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Hello Everyone, I am a new client with Dra....

Hello Everyone,
I am a new client with Dra. Agustina Duran to get a Brazilian Butt Lift . I have already set my appointment for October 2, 2014 for in the morning. The only downside to this is I am a thin patient that has to gain weight... Doing the calculations, I have four months to up my weight, I am currently 125 and I plan on gaining about 10-15 pounds. I already have to food regiment in order!!!

I am so excited. I am in need of a new booty lol. All my life I have been a flat back, now I will have a curve, whoop whoop...

I was just wondering from all the Duran Dolls, if you have any advice for me , what products to get and knowledge to share about the procedure?

Thank you xoxoxoxo

Slowly But Surely Gaining Weight


I first want to thank everyone for their advice. You all have been so helpful, kisses to you all xoxoxox.

With that being said, I have some great news!!!! “I have gained 3 pounds!!!” Oh My Goodness, at this rate I will gain 15-20 pounds by October 2, 2014.
I can honestly say that I have been struggling with the fact of who I should go with for my Brazilian butt lift. I was doing some homework on Dr. Duran and I seen some things I didn’t like. Then, I looked up Dr. Salama and there were things I found I didn’t like, then I looked up some other doctors and I seen some things I didn’t like. What I realized is that no matter what doctor I choose there will be a chance of complications or mistakes. I just have to decide which one is worth operating on me. I believe all doctors try their best to give us the results we want but things do happen. I just have to keep that in mind.
I am super excited about getting this procedure!!! My boyfriend is over here going crazy, he is like “baby your body is perfect the way it is but when you get that booty, man I won’t know how to act”, lol!!! Listen, I already know my attitude is going to be on fire with the new booty. A twist here, a swing in the hips there, this booty will be seen, lol!!!! I’m messing around, but I look forward to filling out my dress better when I go out, having a coke bottle body. Yes!!!! It’s on and popping!!!!

Just Booked My Flight and Hotel

Hey Everyone,

So in the last couple of weeks, I have been working diligently trying to gain weight. It has been such a roller coaster for me. One week I’m up then the next week I’m down, I have to stay consistent with the quantity portion of food I am eating. I have never really been a big eater so this is a little hard for me, however eating before bed is nice while watching a movie cuddling with the boo. So far I am still with the gaining of 5 pounds so I am now 130lbs, I have 15 more to go. I have until October 2, 2014 to get up there.
Anyhow, I am so excited, I booked my plane flight and hotel today . I decided not to stay at a recovery house so I have spoke with my private nurse her name is Manyoris Dolores Gil Hernandez email address is I also will be giving Brunildas a call at 809 846 3466 for massages. I am truly excited, it seems like everything is falling in place.
I have been buying things like crazy here and there, so far I have:
Baby Wipes
Pads x3
Vitamin C
Vitamin B
Iron Pills
Arnica Tablets
Arnica Gel
Surgical Tape
Gauze Pads
Stool Softener
Tylenol Pm
Panty liners
Mouth wash
Antibacterial Soap
Cocoa Butter
4 Maxi Dresses
Flip Flops
House Shoes
Night Robe
Woman Urinal
I know I still have much more to get. I just want to be prepared, better safe than sorry!!!

Updates, Updates, Updates!! Feeling Really Good

Hey Hey Hey!!!!! Just giving an update

So I am completely done packing, if you see the picture I posted, I have accumulated a lot of items. The only package that I ordered online that I am waiting for is my Chuxs, I bought them through ebay. Like I said previously in my other blog, that because I am going to be staying in a hotel I want to be very prepared and yes I might have over packed but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I will have a private nurse coming to check on me but that is not for the full day.

As for my weight I am at 133lbs. So i am feeling real good that I have been gaining weight. I am on this new eating diet I got professionally and man when I tell you he is good, he is great!!!! If any of you want someone to help you gain weight or lose weight inbox me and I will shoot you his email. He knows the body really good and tells me all the time there is a science to losing and gaining weight and boy is he right.

I have attached a picture of my weight gain. When I took the picture I was 125 now I am 133lbs, I have ten more pounds to go, I want to be a good 143lbs when I get this surgery. Let me know if you can see the weight gain!!

Thank you all for your encouragement and support xoxooxx

More Wish Pictures!!!! I cant wait, wooohoo

Hey ladies,

So here is an update on my status, I am completely packed and ready to go. Here is a list of the things I bought:

Vitamin C
Vitamin B12
Tylenol PM
Stool Softener
Arnica tablets
Arnica gel
Chux 25 pack
Paper surgical tape
Sterilized Bandages
Maxi pads
Lipo foam
Ace bandages
Baby wipes
P-Ez funnel
Alcohol pads
Hydrocortisone cream
Thigh high anti embolism stockings
Medicated Body powder- Stop itching
Boppy pillow
Wet ones wipes
Alcohol Wipes
Cotton balls
Dial Antibacterial Soap
Tank tops
Maxi dresses
Waist Shaper
Folded Chair (cut a whole in middle)
Camera to document experience
Granny Panties
Gas relief
Blanket for after surgery I read its very cold
Cold pack
Sterile wipes
Tooth Brush
Mouth wash
Hair scrunches

I am still scheduled for my doctor’s appointment towards the end of august to check my iron and see if he can prescribe me some Valium, pain pills and nausea meds . I am super excited, the only thing I am focusing on now is my weight gain. So far I eat lots of oatmeal, rice, potatoes, peanut butter and meat. If you guys have any more ideas let me know. I have two months to gain 10 more pounds I am 134 now.

