BBL + BA w/Yily on 11/15/16 - Dominican Republic

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Have been stalking RS for a while. I really want...

Have been stalking RS for a while. I really want to go ahead and have BBL done and am thinking of getting modest breast implants while I'm under. I want to give my belly & back fat a new home in my, currently, flat booty. BBL is my priority, the boob job is secondary. I'm concerned about getting both BBL & breast implants same day though & would love to hear from any ladies that have done both procedures simultaneously.

From the BBL's I've seen online, I'm inclined to go to Dominican Republic.
I Reached out to Dr. Yily De Los Santos' office in D.R., got BBL+Breast Implant quote for $5,200 (or $4,050 w/o boobs).

Would like to hear from other ladies that are going or have already gone to Yily or D.R. for BBL/Breast Implant surgeries.

Excited, but nervous...The journey begins:)

BBL - Another wish pic

Does Yily have new office in DR?

I saw on Yily's Facebook that she posted in Sept '16 that her office would be moving soon. Any recent Yily patients have info about a new office for Yily? Have recent patients seen her at CIPLA clinic or a different office?

Pre-op Vitamins/Supplements

I'm a little over one month before Sx & recently started taking the following Vitamins/Supplements, based on Dr. Yily's recommendation on Facebook and from what I've read online & here on RS:
~B-Complex, includes 400mcg of Folic Acid (1x/day);
~Folic Acid 800mcg (2x/day);
~Vitamin C 500mg (2x/day); and
~Iron 65mg (2x/day)

*I'm getting the Mega Food Blood Builder supplement to try ensuring my hemo level is up.
*I'll also add Arnica Montana & Bromelain to help body heal.

1 month till surgery, flight is booked!!!

Heard back from Dr. Yily, my Sx date has been confirmed for 11/15/16 and I just booked my flight, flying from NYC to DR on 11/14/16!!! OMG, this just got Real, LOL!! I'm nervous, but excited & looking forward to taking this major step in hopes of getting my body to where I'd feel comfortable & confident. No doubt, I'm doing this for ME!! It seems there are always things that get in the way of what we it's never the right time or the finances aren't right, but I just have to prioritize ME and my happiness, for once.
We all deserve to be happy with how we look and be brave enough to change that which we're not happy with.
Blessings to all on your journeys, xoxo!

Got Supplements but NEED PAIN MEDS!!

I am not looking forward to post-op pain!!! I don't have kids so I haven't been through the pains of childbirth or anything closely as painful, so I'm worried about managing pain post-op. From reading various RS posts, I know that pain meds given in DR do not help much as they aren't as strong as pain meds given in USA. I would hate to be in a post-op situation where I can't focus on healing because I'm in so much dang pain, which DR meds can't help! My primary care doctor is not someone I could even mention to that I'm going out of country for surgery & she definitely will NOT prescribe me pain meds for surgery in DR:/
**If any of you ladies can offer me advice about obtaining USA pain meds for DR surgery or if you experienced this issue PLEASE DM ME ASAP**

Meanwhile, In hopes of helping my body prep & heal during recovery process, I'll be taking the following supplements:
~ VitaMedica's Recovery Support Program
includes Clinical Support 3pills/Day & 3pills/Night...these are various vitamins&minerals intended support the body's natural healing process...I'll start taking these exactly 1week before surgery and for 3weeks post-op;
~ Bromelain w/Quercetin 2pills/3xDay...these are intended to deal w/inflammation...will start taking 3days pre-op & continue 7days post-op;
~ VitaMedica's Arnica Montana 30X tablets, 3tablets/3xDay for 2weeks...intended to reduce bruising/swelling/pain.
Cost: $104.40

1 Week till Surgery, anxious, gathering supplies

OMG, 1week from today, I'll be in DR about to get surgery.
This journey is a huge, major, enormous step for me. I've never done anything nearly this transformative or invasive in my life. The anxiety of going to a foreign country for surgery.. by myself ..with the understanding that anything and everything CAN go wrong, no matter how much I try to prepare, is frightening. I'm trying to keep calm & positive, hoping for the best. What gives me strength to go forward with this is my deep, years-long, discontent with my body as it is and the great desire to finally have a body that I could feel confident in. I have faith that Yily will deliver & all will ultimately work out. I know other ladies going through this journey can relate to my anxiety. Wishing the very best to every single one of you ladies whom has gone or is preparing to go through surgery. Lets stay strong!

