Went to Lima for round 2!!!

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I have booked my date with Dr Yily for August 19...

I have booked my date with Dr Yily for August 19 I'm getting full back, flanks, abd lipo TT BBL with breast lift and implants! I'm am soooo excited. I have reviewed many surgeon both and the states and abroad to give me the results that I have Ben looking for. First thought about Dr. J , but the more unstudied his pics, they just didn't look natural and the buttocks didn't look proportionate with some of the girls frames.... Just my opinion. But I'm very please with the work I have seen from Dra Yily. Might put off the breast lift and implants until a later date... Haven't committed 100%. I want them done but as a Mom of 3 with a husband who will be deployed (active duty Navy) when I get this done I think I don't want to be incapacitated fully for a long period of time. At least I can move my upper body if I hold off. Anyway I wanted to post on this forum, since I have trolled it for over a year as I made my decision and the stories that you ladies have shared, your pure honesty and intimate details helped me out more than I can express in words. Out of appreciation, I decided to share mines.

I have read where some ppl are having a hard time...

I have read where some ppl are having a hard time sending in their deposit to Dra Yily. I did as well so I'll share my experience. The closest Chase bank to me is two states over! So I opened an online chase quick pay account. It's free and you don't need a Chase bank account to open one. To send the money to Dra Yily you have to use her hotmail email address or it won't go through. I shared this info with her so she could pass it on to her patients. She no longer has PayPal or uses Western Union so this is the only way to send your deposit. I hope this helps ;)

Surgery Buddy Needed for August

I'm having surgery in the DR on August 10 with Dr Yily! I would like a surgery buddy I'll be in the country from August 18-29. Help!!!! I'm thinking about Yasmin's RH. I've read the reviews both good and bad, and had to outweigh competent personal, and compassionate post op care versus many of the lifestyle luxuries that I'm accustomed to. Sigh.... It was and still is tough for ME.

To hips or not to hips?

I've seen wonderful work by Dr. Yily but I've also seen some hips and butts that were almost "cartoonish" and unrealistic. I wanted hips added, but Im already pretty thick and have a big butt. I just wanted more projection and roundness. I think adding more to my hips will only make me look disproportionate. Sigh.... Idk.

Side profile pre op butt pic

Idk about hips. I just want it rounder with a cuff... I don't want it too big

Full front pic

My boobies look soooo sad! I can't wait for perky again!

Wish pics

I loooove her bootay!

Yasmin Recovery House

I have heard mixed reviews about Yasmin's recovery house. I just wanted to say that I have been in contact with her for over a month... Asking all kinda of redicous questions because I am terrified of staying in someone's home in a foreign country for a week totally incapacitated recovering from major surgery. Besides I am a nurse and sanitary conditions are a MUST! While I haven't arrived there yet or experienced what staying there will be like she is the MOST compassionate and nicest person ever! She has eased many of my fears and will even have her sister stay with me at the clinic overnight after surgery because I'm such a whiny scared baby!!!! I will keep you guys posted once I get there, but my anxiety has definitely been reduced thanks to her.


Actually I'm staying at Yasmin's for 12 days total... Not a week. Sorry for all the typos. Damn iPhone! Lol

Perfect "heart" shape Wish Pic!!!

I want this look. No shelf butt, but nice bottom heavy heart shape! I love this pic. Very realistic for my shape.

Lab Results

I usually struggle with anemia and take iron supplements daily. Ive had my period twice this month already (Whats up with that?) and was scared. I went to my OB and I'm good . My hgb today even with all my body is going through is 12.5!!!! Yay me.

Yily Breast Work- Reconsidering

I'm scheduled... Pays for, flight and RH booked. But... I'm reconsidering getting my breast done. I love her sculpting TT and BBL work. So I'm definitely getting that done, but I've been reading posts and have seen pics that are making me think about not getting my breast done by her. Idk... Any thoughts?

12 Days toy transformation !

So Dolls, I've been shopping and packing. I think I've packed too many clothes, wondering when and where am I going to need all those maxi dresses! Lol. Still trying to find a drainage belt to hold my tubes and bulbs. All in all I'm just anxiously waiting for my day. I soo glad I've decided to do this solos after reading many reviews. I won't have the surgery buddy drama to worry about. Just my private room, and all the movies and music I've downloaded!

