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Well I have scheduled my appt for March 21st with...

Well I have scheduled my appt for March 21st with Dr. Yily. I need to send her my deposit but read somewhere I shouldn't do it via Western Union. How else would I send it? I'm so excited for this. My butt is cute. It's like a little cupcake...but we all know cupcakes are for little girls. I am a grown ass woman! I need CAKE. So, I'm going to buy it. I am 26 years old, 5 feet 7 inches and I have a pretty nice body. I have a son so I've got stretchies on my stomach but my built is nice. Thick thighs. 36DD's. I'm just missing the hiney. Cue Dr Yily. She does amazing work from what I've seen. I have a list of things to buy, as soon as she gets back to me I will purchase my plane ticket. I'm ready to do this thing. I will not be taking anyone with me. My mother along with my childs father will be taking care of him while I am gone. The biggest source of stress is leaving him for 10 days because I'll miss him so much. Other then that, I'm not nervous at all. I have tons of questions still like where do a buy another compression garment like the one she will give me? I would like to order it online because it will be cheaper, I know. Well, that's it for now. Thanks for listening guys :-)

Sooooo....I have a million questions. Did...

Sooooo....I have a million questions.

Did anyone go out of the US to get their BBL but get there meds filled here in the states? How did you get the rx to get it filled? Did anyone's insurance cover it?

When you got home, did you still have to mess with drains? I am staying for 10 days and hoping I don't have to deal with any of that when I return.

Does anyone have advice on what they absolutely could not live without bringing (from vitamins you took to things you brought from home)? I need all of the advice I can get! It's only 48 days away!

What specific type/brand of compression garment did you ladies buy? I need to buy 1 of 2 more of them but there are so many brands out there. I would rather NOT buy another one from Dr Yily because I know they would be over priced and I could find a better deal elsewhere.

I want general anesthesia not a local. I def do not want to get an epidural and be awake the whole time, I don't care if I can feel it or not. Did anyone who has gone to Yily had a problem with her anesthesiologist agreeing to do general?

INSURANCE. Did any of you out of country BBL ladies buy this? Let me know how you handled this.

Thanks of all of the advice and I promise to pay it forward once my experience is over.

Dra Yily and this lack of communication is REALLY...

Dra Yily and this lack of communication is REALLY REALLLY getting to me. I work in Sales as an Account Exec and in my line of work things move quickly and we can't skip a beat. Emails are returned within 5 minutes. I have been waiting 5 DAYS. I go home from work and work! I haven't heard from Jacqueline's RH or Yily back about my scripts and confirmation of my deposit thru PayPal or anything. I don't want to wait until I get my tickets and tell the RH to get a confirmation. I'm a virgo...I meticulously plan everything! I would forfeit my deposit and go elsewhere if I didn't feel like she is the perfect BBL doc.

ANNND I don't want to be a jerk about it but I also would like to know how many other girls are going on March 21. I don't want to be number 3 or 4 of the day! That's alot. Most plastic surgeons only do 2 or three patients a day when it comes to such a long surgery. Noses and boob jobs are relativity quick. BBL's can take 5, 6, 7 hours. Being number 4 or 5 on a list...that scares me.

Okay girls....yesterday I called Yilys office and...

Okay girls....yesterday I called Yilys office and finally spoke with Yira to officially confirm my deposit receipt and appt for March 21st verbally and through email (I requested she email me as well because I require a paper trail)! The moral of this story is CALL. I don't care how busy they are. We are still patients and deserve to feel comfortable in this process. Yes, we are getting a good deal with Yily but in the DR what we are paying is normal Plastic Surgery prices. My point is, don't feel like "well I am getting a deal so I won't complain". No. If necessary she may need to hire someone to JUST answer the phones and emails. All day, err day. That will ensure every patient is contacted. ANYWHO...I will be arriving on the 20th, hopefully early so I can do a little shopping and have some down time to focus. I've not purchased my ticket yet but would like to do so in the beginning of March (I got some advice that prices go up in Feb for some reason, don't know if it's true but hey). I will probably go with the Priceline "Name your price" thingy as I have done it before and am flexible with the time I leave. You can save like half off sometimes and even if I only save a couple bucks it's still worth it to me. Hum well that's all for now I think. OH ummm my mother couldn't find my birth certificate so I had to order a new one online. It was $70! It should be here by the 21st of Feb, just in time for my Passport App appointment on the 22nd. I will be having that expedited for another hefty fee...almost $200. It does NOT pay to be a last-minute-Lucy in these situations. I'm a Virgo so I tend to plan out everything...all this last minute stuff makes me crazy *sips wine* Thankful for all of the help and support on this site.

