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I've been stalking this website for quite some...

I've been stalking this website for quite some time and I've finally decided to go for it...I'm going to be a Yily Doll!! First off, I'm a plus size girl...fabulous but plus size nonetheless, so I have to drop 2 BMI points before my surgery but I have until May so I have time. I'm hoping to schedule for May 12 but haven't locked in my date as of yet because I have to send over my deposit next week. But I already have my time off approved and have a sitter arranged, now I'm just on the count down. Woohoo!!
I know that May is a ways off but if anyone else is planning to go to Yily in May let me know.
I'm also looking for reviews from other BBW/Plus size lipo patients...just wondering about your experience.

Thanks a bunch..

DR Recovery House Referrals

Hi Dolls! I'm only 2.5 months from becoming a Yily doll and I need to find a RH down in the DR. I'm sending in my deposit to Yily tomorrow so that I can schedule my SX date and am trying to decide if I want to take her package that includes the recovery house or go it alone. Any suggestions???

Gotta Get It!

I have 2.5 months to lose 20 lbs. I know that it's possible but my body is screaming WTH!! Oh well, the money has been sent so it must be done. Do you dolls have any tips to help expedite weight loss?

May 12th Sx Date Confirmed!!!

I just received my surgery confirmation from Yily. Woohoo!! I'm almost a Yily a doll! Can you tell that I'm excited?? Any other dolls going down to the DR around my date?

Pay via Wire or In Person??

I read a post where a girl went in for her pre op testing and when she came out all of her money was gone. I'm totally freaked by that. Of course no one claimed responsibility and her money was never recovered so no surgery for her. That would be a total nightmare for me so I'm wondering if I should just wire the money over in advance. Any advice??

Ish is getting real....

Omg, I just purchased my plane ticket...ish is getting real!! I guess it's time for me to start supply shopping. :))

I can't believe that I'm doing this!!

Ok, here are my before pics. This is the MESS that I am getting cleaned up in May. I live a very modest lifestyle, so posting unflattering nudes of myself for the whole world to see is like WOW to me. I hope that I don't regret this. Here goes...

And the results are in....

So, I did some prelim lab tests at my doctor's office and turns out my hemo is a little low; 12.5. I have 3 months to get it to a 12.9 so I'm not too worried. I mean that should be plenty of time, right? What I am worried about though is this 20lbs that I need to lose in the next three months (lol). Well, I don't actually have to lose 20 to qualify but that is my personal goal. Pray for me y'all!

I think I may be obsessed!

Is it strange that I am already planning my second surgery and I haven't even had my first? I'm not being negative, but I know that there's no way that I'm going to get all the ass I want from just one visit; I'll need to go back at least one more time. My first surgery is scheduled for May 12th; would December would be too soon for round 2?

Almost switched Dras but nahhhhh

I was having serious thoughts about swithing to Dra. Duran but after reading her reviews it looks like most of her patients require transfusions. I mean, these dolls are going in there with hemo's over 14 and still coming with transfusions. That's scary because these women are much smaller than I and if they are going in with 14 hemo and needing transfusions then I know that I wouldn't stand a chance. I think I'll go ahead and stick with Yily on this one...no more second guessing myself. :)

Just left my the doc...

As I predicted, my doctor will not be prescribing the meds that I need for my surgery in May. She said that she does not support my decision to go to a foreign country for surgery and will not risk her license as an accomplice to my madness (lol). Ok, can’t get mad at a girl for that because if I was a MD I probably wouldn’t either. But she did say that she will support me through my recovery and even wrote me an rx for phentermine to aid me in the weight loss so she gets a gold star in my book.
Oh, I also talked to her about my hemo levels (12.4). She doesn’t understand why the levels need to be 12.9, as that is much higher than the requirements here in the US, but she did advise me that I could double and even triple the rx that I already have in hopes that it would help. But she warned that each body’s ability to store iron is different and tripling my rx dosage doesn’t mean that I will see an improvement in levels. We decided that we’re going to try it for a month and then retest. I appreciate her support.

Oh, the one thing that I BEGGED for but she rejected was blood thinners for my flight home. My travel time home after the surgery is about 12 hours and I'm really concerned about clotting and my inability to move for extended periods of time while in flight. Do you guys know if there are any OTC or homeopathic remedies for this?

Sending up prayers...

