BBL + BA w/Dr. Yily - Dominican Republic

Have been stalking RS for a while. I really want...

Have been stalking RS for a while. I really want to go ahead and have BBL done and am thinking of getting modest breast implants while I'm under. I want to give my belly & back fat a new home in my, currently, flat booty. BBL is my priority, the boob job is secondary. I'm concerned about getting both BBL & breast implants same day though & would love to hear from any ladies that have done both procedures simultaneously.

From the BBL's I've seen online, I'm inclined to go to Dominican Republic.
I Reached out to Dr. Yily De Los Santos' office in D.R., got BBL+Breast Implant quote for $5,200 (or $4,050 w/o boobs).

Would like to hear from other ladies that are going or have already gone to Yily or D.R. for BBL/Breast Implant surgeries.

Excited, but nervous...The journey begins:)

BBL - Another wish pic

Does Yily have new office in DR?

I saw on Yily's Facebook that she posted in Sept '16 that her office would be moving soon. Any recent Yily patients have info about a new office for Yily? Have recent patients seen her at CIPLA clinic or a different office?

Pre-op Vitamins/Supplements

I'm a little over one month before Sx & recently started taking the following Vitamins/Supplements, based on Dr. Yily's recommendation on Facebook and from what I've read online & here on RS:
~B-Complex, includes 400mcg of Folic Acid (1x/day);
~Folic Acid 800mcg (2x/day);
~Vitamin C 500mg (2x/day); and
~Iron 65mg (2x/day)

*I'm getting the Mega Food Blood Builder supplement to try ensuring my hemo level is up.
*I'll also add Arnica Montana & Bromelain to help body heal.

1 month till surgery, flight is booked!!!

Heard back from Dr. Yily, my Sx date has been confirmed for 11/15/16 and I just booked my flight, flying from NYC to DR on 11/14/16!!! OMG, this just got Real, LOL!! I'm nervous, but excited & looking forward to taking this major step in hopes of getting my body to where I'd feel comfortable & confident. No doubt, I'm doing this for ME!! It seems there are always things that get in the way of what we it's never the right time or the finances aren't right, but I just have to prioritize ME and my happiness, for once.
We all deserve to be happy with how we look and be brave enough to change that which we're not happy with.
Blessings to all on your journeys, xoxo!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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