Meanwhile, I've been buying some supplies based on what I've read on RS & online..I still have quite a bit of supplies I need to BBL pillow should arrive in couple days. I'm trying to take as many things as I believe I will need in DR, but I'm also trying to avoid having to bring heavy luggage on flight back home since I'm traveling solo and can't do heavy lifting post-op. The supplies spending really adds up, so I welcome ideas on how other dolls have gotten their supplies on a budget;)

Sx confirmation call from Yily's office

I received call from Yily's office today confirming my upcoming arrival in DR, my pre-op & Sx dates, my stay at Luxury RH (this RH was assigned by Yily's office)...& she also provided me name & tel# of driver that is supposed to pick me up at airport. Lord, I'm praying all goes smoothly!

Had bbl+BA yesterday

Don't have energy for full update yet but just leTting u all know I'm alive and well. FYI This recovery is now joke, omg ladies be well until next time, xoxo

Hospital bed is a must have for my recovery

Ladies, I strongly recommend you have a hospital bed available to recover from BBL with Breast implants. The combination of these procedures results in very limited ability to move properly or position yourself to get comfortable. I've experienced a lot of back pain from LIPo (I also fell twice after Sx at CIPLA more on that on later post) plus I am unable to move my arms much from breast implants.This has made Recovery difficult because I've been unable to position myself to sleep. Sitting down and getting up has been difficult also because of the pain I mentioned plus my drain in the lower abdomen hurts when it shifts with movement.
Sleeping without a hospital bed, as I had to do at my first recovery house luxury, was nearly impossible. I could not get the needed support for my back from pillows that would shift and caused my body to shift and be crooked. Post op I only stayed at luxury for two nights because I really really needed to sleep on a hospital bed. I have just changed to a recovery house with hospital beds and I am feeling better already. I am now staying at Maria's recovery home . The bed was not something that I had anticipated would be an issue for my recovery but it definitely is. Perhaps if I had not also done breast implants and could move my arms to position myself I would have been able to sleep on the regular beds, but The regular beds did not work for me at all. I strongly recommend that you ladies take into consideration The type of bed you will need for recovery based on the procedures you have done.
My decision to change recovery houses from luxury to Maria's was solely based on my need for a hospital bed. The ladies at luxury were very helpful and attentive and did everything they could to help but without a hospital bed I had no back support to sleep causing my body to hurt more and slow down my recovery process since I would wake up feeling like a rock and needed a lot of help for every movement I made and I've been in so much pain that I cannot even straighten out my body. Honestly, I have not even been able to assess the results from the work I had done because my pain and limited motion have taken over every moment of my recovery so far. I hope that now I'll begin to sleep on a hospital bed this will give my body the support it needs so that I may sleep and move forward with my recovery. So there you have it ladies, please consider the type of bed you will need for your own recovery when selecting a recovery home. Best wishes to all if any questions just let me know. This is not easy but I'm finally seeing the light to a smoother recovery experience.

Prepare against constipation

Hey ladies, just want to note the importance of preparing against constipation. Today, I am four days post op and had my first bowel movement since the surgery. I had purchased Colace in advance but did not start taking it until today, big mistake. I also forgot to bring my fiber cereal which helps me have easier bowel movements. The medications taken after surgery also cause constipation. So, today I was extremely constipated and had a very difficult time with my bowel movement. I felt better after it was over, but strongly recommend to all you ladies, please prepare against constipation in advance to avoid such straining. Your tender postop body will thank you for preparing.

