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I have stalked this site for years. Initially I...

I have stalked this site for years. Initially I entertained the thought of PMMA injections. After researching, however, I decided that the risk was too much for me. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that a BBL with Lipo would be best for me. I chose Yily because she is a master at creating hourglass bodies. I have been following her work for about a year and I know that she is capable of giving me the body I desperately need.

I am scheduled with her for surgery August 22. I will be getting a BBL, Lipo of the upper back, stomach, and armpit area, and a breast reduction/lift. The price I was quoted was $3,900. An unreal price for what I am getting I know. Wish me luck!

About Me...

So about me. I’m 27 yrs old, 5'3" and I weigh about 128lbs. Growing up, I was the skinny girl with big boobs. It never really bothered me though because I carried it well and had the luxury of wearing whatever I wanted. I had a small waist, no stomach and perfect bone structure in my face.

This all changed when I had my daughter at 20. Everything was fine during the pregnancy. I held very small and only gained 18lbs. However, I noticed that right after I had her and the swelling/hardness in my boobs went down; my breasts no longer had the lift that they used to. They turned droopy, seemingly overnight. Since then, my weight has fluctuated between 110-130 pounds. Despite the change in weight I have never gained any weight in my butt and rarely gained any in my lower body. I’ve tried the gym route to no avail. Fast forward to present day and I am not happy at all. I still have skinny legs and carry most of my weight in my upper body. I have 38D breasts, a flabby stomach, and a roll on my back. I’ve also gained weight in my face too. Uggh.

People I have made comments to about my body look at me like I’m crazy. With clothes on, I look fine. But it really doesn’t matter what people say to me about how I look, what matters is how I view myself. I’m not asking Yily for a miracle but rather to give me the shape I’ve never had.

Some Pics

Pre Op Pics


Just out of curiosity I emailed both Duran and Baez my pics to see what price they'd quote. I just received a quote from Baez for $4,500. But get this, the price is for lipo, a BBL, a breast reduction and tummy tuck. Where in my email did I request a TT? Furthermore, how can she look at my pics and say I need one? I know I don't. Funny enough I read a story on RS in which a girl said Baez pushes all of her patients to get TTs even when they don't need it. Probably trying to make as much $$$ as possible. Smh.

Baez Update: What To Do?

So a quick update about Baez. I emailed her back to see if she would quote me a price without a tummy tuck and she quoted me $3,600 for Lipo, BBL, and a breast reduction. Also, when I re-read her initial email I saw that she quoted me a price for a TT "if" I needed one and never stated that I did. I take back what I said before. I'm so confused now because she quoted me a great price that is all inclusive and from what I hear her availability and level of concern for her patients trumps Yily by far. Also, Baez's breast work is damn near perfect and I prefer them over Yily's no question. I just wish I could see more of her lipo work with girls with similar body types like mine. Uggh. Decisions.

Putting It All Together

35 Days Until my Surgery...I'm still getting the rest of my finances together. I haven't bought my tickets yet but plan to do so by Tuesday or Wednesday next week. I'm still taking my iron pills. I have a physical exam with my doctor next week and I'm super nervous that my hemoglobin levels might not be where they need to be. Not that I've had a problem before but I tend to over-think things. I've been taking my iron pills for about 5 weeks now so I should be ok but I won't be able to relax until I receive the official results.

I decided to stick with Yily for my surgery. I also forgot to add that I'm traveling with my best friend. We're scheduled for sx with Yily on the same date. Thank God I don't have to go through this experience by myself. Sorry that my thoughts are all over the place. Just wanted to give you guys an update.

Got my tickets!!!!

Ladies I've finally booked my flight. I'm flying out to DR on August 22. I paid about $450 round trip. This is a great price considering that I booked only a month before my sx. I have also placed a deposit for the recovery house. I will be staying at Silhouette Recovery house. The woman Angie is great. She requires a $100 deposit per person and speaks great English. Now it's time to start buying my supplies and prescriptions for the sx. I'm so excited!!!

Doctor's Appointment

So I had my physical exam today. My doctor weighed me and I weight 124lbs. I'm not sure what happened. I haven't weight myself in a few months but I was about 128-130lbs the last time I checked. I don't see any noticeable change and its just a few pounds so I'm not concerned. The fat is still in my stomach area trust me lol. Plus my ideal weight post sx was around 120lbs so

Anyways, I get my lab results on Monday. I hope my hemoglobin levels are up to par. Pray for me y'all.

Forgot to Add...

My doctor gave me a tetanus shot and it is kicking my ass. She said I need it since I'll be traveling out of the country. But this pain...OMG!