I hate my iPhone! All my typos make me seem kinda uneducated! Lol

Oh well.... I'm on a wonderful high anticipating my new body! Sooo*shrug*

WhatsApp is AWESOME!!!!

I have read where some people are having trouble getting in touch with Dra Yily. With my surgery day fast approaching I have had many many many questions that I needed to ask her... And with What'sApp and my translation app, her responses have been within a few hours to immediately! I would suggest that if you want faster responses you download those apps. I just found out I'm the first one scheduled for surgery on August 19!!! Yay

Traveling Budget-Help!!!!!!

I have no idea how much money to take with me for my surgery. I've paid for my surgery and also the RH because I hate the thought of traveling with so much cash. I budgeted in a blood transfusion, just in case, ($250), meds ($250) extra garment ($140), Massages 8x $25=$200 for the masseuse that comes to the RH. Total $840 I rounded to $1000. But I keep thinking that's not enough! Ughhh.

5 days to go!!!

This feeling is surreal. I'm super excited, nervous, restless.. Then super excited all over again. I'm beyond addicted to RS, and my bag has been packed, unpacked, and repacked several times. I can't wait for my day to come when all the planning and waiting is over.

Best Surgery Buddy!!!! EVER

I have truly been against a surgery buddy, after an experience when one girl decided to change her surgery date ( for like the 5th time) AFTER convincing me to change my dates to accommodate her. But anyway. I now have theeee most AMAZING surgery buddy ever. We're Soros, both ride 2's, and have so much in common. I feel like I've known her my entire life. Her spirit and personality are contagious. I'm so glad to have found and be taking this journey with her.

On the Plane!!!!

It's finally here! I'm on my way to the DR and to Dra Yily to sculpt me to perfection. I meet up with my bestie butt buddy my next stop, then it's me and her all the way there. I'll keep you guys posted. Yaaaaay!!

I made it to the flat side.

This surgery is no joke ladies. I actually had
I was done yesterday because I needed a blood transfusion on my original day. I'll do a full update when I'm feeling more up to it. Promise

First follow up appointment today.

I promise to do a full review in time. I've just been trying to respond to everyone's PM who are having surgery this week, along with recovering myself and have had time to yet. Well.... Today I got to see the Tatas for the first time since surgery. I've posted pics. Dra Ana says I'm healing well,I look great but I'm very swollen today. Ttyl Dolls.

A moment without my Faja on!

I'm loving my curves, I know my boobies will fall some, and I'm looking forward to it. I feel like they're under my chin! Lol. But I think they look awesoooooome!

Almost 1 month Post-op. PICS

This past few weeks have been rough. I'm still not back to my usual self. Sleeping is a challenge and so is bending over. I sneeze, and it hurts like hell. I'm still very swollen and have had to have fluid manually drained from from stomach since I had my drain removed at 14 days post-op. I'm still loving my results compared to my before pics, but I have noticed some things I might consider changing if they don't improve. First I still think my breast are too big and make me look "top heavy" and my back bigger. They are slightly cone shaped and my nipples are crooked. I know they haven't fully dropped yet, but I don't think dropping will help the way my nipples look. I wish my butt was bigger too so I'm waiting for this "fluffing" to happen. It is shaped higher than it was pre op but I would have liked more projection. My waist is super small, and I love it, but I have these "creases" on the sides (like men have) that I hope will go away. I love my belly button it's really cute and not the dark hole I thought it would be, but I think it sits too low on my abdomen. But I'm ok with that. My tummy tuck scar looks great, but has one area that's being stubborn with healing. I also have a white area sticking out of my areola and idk what that's about, but I was told to keep an eye on it. Overall I'm happy, but I am open to a second round with the BBL, correcting my nipples and removing the implants in a year if I feel the same about my results. Time will tell.