Day before surgery

I arrived in Santo Domingo one day before my surgery. The driver arranged by Yily's Office, was supposed to be waiting for me at the airport upon my arrival at 10 AM. However, the driver was not there and I had to wait about One and a half hours. Where I was with my luggage watching people come and go, a little frustrated that I had to wait when this should have been taken care of. This was a stressful start because my cell phone did not have service in DR and I had to borrow a phone as well as buy some Dominican coins to use a public phone to call Yily's office and luxury recovery house to find out when the driver was going to pick me up. Turns out, they claimed they had some sort of mixup and did not have my pick up scheduled. Finally, the drivers son arrived at the airport, drove me to rh to drop off my luggage and then drove me to CIPLA for my preop testing. The driver generally takes you straight to clinic but he had to go pick something up so we drop off luggage first. The driver son was nice so after getting a little upset waiting at the airport, I calmed down and try to make the best of this. When I arrived at Yilys office, I was greeted by the receptionist Luz. She quickly apologized for the mixup with driver and gave me paperwork to fill out. (CIPLA clinic looked better than I expected, the lobby was not bad, looking.. Several dolls walking around snatched or about to be snatched...Yilys Office was small but not bad and is located right across the hall from Dr. Cabral. Yily will soon be moving to a new office. I'm not sure what date that move will be finalized but future patients will soon see her at the new office.) Luz told me I'd have to go for bloodwork, chest x-ray, and cardiologist. I had the blood drawn and x-ray taken then went back upstairs to Yily's office. The cardiologist was not able to see me then so I was told I'd see her the next morning before surgery.
The driver had another patient he had to transport so instead of taking me straight to RH we went around to some stores...there are stores that look just as nice as in the states. This was a nice distraction getting to see the town and I also picked up a couple things. The other patient was the sweetest, loved connecting with her and she gave me a lot of support through the rough initial days ( more about this in a later post ) Once I got back to luxury, I unpacked a few things to settle In. I was in a triple room but the two other roommates were out having surgery that day. The staff at luxury was very welcoming and attentive.... Luxury home is in a gated area, has AC, wi-Fi, a dining room, kitchen, Office, bedroom downstairs and bedrooms on the second and third floor. I chatted with another girl staying there who was four days post BBL with yily. Her results looked good and she seemed well on her way in recovery after just four days. I washed up and prepared my overnight bag that night to prepare for surgery next day, said my prayers then went to sleep.

Going into surgery

The day of my surgery arrived. The caretakers at luxury woke me up early in the morning to help me get ready to leave for Sx. The driver drove me to the clinic, we went up to Yily's Office and I met with the cardiologist Elizabeth. She examines me, we chatted a bit, she was nice and happened to have had BBL and BA with Yily About five months ago. Her results looked good, she had a nice shape, and her boobs were not too big which is what I was looking for. Elizabeth is the concerns that I had about surgery and even let me feel her boob job, LOL. I did notice that she was avoiding squatting down to pick up anything from the floor and I over heard her mention some pain she had felt while talking to another office worker so I know the process will take time. Even though I had not met with Yily by this point, I was ready to go forward with surgery.
Luz Took me to a prep room and before I could change into my gown, the one and only Yily walked in. She was all smiles gave me a hug. I told her this was like seeing a star being how I had followed her work for quite a while now it's finally my turn . The exchange was cordial, but brief and I felt almost a bit rushed. (I would have much rathered a thorough sit down consultation with my surgeon before my surgery date to address all of my concerns and get all of my questions answered, but this isn't really how it went. Perhaps future yily dolls who want this personalattention might consider paying for/ arranging a consult prior to the surgery date.) Anyways, she told me to undress and She asked me what I wanted to get done while taking pictures of me with her cellphone, front back & sides...I told her I want BBL to remove all of my midsection fat and plum up my flat butt, fill in my depressed hips and get moderate boobs. As I was telling you her what I want she was marking me up,I told yily I wanted natural looking results...but to really fill out my nonexistent butt and hips because I didn't have anything there, and give me a little bit bigger but natural looking boobs. She told me she'd give me high projection breast implants in a size 300cc which would give me a full C cup. She also told me she would do the incisions under my breast at the crease because I have not had children and she did not want to go through the Areola to avoid possibility of affecting breastfeeding glands. I told her that I did not want high projection implants because I believe those high looking boobs do not look as natural as I want,so I asked her to give me low projection and she said OK. The entire exchange lasted about four minutes and I didn't get a chance to show her "wish pics" nor did she ask me for any… I later found out from other dolls that she did ask them for pics. Anyway, Luz told me I'd have to go to a different room to change into my down and prepare for surgery. We went to the new room where I put on the surgery gown, A surgery cap on my head, compression socks purchased there, and I took the blue pill. I asked Luz about leaving my bag in a safe space.. She had me count my money and make note of the amount and she told me my bag would be placed in a closet in her office. I was placed on a gurney? And rolled into the OR.

RealSelf limiting length of my posts?

I know that I'm writing a lot, looks like realself believes so too, lol, so my posts length is limited. I'll break up info into multiple posts.