Sending up prayers for RS buddy Paris5478 who is getting Yillified today. You guys keep her in your thoughts and prayers today and go to her page and show her some love.

72 Days to go....

Not much to update as of right now. I have most of my supplies, I just need to order some front opening hospital gowns. It was a tip from one of the ladies on here and it makes a lot of sense. You're not going anywhere so why buy dresses to permanently stain? So I figure that I will order a handful of those and pick up some extra thick maxi pads from the Dollar General and I will be good to go.
Oh, I do have an update on my iron situation. I did as my doctor instructed and doubled up on my iron rx that I had been prescribed and boy oh boy, can you say constipation? I had bought a laxative to take on the trip with me but I had bust that bottle open sooner than expected. That additional iron was no joke!! I'm still taking it now but I'm also taking a daily dose of laxatives to keep things regular. So we will see in another couple of weeks whether doubling up on my iron actually helps boost my 12.5 hemoglobin to something that is acceptable by DR standards.
As far as the weight loss thing…well, that’s been a struggle. As long as I was taking the Garcinia Cambogia by itself I was losing weight no problem, but then I got the bright idea to start skipping meals and replacing them protein shakes (cutting my caloric intake) and can you believe that I started gaining weight? I couldn’t believe it!! I was so disappointed that I almost gave up, but instead I went to see my old trainer who switched out my protein powder from a designer brand. It’s costing me 3x the price of the one that I was using but I’m getting pretty desperate right now and will do whatever it takes to get this weight off.
Well, that’s all for now. I hope all of you Dolls are in good health and those new to the flat side are recovering well. I will hopefully update you with something a little me encouraging next time around. TTYL!

Just checking in...

So, I'm still working on this weight loss thing. I have been exercising like crazy and lost like 3 inches on my waist but unfortunately the scale is going the opposite direction. :(

Just checking in... Cont.

Sorry, for some reason this system cut me off. But like I was saying, I'm working out and eating right and I'm losing inches but the scale is working against me. I know, I know....muscle weighs more blah blah blah but frankly I couldn't give two flying F's about that right now. I want to see my results in a number format on the scale. I can't walk in Yily's office and ask her to count my lost inches. I'm just saying....
But I'm not letting that get me down. My flight is already booked so I'm going to the DR on May 10th. There are still a couple of doctors who don't have BMI requirements and Dr. Lima is one of them. His work is ok, not so much of vixen curves as it is normal sexy, but at this point I'll take that. I know that I will have to go back for round 2 anyway so I will take what I can get in May and go for more extreme curves in December. You feel me?? Probably not, but that's what it is. lol
Thank you dolls for reading my rant and I will update you all very soon. :)

Less than 2 months to go...

This weight! WTF!!!

Disclaimer: I'm ranting!!
I have been working my AZZ! off trying to get the weight off before my sx date and from my first post at the end of Jan. until now; almost two whole months, I have only lost 14 freaking pounds. I have went down a pant size so I'm losing inches and my body is toning but the scale isn't moving. I'm so frustrated that I don't know what to do! I am taking phenermine, garcinia camboia, doing nothing but cardio (Zumba and UJam classes and walking) and watching what I eat and I am still fat as hell. To say I'm frustrated would be an understatement. So my next undertaking is the HCG diet. I have ordered my drops and they should be here any day in the mail. The diet is extreme, in that you're only allowed to consume 500 calories a day, but everyone who has tried it has lost at least 20lbs in a months time and since I only have 47 days left, I think that it's something that I must try. If my body rejects this diet then maybe I don't need PS, I will need the gastric sleeve or something, geesh! What the elders said about losing weight after you're 30 is darn sure the truth. smh
47 days and counting...

HCG Diet

So, I've been working my ass off but the weight isn't moving so I'm going to try the HCG diet. The diet is strict but I hear great things so I'm willing to give it a try. I am on my last loading day but I am no appetite to load...I guess that means that the drops are working. If any of you other dolls have tried it or have any tips that you would like to share, please feel free to drop me a line. I have 42 days to go so any info you can provide will be MUCH appreciated. :)

Only 4 more pounds to meet my BMI requiremement!! Woohoo!

