Lipo and BBL by Dra. Fatima Almonte March 6 2014

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Well after a couple of months of research I...

Well after a couple of months of research I finally got my date for my surgery. I am 5'0 tall weighting 138 hopefully can loose some more weight before my surgery. I researched through a bunch of doctors in Dominican Republic and talked to a couple of them but I felt the most comfortable with Dra. Almonte and her staff. They answer every single question you have and I can tell you I had a lot. Dra. Almonte doesn't perform surgery on a lot of people the same day and that was something I was looking on a surgeon and she doesn't work at CIPLA she works at CECIP which I feel better about. I am getting an agressive liposuction and hopefully some booty...I do want a new booty but my biggest want is the little waist and I believe she can give me that. I talk to her and she explained why she does things the way she do. I ask her what was the maximum lipo she will perform and what was the maximum amount of fat she felt comfortable injecting and she answered both questions with reasonable answers. This was after I did my research and ask plenty of people about the procedure and read here and on other websites about the surgery. I know my hemoglobin level and is good so now I just have to keep it that way or may be get it a little bit higher. I will post my before pictures later probably with the after ones so the difference can be seen right away. I still don't know where I am going to be staying so if anyone want to have a sx buddy I can become handy cause I am fluent in Spanish and I do speak a little bit of English. I guess I will post again closer to my sx date.

Second guessing

I keep reading stories and looking in google and I ask myself if I made the right choice. Hopefully I did.

before pictures

This is me right now hopefully will look a lot better in the future

Communication is a big key in this procedure

I was having sooo many questions and because of the holidays and other stuff I wasn't able to get an answer but today Leslie which btw she is the best assistant a doctor could find geez I think that girl works almost 24 hours answer most of my questions and the ones that she couldn't answer she promise to talk to the doctor and find out for me. I had very specific technical questions. Like I thought and she reasurred me all patients are different and we all come with different health situations. This website is addicting but sometimes is way too much information and the info is just based on experiences of course too many bad experiences mean something but that's not the case with my doctor. Sometimes I wish I could go tomorrow and get my new body. I look myself everyday in the mirror wondering how I am going to look? how my butt is going to look ?which size of clothes I will be wearing? Am I finally be able to wear jeans based on how the fit on my thighs and butt instead of how the fit in my waist? I already know what type of butt I want I want fullness in the bottom...I don't want to wear pants that are empty on the bottom. If I only didn't have to wait

before pics

Here are some before pics

Ladies how do you know you pick the right surgeon

I keep looking and before and after pictures. Sometimes I hate this doctor/patient confidentiality. I need to see more outcomes. I love some of other doctors booty's but the way their system work I can't handle that. I don't want to be just one more number I want to be someone a doctor cares about I want that my doctor give me the aftercare. And I know there are doctors like that. I know I should come better looking after but Am I going to look like I would like to look let's see. I know I I shouldn't but I am still doing research on doctors and I am just torturing myself. I don't want to do a round 2. First I will not have the money and second I don't want to go through this whole process again. God Bless you all

Trying to loose some weight

I've been trying to loose some weight but when I got on the scale today it seemed like I gained 5 pounds I got so sad. I don't understand how. I am cutting my calorie intake and doing exercise but apparently the lack of sleep is affecting me. I got some quotes today and some answers of some of my questions I made like 2 months ago from other doctors and every day God is assuring me that I picked the right surgeon. I have to trust my doctor and her good eye. It just that is so difficult for me to trust people. I like to have vivid proof of stuff. I calculate everything and analyze everything. I am a perfectionist in everything well may be my writing is not that good but I have been learning English like 3 years ago and I still have a lot to learn and my job doesn't require a lot of writing but it requires accuracy and precision cause people can die and I am not a nurse or a doctor. Well hope everyone had a nice day today.