Woke up during Sx & Fell down 2x after, don't remember either

At entrance of OR, I saw Dr. Cabral, he's not my surgeon but it is his clinic and like all surgeons at the clinic, he operates his patients there, so I was not at all surprised to see him there. I actually saw him around several places around the building so really not shocking. All of the surgeons at the clinic use the OR. He tried to ease my nerves as I went into OR area by pinching my cheek, lol. Once inside my OR, I met the anesthesiologist as he was preparing the anesthesia. I was chatting him up and told him that I really just do not want to wake up during surgery..I told him I wanted to be no part of the surgery itself, as I preferred to leave that to The experts. He joked back asking why I wanted to miss out on the best part. I told him Dr. please just send me away for quick vacation as this surgery gets done and reiterated that I really did not want to wake up. LOL, reading other stories on here made me very clear that I do not want to wake up during surgery. While I was chatting with anesthesiologist, yily walked into the OR caressed my arm and I felt good to see her there. I was her second and I believe final patient of the day. ( what wasn't so great was that she was on her cellphone while she came up to me) I didn't think too much of this because the anesthesiologist was doing his job and it would be a while before her work began, after getting washed up in the OR. After this my next memory is waking up in a recovery room at the clinic with my hired nurse sitting on a couch by my bed. However, I soon learned that much happened with me in between that time.
Turns out I did wake up during surgery, I kept saying that I wanted to be put to sleep and right after surgery while in the recovery room, I fell down twice while trying to get out of the bed and apparently into the bathroom. To be clear, I have no memory of these crazy incidents. I don't remember saying anything nor feeling anything before I came to in my recovery Room. I found out about this craziness the next morning as I was in my recovery room waiting to be checked out to go to RH. So, Luz came in the room and said sorry for the bad moments yesterday. I had no idea what she was talking about, so I asked her what do you mean what are you talking about. She told me that I had fallen twice!!! So now I'm like what the F, but I really had no memory of this, I was just glad to be alive although in hella pain. Later on,Yily came to check in on me, she told me I was talking during surgery and I was saying I wanted to be put to sleep that was talking a lot. Again, I have no memory of this. She then also asked me what did I think about ny New shape I told her I'm just into much pain to really check it out she said I seemed down so she took my covers off, took a picture of my shape on her cell phone to show me so that I would cheer her up. I did peep improvement in my shape as I laid on the bed and saw hips! Once I was cleared to be discharged, the driver took me to luxury where I went straight to bed.

couple days later, another doctor corroborated this bizarre incident and told me that he was the one who picked me up when I fell off my bed in the recovery room after surgery he said I was trying to get up to go to the bathroom. I asked him who else was in the room, he said there was no one there. I was upset about this because I specifically told Luz that I needed my hired nurse to be there for me immediately when I got out of surgery. Evidently this was not taken care of properly. They can definitely do a much better job with this. I cannot point to anything specific to say how falling twice has affected my body, But this should have never happened, ever.

Will have follow up today, need to discuss problems with Dr.

So, I am not feeling very well. My body is stiff like a board, and my movements are extremely limited . My breast implants look deformed. I have several issues to discuss with the doctor before I post pictures and discuss results. Pray for me ladies because my breast implants look deformed and not what I asked for.Will have follow up today, need to discuss problems with Dr.