Great communication with Dr. Yily

I have heard on some reviews that once girls left the DR they were unable to get in touch with Dr Yily or she didn't respond to their emails. Idk about their experiences but Dr. Yily has always answered my emails since I left and even sends me emails to check in on me. I know everyone's experience is different, but mines with Dr Yily has been great. When I went to get my abdomen drained my doctor here complimented on my incisions, and how nice they were. :). Even though I mentioned some things I might change next year, I will RETURN to Dr Yily to fix them. Still TEAM YILY!!!! My last email from Dr. Yily: "ohhhh! Thanks a lot for your compliments!
We're doing just fine! I just love that you love your results. Bring that sexy you out!

And be awesome!"

More Pics!!!!

I seem to have taken a turn for the better this week. I feel closer to the old me, moving more freely, bending, and even dancing! My scars are healing well... But my troublesome area had gotten worst, and my doctor put me on antibiotics. Also I'm still not liking my breast... And everyday I hate them more.

T-shirt pic

The things Nurses do to themselves!

I noticed I had some fluid build up in my lower abdomen... So I decided to drain it myself with a butterfly needle and a syringe!

Almost two months post-op

I feel great. I've been working out two days a week doing Pilates (my fav) and trying to eat better than I did before my surgery. Notice I didn't say diet, because that's just not me! I'm still wearing my faja for the most part 23 hours a day. I have cheated some nights... Two to be exact since my surgery, and slept without it because I just needed a GD break! I probably have 5 different fajas now, though my favorites have been the Faja D'Prada brand with the bra made in them. It gives me more uniform compression than the ones without the bra. My nipples are still crooked as hell, but the cone shape my breast had post op is almost gone. They have dropped, the swelling has gone down and they look and feel a lot more natural. I'm glad I did get implants with my lift since I have a GF who had only a lift 4 years ago and... now has saggy bags thanks to gravity! Well she's heading to the DR to pick them puppies up in March. I still see areas I'm hoping for improvement or I'll be going with her, and those areas are my lower back, which still had two fat rolls, and my hips. My right one is dented again and those creases are still there along with some extra fat above my incision. My boobs are still a little too big but we have a love hate relationship between us sooooo... Idk about them yet. Overall still very happy with my results, but still considering round two.

I'm a real friend!

I'm super excited to be a real friend, I'm glad I was able to help and cheer others on in their journey to become the person they're meant to be.... Thank you real self Kirsty at RealSelf and theRealCathyofSeattle!!!

4 month update

First let me say my revision is officially scheduled for March 24. I haven't updated much because I'm really not pleased with my results and find myself hiding my body more than I did before my surgery. I love my butt, even though I can't fit any clothes. My stomach has a hernia that is a result of my surgery, so I have a large lump above my navel, my sides still have the creases they did before I think my TT scar should have been extended further and my boobs are misshapen, my implants are still very high under my muscle and my nipples are embarrassingly crooked. I love my belly button, it's really cute, my scars have healed wonderfully and I'm just waiting for March. I still love Yily and her communication with me has been excellent. I'm hoping for the results I originally paid for to come soon.

More pics

I hit submit too soon. Here's more pics up close of my issues

Revision Costs

Just to let future dolls know, a revision is not free. Yily quoted me $2700 for my revision, not to mention air fare, RH, massages...again and supplies. This price will include lipo of original areas, Fat transfer to butt, I figured why not since it has to be removed. Filling in dents in hips, again, hernia repair, and nipple correction. All of which I either paid for before, or are to correct complications of original surgery. My original surgery was $5700 plus all the extras, so you do the math! I'm thinking about simply removing the implants and getting them lifted again so, idk what that would cost. And just an FYI, think long and hard about letting Yily do your breast work ( mainly implants). I have seen more girls unhappy with their breast after Yily did them than girls who were. I had hesitations before surgery, I expressed them on here,but decided to go ahead since I was going there to get so much other work done. I wish I would have gone with my first thought. She's definitely a master sculptor, and wonderfully gifted surgeon. I just don't think breast are her expertise. It's just my opinion, decide for yourself.

Dr Yily just pisses me off!!!!!