Only a few days left...well okay 24 and, I'm...

Only a few days left...well okay 24 and, I'm getting so excited. I have decided to wait until 2 weeks before I leave (right round the 5th) to take a trip to Philly and get my passport done all in one day at the Passport agency in Philly. It's about 2 hours away from where I live so it's just a day trip and I will walk out with it.

Also, I will be ordering my VitaMedica surgery kit on Wednesday, chewable bromelain and arnica gel. I am also going to spring for the Proferrin to increase my iron quickly as I don't want to have any problems with that.

I wont be buying ANY new clothes because I don't need to look cute in DR while I'm healing. I am only bring only things that can get bloody or gross and I can just throw them away. Once I am feeling better my new butt and I will hit the mall and get booty clothes. I only thing I will buy is beaters for under the garment. I am not even buying a second garment as I would like to see exactly the kind Yily uses and also I would like to wait for about 2-3 weeks after surgery to see if I like the one she uses and if not I will do some research and get a different brand.

Hum what else? OH I will be calling my PCP tomorrow to try to get an appointment so he can prescribe me my drugs. Even if I cant get my insurance to cover the costs I would still like to have American drugs. I heard Yily's were weak and I will be requesting narcotics like Vocodin and will be refilling my Xanax script and getting Ambien to make this process as easy as possible.

Alrightly girls so… I bought my plane...

Alrightly girls so…

I bought my plane ticket today! $429 ? but hey it’s the best pricing I could get. I’m really glad it’s done though. I also went virtual shopping (the BEST kind) on drugstore.com and makemeheal.com and got all of the pre and post things I need. Here is a list if it’s helpful to anyone :

VitaMedica kit – the one with the 4 bottles in it. I heard this is top of the line and while it was $100 im not going el-cheap-o when it comes to my healing. Ordered from mmh.com
Compression sleeves – look kind of like a belaro jacket. It was $46.00 on sale @ mmh.com
Bromelain chewables – even though bromelain comes in the kit above I still am buying the chewable. You can pop them whenever you think of it and they metabolize better then the pills you swallow.
Arnica gel – Boiron is the brand and mine came with the pellets as well. again anything chewable will metabolize better in my system.
Phillips Milk of Magnesia – they gave me this in the hospital after having my Prince and it works like a charm for me. don’t wanna get all backed up when your body is already extremely uncomfortable.
Monistat 7 – many women develop yeast infection from using the antibiotics so this is a just in case thing.
Benadryl spray – some girls said they got horribly itchy.
Bio oil – the big one. This is great for scarring and also I will be rubbing it on my bum beforehand to increase elestacity so Yily can stuff the most fat in as possible.
Bacitratin – for the wounds. Help aid in healing
Iron – purAbsorb. It’s powder you can put into your water or whatever
Pill case – to have all of my meds ready to go
Prilosec OTC – this is the Omeprazol Yily requires on the list
Baby wipes
Fem wipes

Still to get

Thick maxi pads or lipo foam – lipo foam is surprisingly hard to come by
Female urinal
A probiotic – I am going to see if my doc can RX this for me
Travel kit – with soap, deo, toothpaste, ect
BWI parking pass

Oh and I promise to let you all know what I WISH I would have had and what I didn’t need after the procedure.

I had a doc appt on the 4th so I can get a RX for all of my drugs which will include :

Hydrocodone – strong enough for the pain
Tramadol – non narcotic pain meds
Ambien – to help me sleep. I’m not trying to be up every 2 hours
Heparin shots
Xanax (refill) – I already have a script for this but will ask for a full supply for this journey

No new clothes or anything like that until after wards. No nice handbag…switching to a no name my ex boyfriends mother bought me lol
Popping new contact in the day I leave and not worry about that the whole time
Mani/pedi on the 19th
Okay umm I think that’s all for now

Finally told the man I’m dating about my new...