Boob job looks distorted :(

I had a follow up visit with Yily today. I showed her my breasts which look deformed. My implants are way too high up, the center of my breast was flattened by an extremely tight bandage that was placed at the center of breasts immediately after surgery.. That bandage at the center of breast was placed so tight that I had difficulty breathing the first couple days I complained about it after surgery before being discharged,but was told that I just had to leave it as is,… I believe this bandage should have had been wrapped with more pressure towards the top of the breast to bring the implants down and not as much pressure at the center of breasts since that caused flattening at center.... my nipple is down very low with little breast volume at the lower part of my breast. What I asked her for was natural looking breasts, that were just a little bit bigger than mine from b cup to full c cup and that do not project out high up but rather drop down like a teardrop shape with the greatest volume at the lower portion of the breast. She told me she would give me 300cc, but when I asked to see that size implants I found it too big and instead, based on A card at her office gave me put 280cc in me. I do not have a problem with the size of the breast. My problem is with how Highup they are and the distorted shape. I have seen photos of other breast job she performed and they didn't look deformed like these, the job I received looks exactly how I did not want my breast to look. Right Before surgery during the consult,I told Yily that I wanted low projection implants. I asked her today what projection she gave me and she told me high projection, WTF? That is exactly what I did not want. She responded that I would still achieve the look I wanted by wearing A compression bandage high up on the breast to bring down and get the implants to drop. The reason I requested low Projection in the first place, is based on my research low projection implants drop down more similarly to natural breast tissue whereas high projection inplants remain poking up even while lying on your back and I do not like that look. As of now,I definitely do not have the breasts that I wanted. I am very unhappy with how my boob job looks, but I will follow the doctors instructions, wearing this compression bandage as she indicated and hope that my breast take the form that I requested. Not to mention, this compression bandage I have to wear has burned my skin around my armpits because of how tight and rough material it is. I have been applying arnica cream's and using thin pads around my armpits to protect the skin but it hurts like hell and wearing the bandage above my T-shirt with sleeves for more protection. I'll Bear that pain in hopes of getting these implants to drop to a position at least somewhat closer to what I asked for. Going into this journey, the last thing I would've imagined is that the breast implants portion of the job would look so messed up. I have cried over this because of how unhappy I am with the boobs but I am trying to remain strong and hopeful that it will resolve soon. One upside to this is that she made the incision at the crease of the boobs instead of the Ariola… I think this will hide better the scarring although I have not seen my stitches because they're covered with tape.
Before surgery, I had several concerns but I thought that getting the breast implants portion would be the least of my concerns. However seeing The shape of my distorted looking boob job has drained me emotionally and created an unnecessary obstacle that I now have to overcome. I am aware that implants drop with time and I am hopeful that A little time and the compression bandage will Correct the shape of this distorted looking boob job. If any of you ladies have experienced similar breast implant issues, I welcome your advice. Be well all!
ps. I will post about the BBL portion of my surgery separately

Had my first massage today, very helpful

Since surgery six days ago, my body has felt like a stiff hard board that I have been practically unable to move. Having had breast implants and BBL at same time left me with quite a bit of movement restrictions and pain. I believe the two times I fell at clinic after surgery also added to the stress and pain my body has been experiencing although the doctor &clinic tend to brush that off as if it had no effect on me. It also did not help that I was unable to properly position myself to sleep since my arm movement is restricted and my back feels like one hard heavy immobile painful board, I couldn't rest on a regular bed with pillows at my first recovery home since my body would be crooked and that increased my pain, stiffness, and movement restrictions. Moving to a recovery home with a hospital bed has definitely helped me with that and today I finally had my first massage which has left my body feeling better with more movement, less stiffness, less swelling, less pain and more hopeful. The Issues I have been facing pretty much took over the initial days of my recovery… I have been more focused on trying to gain movement and such that I had not really been focused on how the surgery results look. I've been more focused on how I feel physically. Now i'm finally able to look a little beyond the physical sensations in my body and scope out how the shape of my body actually looks and what needs to be addressed.
My massage today was performed by Yvette here in my room at Maria's recovery and she was great. She placed a heating pad first on my abdomen and then on my back. She used a machine which she passed over both abdomen and back and she also used her hands to work out all of the lipo'd area. She massaged the bio oil I brought from home Combined with my Arnica gel and the thrombocid Cream prescribed here, so you ladies may want to have these kinds of massage products in hand in case your masseuse also uses your own products on you.This massage is probably the best moment of my experience so far and she only charged $20 for 40 minutes… I gave her a well earned tip, although small tip because the money really has trickled. Several girls say the first massage is excruciating but that's not what I experienced. I did however take an Oxy pill before hand as One of the other patients was kind enough to give me couple pills after seeing I have been in so much pain. You can definitely feel some spots hurt more than others during massage, for me that was around the ribs and lower back probably because that's where the most aggressive lipo was done? ,but I tolerated it in hopes of her working out several problem areas so that they will not become permanently hard spots on my body. I was laying on my back in bed while she worked my abdomen and then she had me sit straddling a chair while she worked my back since I cannot be facedown due to implants. I could see how much more fluid I began to drain throughout and after the massage. She told me that I need to drink more water, at least eight bottles so that my fluid can turn from its current reddish color to a clearer color so that the doctor can give me the OK to remove my drain. I could also feel The tube of the drain inside my midsection as the massage was being performed. I definitely have lumps and on evenness in the lipo'd areas which I can now focus on since I'm finally starting to gain movement and lower stiffness and pain. My midsection is swollen and I'm up to the 3rd/last clip on my faja! which Yily's office told today to get one and a half inches taken in from the waist up the fajq. Yvette told me not to use my boards in the Faja yet until the doctor says so which should be after about two or three massages. I can't wait to start using those boards to try to flatten out the rough areas to see if all this trouble will be worth it eventually.
I will continue to get massages with her daily & get as many as possible before I go back home to improve results and save some money since massages in New York will be much more expensive. I also kind of wish I would have brought some thermal patches to use on the back of my neck to help with stiffness and pain since my neck has been working overtime dealing with what's going on With the rest of my body, this would have been a nice little bonus to have with me so it wouldn't hurt to bring this with you.

