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So I just thought let me blog every experience...

so I just thought let me blog every experience until the big day, my motivation is to have a small waist and a nice, round big bottom and some nice hips.
This is something that i have been considering for a while, I have done my research and decided to go ahead and get it done.
I am 20years old and I would like my shape to be banging.
I will upload before and after pics and measurements.
The doctor I feel confident with is Dr Yili De Los Santos Rosario, before i thought of even going to her i went to check if she is a accredited and guess what ??? she is!!!!!! her work is amazing!! she shapes the perfect waist!! i have not seen any better.
so I decided to get in contact with her....I sent my first email on the 16/02/13...and every week after that, I even wrote an email in spanish cause I read up shes not very good with english. She replied back on the 1/03/13 so basically in two weeks.
she asked me to send pics of me naked from different angles and asked for my weight and height!

I have taken the pics of me naked I just need to find out my height and weight and email her back ASAP!!!

I would like to get it done some time in Janurary 2014? if there is anybody else who would also be looking in to that time holla me !!

the procedure is around $2700 and $3600, I will know my quote as soon as i send my naked pics!!

I am really excited and cant wait....
if you have had this procedure before could you tell me your experience and what you took with you, how long it took you to heal etc.

Any ways thanks for reading and i will keep you updated!

I have read that she can be difficult to get back to, i emailed her on
and she replied back.

ps: I have not been given a quote yet, I have only wrote in that sum at the top because it was a mandatory field.
however i will keep you updated with my quote

Ok so I've just recieved an email asking me to...

Ok so I've just recieved an email asking me to "update" So I've sent yilly my naked photos along with my height and weight My current measurements are 42,35,44 ( I wear a 38G bra, which is abit small) I would like to keep my breast and be a 42,24,50 Height 167 (5ft6) Weight 90.8kg (14st 41b) My BMI is 32.6 so according to that I'm overweight So now I'm just waiting on a quote I've also got sickle cell trait, does anyone know if it would be problematic ? I know that the trait is not as significant as the actually disease. I do take iron tablets daily since I am anaemic also I have had sugery before, however this will be my first body sugery. Other than that I'm fit and well! I want to get my BBL either in Jan or June 2014 ( if I'm honest I would want it earlier but due to uni, in June I I finish and In Jan I have like 2weeks off. Please share any relevant information with me. Xxxxx love love love xxxxxx

So I received my quote from yilly today ! Which is...

So I received my quote from yilly today ! Which is 3300$USD I also want to do lipo of arms which is another extra 250$ so altogether I am looking at 3550$

So also recommended that I loose 20pounds, however I've seen ppl bigger than me do the op.

Has anyone else been recommend ?

She has also sent me her bank account details. Told me to send the money to chase bank

I would like to do this 2014 June now. By then I would have a lot more money. And I'm going to put down my deposit next week.

Is there any advise that anyone can give?

Anyways ! Holla!

I'm still excited but abit sad that I have to loose 20pounds

Ok so just a quick update, I plan on doing my...

Ok so just a quick update, I plan on doing my surgery on 2nd June 2014, I know it's a long way ahead but it's a time that's more convenient to me in terms of healing, I've been speaking to yilly, she's been responding much faster on her email now max 2 days.
I plan on having lipo on my arms and the whole bbl process, I think about it almost everyday, and having been research the procedure and the anaesthetic used.
I can't wait.
I've spoken to yilly about my sickle cell trait she said it shouldn't be problematic however I need to get my checks confirmed by my doctor prior to booking.

They should be no problems, I hope anyway!

I plan on putting my deposit down for that day as soon as my checks are confirmed and I also plan on booking my ticket around December.

I have so much time to wait, so I will be building up my iron intake in the mean time since I also have anaemia due to iron deficiency!

Well that's all for now, I may not be updating till closure to the time!

However if anything dramatic pops up I will!

I'm thinking if I should get my doctor checks closer to the time or should I do it now and see if I am ok for this procedure?

Either way I reckon it's a good idea I get my checks done twice

Anyways I will keep ya posted

I pray that all the other bbl sister having their surgeries are in the lords hands !
And all the best with your journeys ladies xxx

Hay BBL Sisters, is there anyone who has done bbl...

