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Well I guess I'll start by saying I've always been...

Well I guess I'll start by saying I've always been a petite girl with a big butt. Now that I've had my precious 3 babies my butt has turned into a gut lol. I got my tubes tied with my last C section and I'm ready to have my body back, but not just thin and fit, I want curves! After my 2nd baby I gained 40 pounds after I had my son smh. I successfully dropped all the weight with diet and exercise and got down to 125 but I was left looking like a 12 year old boy. No butt, no boob, no nothing :( . So after my last baby was born September 2014 I was more careful about what I ate and only kept 10 lbs of baby weight and a worse case of diastasis recti (separated ab muscle) than I had with my 2nd baby, which brought me here to the realself community. I reached, read countless reviews and now I'm ready to start my own. So wish me luck and God bless us all on our journey to be the best us we can be.

how I got diastasis recti

My 2nd baby and 35 lbs weight gain

loss the weight and kept it off for 2years

I lost the weight kept it off for 2 years and had a little too much fun because I got pregnant again with my last baby #3.

started from the bottom now im here

My third pregnancy was rough. I had a very active baby that flipped and rolled up until the morning of my C section. So I was left with an awful kangaroo pouch and an extended stomach.

My two wish pics

These are the 2 pics I want to show My doctor. I'd love a tiny waist and a upside-down heart shaped booty

Happy Mother's Day Dolls

My worries about surgery

I'm not nervous about the surgery at all because I'm confident in Dra Almonte work, however the thought of the recovery worries me a bit because I'm going right back to my mommy routine with two little ones and very little help.
I also worry about not having enough fat for the look I really want. I often go back and forth about if I want big hips or not because I don't want uneven hips or to look exaggerated because I'm petite. Lastly and most of all I worry about what kind of belly button I'll end up with. I pray all goes well and whatever happeneds I'll love myself nevertheless.

Final body goals and bb

It looks like a lot of dolls come out with a round bb but I like the almond shape best. I am totally I love with the pear shape body and upside-down heart shaped booty ????

Time is ticking away

As my date gets closer the anxiety builds up. I'm excited, but the thought of leaving my babies 1,3 and 15 scares me :(

7 days until my sx

I can't believe my time is almost here! I'm super excited and my mother in law is due to arrive on Monday to help out with the kids, so I have no worries. I have all my supplies and loose ends tied up. The last thing I have to do before I go is grocery shopping or my husband will be feeding the kids pizza and cookies the whole time I'm gone lol. This trip has been 2yrs of planning and I'm more than ready.

It's the final countdown

OMGEEEE! I can't believe my time has come. One more day and I'll be an Almonte doll! I plan to give a honest and detailed review in hopes that it may help out anyone who follows this review or stumbles upon it in the future.

Ready for take off

I'll be arriving in Dominican Republic today around 3:30. Time for my slay-cation lol. I'm staying at Daisy's rh and sx in the am God willing everything with my hemo is good.

I'm here!!!

So I landed in DR and everything went pretty quickly from getting my tourist card to my money exchange. My driver was waiting for me and he's really cute. We seem to communicate pretty well even though I don't speak Spanish and he doesn't speak English but we know just enough to get the picture. Daisy's recovery house is beautiful. There's only me and one other girl here so far but I haven't met her yet. Daisy wasn't there when I got there but I spoke with her briefly on the phone she seems very sweet. I bought her roses from the airport as a thank you for taking me in and taking care of me. Once I unpack some things and got a small bag together for the hospital the driver drop me off at the hospital for preoperative testing. Lesley said if everything looks good I'll be having my surgery at 6 a.m.
Wish me luck ladies and I will update after surgery God willing.


After arriving at the hospital I started right away with the preoperative testing. They sure ask some odd questions on the paperwork lol. All the staff have been very helpful and nice. I first in line for sx at 6:15 am. See you dolls on the flat side.

Made it to the flat side

The nurse came in and gave me the blue pill then off to the operating room. They put an iv needle in my hand and I don't remember anything after that. I woke up when they were snapping up my faja and then down to the recovery room. I was in a lot of pain with the tightness of the muscle repair. When I got back to my room my overnight nurse Malias Jubert was waiting for me. She is super sweet and attentive. She feed me, brought me water and rubbed my back when I moaning from the pain. I'll be discharged in the morning I'll keep you posted.