The swell is real

I'm trying to be patient with recovery but I really can't wait until the swelling is gone from my body. Taking Arnica and Bromelain but the swelling is laughing at my supplements.

Correction: felt pain during massage without US pain meds

So ladies, I previously posted that I really didn't feel much pain during my first massage however, I must note that I had taken an oxycodone pill before that massage. Today, I only took Tylenol 650 mg before my massage and I felt quite a bit of pain while she was working my lower abdomen where there is fluid accumulated and where the drain is located. I felt quite a bit of pain while she was working my lower abdomen where the drain is located. I highly recommend you bring prescription strength painkillers because the DR pain meds are not very strong. I wasn't able to get painkillers from home but was able to get a couple pills here from another patient. Bring what you can for pain. I am going to ask My surgeon if she can give me Stronger pills.

Follow up today, Drain removed. Massage, boobs, swelleling

Hey ladies, so I had another follow up today..met with dr. Ana Cedano at Yily's office. (I did see Yily as I waited in the lobby... She was looking fabulous as usual and gave everyone there kisses hello. Before heading out for surgery) Anyway, I went into my appt feeling like crap, my back is extremely stiff unable to really move my back which has been frustrating…, in pain and I could barely move my body. I felt very discouraged about my recovery seeming very slow and complex in comparison to other ladies whom I've encountered. I was thinking that my having fallen twice After surgery screwed up my back and have been very down about this, thinking my back will never be the same. I went into my follow up with my mental list of things that I've been having problems with, yet my follow up visit turned out well today. Dr. Anna first removed my faja to examine me, she later Took a razor blade and began cutting The stitch holding my drain to my skin at the lower part of my abdomen... This did not hurt, but I soon as I see something that looks like it might hurt my antennas go up! I kind of freaked out at this point, because if there's going to be a great deal of pain I want to know in advance, LOL. So I asked her are you about to remove my drAin, and she said yes. She told me to just breathe deeply as she pulled out the drain. I asked her how long is this drain inside of me, and she said about the length of her arm. She was gentle.. I could feel a little pulling inside my abdomen area but really this is totally totally nothing to worry about… and as soon as she got that drain out of my body I felt noticeably better. For comparison, some pressure points during massages hurt more than the drain removal. I felt I had more movement to my back and body as soon as that drain was out of me. I actually cried right at that moment, out of happiness… Because feeling that I can move my back, I know things will be getting better. I will not miss that drain!

I asked Dr. Anna if there's anything that I can do like special massages to help speed up the healing process so that I can get my back moving normally and just overall recovery. She reiterated that everyone's body reacts & heals differently, and that I have to give it time. She recommended ultrasonic/radio frequency massages to help the healing process and she recommended that I go to the Medi spa at CIPLA, so as I was feeling quite better after drain removal, I walked right across and got an ultrasound massage with paraffin, $31.
My boobs are still high, and I am still wearing the compression band to help them drop. I think they have dropped a tiny bit so far, but definately have more to improve. I did receive some good boob news today... Turns out I do not have stitches at the lower crease of my least not visible…Dr. Anna removed the tape and told me that the stitches are internal.. Happy about this because I don't have to worry about boob scarring.
Although I am feeling much better today, I still have stiffness especially to my back so I have to rest and keep getting my massages. I still need help getting in and out of bed but I hope that this will improve during the next several days before I head home. My final follow-up will be Tuesday, one day before my flight home. I am extremely swollen and my hands and arms and even my legs. My hand/arm swelling dr. Anna said is due to the breast compression band being so tight that my arms cannot move well and circulation is Cut off... I have not encountered other patients with my extreme swelling. Some other people I have spoken with say it could be because the IV had been missed placed in my arms and caused fluid retention. Dr. Anna recommends I get massages to my hands and arms and try to move them, Albeit limited, for circulation. I will also follow the recommendation from the Medispa and drink natural diuretic beverages like cucumber celery green apple etc. I already asked The caretaker at my recovery home and she made me my first juice. I wish I had brought some water pills to help with the swelling,so that might be something to consider including in your supplies. Once I tackle the motion restriction with my back and my Extreme swelling, I think I'll be well on my way to heading home able to take care of myself. Meanwhile, best wishes to all undertaking your own journey, XO XO!

