4/23 soon to be Yily Doll!!!- Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey boos:-) I am new to posting but not new to...

Hey boos:-)
I am new to posting but not new to RS, as I have been lurking for quite some time, gathering info and following the stories of many brave women!!!
So a little about me... I am 28 years old, no kids, some would say pretty and already pretty curvy. My measurements are 34C (small C), 30, 44. Yes, I have hips and a decent booty, but I want a great body and fantabulous body! lol I used to be a work out guru, until I broke my foot and moved in with my boyfriend simultaneously about a year ago, and thus began the more than often fine dining, midnight snacking and abrupt end to my usual gym routine.

So here I am, almost a year later and about 25 pounds heavier! smdh I have come to the conclusion that I deserve a bit of a "freshening up" to help get back to my old self! Of course I could go to the gym, but I just don't feel like it! Yea, I said it! Besides, I want my booty to be a bit rounder and no matter how many crunches I do, I can never ever seem to get rid of this annoying ass bit of fat on my lower stomach. Some may not notice, but I sure as hell do and frankly I'm tired of looking at it! I also and contemplating a nice new rack.. lol as I said, I am not a full C cup so I think some fullness up top to match my fullness down bottom would compliment me well. I am just apprehensive about the scaring, I don't want those hideous lines on me like you see on those ratchet porn star. hmmmm we'll see....

So I chose Dr. Yily for none other than the obvious reasons of her beautiful work! I have been corresponding with her and have a tentative date for 4/23/2013, so if anyone is interested in going during that time/week, please let me know!!

I will try and keep up with updating this cute blog thingy as regularly as possible for those of you who care or may be interested.

So now I have booked my flight, sent my deposit...

So now I have booked my flight, sent my deposit and am waiting on some sort of confirmation! And yes, I made the decision to get my boobs enhanced as well :-) I have started taking my vitamins...I still have so much to do in such a short time:(

Everything is happening so fast... everything for...

Everything is happening so fast... everything for the surgery is all squared away...(deposit, flight, recovery house, etc.) Now all i need is to find my passport, hmmmmm!

Well I have been lurking on things that other ladies have brought with them and have mad my own list, so now I'm just 'stocking up'!

Hey y'all...for anyone who is even paying...

Hey y'all...for anyone who is even paying attention to my little postings! Lol I'm so sorry for my delay in updates, but I have been rather busy.
Well I have basically everything packed and ready to go...with the expecting of this Epifoam I see ladies use.
I just came from getting my passport which was an ordeal in itself! Just my luck to loose my birth certificate 1hr before my appointment! Grrrrr Luckily I was able to get it without too much issue, in the 11th hour.
Soooo....I am waiting around and stuffing my face pretty much. If anyone is going on or around my date, please let me know
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