Wearing my drain like flavor Flav

I saw this on another doll page and it's very helpful to be hands free and not have to carry it every where.

Swell hell,but minimal pain

Today I'm 2 days post op and I'm surprised that I'm not in very much pain.I am sore and stiff,but very little pain. The nurses here at Daisy's rh are so sweet and attentive and Daisy comes to sit and talk to me too.

3 days post op

I'm heading back to Dra Almonte office for my follow up appointment and she said that I'm healing up nicely and everything looks great. She gave me the green light to start getting massages. She also put my small faja on the last hook so I'll be downsizing very soon. Well here's a couple of pics of my progress.

9 days post op

As my time here in DR is coming to an end I'm excited and nervous about continuing this journey alone. No nurses, no Daisy, no prepared meals served on a platter. I'll miss the A1 treatment I received here, but it's time to go home and love on my babies and my husband. God bless his heart, because he had no idea how much hard work and sleepless nights go into being a stay at home mom. Dra Almonte put me in my stage 2 faja and this thing is a beast. It's nothing like the post op faja. This one is tight and the material is unforgiving in order to shape my new body. I'll update once I'm back in the states.

Daisy's recovery house

My overall review of Daisy's is that I truly felt like I was at my home away from home. When I arrived she was there to greet me with a big hug and kisses. She introduced me to the staff and helped me settle in. She even text me when I was at CECIP awaiting my sx to tell me to relax and everything would be just fine. The food was great and for the most part I just told them what I wanted and they made it. One night I was in the mood for soup and a sandwich and the cook whipped it right up. I never ate the same thing twice and everything was good. The house is very clean and quite, except at dinner time where you can hear stories of back home being shared and laughing. I love that the massage lady comes at your convenience. I personally like my massage in the morning when I wake up stiffness and aches and she was there at 9am every morning to loosen me up for the day. Daisy's staff even packed my bags for me so I didn't have to strain myself. I'm really going to miss everyone here because they spoiled me. I would totally recommend Daisy's recovery house to anyone who wants a amazing experience after surgery.

I'm back states side ladies

Home sweet home! Now it's time to go into hard core recovery mode. That plane ride home knocked me down a few pegs. I'm all swollen, tired as hell and I feel like I can barely walk. Gotta get back to at least walking around without assistance, I look like an old lady with a bad hip lol. I got to go in on my water intake, get these massages and pay a visit to my PCP for a check up. Until next time ladies and I'll update with pics when I'm not so swollen.

Before and after pics

My body looks so different I can't believe this is me. Thank you Dra.Almonte!

There butt

Believe me ladies, Almonte is serving cake

One month post op

I'm feeling pretty good these days, still swollen and sore, but no more pain. I'm in a 2x small faja and my waist is still shrinking. My measurements are 34-26-38. Here's some pics.

2 months post op

I must say I feel a lot better this month. Less swollen,less pain and more definition in my shape. I started sleeping without my father at night, but I put it on first thing in the morning. I eat right and I maintain my weight but I have to do better with my water intake. I started to take long walks and do light yoga about four times a week. I started wearing my abdominal board for a few hours during the day. My butt is it hard at all anymore and it jiggles now. I still get itchy at night but overall I'm highly satisfied with my results. Just let me know if you have any questions and I'll check back in at 3 months post op.

3 months post op

It's finally here! The 3 month mark. I've maintained my 130 lbs weight and my mesurments are 32-25-37. I've only lost 2 inches off my butt, which is cool, but my waist keeps shrinking. I'm losing the faja and switching to shapeware and a waist cincher. My butt is very full and soft and my swelling in minamal. I swell just a little in the morning because I don't sleep in my faja anymore. I plan to start weight training this month to start toning my arms and legs for the summer. Here's a few pictures and I'll update at the 6 month mark.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Almonte is a very sweet and beautiful woman. Her before and after pics and the fact she only does 3 patients a day sold me. I recommend her to anyone who wants amazing results

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