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Ever since i was in high school, I was always...

Ever since i was in high school, I was always jealous of other girls who were naturally endowed in the buttock area. Being African, I always felt as if it was my right to have a large ass. But wasn't the case. Now I know that there are many women out who have the same complex I have. Don't get me wrong, I love my body. I love me. I don't really have the need to change my body. But I do want to enhance what I already have. I'm doing this for me and now that I am in the financial potion to do so.... Why not? I haven't set a date yet just because I have started new job and haven't accumulated enough off for the time needed to heal after the procedure. I'm project though for April of 2014. I'm going for a natural look so I don't just want the butt, I want the hips as well. My choice of surgeon is Dr. De Los Santos. After doing much research, I am please with the work that she has done so far on many of women. I pray all goes well for me and I love the results. If there is anyone out there who has any advice, please share. I'm open.

Room for improvement

I'm 5'7" and 188lbs.

Change is coming

Ideal butt

What I would like my butt to look like.

I honestly don't know how many cc it's going to take to get my butt to look like this. Currently I'm working out and losing weight. I'm afraid by the time I have the procedure, I may not have enough fat tissue to transplant for the BBL. Anyone have any suggestions?
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