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I'm having a BBL, Lipo to my abs, full back, arms...

I'm having a BBL, Lipo to my abs, full back, arms and inner thigh and breast lift. My surgery is scheduled for feb 17th. I'm so excited about becoming a Yily doll. Thanks to njprbeauty for inspiring me to go forward with Yily!! I had smart Lipo in April of 2013 in the states and was not satisfied with the results. I've researched several Dr's on realself before becoming a member. I choose Yily because of her natural look. I will upload before photos soon.

Pre surgery photos

Pics before my surgery with Dra Yily. Surgery date quickly approaching bags all packed!!

Wish pic

Small waist nice booty and perky boobs!! Lol

15 days until I leave for DR

I'm so excited!!! I have 15 day until I leave for the DR. My bag is packed and ready!!

It's that time.

Leaving in 10 hours on my way to the DR. Praying for a safe trip to all the dolls on their way!! Blessings to each of you!!

In the DR

Arriving at the Dominga's was a little crazy but it all worked out. I've meet some Duran dolls, very nice chica's. The ladies at Dominga's house are great. The food was delicious. I will update more after my surgery tomorrow.

Made it Cipla

So I'm at Cipla. Made it here late because the taxi was late. Yily has an office full of ladies

The bbl experience

First to say Yily Is one of the greatest doctors to come on contact with. She was so direct but caring. I ran into a situation were I had to see a dermatologist before I could have surgery. Her assistant help me throughout the process. I was approved for the surgery by the dermatologist. The surgery went well. Ladies please hire a nurse to stay with you after surgery. The nurses at Cipla are not helpful. For my sister and I it was a terrible experience. We couldn't wait to get back to the recovery house. The pain is excruciating the first day and night. Remember to take water pills with to reduce swelling after the surgery. Arnica pill help with the stiffness, pain, bruising, and swelling. I'm tired so that's all for now. I'll post pics and update again later.

recovery house review

we are staying at Dominga's house in Johns's room. The air keeps going out and it hot. We been here a week now and our laundry hasn't been washed. I asked if they would wash our clothes she said $10 for you and $10 for your sister. But when we reserved our stay the cleaning of our garment and laundry was included. Also our massages were included with the stay and after the third massage they asked us to pay for the rest. We give them the email with all that they concluded in the reservation Dominga and her sister is like no that's not it. So I told them I'm not paying anymore money for laundry I'll wash my clothes by hand. So I'm in the bathroom crying and cleaning my clothes by hand. This has been the worst experience ever. I'm so ready to go home.

Four day post pics

One week post op

On my way to Cipla. Hopeful today my drain can be taken out. It has be such a pain, carrying around, it clogging up and having to have it unclogged. Also I'm hoping to get into my second stage faja today. I'll let you ladies know how it goes when I return. :-)

Drains out

So I got my drain taken out yesterday. Yayyyy!! Lol my massage was so much better afterwards. I'm in my second stage garment so the compression is helping with the inflammation and swelling. I feel great today not in much pain or discomfort. I'm leaving the DR Thursday I'm so happy to be going home to my family.

Waist snatched

Took pic of my waist after second faja. Waist is snatched with swelling. Can't wait to see after the swelling is gone

Two weeks post

Feeling a lot better swelling is gone down a lot. Slept with out my garment last night. A lil comfortable but I slept better without the garment, I wear all day it gets irritating. Loving my results will post pics later.

7 weeks post-op

It has been awhile since my last update. However I am healing well body is looking fabulous. Stomach still a lil swollen and some knots in my sides but I'm loving my new booty!! Lol.

7 weeks post-op pics

3 months post op

I'm loving my body here's 3 months post op pics

3 months post op

Before and after Bbl

Love my results

8 months post op.

Loving my body everyday. After 8 months I'm still seeing changes in my shape. Yily gives banging bodies.

One Year Anniversary Team Yily!!

Still loving my body 1 year later!! Can't wait for round 2 in 2016

Round two in July 2017 with Dra Yily

Excited about my round two with Dra Yily in July 2017
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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