Been sick

I don't know if it's the iron and the stool softeners together but I've been sick of my stomach. I don't want to loose any hemoglobin I am trying to increase it but my body is not responding very well to the iron pills. I am going to try blood builder to see if that works. I want to have my hemo as high as I can cause I sure want an extreeeeme lipo. I will cry if I go there and my lipo is 12 :( I know with a good hemoglobin my dra is going to give me my dream body. I am planning my daughter's birthday party also she wants My Little Pony as the theme. The birthday will be a month after my sx and I hope I am not very swell by that time I know the results take time and I am aiming to go to the gym after cause after I get that nice body I gotta keep it or get it even better. Before I had my daughter I was in the military and I used to exercise a lot after I had her I just didn't have the time/energy to exercise I got out the military got a regular job and just forgot about myself. Now my daughter is older a little bit more independent and it's time for me to get my self steem back. I hope that when I arrived to DR and have the consult with Dra. Almonte she doesn't look at me and tell me I need a tummy tuck to achieve the results I want. I will not care cause I've seen her tt and she does great tt like a change from earth to heaven but my body doesn't cooperate with the scars but I think she is such a good surgeon that she can achieve results that other doctors can't without a tummy tuck and that she only suggested if you reaaally need one. Can't wait to be complaining about the pain :)

Blood builder arrived

So my blood builder pills arrived like 2 days ago being taking them and no complaint so far. I've being looking at booty pictures to see which booty I would like and I am torn between the inverted heart and the bubble. I like both. I know I do not want a square butt in the bottom. That is a no no and I will be so sad if that's the outcome. I can't find the maxi dresses I bought the granny panties and bought them a size bigger I want to be comfortable. I still don't know if I have to buy the compression sleeves or if my faja will have them plus the compression for my thights. My dad is coming with me and sometimes I wish I didn't said anything and just stayed in the recovery home with all the other ladies going through my same experience.

Found Some Pictures of the Operating Room of CECIP

While I was reading some reviews I found some pictures of the Operating room of CECIP. OMG I am so freaking nervous about my surgery but I found some words to explain my doctor what I want done in my butty I want hips and laterals. I didn't know that how they were called. I have a lot of wish pictures hopefully my doc can give me a shape close to the one I dream about. I also was reading that most of the patients that are not pleased with their surgeries are short torso patients because they can't get a small waist because where there pelvic bone is located I am afraid this might be my case but hopefully doc can make miracles with what she has. Still a little bit over a month to get surgery.

More pics

Apparently I asked way too much

I think Dr. Almonte's assitant is annoyed by me. It just that randomly I have questions and because I am used to read whatever is in these forums it's weird that they do things a little bit different. The faja they used is the one that is not crotchless and it doesn't cover the thighs area. I think I am going to buy a faja with sleeves and everything and used both in the beginning. I also asked about the massages I read they help but Leslie told me I was not suppose to get them until a week after. Today someone told me that lipo is terrible and now I am having cold feet. I mean I was not expecting to be painless I've been through a couple of surgeries myself and I can handle pain but we shall see.

Family trying to persuade me

Today in the news they said that some womens that went to DR to get surgery came back with a bacteria called Mycobacterium abscessus and send me some pictures. I contacted Leslie but I think she is totally annoyed by me. Sorry Leslie didn't want to annoy you. Anyway I gotta make more research about the subject. I don't believe everything they said in the news and well will see if the Dr. wants to perform the surgery on me or I have to get a new one :(

Another day waiting need some help with the clothes I need to take

I feel really happy today about my surgery and my surgeon pick stories like RS sisters SB3365 and prebabybodyplz between others have make me feel a lot more comfortable. These stories are so important to us that are in the other side that don't know anything about the country or that never had a plastic surgery before. One more month and I will be on the flat side and I hope that stomach is reaally flat. I was going to buy a compression garment but everyone tell me to wait to even though I want to buy it I am going to be a good patient and wait. I need to buy clothes for the trip. I don't have any maxi dresses and the ones I've seen are for tall people and I am very short. I was thinking to take yoga pants and t shirts. I am suppose to have lipo on my arms thights stomach back flanks and chin. That's a lot of freaking lipo. But I don't know if I will be able to get into yoga pants and stuff. I am not a dress fan. Back when I had my c section I was able to dress myself from the first day and I used yoga pants and stuff but like I said I have no idea what to bring. I have my vitamins my stool softener some pain killers hopefully they give me better ones over there granny panties and the boppy I need to buy the maxi pads the adult diapers the diapers for the bed and some other supplies I also had a confussion about the arnica tablets and creams and how the numbers work. I will be gone for a month after my surgery cause I want that when my husband see me again I look better. I hope I can take pictures and I wish I could record my surgery I am weird like that. I wonder if they will let me lol doubt it. I will really appreciate any help with the things I got to take I don't want to overpack but I don't want to need something important and not having it. Well have a good day.


