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So i might not be the biggest of girls, but i...

So i might not be the biggest of girls, but i always felt like there was something wrong with my figure, my mom saids that "im quadra" meaning i have a box shape so I need body contouring... and I breast lift.

I spoke to Yily she gave me my quote for 4,250. That includes lipo every where and a butt lift with breast reduction and lift. My expected travel date is for the 22 of this March till the beginning of April.

I dont know who much "extra money" I should take or what to pack I need help girls!

Right now I'm 5 ft, 147lbs, 36 DD. I want to be 120, 32C, with a nice coke bottle shape. I still wanna be small Im not looking for a HUGE booty! Anyone care to help, I'm really new on here. I dont know what to expect so any comments will be appreciated.

Here I go again,...

So after going back and forth with Dr Juan Manuel Sanchez Rijo, I think im going to stick with my original choice which was Yily. He was on the fence about giving me a price which i thought was very strange. He's also kind of unprofessional. He also agreed to send me pictures of his clients, and did not. He also ignored my text ( I can see when they're read using whatsup app).

Anyways... whatever. Im scared of going away to get his done, since some people have good experiences and some people dont. I dont want to be one of those have has a bad one. So im trying to be as careful as possible. I took me a whole year to decide that Im finally doing this!

So here's a list of things I want done:
All over lipo- arms, thighs, stomach, back, and armpit.
Breast Lift/ Reduction- Im hoping the lift would be enough to reduce to 2 size smaller.
BBL- Possibly? I dont think i need it, but a small amount wont hurt, i will decided when i meet her in person.

Before/After Wish Pic


I need/ want a budy!!

Anyone going to Yily the first week of March???

Schedule for March 18th

Arrive to DR on March 17th, see you there Barbies!

OMG 10 more days before I leave to DR!

Already bought:

* Vitamins
*Wet Wipes
*Surgical Tape/ small scissors
*Surgical gauze
*. Anti Biotic Soap (Dial)
*Maxi Dress
*White-beaters (for under my compression garment)
*Compression Socks
*Arnica Jell
*Go Girl (for using the bathroom standing)
*Bio-Oil (used while I was pregnant helps tighten the skin and prevent stretch marks, and help tone skin with existing stretch marks.)
*Dog Training Pads (for covering beds or surfaces that may come in contact with my blood.)
*Bacitracin Ointment ( I heard that this is a miracle cream for healing wounds, it was inexpensive -i bought mine from Amazon.)

Wish Pics

Again heres a list of procedures:

-Breast lift / reduction from 34 DDD to 32 C
-Liposuction- stomach, back, flanks, armpit, inner thighs, and arms (maybe chin)
- BBL (?) Depends on her opinion because my booty is pretty big and perky now, im hoping that the lipo to my thighs will make my butt look good alone.

3 More Days! Yily Goddess!

So I'm getting more excited by the minute! I even had a dream last night about my surgery! Yily sent me an online questionnaire asking for my stats. I can't wait to let you guys now how it goes!


I could not find those thick maxi pads to save my life! Does anyone know where i can buy those!

Tomorrow I meet Queen Yily

Tomorrow I arrive in DR at 11:15 am and then head to CIPLA at 3pm. Please let me know if you are going to be there :) we can link up.

I'm here

Took me forever to find CIPLA but I made it. Had my blood work done but didn't get to see the doctor. Tomorrow I will go under I can't wait to get this process over with. I will be staying at upscale recovery I've tried calling recovery armonia and no one answers. Ughhhh.

The wait game

Everything is disorganized I this place. Exams, prep we surging. I've been here since 7 and I'm still here waiting for something to happen. I saw Yily this morning and she told me I couldn't get chin or arm lipo .... wtf?????????? She mustve had a bad morning because she was rude and rough.... She also had her friend who owns upscale recovery in the room and made personal comments to her. Really unprofessional to say the least.

house of pain

Holy shit I'm in so much pain.. I hope these meds kick in real soon l.

Here at upscale recovery house

The girls that work here are sweat. They're very accommodating and the place is super clean glad I chose this recover house.

Hey friends

It's 2 am it's hard to fall back asleep once you're awake. I'm 3 days post up and I have so much back pain. Please ask for the general anesthesia and not the epidural block if you can. I'll post post op picks when I feel better. Right now I'm super swollen and I'm not motivated enough. Plus my arms hurt from the back lipo. Talk to you ladies real soon.

5 days Post Op

Day 5 feeling fine. Minimal swelling the girls at the recovery keep mentioning how energize and lively I look. I am doing the following for a speedy recove:
-walking (exercise helps blood flow)
-drinking lots of water before and after surgery
-positive thinking
-eating and taking meds on a routine.

BTW I will be taking my drain out!!!!! Woohooo

Review of Yily and Upscale Recovery House

Now that I have time to write in detail about my experience I will. Dr Yily did not do as I wish when it came to the breast size that i had requested. During my consolation she was rude, she then lifted my breast and told me that this is what they would look like. I told her then that i wanted them to be smaller. When i told her that I had a bra sample of what size i was thinking of she said there was no need of seeing it. At the end she did what she wanted with my breast. Which by the way are not symmetrical. one nipple is pointing downward while the other is sitting straight. The incision one breast was placed in properly so one breast is bigger than the other. I will not be returning to this doctor nor will i recommend my friends to her. After my surgery she did not come see me in recovery. The ONLY TIME I SAW HER WAS AT CONSULTATION!!!! Her doctor assistant Ana came to see me and was very kind to me I love her very much for that.

In case you guys are wondering I am dominican and I do speak spanish, so my expectations weren't altered because I expected MORE because I did not.

Upscale recovery was my favorite part of the whole thing. The staff was nice and caring. They really bust their ass for you. I befriended all of them and it was tough to have left them because I really enjoyed my stay there. The food was great, and the driver Angel took me to my appointments and to restaurants whenever I wanted outside food. He also speaks english and he's a quite funny so he's cool to talk to. I would completely recommend upscale. Its super clean, and comfy it felt like home :). Liz the owner did a great job with the hiring and her vision of aftercare is fantastic.

Feeling Good- 3 Weeks Post Op!

My boobs are almost healed and my tummy is starting feel normal again. I only got 7 messages while i was in DR I hope that was enough. Its hard to find a someone to do it here. Yily definitely messed up one of my breast, don't know how to explain it but the scar that suppose to go along the bottom of the breast is going across the breast on my left boob. The other breast looks perfect.

Im starting to wonder if I'm the only that yily didn't bother to see. Now I know why people say that she worries more about "new money" instead of caring for her post patients.

Anyways...Even tho I got inner thigh lipo done my legs are exactly the same size, was not worth paying the extra money whats so ever... I actually weight exactly the same the only thing is that my body is shaped different now. If it weren't for the inner thigh bruises I would totally go out with a dress on.

Itchy compression garment

like seriously... i cant sleep at night because i get an itch attack. WTF! i had to take my Faja off last night cause of it ,I couldnt stand it!! Wonder if anyone else has this problem.

Progression Picture

I am not yet one month post op, I will be on April 18th.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Unfortunately I didn't have a good experience with this doctor. She was rude, and I only got to see her the 4 minutes that was my consultation. Didn't even get a check up with her.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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