Hay BBL Sisters, is there anyone who has done bbl with yilly and willing to send me pictures of your results, or if you had it with any other doctor !
I'm just doing more research seen some work from Dra Augustina Hilario Duran and its really good! I've seen some work from yilly too, she's really good with making you curvier and giving you a great waist, however I've been reading some experiences from some ladies on here who are saying she doesn't really concentrate on giving you a bigger bootyy! :( I see what you mean, I've seen a few pics of ladies that's going to her getting a big booty and great hips n waist but I've seen a lot more perfect hourglass shapes.

I've also been reading on Dr Andrew Jimerson, I've noticed he will defo give you a bigger butt! However his prices are alot! But it is worth it........

So I'm abit confused now with who to go to! I still want to go to Yilly, but I wouldn't mind considering another dr if I can guarantee get a bigger butt hips and smaller waist.
I guess money wouldn't be a issue since I would like to do my surgery next year June so I have enough time to save 10,000 if I had too.

Ladies hit me up, let me know what you think and send me pics or links to pics,

Thank you x

Hay sistasss! What's up? I think I'm addicted to...

Hay sistasss! What's up?
I think I'm addicted to the site! I'm always on it! In the morning evening, and on the bus! Lol I need to stop!

Ok I've confused myself now!

I holla'd at Dra Augustin Hilario Duran and she replied back in a day! She's so nice! She answered all my questions! And even apologies for not being able to speak English, she's so sweet it's not even her fault lol!

Anyways I've been seeing some bad reviews about yilly just as she start replying to my emails on time lol!

I don't know who I want now! It's between yilly, Duran and moises Salama!
Salama does some great bootys ! And I've realised it's consistent!

So now I'm just lookin more into it !

I don't want a massiveeeeee booty but I want a smalllll waist and a nice round big cute booty loool I want my booty to be big enough to tell that there is a difference!
I have a lil pop belly!
I've joined gym to keep up with fitness and health so that's the only thing new !

Other than that I'm still up for the bbl in July ! Maybe even Janurary! I've upload pics of my body now and what I would like!

See ya hunnies xx

And another thing ladies, let me know what you...

And another thing ladies, let me know what you know on these doctors please x

Ok so I've thought about things, and right now I'm...

Ok so I've thought about things, and right now I'm feel Agustina Duran, she replys ASAP and keeps you fully informed about what she does, she's much more easier to communicate with than yilly.

So right now I'm headed her way! She works In the same building as yilly.

I sent Duran my wish pic and she told me its very likely she can make me recieve my desired results, and I do believe her! Plus she gives more booty than yilly, so right now I'm team Duran! Loool

I will upload a picture of her work x

I've been getting emails asking me how much my...

I've been getting emails asking me how much my expenses are so let me just clear that here.

Yily Quoted $3300USD The price for fat grafting to buttock, BBL, liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist. It also includes 1 compression garment, pre-operatory tests (TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA, GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH), cardiologist (EKG), anesthesiologist (epidural block), clinic fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).

BESIDES that her price list for extra lipo is

Lipo of thighs is 300$USD extra.
Lipo of arms is 250$USD extra.
Lipo of chin is 200$USD extra.
Lipo of knee is 250$USD extra.
Lifting crural 2,800$USD extra.
Braquioplastia 2500$USD.
Vaginoplasty 2,000$USD extra.
Botox 350$USD extra.

I choose to do arm lipo also so right now that totals as $3300 + $250= 3550

Now The lymphatic massages cost 31$USD each session (10 sessions)
If you want to buy a second garment, the price is 140$USD
In case you need a blood transfusion, the price is 250$USD
The compression sleeves cost 80$USD

I would do the massage 31x10=$310 and I would get the compression sleeve (80) and extra garment(140) to along with blood transfusion (250) and insurance (250)


The places we recommend to stay at are:

-Spa Jacqueline Marrero “Recovery House”: 90$ per day. If 2 people share a room the price would be 75$USD per person. It includes: round-trip transportation to the airport, room with 2 beds, 3 meals, nurse 24 hours, security, access to internet WIFI, Transportation to surgery.

If you're staying at the Recovery House (Jacqueline Spa), contact them and send your flight information (airline, flight number, date, time). They'll pick you up at the airport.