Well my daughter and I are going on a cruise tomorrow and I haven't pack yet I hate packing it will be crazy when I go to my surgery I'm taking my dog and my daughter making a stop left them there and picking up my dad and then leaving to DR I still have to buy dresses which I believe is the most difficult part and other stuff. I am planning to eat a lot of red meat in this cruise to increase my iron levels. I am also very happy cause I talked to 2 persons from DR and asked between some doctors and they recommend me Almonte. So in the States she might not be as known but in Santo Domingo people know her and talk really good about her. Well see ya next week.

Back from cruise countdown begins

Well I think I gain like 3 pounds in this cruise but I had a lot of fun even though I wished I already had my new body so I could show it off by the pool and in the beach but that will be soon. My friend and I are planning to get me a thong bathing suit for next summer. I want to show this body lol. Well now I got to buy diapers dresses and all the other stuff. I got to reserve my massages too. But I still don't know how many I will have.

Getting stuff together

I finally took my bags out of my car from my vacation and now it's time to fill them up for my trip to getting my self esteem back. I got some supplies but not everything yet. I got some stuff online but now the store say they don't have it so I gotta go to the store and get it. I also need to go and unlock my iphone to take it down there and buy the prepaid card so I can use my phone and the GPS may be. I will be doing 2 trips on my first trip I will be traveling with my 2 year old and with my dog. I can't leave him home cause he will get so sad he will not eat and he is my other baby. I finally found some dresses at Ross and I have a lot of Yoga Pants and T Shirts which I believe will be what I will be using the most. Nerves are getting here but I've been showing before and after pictures from Dr. Almonte to my mom and she now wants to go lol. She was like they do miracles there I told her guess what I am going :)

Pre op pictures

Well here are my preop pictures

How to not get sick before your surgery

Everybody here is sick they have the flu la monga I don't know but we are all weak and coughing and congested. I hope I heal completely by next week. I am so stressed out. I bought most of the stuff but now I am changing the wife beaters for t shirts and the size of the panties I am not sure. If someone knows how to boost their immune system let me know I need help

Wish Pic

If I even look close to how this girl look I will be super mega extra happy.

Just my luck

Well due weather conditions my first flight was canceled and move to another day. I am so mad cause the weather is not even at the airport I am taking the flight is up north but well now instead of a 5 hour flight with layover I will have an 11 hour flight with layover with a kid a dog a car seat stroller and blah blah. On the other side I am still packing lol I hate to pack with passion. I hope I am bringing everything I will need I will post later have a good day/night.

Second flight canceled

So my second flight was canceled also and moved to March 5th which is the same day I am supposed to flight to Santo Domingo. My first flight is for dropping my daughter and dog at my parents. Then from there I have my flight to DR. I canceled my tickets with Jetble and changed the departure airport and bought it with another airline. There goes my free ticket. Well hopefully I can catch my new flight today and go drop my daughter and my baby dog at my mom's so I can get this surgery :/

I am closer to my surgery day

Well today I was finally able to catch a flight which means I will not loose my flight to Santo Domingo and I am closer to get my surgery.

Mixed Feelings

I am not in Dominican Republic yet but I am having such mix feelings. I understand why some people write they feel depressed. Before I couldn't understand it I was asking myself why? you are getting your dream come true but this journey is not as easy as it seems. Today I spent the day with family and friends which I haven't seen in over a year. I already missed my husband and every time we are apart we fight. He does the things he knows pissed me off so much I ended up crying and having and argument with him which I hate cause he just raised his voice to try to make me quiet and almost of the time he wins. Also I am going to miss my daughter so much She stayed before with my mom but lately we have a link that is special and I feel guilty of leaving her. My heart feels little right now. I hope that tomorrow I can cheer up and enjoy this experience as much as you can enjoy it. I am not thinking about my booty or my waist I am thinking about my family cause at the end they are the ones that matter the most to me. Ohh on a side note I went to a local laboratory to get my hemo levels check and they were only at 14.10 I was sooo mad after taking all that stupid iron and the blood builders my hemo just went up .10 what a disappointment I wouldn't recommend those blood builders to anyone. I hope God give me the peace I need to go to the OR and that he gives me the strength to heal very well and fast so I cam be with my family sooner. Tomorrow I will write again I get to meet Leslie and may be doctor Almonte I hope they ease my mind about all this craziness.