Finally told the man I’m dating about my new butt plans. I hadn’t told him prior to this for several reasons. #1. We have only been dating for 4 months and I didn’t know that I would keep him around so what business is it of his? And #2. He he’s expressed, on several occasions, his disdain for plastic surgery on young women. HOWEVER…he’s excited! At first he said he was nervous because it was surgery and he prays everything goes well and turns out right. Then we were talking more about it and he is really excited for me. He said I’m beautiful now and the attention I am going to get afterwards may be hard to handle but as long as I am doing it for the right reasons it’s all good :-)

On Saturday I got an email saying my deposit was...

On Saturday I got an email saying my deposit was being returned to my account because there is an issue with Yily's PayPal account (the email address associated with it was incorrect or something). Has anyone else experienced this? Did it work when you tried if for the second time?

I cannot believe it is only two weeks until I have...

I cannot believe it is only two weeks until I have something I feel I have been missing my whole like. I am thrilled. I spoke with Yira today on the phone about the whole PayPal thing and it turns out Yilys PayPal, much like her Western Union has been stopped because of the whole money issue. Yira said not to worry I am still booked for March 21st and no one can take my spot but if I still want to send the deposit I can try doing it to Yilys Chase Bank account. I will be calling Chase bank today to see how this can be done since the closest branch is in Jersey LOL.

I have an official passport appt on March 13th at the Philly passport office and I will actually walk out of the building with my passport the same day. It’s the same cost as an expedited passport. My boo is going with me and has been extremely supportive throughout this entire process. We have only recently started dating and I am very impressed with the way he is handling all of this.

I started my pre op vitamins today and oh I don’t know if I mentioned this in a previous post but I got all of my meds either OTC (Prilosec and Arnica gel) or RX (Heparin, ect). I went to my family doc and told him what I was having done and he just called them in, except the narcotics. He gave me hand written scripts for those to take to the pharmacy. I SPECICALLY requested a few meds like Oxycodone, Tramadol, Ambien and a Xanax refill and he agreed to them all with the exception of the Tramadol as it is a narcotic and so is Oxycodone he said I didn’t need them both and Oxy is better for this type of procedure. He didn’t give me any problems I voluntarily showed him the email from Yily and my plane confirmation.

I put something about being excited because it’s only two weeks away on my FB page and the streets are buzzing LOL. What are you doing? Will I notice? Blah blah. I told everyone, just wait and see. I want it to be a surprise for sure and that’s why I have only told a handful of people.

I am too excited about my new body!! Only one week...

I am too excited about my new body!! Only one week to go. I will be flying out in less than a week. But anyways on to the confession…

I have been so wary of Yily from the start only because of the inconsistency in her communication. Then the PayPal fiasco happened and all of my money was returned to my bank account. I actually considered saying f’it and getting my little cupcake butt on the plane and just enjoying it as a trip, not even getting the BBL because of the added drama this has caused. But then I stumbled across Dra Duran (#durandolls) and I was astounded. I started to do my research and loved absolutely everything I found from her work, to her communication to her group on Facebook and I made up my mind. I’m switching. My heart is at rest about it. I think it’s the best idea for ME. I do feel bad because I have a SX buddy and we were going to receive a group discount but I also feel like I want to make the right choice. Duran is more expensive they Yily which is another reason it was kind of hard to switch but quality of work is really good so I’m going for it. She is in the same building as Yily and trained under Cabrel (that’s the rumor, at least). Hopefully my SX buddy will still want to room in the RH. I will call her later on tonight.

I wish every girl the best of luck, regardless of which doctor you choose. I personally feel Yily and Duran are both wonderful doctors. It’s the “bedside” manner that won me over. Another girl in the Duran chat room said other girls were harassing her when she informed RS of her choice to switch! I wanna let everyone know in my Sweet Brown voice aint NOBODY got time for that! Do your own thing and let others do that same. As long as we are all bettering ourselves who cares?!

Im just wondering if its rude to ask about another...

Im just wondering if its rude to ask about another girls quote because I was reading jamaicanhoney27's blog (shout out!) and she said her Yily quote was cheaper then her Duran quote! My Duran quote is significantally more expensive then Yily's. I just don't want to feel like I'm paying way more then everyone else. I know what your thinking, don't be cheap and petty gurrrrrrl! but still. I am an average height and weight. I gain 10 lbs intentionally for SX but even right now I'm only 152 lbs. I should have a quote pretty comparable to everyone elses...

