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Hello ladies I wanted to write my review on my bbl...

Hello ladies I wanted to write my review on my bbl sx with Dr.Yily on March 5,2013 my measurements were 36dd-33-43 I am now 36dd-27-45. I will start my review with I'm still healing and swollen on lower part of my body but I can say I like my results. Sx is a very emotional roller coaster some days I feel great others wishing I never did only caus of the healing process.

Ok I uploaded some before and after pictures and do a full review once I'm on my laptop I'm writing on my iPhone right now til next time.

Well give detail review soon....

Well give detail review soon....

Okay so I finally decided to sit down and write...

Okay so I finally decided to sit down and write this review. I will try to be as detailed as possible however forgive me if I forget some things as I had the sx on 3/5/13. Okay so my friend and sx buddy left Orlando Fl for DR on 3/4/13 at 9pm we arrived in DR at 1 something in the morning to meet up with our other sx buddy Fill_ME_OUT. We stayed at a hotel which I completely just forgot the name smh lol ( I will add the hotel name once I remember). Beware that they drive like bats out of hell over there, its like they have no rules on how to drive so be prepared to hold on to your dear life. Also they are tipaholoics there and make sure to have your currency app downloaded to your phone because they will try to cheat you. Okay so we arrive on the morning of sx my friend and I did not get any sleep once we arrived to the hotel not even a mini nap we were to excited. We called the cab to take us to CIPLA and that was crazy because the taxi driver didnt know where it was and we had to be at CIPLA by 6:30 am we finally get there around 7. When we did get there no one was there yet so we waited til Yira arrived. We than started our lab tests that needed to be done. DR.Yily did not arrive til around 10am. Yira had us pick what room we wanted to be in at CIPLA for the mandatory one night stay, after that we waited some more. I became so irritated that I almost did not go through with the surgery because it was now 3 something in the afternoon and I haven't eaten or drinked or slept for the past 24 hours. On top of that drama started between my sx buddy and another chick that was suppose to be in our group but that ended up horrible and I will not add that part to my review but I will say whoever you buddy up with just pay attention to signs that they may give you and than make a decision on if you really want them to be your sx buddy or not. My sx buddies ( now my good friends) talked me into staying even though I was on the phone with JetBlue trying to book the next flight home. so finally around 5 something we go in our rooms and get our sx gowns to put on. Dr.Yily is a very beautiful woman when you see her all you can say to yourself is that you want to look like her when she is done with you. Okay so Dr. Yily comes in and starts to mark me up, she asked if I just want hips and if I had a BBL done before I told her I wanted hips and a grande culo she laughed even though she thought I had the BBL done already and just needed hips and lipo since my butt already measured at 43 inches before sx. Once she was done marking me up she gave me the blue pill. Now all I remember is taking my sx buddy before pictures and telling her I felt funny and she said to go lay down than I was knocked out COLD. Most say they woke up during their sx well that was not my case I was knocked out period. My roomie told me that Yira came in collected the money for sx from me I counted it and all and gave it to her however I truly do not remember any of that. My roomie also took pictures of when they wheeled me out and again I do not remember that at all. I do remember laying in bed waking up thinking to myself " well damn Im still waiting to get worked on" not realizing that I already had sx done and went back to sleep. I than woke up again looking across the room for my roomie and I remember not seeing her and still Im thinking to myself "ok I must be next once she comes back". It wasnt til the nurse put something in my IV and I felt a burning sensation I woke and than realized I did have sx done already. I cannot tell you the time I left or when I got back because once again I do not remember much lol. okay so now I realized I had sx I didnt really feel the pain yet I remember that I was shaking really bad and I was very cold I asked for a extra blanket but the nurses said they didnt have any so than I had her turn up the ac. I remember pulling out the catheter that was in and went to go pee like it was nothing. I got up a few times before I finally started to feel the discomfort. I cant say it was pain it was just a lot of discomfort and stiffness. What did piss me off is that the nurses at cipla liked to close the door so it was hard to get their attention however one nurse was very sweet and stayed in the room with me and my roomie. The next morning (3/6/13) they bought in our breakfast (soup and crackers and juice) however they sat it down so far away from our beds, I had to get up to move the tray closer to my bed and I walked across the room to give my roomie her crackers and water that she wanted. So Dr. Yily comes in and checks on me and my roomie she told me that I lost a lot of blood so my blood level would be low and to take lots of iron and drinks lots of water. We were released to go back to our hotel I walked around for a little but and than all of sudden I just felt like I was going to pass out. My roomie quickly helped me to sit down and I dont know what came over me but I just started crying, shaking, pain and was very hot. The nurse tried to calm me down and say that what I was feeling is all part of the sx and I will be fine but I didnt feel that way. Once I told the nurse I was feeling pain they came back in and gave me a shot for pain.Now I will say this had nothing to do with Dr. Yily work on me at all it was just simply because I lost a lot blood is why I felt that way and I did not need a blood transfusion either. After that I felt better and me and my other 2 sx buddies were wheeled down to take our taxi back to the hotel. Ladies please please please walk as much as you can even though your not going to want to please walk the stiffness you feel is no joke I think that is the worst part.