-The hotel of the clinic CIPLA: 100$ per day. It includes: 3 meals, WIFI, nurse 24 hours. The round-trip transportation is 70$USD.

I plan on staying in recovery house with my buddy so that makes is 75x11(nights) = $825

So all my expenses calculated are:

$3300(bbl) +$250(lipo of arms) =$3550
Massage $31per session X 10sessions = $310
Recovery Room (accomadation) $75 per night X 11nights= $825
Insurance = $250
Blood Transfusion (just in case) = $250
Spare garment= $140
Compression sleeves = $80
Medication =$250

Total = $5655

I must state that this total is unique to me!
Some of you may not want compression sleeves etc.
Plus that's my total with out my flight!

So my total would be my price if I go with yilly excluding flight

I will upload my expenses if I go with Duran abit later x

Hiiii !!!! ok so Duran gave me a quote off $3500,...

hiiii !!!! ok so Duran gave me a quote off $3500, which includes

pre surgical medical examinations
cardiologic evaluation
photographs \before and after
operation room
post surgical accessory (1 garment)
supplies and disposable material
medicines(analgesics and antibotics) at clinic
medical fees
one night at the clinic
one night nurse care
consultation and medical checks before and after surgery
physician examinations and consultations, pre and post- operative
medical insurance is $130
post operative medication is $150

after careful consideration I will be going with Duran!! she seems like a great person and I feel like i would get great results from her!!

I've just uploaded a few pics of Durans work x

I've just uploaded a few pics of Durans work x

Bbl sistasss! What's up?? I was finding it hard...

Bbl sistasss! What's up??

I was finding it hard to get through to Duran, but she just announced on her Facebook that she had problems with her emails so i have re sent all of my un answered email again today.... I've also uploaded pics of her recent wrk that she has uploaded on twitter.

I have also been looking at Dr Salamas work during the time Durans wasn't receiving her emails, and I am impressed.
He gives big bootys and his waist are pretty decent, nothing compared to Durans n Yilys but his bootys make up for it lol.

I'm abit stuck again now.

Don't know wether to go for Duran or Salama now!

He is pretty expensive around 9000 but the booty he puts on you makes it worth it.

I don't think my body is terrible now, but it's not amazing ! I would like a bigger bottom and wider hips that's it really and a nice waist ! Is that too much to ask for ? Loool

I've read some people's reviews post surgery and I noticed 2/3 of Salamas clients complained about having hard lumps?

How long does that take to go? Does that happen with everyone?

And a question for those that have already done it, does your bum feel nice? Is it hard or soft ?

Thanks girlies !

One thing I do like about Salama is the level of...

