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Helllo beautiful RS ladies! I finally decided to...

Helllo beautiful RS ladies!

I finally decided to make a profile after months of just looking so i can help and share my experience like so many of you have helped me! I have chosen Dra Yily De Los Santos as my doctor. I found her early on in my research process and love her work. I would look into other doctors but keep coming back to Yily. She gives amazing shapes. Ive talked to her a few times thru email and recently whatsapp. I have a tentative date of March 8th. She gave me her Bank info to send the deposit but it was in spanish and google translate doesnt help. Im so confused on why this is so confusing and hard lol! You think they would want to make it easy to send your deposit and set the date... Unfortunately its not, so any of you who have recently sent your deposit thru her bank account please pm me!! I have bank info it just doesnt make sense, and some help would be appreciated. Im ready to get this booty rollin!!!

Almost Time!!! 3/6 YilyDoll!!

I have been mia really bc im not very good at blogging but feel like i owe realself a good review of my whole experience! Ive gotton 99% of my info from here!
I set my date with yily at the beginning of january via emailing her my airline confirmation.. I then booked with florida plaza suites which is supposed to be nie and close to cipla. I am staying in DR for 2 weeks to make sure everything goes smoothly! Im bringing my best friend but shes not getting surgery. We r getting in 2 days early i get situated and so i can go to cipla and do laba the day before sx. I tried booking with armonia recovery but getting weird emails from them so not sure if im actually staying there or not lol. No big deal though as ive already contacted a nurse who can see me at my hotel!
As far as supplies i relied on bbl supplies checklist in the guides section it is really good. I have a boppy pillow yoga mats and i bought i huge piece of foam used to make a chair seat that im going to cut down and cut a scoop into into for less pressure...really just trying to have alot of seating options for when i have to. BUT im trying to plan for not sitting at all for a month except for the flight back...
Im waiting to but my garments til DR at a faja store there so ill get all the correct sizes but i did order a squeem perfect waist cincher hopefully ill get it tomorrow..
Im so excited im really not that trying to have a positive vibe and good energy and have faith that God will b with me and that Yily is amazing!!! I will update again when im in the dr before surgery and also post pics..i have a millions tatts i gotta cover lol! B Blessed ladies and good luck with ur sx/recovery!
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