Shape before & after BBL; Faja shaping butt??

Hi dolls, I am about 18 days post op and quite swollen, stiff and sore but I figured I'd go ahead and post my before and after pics to show how my shape has changed after BBL for those considering surgery.

Likes: I do like that Yily gave me a much better shape, a bit of an hour-glass more box shaped, I finally have hips!!

Dislikes: I hope once the swelling goes down, my waist shrinks more, right now I have a little belly pouch, unevenness, and hardness, but apparently this is expected after lipo and should resolve in time. I have a lot of fluid which I can feel because it feels extra hot especially in my back. I also would have liked an upside down heart-shaped butt with more fullness at the lower portion of butt and hips, instead my butt is more Apple shaped with more fullness at upper hips. **Ive noticed that the shape of the butt portion of faja Yily gave me after Sx, a Maria E faja, has the apple shaped pattern for the butt and I think this might be molding the shape of my butt. I'm looking for a new faja that would have a more heart shaped butt pattern.
Also, I would have liked more booty projection, not a shelf, but just more projection. I did tell Yily I wanted natural looking results, so maybe that's why she only went a little bigger.

On 11/15/16 I got breast implants, but I'm afraid...

On 11/15/16 I got breast implants, but I'm afraid my boob job was botched and am sharing my story in hopes of finding other BA patients who have/had the same post-op boob shape that I have now. I'd love to hear experiences with similar results and to know what was the ultimate outcome for other patients with similar results. Did your boob job start off looking like mine? Did your implants finally resolve or did you have any improvement in shape/dropping?

Here's my boob job experience:

I received 300cc? Silicone round under muscle.

I was a B cup and wanted to be a full C...I also told my surgeon I wanted low projection implants because, based on what I had read and seen online before my surgery, I wanted to ensure my boob job resulted in a natural/teardrop shape with most of the volume at center/lower portion of breast and that kinda flattened like natural breast tissue while I'm lying on my back, instead of that fake/hard-oranges-sitting-on-my-chest kind of look. My implants turned out way too high with too much projection on top portion of breasts (I hate this fake look, its the complete opposite of what I asked my surgeon for)..the center of breasts is flattened (not sure whether this was caused by an extremely tight bandage that was placed at clinic immediately post op..bandage was so tight around center of breasts I had difficulty breathing)...and then my nipple is very low pointing down with very little volume at lower portion of breasts..I can feel my soft natural breast tissue at lower portion, while everything above that feels like the hard implant. 

Shortly post-op, I complained to my surgeon that my breasts look deformed. She gave me an extra tight compression band to wear across the top portion of my breasts to put pressure to try forcing implants to drop, but this has not had any success. I'm one month post op now and, although I understand the recovery takes months, I'm terrified this will not resolve with time and I dread the idea of needing revision surgery. I've seen many BA patients' results and none of them ended up with deformed looking boobs like mine so it's even more difficult to belive that this will resolve in time since most/all patients I've seen do not end with results like mine.

I'm feeling quite disappointed/embarrassed with my post op boob shape and am terrified that this will not resolve with time. Please let me know if you're a BA patient who experienced a similar post-op shape.

Boards & tanks under faja

Hey ladies - Not all boards are created the same and I learned this the hard way. Before surgery, I purchased an M&D butterfly ab board (contains a very hard, metal? Inside) which I used up until a couple weeks ago. My massage lady pointed out that this board was digging into my skin below my breasts...I had been feeling the pain and discomfort as well as seen the lines this board created but I hadn't realized there were different types of boards out there. Thankfully, she put me on to the type of board that is more flexible, provides more/better coverage of abdomen, doesn't cut into my skin and I Love my new ab board. They sell these boards at my massage place, didn't come in a package so no trace of what brand but they're made of simple foam and work well (pics of both boards posted). Had to share this because I felt so relieved after switching boards in case any of you ladies is experiencing the same issue with ab board.
Also, I have found the lumbar molder to be a must have. It really provides great shape to lower back post-op.
Lastly, I was originally wearing tank tops under my faja that were too long or wide which required me to fold them resulting in lines on my skin after taking off my faja. I've recently fixed this issue by using much smaller (kids sized) cotton tank tops and this is working great for me since no lines to barely any lines are created this way.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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