One thing I do like about Salama is the level of professionalism. He has payment sheets that you have to fill out for the money to be debited from your account, so if anything was to happen which I doubt you have evidence to show that you have made a payment and what for. I noticed with yilly you have to get her bank details or pay through chase bank or western union, I don’t really know how that operates so I will not really be at ease doing it. I don’t exactly know how you pay for the deposit with Duran cause she did say she will give me the account details and she will get back to me, but its been 4 weeks and no reply.
I understand that Duran is way cheaper that’s brilliant, but because I am coming from far away I need to be sure that I am making the right choice……. I have no time to be having communication problems fair enough the doctors are very busy, I understand that totally however that’s why personal assistants and consultants are there to manage bookings, emails and phone calls…. I have seen that a lot of ladies having issues to get through to some of the docs in DR… I have no time for that ? I hope Duran responds and I will check out her payment method and see make before I do any final decision. I know she did mention paying the deposit and paying the remainder personally on the day that’s great, but I don’t know what hassle I would get at the airport traveling with $4000 dollars on me in cash … then again there is a chance it could get misplaced and all ( highly unlikely for me to misplace money but there is always a slight chance of things happening)
So right now I would not lie I am considering Salama I Know its going to drink my pocket but I like the way him and his team handle communication…. Now I am abit happy that I am doing it in June 2014 cause it has giving me time to still observe and research the docs, I did check out Salama and he is accredited so you know another pro.
I want to know for certain what doc I end up going with before I holla at Kirsty to change my doc again lol!
But right now I am heading Salamas way!!! I do like the way he does bootys. Every individual is different so every single one of us will have different options I don’t want to persuade any one into changing their docs … do whats right for you….. this is just my review … my experience.. that I hope will help other ladies considering this procedure!!
My sister still wants to go with Duran because she lovesssss the waist and the hips she does!! And It is amazing….. but my sis also wants a biggggggg booty loool shes been watching to much music videos she wants a hip hop hunny booty, and she should go for it if that’s what she wants at the end of the day it is her money… however one thing we also have to observe is if these doctors that we are looking at can actually deliver what we want….. now what I noticed with Yilly (my first choice) that she is amazing with waist lines and hips she does it perfectly !! however from what I have seen she does actually give you a biggg video vixen boddy, but because of the small waist it does bring out your booty however it doesn’t look any more different to how it was before…. This is my own observation…. This is what I have seen! She does give good figure but I am the type of person that would expect a fat booty on an amazing shape. (don’t judge me lol)
Now with Duran she is just as good as YIlly she gives amazing waist and hips and she does give more booty than yily a lot more however its nothing tooo crazy… she will shape you up!!. because you will have the perfect hourglass figure going on your body automatically looks banging … I hope you get what Im saying….
Now with Salama I have noticed he gives big bootys …. Big ones. on some ladies I have seen sexy big apple bottom bums and I have seen a few with square bootys…. But recently I am seeing some really big nice bottoms coming from salama…. I have seen pictures on here of him turning a ladies with no to flat bums into round and bigg bums.. I guess it depends on your shape anyway…. I have uploaded a pic of my body at the moment… I wouldn’t say I have a flat bottom but I would prefer a bigger rounder booty, because I have big breast (38G) I need a nice booty so my figure makes sense… I don’t think my fat Is terrible… I think that if I get the fat taken from my back and flanks that I would be much more curvy also if my stomach becomes flat I believe that my body would be sorted also with a lil bit of hips… I don’t want some crazyyyyyy crazyyyy ass but I do want one that is big and in proportion with the rest of my body which is fair to say since It will be my body and money ?
And I do believe that I would be able to get these results with Salama since I have seen ladies with a similar figure get amazing results from him… and from when he can turn a no booty into booty heaven then why not…

The only thing with Salama is the price…. I am still willing to pay it …. If I feel as if I would get my results… just a lot more saving to do….. I will let you know my overall cost with salama if I do go ahead with it from the surgery to the accommodation to the medication.
Well this is how I am feeling right now ……………………
I’m quite surprised that I have written so much loool if only I could do my assignments like this !!
I am even in the library now lol took time out to speak to my bbl sistas!!
Any ways love love love !! and those who have their operation soon I will keep you in my prays and does who have already done it I am wishing you a safe recovery
If you can give me some good advice please do !!!

Ok soo Duran has holla ed me and told me to holla...

Ok soo Duran has holla ed me and told me to holla her back in Janurary ......

Hello RS sistasss! Ok so I have upload two new...

Hello RS sistasss! Ok so I have upload two new pics of Durans work! She has put an big booty and gave this female amazing curves ! I'm definitely feeling it!

I have just uploaded 3 more of Durans work

I have just uploaded 3 more of Durans work

Mini Update

I've updated my profile with more of Durans Work!
I will do a mini summery in regards to my expenses and trip planing. I will also share Durans contact details

Durans Contact details/ Work update

I have been recieving quite a few emails requesting Duran's contact details. I have posted it on my profile 5 times. I understand that there is alot to read so I will update it here since I can't reply to everyone individually requesting the same thing.

Facebook-Dra Agustina Hilario Durán

Personal Contact Details:
Number: +1 809 565 5348
+1 809 707 7163

Durans Quote

Duran Quoted me $3300

Which included:
Here some information that You need

This price includes:

•Pre-surgical medical examinations

•Cardiologic Evaluation

•Photographs (before and after surgery)

•Operating Room


•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Garment)

•Supplies and disposable materials

•Medicines (analgesics and antibiotics) at clinic

•Medical fees

•One night at the clinic

•One night of nursing care

•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery

•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post-operative

This price excludes the cost of medical insurance and post-operative medications. The medical insurance is a requirement and its purpose serves to ensure that you are covered in the event that you will need to be transferred to a local hospital in case of an emergency. The cost of this insurance is $130 USD. The cost of the post-operative medication is $150 USD

31x10sessions= 310 (massage)
75x11nights=825 ( recovery room)
$250= insurance
$80= compression sleeves
$250= Blood transfusion (just incase)
$140= Spare Garment
$250= Arm Lipo


so I basically need to save $5405 for my BBL excluding my flight.