I was looking online and I have more wish !!! Everyday I get more and more excited for my procedure, I wonder how I am going to look, I wonder if I will be able to tolerate the pain. So much runs through my head.
I love reading everyone’s stories, we all are on here for the same thing and its good that we all can come together and encourage one another.
Smooches to everyone

Food, Food, Food is all I see

As these months go by all I am doing is eating, eating, and some more eating, lol... I am starting to love it, check out some of my food choices.

Doctors Appointment Today

Hello my wonderful jelly beans!!!! So today at 4pm, I have my doctors appointment for a check up which includes checking my iron and I want to also see if I can get any pain prescriptions. I really hope my doctor isn't opposed to me getting surgery in Santo Domingo. However no matter what, It's going down, omg super excited!!!!!

My Primary Care Doctor is the "BEST"

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, what can I say, my primary care doctor is the best. I received all the prescriptions I asked for, so while I'm in Santo Domingo, I will be floating like a bird. I don't want any pain after surgery, lol.

Weight Update

Hey Ladies, so I am officially 136lbs, it's really hard for me to gain this weight. Buttttttttt I wanted to share my new appreciated fat rolls. I love it!!!!!!

Plastic Surgery Simulator

Hey everyone, I was so curious to see what my butt would look like after a bbl, so I was playing around with this application called Plastic Surgery Simulator and I used my before and after photo, I'm sure you can tell which one I used the application on, lol.

The Count Down Begins

Hello Ladies, I am now starting to count down my days until I leave to Dominican Republic. I am super excited and nervous but I am sooooo ready. I gave up on trying to gain weight, the size I am will have to do, lol. I am still working on my iron. I am going to buy some geritol today. But 22 more days to do, wooohoooo.

Time is of the Essence

Hey everyone, as time is ticking I am still trying to gain weight. I stepped on the scale and I was 137. To be honest I have came a long way, I started out at 123, so a total of 14 pounds. I'm gonna try and gain a little more. On another note, My boyfriend is starting to get scared, he is afraid of complications, but he is still going with me. I understand how he feels, we are going out of the country for a procedure anything can happen. I am just going to continue to pray that all goes well. Also thank you to all those who are praying for me too. I have 18 more days and I'm flying out. Woohooo

I finally told my mother

Yesterday was a very scary day for me. I built up enough courage to tell my beautiful mother I was getting a bbl. To be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be. I even had my sister to be my backup speaker just in case I stumbled, lol. My mom, said she didn't like it but she will keep me in her prayers and everything will be okay. What a great mother, I love her so much. On another note: "13" more days till I leave and I feel more confident than ever, I have my mom praying for me, so I am good????.

My date is getting closer

Hey my beautiful sistas, I have been looking at more wish pictures and I found some. I love her shape and she is a thin woman like me.
Each day that passes I get more anxious. I'm all packed, I have my American prescriptions, I am ready to go.

I fly out to D.R this Tuesday!!!

Hello beautiful dolls, I leave to Santo Domingo in two days. I am ready more than ever. I went to church today and heard a wonderful sermon. God is so good and ready to be praised!!!!

Headed to Santo Domingo Now

Hey ladies, I am flying to Santo Domingo right now. Woooohooo

Getting my pretest in done

Hello beautiful dolls, I am actually getting my lab work, chest xrays and speaking to the cardiologist. This is actually happening. My surgery is tomorrow!!! Thank you all for your wishes and prayers .

Yesterday was a so discouraging

I went to CIPLA at 6:45am. Had a consultation with the beautiful dr.duran. boy olé boy, she is some hot stuff, lol. I had to do all my paper work, Duran then proceeds to draw on me and I get a room. 1 hr passed and we get a call asking if I knew about my low white blood cells. I told her I was born with it, I dont have any problems. I even went to a specialist in America and I am ok, I don't have leukemia, or any sickness I'm great. She said she couldn't to the surgery until I seen a specialist here. Ok, I understand safety before the surgery. We were there another 7 hours then she came. She was very sharp at the mouth and wanted her money, smh. I took another blood test and I was good. They gave me more pills to take after surgery and that leads to today. I am getting surgery. I already got the blue pill. It has been an emotional roller coaster. Language barrier for real ladies, I'm glad I had my brother n law and man there, they understand it. I can tell you guys more later. Im going in now!!!