OMG welp it's only a few days now and I can't wait...

OMG welp it's only a few days now and I can't wait to get this show on the road. I'm nervous as all hell but I have gotten so much love and support from my man, the handful of friend who know and you all here on Real Self! Please if you think of me say a prayer for peace in my spirit. It's hard to leave a little one behind even if it is only for a week. Also, is there a lady here who would like to be my buddy at Jacquelines RH? I will be there the 20th and the 22nd-26th checking out on the 28th? I would go with my flying buddy to the hotel but I'm nervous about being there alone without a nurse. Just lemme know and good luck to all the BBL ladies this week! I know we will all be fine and may we all get the results we are looking for.

Okay so everyone can feel free to go to my...

Okay so everyone can feel free to go to my original page on Dr Yily for all of the specifics. This will mostly be a review of the trip/procedure/recovery. I did choose to swtich from Dr Yily to Dr Duran for several reason. Dra Duran seems to give more booty which is what I am looking for in addition to a fantastic shape. Her patients love her and she communicates with you right away. There's no, oh lets wait 5-7 days. She even posts on her Facebook page about how excited she is to meet all of her new dolls, it's cute. I get the warm and fuzzies from her and she has great bedside manner with for me is important, for others it is not. She is more expensive then Yily but once again, its all in what you are looking for. I am NOT knocking Yily. She does great work and I only wish the best for everyone of you ladies. I will def try and post more before pics with clothes and and then a few right afterwards as I did pack some cute clothes to see what my new outfits would look like with a butt in 'em!

OMG I’m freaking out. I have a million...

OMG I’m freaking out. I have a million questions…this day came WAY sooner than I had anticipated. Can I ask you guys some questions?
If you request general anesthesia can the Dr do it? I do NOT want to be awake in any capacity during this procedure and it’s def a make or break thing. What did you guys do about this whole money situation? Did you all take thousands of dollars to a foreign country and around a bunch of women you don’t even know? Did any of you Duran Dolls take Heparin to prevent clots? It was on Yily’s list of meds (when I was going to her) and I am following the same list since Dr Duran didn’t provide me with any type of surgery instructions. I still don’t know if I am 100% staying at JSpa because of the drama I’m hearing about but I don’t want to stay in one of the regular hotels all alone. I can’t tell my man or friends ANY of this because they will freak out and tell me not to go #stressed

So for some reason this did not post yesterday so...

So for some reason this did not post yesterday so ill redo it…

I am back and better then ever. The first 5 days were HELL, do NOT let anyone tell you otherwise. It hurts. Your not “sore” or “stiff” no ladies, it’s called pain. I’m no stranger to it. I am very tough but this SX kicked my ass literally. With that being said, it is totally worth it. It’s 5 days of discomfort and pain for what I got, I’d take it anyday. So here goes the story but first let me tell you what I couldn’t live without :

A plastic cup – to pee. No fancy pink and purple chick funnels for this girl. Just a Solo cup. It works
MEDS – all of them. Hydrocodone to Ambien to Xanax I used them all and frankly I don’t know how girls get by without them
Pads – not just for the garment but for where my drain was. It will leak. Fact of life. Have something down there to catch it or it will get foul
Bio oil
Wipes – baby, feminine, face. all of the above. Anything that makes life easier
Pillows pillows pillows

Okay so I got to the DR on March 20th (wed) and went to see my SX buddy @ CIPLA. Met with Dr Duran and she asked me if I wanted to go that evening. Ummmmm YES. This gave me a whole extra day to recover before having to fly. So she marked me up, gave me the pill and I don’t remember anything else. It was wonderful until…I woke up. Not cold but very thirsty. I tried to get out of bed to get my water a few feet away and fell. Turns out my left side was still asleep. Now, this has happened before (epidural with giving birth) but what was unsual was after I fell and cried and called on the phone 3 times NO ONE CAME FOR ME. Nope. No one. I literally laid on the floor with my fresh ass for an hour trying to scream and slamming the little cart door before someone came for me. Then it was all Adios Mio!! Oh no!! Blah blah. Um yeah I’ve been laying here for an hour don’t even go there! I should mention at this point Dr Duran decided it would be best to not only do a BBL but a TT as well on me soooooooooo I could have busted a stitch easily. I was in so much pain. Fast forward to about 7 am and the Dr comes in they told her what happened and she was PISSED. She yelled at them right in front of me hehe. I felt much better. She held my hand and checked my stitches and said thank God everything is okay but if it happens again it could ruin all the work so I should never try to get out of bed alone again. Lesson learned.