This price is unique to me!!

If you would like to see my body pic now just inbox me and we will sort something out.

take care x


Hello ladies,

How are you all, I've been away from my profile for abit.
I'm counting the days !!! I really want to be a Duran doll ASAP!!!
Got like 10 months !! Loool so long.... Besides that I will upload some pics of Durans work xx

Excited !!

I'm just so excited, I may end up doing this sooner.

Just to let you guys know that Duran said she won't do any surgeries on you if you have a BMI over 35 and if your heamogloblin levels are less than 12. So girls get prepared.
My BMI is 32.1 and my heamogloblin levels was 11.5 lat time I checked so I'm going to work on this. And I want to get my BMI down too 29-30

I wish all of you a safe journey x

No response

I'm going to book my ticket to DR before the month ends, I've been trying to contact Duran but I haven't received a response I wanted to confirm a day before I brought my ticket ! So I'm just going to keep on emailing her until I get a response, I have actually never had any problems with communication with Duran however I'm assuming that she is just very busy, I did contact yilly and book for the 17th of June just in case, so if I don't hear anything from Duran I may just have I go with yilly. Xxx

Got through!

So Duran hasn't been replying to my emails, I'm assuming she is busy so I called in and I got through to a nurse, the language barrier was a problem but she managed to get what I was saying after slowing speaking, I booked myself in for the 17 June 2014

Everything is BOOKED

My countdown starts now !!!!
So I have booked my ticket which cost me £1506
I have confirmed everything with Duran !! my day will be on the 17th June 2014!!
I have booked my accommodation which will be SPA MEDICAL JACQUELINE, which will cost me $1950
Since I will be with my sister.
The price includes food, Internet, 24 hour nurse

So my bbl is $3500
Insurance $130
Post meds $150
Massage (10) $175

My totally cost will be $5895 excluding my flight

However I'm looking forward to this. Now that everything is booked and confirmed I can now focus on something else loool!!
It seems so real now !!
I will keep you ladies updated and will put up before And after pictures


Just saying Hi

Hellloooooooo everyone that reads my page, I'm so excited I'm just saying hi, I don't want to vanish completely but I think I'm running out of things to say, loool, I'm just excited for this day!!! I can't wait.....i think I will start buying my things closer to the date..... Stay tuned xx

Early Happy NEW years blessings

I hope all of you are well!! I sure am:) I am looking forward to 2014 it feels like it is going to be a year of progression for me.
I just want to share some thoughts and findings that have been on my mind.
Recently, I have been reading some articles about A Death of a patient under the care of a doctor. I did some more research and found the article from a credible source. Which i will upload later, for those who want to read it
My views on it are such, every surgery that you do carries a risk, it does not matter who the doctor is a risk is still possible. What you should take in to consideration is the precaution the doctor or practises have in place to limit or reduce risk that is what indicates a well trained doctor.
It is totally understandable that countries such as USA, UK are known for being very pre cautious at limiting risk etc.
My advice: do your own research and use other peoples journeys as a guideline, weigh out the pros and cons and make your decision accordingly. If you feel that your choice is right for you then let it be. Please do also check to see if your doctor is registered. That is important. If so go ahead and get you body ladies!! Consider your current health condition and build yourself up to the right level of fitness for this surgery, physically, mentally and spiritually.
In all honesty, people actually do die at the hands of the doctors, And in some cases it may well not be the doctors fault, however that is why it is important to be in the hands of a doctor that is good and knows what to do in life - threatening situations.
This surgery does route out alot of questions and feelings... But you have to follow your heart.
Why are you doing your surgery? And is my reason really worth it, if so go ahead.
My Prayer: Thank you father for such a site like realself, i pray that you lead all the ladies on here interested in what ever surgery that they are interested in to the right hands lords, may you be with us ever step of the way, in our decisions and choices lord may you take lead to direct us to the right hands lord, overall may you also be with these doctors in every surgery they perform may your blessings be upon them lord. As we enter the new year lord i pray that every lady who goes wherever to do their surgery lord that you will be with them, I speak against the spirit of death lord may it not be their portion. Every plan of the enemy lord may it be rebuked in jesus's name. May your blessings and your protection be our covering on that day. Thank you lord for all is done !! In jesus name i pray!!!
Let the children of God say Amen!!!