As you guys know, I'm scheduled fir my revision March 24th with Dr Yily and have shown the areas I have concerns with. I was quoted $2700 for her to lipo the areas that were "missed" when I first went, and to correct my nipples, and breast. WELL.... I just received an email where Dr Yily told me that for her to correct my breast because according to her my skin is "loose" she would have to change out my implants and do a lift again that this would cost and additional $1500. Huh???? Are your serious? So that would mean I would have to spend $4200 for a REVISION of a surgery I spent $5700 for 4 months ago! That would be $9900 for the results I originally paid for!!!! Somebody is tripping!

Contreras quote

This is the English translation through my app:


CLÍNICA DE LA RECUPERACIÓN ES USD 60/ N para compartir 80/ N una persona INCLUYE: 3 comidas más 24 HORAS DE ENFERMERÍA



Surgery costs still less than Yily's "revision!"

Oops... That was the Spanish version



CLINICAL RECOVERY IS $ 60 / N to share 80 / N a person includes: 3 meals plus 24 HOURS OF NURSING



Torn between Dr's

I've gotten quotes from Contreras, Robles and Cabral. Overall I am in love with Cabral's work, his response time and his explanation of what he can and can't do, but his past scares the hell out of me. If I don't die... I'll look awesome. I can't find enough info on Contreras and Robles work is mediocre to me. Duran has never responded after I sent her 8 emails in the past 4 months which speaks a lot about her to ME, so idk who I'm going with. I've heard good things about Lima too, but again, I can't find any of his work. I'm thinking maybe Carbal for my TT revision and BBl, and idk who for my breast but I don't think imma get it all done at the same time like I did before... Idk

This is a shame...

I don't know why someone would implicate Dr Yily in the death of a patient that was NOT hers. She's been defending herself on Facebook for weeks now, and the death of this young lady is being twisted up in rumors. My prayers go out to this sister and her family, this is all simply ridiculous.

Revision Journey

I've ben MIA for a while and except for the occasional post to some RS friends I haven't been on here. It's spring. I was so looking forward to this year being able to comfortably wear clothes, and show off my shape. That's why I went trough with my surgery in the first place. I've wanted to post pics but every tune I send the pics to a surgeon for a quote I cringe... They're horrible. I thought about posting on here but to be honest some of the comments women make on here are immature and insensitive at times like " I'm sorry Yily really jacked up your breast." Or" Damn your breast are really crooked"...Like really? What is that, passive aggressive BS. I try really hard to not curse some of these basic chicks out, because I'm truly a work in progress, and usually wouldn't hesitate. I have had to realize that I'm here to help other women going through this journey. Anywho... I've been on this crazy work out, juicing, detoxing journey and trying to lose 14 more pounds... 8 down so far. And just get in a healthier state overall. I'm currently 5'6" and 174. About my revision? Well it's scheduled for August 21st, plane ticket purchased and RH booked! I'm mentally ready, and now I'm working on getting physically ready. And Yily is NOT my doctor. I have no faith anymore that she can improve my results or even accept that they are not ideal. And that's all I have to say about that. Lol

Deception in the Camera

With clothes on and at the right angles, yes I look good. But see, that's the deception with some pics you see on here. Now look at the difference in the total nude without holding in my stomach or "posing."

Went to Lima

Soooo... After some serious soul searching and Cabral's latest death, I stated researching again and decided on Dr Lima. Sure, I could have decided to live with my flaws, but see that's just it. They weren't MY flaws. They were the flaws given to me at the hands of a careless surgeon and I wasn't going g to live with those. I felt deformed and I decided to change it. My surgery was yesterday I got TT scar revision and lengthened to incorporate the loose skin left on my sides. I got lipo of my back,flanks and the huge fat pocket Yily left on my upper stomach. I got fat added to my lower butt for more cuff, my implants exchanged and btw... they were incapsulated and my right one was backwards! I got them relifted, lower eye lid lift, fat grafting to my nasiolabial folds and vaginoplasty with interior tightening, floor lifting and outer revision as well for esthetics. I feel really good. I'm staying at Janet's... I just love her. I haven't seen my results yet, but I will post pics and update soon. Smooches

1 week 2 days post op Dr Lima

Just some pics I took today, feeling myself a little. I also included done 4 day post op pics so you can see my scars.

More pics

My before and pic of my breast scars.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I chose her because of her amazing work

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