Ok, guys I only have 4 more pounds to lose me meet my BMI requirement and I am so excited! I swear, if it weren't for those HCG drops it wouldn't have happened. I was zumba, u jamnnin and hip hop aerobicsing my ass off and the weight wouldn't budge....well not until I got those drops. So now that I am almost at my initial goal and still have more than 30 days to go I think I will try to lose at least another 10; I'm sure they (Yily or Cabral) will still have plenty of fat left to work with. I'm juiced!
Oh, and yes, I'm considering Cabral now. Yily's work has been a hit or miss lately but Cabral has been hitting it out of the park EVERY SINGLE TIME. You may have some burns afterwards but your body will sucked and tucked for the Gods hunni!! Ahhhh, it feels good to have to have options. Well, until next time...

I have jumped ship...

Guys, I've been feeling a little less than impressed with Yily's latest work so I've jumped ship and am now looking forward to becoming a Cabral Barbie.
Yily is now allowing the sell/transfer of deposits (or so I've heard, so for the people who we're interested in May 12, hit me up.

I'm a Cabral Barbie!!

Hey ladies, sorry for the delay but today makes me 2 weeks post op. I was still 2lbs over the BMI limit when I got to the DR but Cabral still did my sx. I got lipo of arms, full back, tummy tuck and bbl with Dr. Hector Cabral. Can I just tell y'all...this man is the most caring doctor that I have met in a long time. He is genuinely concerned about his patients and is always available for questions. He checked on every time I was in his office, even if I was there just to ask administrative questions. So I'm very glad that I made the switch from Cabral to Yily.

But here's a break down of my trip to the DR....

Day 1: I arrive to the DR at 12:30 when I departed the plane Family Recovery Home was there with a sign to pick me up. We drove to the RH to drop off my bags. I washed up a little and went straight to CIPLA. When I got to Dr. Cabral's office, there was no other patients waiting. I was shocked because you always hear about how packed CIPLA is (I'll tell you why I lucked up later). Well, I walked in to the reception desk and they knew exactly who I was. They gave me some papers to go downstairs and get my testing done and I was able to do that all within 30 mins (again no wait). I went back up stairs to Dr. Cabral's office and waited for him to come off of rounds. I believe he arrived around 2:45, so a little wait there but not much at all. He asked me what I wanted and we negotiated on price. He attempted to quote me $300 more than the written quote but I had my emails. But I added on my arms and he made up the difference by basically charging me $500 instead of $300 but trust me, it was worth the $500. lol. So my total for my sx was $5000. Well, after this I went back to the RH. I tried to sleep through the night but was unsuccessful.

Day 2: I woke up a 5am. I bathed in Hibaclens and went to the clinic. I was his first patient. Now at this point you're dealing with the CIPLA hospital staff. These people speak very little english and are very short on patience. lol. I was shown to a room and about 30 mins. later a some stuff was sat on the mini fridge but I didn't know what it was. I walked out to the hallway to use my wifi and the next thing I know a guy came rushing me back in my room asking me in broken english why I wasnt dressed and if I took the blue pill. LOL. I was like no one gave me a blue pill. Well, the blue pill was taped to the clothing I was supposed to put on. But before I could get undressed Dr. Cabral was behind me. Oooops! He said, "Oh, you're not ready, I'll come back." I hurried and changed clothes and took the pilll and he was right back at my door. We exchanged jokes about my HUGE arms. He kept say, "Very big arms!" It was sort of an insider from the day before when I told him, if he couldn't lipo anything else, to please lipo my arms. So we marked me up and the gurney showed up. They wheeled me down a short green hallway (I was high, I think it was short), and was rolled in the room. By then the pill had kicked in and I was drowsy. The only thing I remember is saying is "Remember GRANDE BOOTY!"
I woke up about 3:30p in recovery and in EXTREME pain. It had to be the worse pain I had ever felt and I wouldn't want to wish it on anyone. I was in a different room than I had left my purse and my personal belongings so I started to panic. I was panicing and in pain and I had no nurse! I had paid my RH to have a nurse there for me when I showed up but she didn't show up until hours later and when she did she had no experience and couldn't speak English. I basically used my neighbors nurse from a different RH to get my meds and all of my needs met. I was so grateful to her that I tipped her heavily. After we got the meds started I was sure to get them topped off every 4 hours so that I wouldn't feel a thing. My roommate (a middle aged European woman) yelled and moaned all night so there was no rest that evening and I couldn't wait to get home to the RH.

Day 3: I was at the RH and they continuosly fed and checked on me. None of them spoke english so it was more pointing and motioning to what I needed. Very few of them were skilled in after surgery care but they were very compassionate.