Adventure #2.
Because my leg was STILL asleep @ 10 am they got worried and called the Dr in again. They were speaking Spanish so I don’t know what they were all saying to one another but the looks on their faces concerned me. They were poking and pinching me. Finally the anesthesiologist left and came back with the needles and I knew what time it was. My ass started shaking and crying and the best nurse there and Dr Duran held my hand and hugged me. I had to get another epidural to cancel out the left side numbness and make sure there was no permanent damage. I got through it and was fine in about ½ an hour but it was a little scary.

I cannot stress to you girls how important it is to be comfortable with your Doctor. Dr. Duran is SO sweet, it’s unbelievable. She just wants to make you look beautiful and she really cares about her patients. I wasn’t just another pay check and I could tell. She calls me, texts, emails. Makes sure I am good. Tries her best and actually speaks English rather well you just have to be patient with her. I couldn’t imagine doing this with any other doctor. I have it on good authority that another doctor @ CIPLA was going on her SEVENTH patient that day. 7 patients in one day? That is totally unacceptable to me. And it’s not my plastic surgeons style.

Recovery is hard. You feel like you might not make it. You will. You don’t have hardly strength to even get up to pee but just wait. The 6th day is like, when you see the light. I am 9 days post op and I am home. I can take a shower myself and walk up the stairs and not faint and everything LOL. That’s impressive! I wont push to hard. Trying to order my stage 2 Fajate today and just continue on the journey. My butt looks great. It’s hard but gets a little softer each day but my waist is what all of my friends are dying over. It’s amazing. And my belly button? Fagetaboutit. She is really great at what she does.

Oh and I HAVE to say this...now I don't want to...

Oh and I HAVE to say this...now I don't want to piss anyone off but hey, this is my profile right?!

To the ladies who say "Why would anyone go out of the country to get this procedure done?" or this and that about foreign doctors...yes I'm the first one to stand up and say I got irritated as all get out with the language barrier not necessarily in CIPLA but with the natives BUT outside of that these doctors went to school just like American ones or British ones. Your doctor is not BETTER then mine just because s/he speaks English. Number one I chose a female doctor because I 100% support women in professional aspects of life. I didn't want to give my money to a man. Plain and simple. Boom. Number two I chose my doctor because of her work. I mean, the pictures speak for themselves. I'm not saying if you chose not to go overseas your this or that but please do not start spewing ridiculousness about the work or clinic being subpar. CIPLA is a marble front, elevator-ed (

Okay you girls have been asking for more pics so...

Okay you girls have been asking for more pics so here you go. Yes, it's smaller then when I first got it done. When I first had it done I was scared because it was big and gross like Kim K's butt. Yes, it looks even better. Its big and round and that thang sits up and jiggles.

I am going to say this with as much respect as...

I am going to say this with as much respect as possible. Do NOT hit my inbox and ask me for more butt pictures. Do NOT hit my inbox and ask me to ask MY MAN to take more butt pictures. If he knew I had even taken one to share on a public forum he would flip. I think I have shared more then enough of this journey with the BBL world. I appreciate all the ladies who came before me who shared their journeys as well but I would never hound them to show more then they already have. Ultimately, your butt is going to look different from Lindsay, Sussie and Amandas anyways! You can look at my pics all day and twice and Sunday and your results will still be yours and yours alone. I am asking nicely for those who have hit me up private to respect me and my privacy. I will NOT be posting any more pictures.

The Update

My former roomie are ready for round two with Dr. Contreras March 12th 2014 let's go!


Ladies if I am going for Round 2 with a different doctor and want to chronicle this journey as well should I just continue it on this blog and just change the doctor OR start a whole new one? Lemme know!


Okay so I'm doing great. I feel like this is the butt I was born with lol BUT I am seriously planning round two November 2015 either with my same DR Doctor #durandoll OR in Columbia. I've heard they have some pretty amazing doctors there are well. Is anyone else planning November 2015?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She is very talented at sculpting and booty, she's great at communicating and she seems genuinely excited to be doing what she does. I don't feel like just another butt.

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