My Final Update, Sorry for taking so long, xoxoxoxo

Hello dolls, I am so sorry it took me so long to post something on realself. Its just I did not have the best experience at CIPLA. I flew back to Florida Friday night and I needed some time to settle in.
Many people have different experiences so yours may not be like mine, but I will share a little of what happened when I went to Santo Domingo. Okay, so to make a long story short, if you do not speak the language you will have a difficult time getting the things you need. The language barrier in Santo Domingo is real!!! You are lucky to find a handful that understands English. I am so glad my boyfriend and I stayed at Hostal Nicolas de Ovando , it was an amazing hotel by all the historical museums (best part of my trip). It was about 10-15 minutes away from CIPLA depending on traffic.

In my previous post it talks about how my surgery was pushed back because of my white blood cells. So now lets fast forward to Friday. Elizabeth tells me Dr. Duran will operate on me first, so she comes in and gives me the blue pill. I thought I was going in and fell asleep, woke up two hours later and I was still in my room. My boyfriend and brother in law tried to find out why I wasn’t in surgery yet, then two more hours past. The nurses then comes to get me for surgery, by that time I was wide awake, I told Dr. Duran I had token the blue pill 4 hours ago, she said that was fine. Ladies, let me tell you something, I was AWAKE about the whole procedure, I watched them get the room ready, I felt Dr.Duran take the fat out and inject in my butt, it was a lot of pressure and a burning sensation. I didn’t scream or cry, at one point I couldn’t breath and I kept saying I cant breath and they put tubes in my nose for oxygen. There was only so much I could take and I remember praying as tears came out my eyes saying, God please let her be done. She finished and they put me on a bed and reeled me to the recovery room, I was shaking from the meds. This guy kept pinching my nose saying I was a trouper. So then I was reeled into my original room, Dr. Duran came in and told me to lay on my stomach and said she only put 800cc in each butt cheek because I didn’t have a lot of fat. I laid on my stomach still shaking and my boyfriend comes over to put covers on me and see’s I am laying in my own blood, the saline, and piss, yes piss ladies. My folly came out so he rushed to get a nurse to put it back in and change the sheets because I can get an infection that way. Ladies, no nurses wanted to help, they said it was fine and they will fix it in the morning. My boyfriend went off, he found the doctor he didn’t want to help, he found other nurses, then finally one helped.

Next morning, I had to use the restroom and do #2 (poop). So my boyfriend went to ask the doctor if it was alright for me to use the restroom since I had surgery or if I needed to poop in one of those bowls. The doctor said, “Yes of course, let her go use the restroom”. OMG, ladies, I got up out of bed to use the restroom, everything started to spin, my vision started closing in, my heart started to beat fast, I felt this heat rush and as I told my boyfriend to go back to the bed, my body dropped and I started to sweat. My boyfriend went to the same doctor and was like, is she okay what is going on. He was like, Oh she has hypertension, its normal. So later that day the nurses came in to clean me up and put my faja on, ladies make sure you bring 10 pads for your faja or you will have to buy some. I had a hard time putting that on, but after I threw up I felt a little better. My boyfriend told her I tried to use the restroom and she looked at him crazy like, no no no no, no good.

I go home, out of CIPLA, I was so glad, however each day that passed I had a wicked headache everytime I got out of bed. It was so bad I wanted to threw up, I felt so weak and I could barley see anything. So the third day I was experiencing this I decided to go back to see Dr. Duran because something wasn’t right. I went to CIPLA and Dr. Duran made me do blood work and everything came back good. She said I would have to get a shot in my spine because the neurologist put a big whole while injecting my epidural. She asked the nurses how much that would cost and they told her over 10,000 pesos, are you kidding me. My boyfriend refused to pay that much, he was saying they are trying to take advantage of us. He said we already paid almost an extra $500 for the neurologist and extra meds. I started to cry because I was in so much pain, they gave me a room and my boyfriend found someone who spoke English and got to the bottom of the price. She said they were trying to take our money and it will only cost $61 in American money. So the same neurologist came in and had a nurse extract blood from my vein while she put a large needle in my spine, then took the blood that was extracted from my vein and put it in my back. This was so painful, I held my breath and started to shake. I cried after, but when I stood up my headache was gone. The neurologist started screaming yaaaaay, I felt she wasn’t sure she did it correct but thank goodness she did.

So I went back to the hotel, and things were better for me. I had gotten two massages which were heaven, it hurt so good. She did so amazing, and I had a private nurse who was so sweet and would sing my name.

Massage- Brunildas 809 846 3466
Private Nurse- Manyoris 829 282 0944

I had two good taxi drivers
Jaun Bambino- 809 780 9635
Luis- 809 767 4790 (Cheaper)

So I am leaving you with some pictures! Thank you all for your prayers and wishes xoxooxo

New Booty

Here is another picture of my booty, it's not as big as I wanted but I love it.

1 Month After BBL

Hey everyone, I am still healing and getting used to my new body. The massages really help with the healing process. I have added some pictures let me know what you think
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