The Confession

So I finally confessed to my love the full extend of surgery I'm having in DR. About two weeks ago I told him that I was having breast reduction surgery in DR just to see how he would react. He was very upset. He called me crazy and asked why I would go to a third world country for surgery. Said if I did it, I'd be by myself when I got back. I explained to him that it was something I really wanted to do and that if it were him I'd support him even if I didn't agree with it. He didn't have too much to say after that lol.

So I finally got up to the nerve to give him the whole truth this weekend. I told him that I had a confession to make. Said a breast reduction wasn't the only thing I would be getting. I finally told him everything that I was getting done. Surprisingly, he wasn't that upset. He was like "Oh, your no different from the girls who get booty injections." Then I had to explain to him that there is a difference...a huge difference. I'm going to a licensed Dr. for one. I'm not getting some unknown substance injected into my ass for two. And I informed him that fat grafting is generally a safe procedure. Again, he didn't have too much to say after I said that lol. What he did say was "Well at least they'll be something more for me to grab." SMH. He also said that I should make sure to bring home all the after care stuff so he can read it. He also said that he'll help me once I get back. I love this man lol.

Laboratory Results...Drumroll Please

So I called my doctor's office to get my lab results and guess what my hemoglobin level is? 14.4! Yes y'all a 14.4. The nurse was even like "Wow! How did you get it so high? Do you take vitamins?" Lol. I am so excited. All other my other tests came back fine as well. Not only am I excited about this but when I walked into work this am, I had a notice on my desk. My supervisor approved me for the days I requested off for sx. God is good! :-)


So ladies I have been buying my supplies over the last few weeks. I've have 90% of the things I need. Right now I'm only missing my ab board, foam, chux, female urinal and compression socks. All of these thing I will be purchasing on Amazon. I'm almost there guys lol.

4 o'clock in the morning

It's 4 am and I can't sleep because I'm up thinking about my surgery. In 9 days I'll be in DR. I'm hoping that I am making the right decision. I'm praying that I chose the right doctor and that everything works out well for me. I hope that when I get down there my hemo levels are still high as I've been hearing of girls testing lower in DR. Fingers crossed that I am satisfied with my new body and boobs. I'm leaving everything in God's hands.

More pre sx pics

Here's a full length shots of how I look now. I can't wait for Yily to work her magic!

DR in 2 Days!

Ahhhh!!! I'll be in DR in 2 days!!! I'm super nervous because things are getting down to the wire. I'm 90% packed. I just have to add in some snacks and I'll be all set. I've received all of my supplies except the Chux that I ordered but it's out for delivery today. I'm still debating if I should bring my Mac laptop. I don't want something to happen to it but I don't want to be in DR bored either. What do you guys think? I've also been cleaning my house because I need it to be spotless when I get back. I know there's no way I'll be able to clean up when I get back. I also did crazy grocery shopping. I can't see myself struggling to carry bags to my house.

So Yily sent me an email on Monday asking me to confirm all of my information. She asked for the transaction numbers for the deposits I've made, my flight and recovery house info, how much I was quoted and what procedures I will be getting. I have so many mixed emotions - nervous, apprehensive, scared...that's not even the half of it. Nothing else I can do now but continue my countdown. I'm so happy I have support from you ladies.

Wish pics

I know I'm late but here are my wish pics. I would kill to have Iggy's shape

In route...

Just landed in I come!!!


Hey Ladies,

Just wanted to let you guys know that I made it to DR. Angie picked me and my friend up from the airport and brought us to Cipla. Apparently Yily is going out of town early tomorrow evening so she bumped her sx start time. We have to be at Cipla tomorrow morning at 7am. I'm excited about that because the sooner I have this sx, the better. My labs, X-rays, and hemo levels checked out Thank God! So far, Angie has been great. I'll update you guys tomorrow.

I made it to the other side

Hey ladies just wanted to let you know that I'm alive and doing ok. This pain is no joke man. I'm still very weak but I'll update you when I can

My new boobies

Yily did that! POW!

Finally Home!!!

I left DR yesterday and am glad to say that I am finally back home. With that being said, I wanted to update you guys with my review.

My friend and I arrived in DR around 1:00pm on 8/23. At first we couldn't locate Angie but we eventually found her towards the front entrance of the airport. Angie told us that Yily had to leave early Friday evening to go out of town and as a result, she bumped up our surgery times. We would need to be at Cipla on Friday at 6:30AM. So as soon as we left the airport, we headed straight to Cipla for our labs, x-rays and EKG. Yes all of the items used were clean and gloves were used. My hemo and labs checked out thank God. We then headed to the recovery house. I will give a review on the recover house later.