My conclusion: do your own research, you owe yourself that much, do not just go with the flow here, it is your body and you life that will be changed. So put in that much effort for yourself!!!
Overall follow your heart, and keep every sister on here in mind and in pray, pray can make changes to situations!!!
If you every want to have a little chat with me or just get things off your mind, i am a inbox away lool! I may not respond straight away but i will defo respond! Lets build each other up for this and respect each others decisions!
I wish you all a happy new year!! And a safe and successful journey. May your 2014 be filled with alot of blessings!!!

4 more months!!!!

4 more months untill my body is transformed!!
I am so excited!!! I seriously need to remember to take my iron tablets.... I have put down a deposit for healing haven so i will be staying there.
Almost everyday I look at durans post op dolls!!! Loool
It becomes more real each day lol

facebook account

Hay dolls,
Quick update I now am on Facebook June Duran Doll.
Please add me and we can speak, I will on accept adds from those who want to, have it in mind or are doing surgery.
3 more months ladies!!!! Time is going sofast now.
I am thinking of switching doctors to Dr Cabral. He does some good work and creates the best butt!
I am still looking in to it but after my research is clear then I will go ahead with Cabral.
But add my Facebook account much easier for me to respond back.
I get a lot of emails asking me for Duran s details.
Please dolls if you can not read my journey than at least have a scroll through and you will see it,I have uploaded her details like 5 times and how I got through to her etc
So if you do message me what are her details I will email back please have a scroll through my time line.
I will be reply to messages today ,sorry for keeping you waiting. I have been busy.
Just want to pray for those dolls doing surgery at the moment and those who are planning to may the Lord be with you every step x amen

I'm ok

Hello to everyone that has kept up with my post and love for the concern!

I'm fine and all is well with me! I've been really occupied with life which is why I haven't updated my profile sorry for keeping everyone in the loop.

I'm now 2 years post op and everything is great! To all my ladies considering surgery and going to cilpa , it is 100% totally safe! Do not give into all the hype and no not let the fears of rumours or conspiracies stop you from getting your dream results.

I do advise that your health is up to recommended levels in order to minimise the risk of surgery that anyone can face.

Surgery is a big thing and all aspects Concerning it has to be taken into account when you decide to go through the process including the risk.
Nevertheless do not focus solely on the risk but focus entirely on getting your body and mind prepared.

Duran, Yilly and Cabral are all amazing doctors and are board certified, I have met with all if them and all of them are lovely and honest!

I'm very personal with my pictures but I am willing to share images privately if you contact me.

I know sometimes its hard to determine what profile is real or fake, which is why I created this profile to be able to document my process.

Please forgive me for abandoning my profile and I wish every single person a safe , successful journey.

Much love xxxx


Hope everyone is okay. Yily, Duran and Cabral are all on Instagram where they present their work.

My advice is to stay strong and firm in what your doing. Since my surgery I've been to DR twice and have formed very close relationships with recovery homes and the doctors.

I love my results and tbh I do get compliments everyday ! I am aware of some of the negative stories published about cilpa. Although I am aware that some patients have died at the hands of these surgeons I still will like to reassure you that these doctors are board certified. The surgery is invasive and can cause bleeding which is why it is very very important to be in good health and declare your health status to the doctors.

I'm sorry if I sound to blunt but it's normal to consider the risk and to be fearful about the whole procedure because the main point of getting the surgery of course is to enjoy your results. I remember being part of groups and the risk of death is also elaborated of course because it is the worst consequence.

But please be mindful that death can happen with any procedure that requires anestetic and at the hands of any doctor in DR, US or UK that is a factor that can't be controlled unfortunately.

But a good way to limit your risk is to be in good health, eat and drink well before the surgery. Iron levels should ideally be slightly above normal because this will drop significantly after surgery which could lead to low blood levels , which if course isn't ideal. Refraine from vitamin E which can increase clots and bleeding. Follow all aftercare instructions and take your antibiotics.

I wish all of you a safe and joyful journey
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Research yet to undergo procedure, i will rate later

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