March 5th first day in Dominican Republic

Well Santo Domingo is a beautiful place and the people is different specially for people in the US because they are very hugging which I was used to cause I am hispanic and we are just like that. I met Leslie she is as sweet or even sweeter than what she can be by phone or whatsapp. I arrived late so I haven't met Dra. Almonte yet but hopefully tomorrow I will. The clinic is beautiful I have not seen the rooms yet but is a beautiful clinic very clean. My dad my aunt and my aunts husband went with me it was really cool cause they all want it to make sure I was in good hands and I was not just going to a crazy place to get plastic surgery and my aunt end up having a consultation lol. We talked a lot Leslie took my pre op pictures and I have my labs done. I will have my XRay tomorrow and hopefully my surgery as well. I ate some local food and smoothies and geez the food here is delicious I love the little shacks by the street. I am not staying at a Recovery House cause I am staying with my family here. So far I love it I will post pictures as soon as I can. I asked Leslie if Doctor Almonte could take pictures of my surgery and I got a yes so pictures coming soon. Pray for me girls.

My room

I have a private room is really nice and the bed is super comfty will try to sleep so 2morrow I will be reaaaaady.

Surgery day

Well is 6am here I already woke up took a shower and I am ready to go to the hospital. Ohhh btw girls when you come here change the money at the first booth they are the ones that pay the most for your money I will be seeing the cardiologist today and hopefully I see you all on the flat side.

Surgery day continue

Well I arrived to the hospital got my x rauy done saw the physician and then the cardiologist and got my EKG done. After my results came back I met Dra Almonte and she mamrked me up amd gave me the pill keep writing tomoreow I am really tired

sorry for the typos I am all drugged up lol

Ok after the pill they took me to the operating room I saw another doctor doing a lipo but it was just a sneak peek. I get in to the camilla and the put an iv on me and bye bye I was gone super fast. When I woke up again I was already on my room and was talking a lot of nonsense some of it I remember I was shivering I was soo cold that I said they took my polar bear fat. I woke up for good like at 4pm my family was here and they were saying how good I looked etc. After that I was hungry but when I moved for something on the bed I pucked all my green juices from my stomach it was gross. I was sooo ready to eat. Dinner here was delicious Fruit salad mashed potatoes but the real thing cheese juice and jello. It was delicious but I pucked a little after finishing half of the stuff but the puke was better than your green juices tmi I know. During the night I was in a little bit of discomfort on my spine but I didn't had any medicine prescribed for at that time so I went to sleep. Girls if you are coming with no family pay someone to stay with you. The nurses here have a lot of patients and unless is a medical issue they get a little annoyed if you are calling because your AC or the tv or something. You will need some help at some point. I am all yucky My faja have a looooot of blood and my bed they have changed the sheets 3 times because how nasty they get. At 6 they bring you a tea that smell gross just of having that think close to me made me nauseous. My belly doesn't hurt but my back a little I think is because I've been in this bed forever your skin is very sensitive after surgery I prefer no one touch me for anything. Will keep you posted later

Things gettin better?

Well today is Sunday 3 days post op my body still hurts a little but less than the other days. Last night I have to message Dr. Almonte and asked her what can I take for nausea. I am so ready to feel normal again. If someone ask I will do everything again because no gym will give me the results I had.

Today is Tuesday

Hi well yesterday was my first post op appointment and everything went well. I am a little weak and I feel tired all the time. Doctor Almonte took my little drain out and squeezed a lot of liquid out was nasty I mean I didn't see it but I heard it. I was supposed to go to the salon after but I was too tired so I came back to the apartment which is on the 4th floor with no elevator and went straight to bed. I love my results I have a tiny waist but sometimes I asked myself if is worth it. I miss my husband and my daughter sooo much. Today it kind of kick in. I feel selfish for doing this. Thank God everything went well. Dra. Almonte is great. You can contact her at any time and she will answer may be not at that moment but she will answer as soon as she can. When people write lipo is no joke please believe them. I will tell you too lipo is no joke. I had a couple of surgeries before and by far this is the most painful plus my husband and daughter are away so I think that makes the pain even worse. I can't complain I have family with me and we make jokes at night and stuff but I still miss my little bundle of joy. I really like Santo Domingo the food is to die for. I love how you can find fruits everywhere they deliver pretty much everything. But people here works really hard. Differences in social class are very noticeable. Well hope this help

