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After finally looking around and figuring out who...

After finally looking around and figuring out who is the best doctor for me I decided on Yily. I'm scheduled for May 20th. I'm 22 and I've never been skinny. And I just want to boost my self confidence so I'm doing it. My family is from Dominican Republic and several of my uncles and aunts are surgeons in DR and they definitely were happy with my selection. They said that her clinic is one of the top in DR and that I will be in great hands.

SOOO I did a last minute switch to DRA Duran! I'm...

SOOO I did a last minute switch to DRA Duran! I'm excited because even though Yily is Great she i can see that she is giving a lot of the recent girls a very Boxy shape. I want a smooth look that looks more natural. Duran is the girl for it. Her Face book and Instagram (drahilarioduran) have a few pictures of great looking girls she has recently done. I will add them so you guys can see. I will post more recent before pics because I've gained bout 10 lbs so I am a little bigger. But Duran is a sweetheart we tlk on Facebook like we've known each other for years and she really makes you feel comfortable about going to her. Sooooooo I leave for DR on Sunday Surgery is on Wednesday and I will keep you guys posted!!



Found more of Duran Work Ladiess

Found more of Duran Work Ladiess

2 more Days #DuranDoll

Okay so I am here at my aunts house and must say that I am very lucky my aunt has a guest room with two beds, cable, air conditioner and a maid that comes mon-fri so I am set. My aunt is also a doctor so having her at my consultation is great because she helps me ask very important questions. So we went to meet with Duran today. I was pleasantly surprised by the Clinic. It was really nice and very clean. Duran's office is very small to say the least and she had many patients waiting when I arrived. During the consultation we talked about my medical history and then she evaluated me. I told her I want a natural shape not boxy. I don't want to look like leggos how Yily does. Smooth with a normal size waist because I have broad shoulders and don't need them to look any wider due to my waist. I already have nice hips and i have a butt but my love handles and back fat tend to hide the actual size of my butt. So I told her I want nice, round, and full. She was glad because she said that a lot of girls go in there with unrealistic expectations. She then sent me to get blood work and to go to radiology. I Believe that Yily and Duran have the same nurses that do blood work and radiology and they had on their gloves when they drew blood the whole nine. So as far as hygiene so far they are fine to me. But I will update about that after the surgery.

This surgery is no joke Post op pics Duran Doll

I will write a review when I can but here are pics so far

New Pics: Duran 5 Days PO Boootie has gone downnnnnnnn

OMG my butt went all the wayyyyyy down :(

Cipla closed down

Death of 21 year old girl causes cipla to close down. She died in mid surgery because of an asthma attack.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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