Day 4: I felt like crap and could barely keep my eyes open. The staff had to put alcohol under my nose to keep me alert. I asked to be taken to CIPLA but was continuosly told that my symptoms were "normal" but the staff at the RH prayed for me.

Day 5: I slept most of the day and was barely alert I demanded to go to CIPLA. I was taken to CIPLA but my issues were dismissed as dehydration and I was sent home without even the slightest check besides my blood pressure. I slept the rest of the day.k

Day 6: I feel a little bit better an am up and about. I took a few pics and sent them over to family and friends to show that I was ok, but I felt absolutely lousy. By that evening I feel absolutely lousy and go back to CIPLA. I refuse to be turned away and they checked my blood and my hemo had dropped to a 6.5 and I had to have a blood transfusion. There was a staff member from the RH there with me the whole time. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her.

Day 7: I'm still at CIPLA because the blood is taking forever to get to the clinic. CIPLA wouldn't let me come home and I waited hours to get the two bags of blood I need for my transfusion. After my tranfusion is received, I went home and rested but IMMEDIATELY felt better. I felt like my old self just that quickly. Oh, this is when I found out what he INSURANCE the doctors have added to their -packages are for. When you go to the hospital for any reasons you have to pay for your stay and any meds they give you, even if it's just for a headache meds. So even tho I paid for my blood transfusion, I still had to pay out of pocket for both of my CIPLA visits. And they're not going to let you leave without paying. But thanks to help from nurse I was able to negotiate my payment.

Day 8: I feel normal. Pain from arm lipo is a B! but everything else is moderate. I walked laps around the RH.

Day 9: I feel good and am ready to go home but I am still leaking fluid but was able to get my drain removed. I had a massage and it was the most painful, disgusting, beautiful thing that I have ever experienced. LMAO.

Day 10: I get another massage that morning but fluid began to pool in my tummy. I go back to Dr. Cabral's office and he has his staff drain the fluid from my tummy and install a temp drain to get me home.

Day 11: It's time to go home. I feel fine, my arms still hurt like a MF but I was good to go. Some moments I could walk straight, others I'm hunched. I get to the airport, got wheel chair services and flew out of the DR. I missed my connecting flight and had to stay overnight and my NY and ended up removing my temp drain due to it leaking (BIG MISTAKE).

Day 12: Wake up at 5a to catch the plane home....no faja because it didn't dry in time for my flight home. Got home felt fine but fluid started pooling in my tummy again. My FUPA is huge and I start to freak out but know that its "normal" so I calmed myself and decided against going to the ER.

Day 13: I took my kids to the movies (yes, I drove) and chilled, no pain. Oh and I can get in and out of my faja on my own! Woohoo! This is a major accomplishment since it took 3 women in the DR and it was such a work out that they had to stop and turn on the fan! lol I put that on everything. It was straight comedy.

Day 14: First day of work. Still a little hunched but I feel good. I went to my doctor on my lunch break and she referred me to a PS to have my tummy drained because she refused to touch me. She hasn't been very supportive of this process. Grrrr! Oh, I drove again today but felt a little pain...will make sure to keep driving to a minimum

Supplies Actually Used/Needed...

6 packs of wife beater undershirts
3 packs of baby wipes
150 maxi pads. The cheapest and thickess ones you can find. If yours are thick enough they will make you buy new ones from CIPLA
2 wash cloths
Small bottle of Hibiclens (stains white towels)
Dial soap or any antibacterial soap
Tape (3 rolls)
Compression socks
Flip Flops
3 Maxi Dresses
2 pair of underwear (I only wore underwear on the plane)
2 MooMoo's (granny's front snap up house coat)
Cocobutter Oil (or whatever you plan to use for scars, ash and stretchmarks)
Make up (It helps you feel better around day 7)
Low sodium snacks

Anything else is just extra stuff that you will end up brining home with you.

My results thus far....

At this point in my recovery I woud have to rate my results as satisfactory. I will definitely be having a round 2, most likely in December of this year. They did a great job on my arms and my back, which were my main two problem areas but I would have liked a lot more booty. Dr. Cabral said he put 2860 cc of fat into my booty and hips but I guess because of the severity of my Noassatall it's hard to tell. It just seems as tho my ass got wide but very little projection; the middle of my booty just seems flat. But that could be due to me being forced to sit on it for 10 days. I'll wait to see if it fluffs before making a final determination.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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