Day of Surgery:

I took a shower with antibacterial soap the morning of my sx. Angie came and picked us up around 6am and we drove to Cipla. We went to the third floor where we sat down and waited for Yily. After waiting for about 20 mins, I see Yily walking down the stairs with Samira. Ladies she is a gorgeous woman. Stunning. I know that she is pregnant but I could not tell the difference because she had on large scrubs. She walked over and greeted me a kiss on the cheek. Samira then asked me some questions (health related) and I signed my name. My friend and I then were brought into a hospital room. We then found out that we were Yily's only 2 surgeries that day!!! As my friend was having a TT, she would be Yily's first surgery. She marked up my friend first and the proceeded to me. She took some pics and the began marking me up. As she as marking me up, she said in Spanish that I was very skinny. I laughed. I then told Angie to tell Yily that I wanted no waist. Angie told Yily what I said and Yily stated that everyone's body is different but she would do her best. Yily also said that she would not remove any breast tissue from my chest. Instead, she would remove excess/saggy skin and lift my breasts. Shortly thereafter, Yily gave my friend and I the blue pill. I remember my friend being led out the room. I then remember Angie telling me that I would be getting sleepy. I told her that I already was. I then laid down on the hospital bed. Apparently I dozed off. Next thing I know, two men are waking me up. They put me on a different bed and then rolled me into the operating room. I remember telling the men in Spanish that I had to pee. One man said in a minute. I remember the same man putting an iv in my arm....and I was out!

Next thing I know, I'm waking up in the recovery room. (No I did not wake up during the sx thank God.) I'm so cold. My teeth are chattering. My butt is sore. My hips are too. I touch my butt and hips and they feel as hard as rocks. I yell for my friend and she is also in the same room. There was a wall separating us so I couldn't see her. I then get up from my bed to attempt to get the blanket I brought with me out my purse which is on the couch a few feet away. I get up, take 1,2 steps and collapse on the floor. I start crying and throwing up. My friend calls for the nurse. Two of them come. They then call for a man who picks me up and places me back on the bed. My night at Cipla outside of that was fine. They changed my urine and blood frequently. They brought us soup. One nurse even gave me a phone and told me to call her extension when/if I needed help. I wasn't in too much pain. I honestly was very happy with the quality of service I received there.

Day after surgery:

The faja woman comes into the room around 11am. She came with my faja (didn't size me or anything. Apparently, she already knew my size). OMG! Ladies getting pushed and squeezed into the faja is the worst. The tenderness and pain you feel is no joke. I later learned that my faja is a XXS. Yes an extra, extra small. Sweet Jesus! The woman then leaves. Angie then came and picked us up around noon.

I'll give you guys and update on the Recovery House and recovery process in a few.

My Stats

Just wanted to give an update on my new measurements:

Pre Op: 39-30-34

As of Today: 36-27-38.5

My goal measurements: 34-25-38

I'm hopeful that I can still reach my goal measurements. My current waist and boob measurements are with the faja, heavy padding and a lot of swelling. I will re-take them in a few days without the faja and padding. I just checked out my wish chick's measurements - Draya. Her's are 34D-25-36. Not bad. Wish me luck!

Part 2 - The recovery house

I returned to the recovery house the day after my surgery. The recovery house is located on the 7th floor in a condo located about 10-15mins from Cipla. There were 2 nurses that stayed through the weekend to care of my friend and I. The nurses were great esp a beautiful nurse names Stephanie. Such a sweetheart. She came whenever we called her. The food was lovely. I'll post some pics. The owner Angie was great. She picked us up from the airport, took us out to eat, took my friend to get her nails done. She even brought us to buy liquor. She's originally from the US so her English is perfect. One day she even have me a sponge bath! Lol. Ladies if you plan on going for sx with yily I recommend that you stay at this recovery house as yily and Angie work closely together. This recovery house was great and I have no regrets...

Now back to my recovery...

The first 3 days post op were the most difficult. Pain, stiffness, soreness. I couldn't find a proper way to sleep for the life of me. The faja kept digging into my sides and the straps of the faja were too right around my armpits (my armpits were lipo'd). One day Angie came and added more pads to the waist of my faja and to my armpits. She also recommend I get muscle relaxer pills. After that my life was great. Ladies if you have a lot of stiffness post op I would def recommend muscle relaxer pills. My friend and I stayed in DR for 6 days total. On the day we were leaving, we went to Cipla and Dra Ana removed my drain. It hurt too uggh. The plane ride home was super uncomfortable. I had to undo some clasps on my faja as they were digging into my waist. Ladies PLEASE make sure u get wheelchair assistance at the airport. It is godsend!!! I'm so happy to be home!!

Recovery house


Stepped out yesterday

Quick Boobie Update

My boobs are doing much much better. I took the tape off. I have been cleaning them daily with iodine and then putting Neosporin ointment. The neosporin has really helped the scars heal. My breasts throb every now and again but I am so much better than I was a week ago. The way the scars are healing I might not even need scar sheets.

More pics

Tried on some bathing suits today.
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