My results now even while I was laying in cipla bed my roomie said I had a very tiny waist and a big butt some even said that they could see my butt from the front lol. I didnt really get to wrapped up my shape because I knew I was still swollen however there were times I looked in the the mirror and was like she gave me some serious hips however I didn't think she did anything to my butt. however this was only a few days after sx so way to soon to tell. on third day (3/7/13) we decided to have a nurse come to our hotel to help us wash up and to wash our garments and went shopping for us. Her name is Susan she works at cipla part time and goes to school. Susan was so sweet she stayed with us from 9-5 that day. My garment was very soiled so I ordered another garment so when Susan washed me up she could just put on the new garment that I bought. Oh the garment Yily put on me after sx was a small on the 3rd day she told me when I order my garment to get an xsmall and man was that a killer to put on. After that day we did not need a nurse for the rest of our stay.
On the 4th day (3/8/13/) had our follow up with Dr. Yily at 9 that morning, me and Fill_me_out got our drains removed and boy did that felt good, our other sx buddy had to leave hers in because she had a tummy tuck so she had to leaves hers in a little longer. Oh I did forget to mention that we were sitting on our butts from day one. That same day we decided to go get a mani and pedi done and went to the mall. It was a lot of walking the mall was 4 floors and we went to all of them looking for a place to do our mani and pedi. So we finally find one and I sat waited til it was my turn however the longer I sat there the more that xsmall garment started to bother me. It got so bad that I started crying and had the whole salon trying to figure out what was wrong with me. My roomie came and looked at my garment and Dr. Yily had the xsmall garment on the last row so my roomie put it to the first row again and I felt much better.
I left DR on 3/10/13 and the plane ride home omg felt horrible it was so uncomfortable.I got some ibuprofen and went to sleep that helped alittle. So finally make it home and my kids father quickly said that I looked amazing and that Dr. Yily did a great job on me. Again ladies sx will be an emotional roller coaster some days I loved my results other days I felt like I wasted my money, I could not see what others were saying about my results. Than there were days I liked my results but decided to do a round two. another important thing is massages please get them done they help alot as well.
fastward to current time now i finally went out to the club with my homegirls and boy oh boy. I had females asking me if my butt was real and if they could touch it even my homegirl when she finally seen me asked what did I do to my body and could she touch my butt. Guys were just looking and making comments. I even bumped into my ex now all of sudden I have his full attention(we now talk on a daily basis) there was one dude that wanted to talk to me and he stood by me the whole time when my ex walked up to me this dude told my ex " she good man I got this one" my ex was like thats "my chick" my ex could not keep his hands off me nor did he leave my side and told me I was going home with him lol I am still swollen I do still wear my garment of course. I am now hitting 6 weeks i will start light workouts this week. My xsmall garment is now to big for me so I have to order a xxsmall garment. Another important thing I noticed before I end this review is that when I left for DR I weighed 180 when I came back home I lost weight went down to 165 and my butt seemed to shrink back to my normal 43 inches. I have since than gained my weight back up to 173 and now my butt is a 45 with a 27 waistline. So I truly believe when you lose weight you WILL lose the weight in those areas however when you gain you ALSO gain in those areas. I am no longer thinking of a round two either. well ladies im getting tired so I will stop here, sorry for any typos and if you have a question feel free to ask and I will answer them as quickly as I can. I have uploaded some picture for you guys to see and be the judge do I need a round 2? til next time have bootyliclous day.

OH almost forgot some info about me I am 32 have 5...

OH almost forgot some info about me I am 32 have 5 kids I am 5'8, also none of my jeans fit I have to go shopping for jeans, my sweat pants that once fit are now to big in the waistline area.

Another added note my butt was always firm never...

Another added note my butt was always firm never that jiggly after sx my butt was never hard and it jiggles more now than it did before however I still have a firm booty I thinks it's cause I have tight skin so my booty just don't jiggle like everyone else's :-( ok truly going to bed now :-)

Just added some pics with no clothes on.

Just added some pics with no clothes on.

Hello nothing new to update I did start working...

Hello nothing new to update I did start working out and I also decided I'm going back to Yily to lipo my arms and thighs in October.
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