Four days post op I need a shower lol

Well today I went to the salon and I love how this ladies wash your hair the best thing 5 dollars for blow drying and washing my hair I paid in pesos but is around that. The ladies at the hair salon were sooo nice I will recommend them to annyone I was there for like 3 hours just chatting and they were like have you tried this have you tried that and I was a little lost but I had a good time. Geez I can't wait to take a shower is not the same with baby wipes and stuff I need water running down my body. This is a tropical island so expect to sweat even with AC plus at certain point you can't handle just being in your room all day. And common areas here usually don't have AC. I drank a juice made of carrots oranges and something red for my hemoglobin and had my first massage. Girls bring money for massages cause after them you feel a little bit better there are plenty of places here that offer that service. For locals is cheaper well usually is like that everywhere. My English is getting worse lol I haven't practice in over a week. Good night and here is a little pic oh btw I find my booty huuuge lol I didn't wanted anything over the top so this size is huge for me and the hips I feel a little weird lol

In love with my results

Well Thank God I have a huge mirror on my room here because every day when I wake up I am totally in love with my results. In the beginning when I saw my butt and hips I was surprised and a little scared cause for me they looked huuge but now I feel they look more natural and once the swelling goes down I will like it even better. Dr. Almonte gave me a tiny waist and she sends me messages asking me how I am feeling. I am still in DR and I hope to get a massage every day for the rest of my stay. These massages work and the dumb faja works too I just can't stand it to sleep with so I use the 3 panel compression garment. I know it doesn't do the same but I just can't sleep with it. I have to take a pic of my booty but I want to have a bathing suit on and that was not something I brought here

Road Trip

I was feeling better so I went to a Road trip here in Dominican Republic. I went to El malecón to the Colonial zone to the candy house and other sightseeing places here. I ate at Adrian's Tropical it was really good but to be honest I like the food of the recovery house better can you believe that? I had mofongo and chicken but the lady here cooked a mangu that was a lot better


Hospital picture

Another Road Trip

Today we are in Bonao the country part of Dominican Republic we ate breakfast at El típico de Bonao

Road Trip part 2

Well today was a great day I went all the way to Puerto Plata and rode in the Gondola Lift all the way to a beautiful mountain. I walked a little bit but geez when I needed to pee this damn faja well I ate in Santiago stopped and buy fruits went to a sweet factory. I really enjoyed this day. My feet are swollen now and my tummy looks weird what can I use to make my tummy look better? I have a weird hole in the middle of my stomach my booty still looks perfect but my belly I don't know. I get wrinkles from my shirt and stuff. I need to loose weight badly. I want my face to look skinnier cause now my face and my body doesn't match. And I need to loose some thights and I guess if the booty goes down a little I'll be all right :) I love this country I love the juices the fruits the people is funny and nice and so friendly. Tomorrow I'll go to the salon and then get a massage cause I leave on Thursday. I'll miss this country except the fact that I am not supposed to shower

Liquid on my back

I left Dominican Republic 4 days ago. The last day I was there I saw my doctor she removed my stitches and remove some liquid I had on my back but today my family noticed I have more. I don't know where I can go to get this liquid removed. I don't want to develop seromas. Other than that recovery is going well. My skin is itchy I am wearing a size xs faja and I am using it in the smallest hook. I sleep with the faja and used it all day. I weight myself today and I am 12 pounds lighter. I hope I can loosr 10 more considering I can barely eat with that faja.


Back Home

So I've been back home for about a week my husband loves my results I think even if he didn't said anything before he was not attracted physically anymore cause now we are like back in our honeymoon. I took a picture but is not very good I will ask him to take pictures later. Recovery is going still using my compression garment and need to get a smaller one. Dra. Almonte has been a blessing. I have so much confidence in myself. I can't thank her enough for what she did for me.

Gym Time

Well it's that time. I gotta keep this body as pretty or prettier than how Almonte left me so I am going to the gym. I still have no feelings on my back but the rest of it it's fine. I do miss Santo Domingo. I developed a lot of love for that country. The people is special. I want to go back. Not for surgery but for leisure. I miss the food and the people. I am waiting for my 2xs faja The xs is too big already. Never thought I was going to say that. I have't bought clothes yet because I have to use the compression Garment and everything shoes so I might as well wait. I want to loose 10 or 15 pounds. Especially here in the US I tend to gain weight is the lifestyle. What can I say I recommend Dra. Almonte to anyone.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Very sweet doctor and her assitant Leslie make a great team. They answer all your questions as soon as you can. She is a great surgeon. I love the change she did on me.

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