BBL + BA?? at same time w/Dr. Yily De Los Santos?? - Dominican Republic

Have been stalking RS for a while. I really want...

Have been stalking RS for a while. I really want to go ahead and have BBL done and am thinking of getting modest breast implants while I'm under. I want to give my belly & back fat a new home in my, currently, flat booty. BBL is my priority, the boob job is secondary. I'm concerned about getting both BBL & breast implants same day though & would love to hear from any ladies that have done both procedures simultaneously.

From the BBL's I've seen online, I'm inclined to go to Dominican Republic.
I Reached out to Dr. Yily De Los Santos' office in D.R., got BBL+Breast Implant quote for $5,200 (or $4,050 w/o boobs).

Would like to hear from other ladies that are going or have already gone to Yily or D.R. for BBL/Breast Implant surgeries.

Excited, but nervous...The journey begins:)

BBL - Another wish pic

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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