooo its official, literally bought my flight about an hour ago. I leave the 17th of March and returning the 30th, hopefully that'll be enough time for my recovery. I sent my deposit, spoke with Elizabeth to confirm my date and booked my stay at Real Recovery Armonia, it looks like a clean, decent place. I have gained about 8lb since last month (from 126 to 133 as of this morning) not sure if i should continue my weight gain or leave it at that. I even talked my aunt into getting the surgery with me so shes also booked for March, same day but with Yily, I should get commission for this lol. So now im in the process of buying all my supplies. I just purchased about 10 maxi dresses on ebay and the other supplies I'll shop for this weekend. Do you ladies know where I can purchase those stomach foam pads that I've been hearing so much about? It's the pads that are worn under the faja. If you ladies have any suggestions of what I should take with me feel free to comment. Thank you! =)

Hey Ladies

Hope everyone's doing well.. Finally bought supplies for the trip. Here's the list of things I've bought thus far:
-Overnight pads (2 packs of 36)
-Ensure (24 bottles)
-10 Dark colored Maxi dresses
-The stomach pads that go under the faja
-2 pairs of compression socks
-4 packs of baby wipes
-3 packs of antibacterial wipes
-A gallon of antibacterial soap
-About 12 rolls of surgical tape
-2 bottles of rubbing alcohol
-A pack of cotton balls
-A pack of gloves
-2 Pez Urinals (it helps you urinate while standing, it's like a funnel)
-Vitamin B12
-Vitamin C
-Hair, skin and nails
-Melatonin 5mg
-Ferrous Sulfate

And of course proof of my deposit and all the miscellaneous things you take when you go away. Let me know if I'm forgetting anything ladies =)

Almost there

Sooooo close!!! Sooooo excited!!!


Finally my month is here, I'm 17 days away from surgery and I couldn't be more anxious. Don't worry ladies I won't leave you guys hanging, I'll post up plenty of before and after pics =) ... These past couple months have been dedicated to my surgery, from taking vitamins to buying supplies to gaining 10lb. I can't wait til it's all over because it's as if my life revolves around this surgery right about now but it'll definitely be worth it when I'm wearing my belly shirt and breaking necks ???? lol

Dominican Republic in 12 hours

Well ladies it's the moment of truth, it's been a journey and I'm beyond a mixture of excitement and anxiety. My surgery is about 2 days away. I to DR at 2pm, going straight to CIPLA to get my labs and other tests done then probably straight to the beach for some fun in the sun, I'm tired of this cold weather!!!! I've already taken preop pics but I won't post them up until after surgery so you ladies can compare. Now off to bed I go, it's going to be a long day tomorrow. I'll talk to y'all soon ????.

I'm here!!!

So I arrived and came straight to the recovery house, Real Recovery Armonia, I guess she moved to another building so it's nothing like the pictures. At the moment I will be sharing my room with 5 other girls. After I got settled in I went straight to CIPLA to get my blood work, hemoglobins at 13.8!!!!! I have to be at CIPLA tomorrow at 7am for my EKG, one more day to go and I'll officially be a Duran Doll!!!! ????????


She is so down to earth. She's extremely beautiful in person, I'm talking about model status, and her body is mesmerizing!! She makes you feel as if she's known you forever, takes her time even tho she's beyond busy because her office phone as well as her cellphone kept ringing left to right. And that's the part I would like to defend her in because in reality the poor woman has no time to breath, as soon as she walked into her off she had a room full of consultations, as I said before her phone was ringing nonstop while I was in her office, plus she had her surgeries to do for the day so ladies please be patient with my poor doctor, she's only human. All in all so far I'm extremely pleased, I did not go wrong with my choice (personality wise), now to get everything ready for my big day tomorrow. Transformation Day is only a couple hours away!!!

Can't believe it's almost here!!


Beach before the pain ????


I probably won't be taking post op pics til about a week after surgery because it'll just be false results since I'll still be extremely swollen for the first few days so bare with me ladies ????????

Here's some pics, I'll give you girls the details of the whole process later..

My Journey...

So here is what you ladies should expect: I arrived to CIPLA at 6:30am (they tell you to arrive that early, I'm not sure why because the Doctor doesn't get there until around 7:30am). So once I saw her she marked me up and I was off with Elizabeth, her assistant. I had already done all my labs and cardio tests, which I suggest you get done prior to your surgery day, so I went straight into a room with another doctor who asked me a couple questions and checked my blood pressure, lung sounds, ect. I was the first one in and first one out (P.s. make sure you have your passport with you the day of surgery because you'll need it). After that I paid Elizabeth the money for my surgery and second faja (F.Y.I. supposedly Cabral sells the faja $40 cheaper but that was word around, do not quote me on that). Then I was I was put into one of the hospital rooms, before I was even able to sit down they came in with the famous blue pill and my surgery attire. I drank my blue pill put on the things they gave me and 5 min later a guy walked in with a stretcher and told me to hop on. Now idk why everyone says that blue pill does nothing for them but it did magic on me, all I remember was hopping on the stretcher and turning into the hallway, it knocked me right out right away. Anyways, so those rumors you hear about people waking up during surgery is true, I woke up 3 times. The first 2 times I felt nothing but the third time they were working on my right upper back, I say they because I heard a man on my right side but I could hear Dr. Duran on my left, all I felt was like a tugging, burning feeling. I screamed "ouch!" and Dr. Duran told me not to move and I knocked out again. I awoke once I was out of surgery and they had me in I guess a waiting area waiting for a room to open up. Once there was a room they took me upstairs. Now I suggest that you girls take your own blankets and a pillow to CIPLA because all they supply you with is a thin blanket and you're literally shaking after surgery.

The first night was THE WORST. Dr. Duran put an open drain in me so I was draining all over the bed. I couldn't move my legs, they were still asleep from the anesthesia. I was all wet from the drain, I was shaking from the anesthesia and my butt/back hurt like hell. I literally had to be on my back for about 24 hours straight with turning. They're pain medication sucks and I slept for about 2 hours that night because I was so uncomfortable. Once they finally got me up the next morning to put on my faja it was another disaster. Im not sure how to explain the feeling but my stomach/back felt not only painful but extremely sensitive, even the air made my body hurt. After that they did my blood work (they wont discharge you unless your hemoglobin is 8 or greater) and I was discharged by 10am.

Let me just warn you girls from now, the night before the surgery will be the last night you will get a full night sleep. Im already 12 days post op and the most I've been able to sleep without waking up is 5 hours. Its just uncomfortable and of top of that your body's still sore and swollen you have this tight faja on that you have to wear for 23 hours a day.

Now, would I think twice before doing it, now that I know the pain and discomfort? Probably. But was it worth it? HELL YES!!!!! My stomach has never been flatter, waist has never been smaller and butt has never been as big as it is now. Mind you, I'm still swollen and according to the doctor I'm still "fat" compared to how I'm going to look in a couple months so I can't wait to see the final results.

Well I'll leave you ladies with this info, I start work tomorrow so I need to rest FML. I will be posting more pics up as soon as I buy clothes that actually fit me. I forgot to mention, I'm now a size small in shirts and went up from a size 3 to a size 7 in pants!!! All in 2 weeks lol. And Dr. Duran did transfer all my fat because I weighed 136lb prior to surgery and I just weighed myself today and I'm still at 136lb.

Goodnight. =)

Post-op pics

3 years post-op

3 years post-op.. I still wear my faja religiously.. wear it to work and round the house.. only time I take it off is when going out to socialize... never give up rjah faja ladies!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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