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Hello Dolls, since this is my first time posting...

Hello Dolls, since this is my first time posting let me tell y'all a little bit about myself. I'm a 39yr old single mom with 3 gorgeous kids 22,18and16. So yes everyone is practically grown. I grew up with my brothers calling me SPONGE BOB SQARE So I've been wanting to have six for my buttocks for about 15yrs now. However it was never the right time well guess what Dolls...NOW IS MY TIME!!! I'm turning 40 soon and my baby is 16yrs old so I think its time for me to do something for ME. So after years of researching Drs in the US Drs in Mexico and doctors in the DR, I've decided to to with Dr YILY...YEAHHHHHH. I've gotten plenty of quotes and I've talked to different people from different doctors offices but I had to pick the Dr I felt was the BEST FOR ME. A person knows which Dr is BEST for them, its a connection that you get and if you don't feel it then you better wait for it. When in doubt... BE STILL. So here is where it gets tricky...I have a 22yr old daughter who's getting her buttocks done also and after months of research herself we agreed we both was going to Dr. Yily so I was all excited UNTIL... She came to me and said "Mommy I'm not sure if I'm going to Dr Yily...I might go to Dr Duran." So now I'm sitting there with this very confused look on my face because I thought we was both TEAM YILY so I had to step out of mommy mode and talk to her like the adult she is and although I felt like we was Team Yily I had to except the fact that she did not. I asked her to explain why and so like I said prior YOU have to pick the Dr that's BEST FOR YOU! She said she is not sure yet so I guess we will wait and see. Smh

Decisions...Decisions... Decisions

Hello Dolls, while waiting for my daughter to make a decision I figured I would continue doing some research on thing we need to take with us to the DR. Well firs of all let me tell y'all what I'm hoping to have done. I'm hoping to get TT,BBL,lipo to my abs, arms, back, flanks, and waist & BL...I know it sounds like a lot but its not. Well yes it is but Ive been telling myself it's Anyway I've been trying to get a list together and I have gotten some great ideas from other Dolls. However, I'm wondering with all the things I'm having done...How can I ensure myself that I will be as comfortable as possible? So I said to myself and myself said huh? Lol jk...Instead of buying a $30 boppy pillow that might not be comfortable why not look into an inflatable cushion so that way I can adjust the softness or the firmness of the cushion. So I found found this great little doughnut cushion for $13 and its made from durable rubber. Its called Carex inflatable ring cushion its18" and instead of that big ole pillow you can deflate it and pack it away without up a lot of space. Its on And while searching I found this inflatable lounge chair and ottoman for $26. I was like WOW that looks really comfortable so I was thinking of trying that also. That's on Amazon. com too. Hold on there's one more thing I want y'all to check out and tell me what y'all think its called the Winds wedge inflatable back support. I figured it might be comfortable being that I probably won't be able to lay flat for some time and its only $15. Ima just make sure to have some patches and glue...JUST IN CASE... lol. Well Dolls check out those things because they might be useful to y'all as well. But tell me what you think about them. Well until next time kiss kiss.

Sorry for typos

Hey Dolls I'm sorry for the typos. But the name of that wedge is Wonda Wedge not


Hello Dolls, Oh my...its almost that time. I'm sooo excited i have 65 days left and I'm just ready to go. So I've purchase most of the things that I needed. I still need to pick up some little odds and ends but for the most part I have everything. I'm just ready to board the plane and be in Santo Domingo I'm going to get there 5 days earlier so that I can have some fun before surgery and I will be there 10 days after so I'll be there for a total of 15 days. although I still have 28 pounds to lose I believe I can do that in the next 60 days. well ladies full you're going before me I wish you all well of those are y'all who will be there with me I can't wait to meet y'all. afterlife 83 girl I cannot wait to meet you. well ladies I'll talk to you in a little bit.


Hello Dolls, I am so excited right now I just emailed Dr. Yily my flight information. I don't know how anyone else feel what I feel so super excited right now. this is been such a long time coming that I just I can't describe my feelings I just feel like I'm floating today. well for the dogs before me I want to say thank you for your stories for the ones that is before me I want to say good luck to you the one that will be there with me I'll see you soon doll.

I can't believe its happening to me.

Im sitting at work just thinking that in less then 30 days until i will be in DR...The first 5 days i want to have the time of my life. Then prepare for my sx. IM
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