Surgery with Duran May 20th Dominican Republic, DO

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Team Yily RS 1 Hello Ladies, For the...

Team Yily RS 1

Hello Ladies,

For the past few years I have slowly seen my body transform. And unfortunately this has been a transformation that has displeased me for quite some time. I have tried dieting, excercising, and worst giving up and "accepting who I really am." I used to be very petite so it was quite a shock to everyone when the weight started creeping up on me. Four years ago I was 5'1 and at 110 pounds. I am now 5'1 and 140 pounds. OUCH! I haven't heard the end of it since I gained weight. "TU ESTAS MUY GORDAAA" or "TE VA DAƑAAA" UGH! I'm sure many of you could relate when I say this, I WANT A NEW ME. I want CHANGE. I want to want to shop. I want to look good. I want to do something that makes me happy.

I have been obsessing over posts on mmh and realself, and wish pics, procedures, before and after pictures, pros and cons, plastic surgeons, US or DR. I have decided to go with Dra. Yily De Los Santos. Her body sculpting and BBL's are truly amazing. I have tried my best to gather all the resources that one would need before and after surgery. My posts may be very long but I am just trying to be as informative as possible. I've gathered most of my information from ladies on or or google. I disliked the fact that you couldn't get all the information you needed from one place when researching so I am going to try to the best of my ability to answer all of your questions and to cover all aspects of my journey. For the next few months I will be sharing my information with you and bonding with many of you. I would like you all to show your love, ask your questions, follow my journey, and pour your blessings over me. Thank you in advance for your support ladies :)

For those of you who don't know, Yily is located in the Capital of the Dominican Republic.
Her website link is:
Her phone number at the clinic is:
809 331-5050 ext. 208
Her personal email is

I have already sent her my before and wish pics and I'm still awaiting her response.

I'm 21 years old with no previous surgeries or children. I'm 5'1 and I currently weigh 141. I am still waiting for my body measuring tape to get here from amazon, so I don't have my measurements just yet. I am looking to get liposuction to my arms, full abdomen, full back, and fat grafting to my glutes. I am considering liposuction to my thighs but I might just do the back of my thighs. Not sure yet. I would like to hear what Yily recommends. I already have a butt, I kind of just want to fill it in and add hips and have an hour glass figure....ahh don't we all lol. I've added my wish pics and all of them are of a model/vixen called Curvy J. Love love love her figure. At first it was Yaris Sanchez but I had to be honest with myself and know that a body like that would not look so great on someone with my frame. Perhaps Curvy J may not be the best fit either but I think it would be more achievable than Yaris lol.

Ladies, when choosing your wish pic, be honest with yourselves. Just because the body of the model looks awesome doesn't mean you're going to look the same. Try to imagine yourself with that booty or those hips. If you're a more visual person like I am, download this app on your phone/tablet/iPod:
Plastic Surgery Stimulator
Yily is gifted and great at what she does, but she is not God lol.

I'm planning to go to Yily within April 27-May 11 not sure if she will want to operate on that Saturday. Ok so my mom and her friend are also getting work done. Take a moment take it in lol. My mom is young and is looking to feel beautiful too. Ok now that I got that out of the way lol I believe we get a $200 discount if we go in a group of three.

We decided we will be staying at the Jacqueline Marrero Medical Spa. I haven't heard great things about CIPLA so we thought it would be best to stay at JMSpa. Here is the link to the spa:

I spoke to Jacqueline and she is very down to earth. She made me feel very comfortable when I spoke to her over the phone. She assured me that everything would be taken care of while I was there. There aren't any rooms that have three beds, so my mom and I will be staying in one room and her friend by herself. The rate for my mom and I is going to be $150 per night. We have family in the Dominican Republic so we only want to stay until we're at least mobile and are able to do things on our own. Probably 4-5 days.

Our rate includes transport to and from the airport, transport to and from your consultation, three meals and snack a day, nurse 24/7to tend to you. They bathe you (not that you would want to do much of that anyway lol) give you your medication. You can get your massages there, if you need anything they will go out and get it for you, etc.

I asked Jacqueline what she recommended I take and she said "MUCHO KOTEE Y MUCHA TOALLITA DESECHABLE" lol. In English this means a lot of Maxi Pads and Chux. The maxi pads are for inside your garment to cushion the areas that are extra tight and the Chux are so your bed sheets won't get dirty so quickly. (With blood). I don't think I will be bleeding as much but I'm taking them just in case. I have a list of the things I will be taking but it's a work in progress. I will post that soon.

I also asked Jacqueline about their water (since I know this is the concern of many people traveling from the states)and whether or not I should purchase water from here and send it or what she recommended. She told me she buys "Agua de Botellon". Not bottles of water. Bottled water. It's that big gallon that you put on a dispenser and you have the blue button for cold and red for hot and you mostly see them in hospitals or places of business. So this means it is safe. If you google images "Agua de Botellon" you will know exactly what I am talking about. She told me she cooks with this water but if I felt more comfortable buying bottled water that she could go to PriceMart (which is like a BJAYS or Costco) and get me a pack of 24 bottles for $5.00 (US) (I thought it was very nice of her to try and accommodate me)

When I mentioned I was going with another person, Jacqueline told me if it was a friend who was coming with me to be careful who I came with.

LADIES!! We all love a good bargain and we all love to save money. But PLEASE think about who you are going to room with. Do you know this person? What habits do they have? Are they neat and clean? or disorganized and dirty? Are you going to be comfortable being naked in front of this person? Are you going to be uncomfortable doing many other things in front of this person? When considering these procedures, recovery is the one thing we tend to dismiss. Remember we are in pain, were uncomfortable, we want attention, we want to be left alone, take pictures, FaceTime with our loved ones, etc. When you are sharing your room you have to be considerate of your roommate. You're going to be sore and probably only sleep for 30 minutes at a time, and it would annoy the crap out of me if my roommate is interrupting my sleep. It may sound insensitive but the reality is we're going to be emotional throughout the first week. So please think about it. I love realself, and quite honestly I became very close to many ladies who are trying to be happy too. A lot of times I felt they were more than friends and they understood me more than anyone else did. Just trust your judgement.

This is it for now. I'm going to start working on my second one :) enjoy!

MUJEREEEE!!!! I got my quote today!!! YESSS...


I got my quote today!!! YESSS IM SOOOO HAPPY!!!
I am getting liposuction to the abdomen, back, flanks, arms, bbl, armpits, waist all for $3000.00. If I want to add my thighs it will be an additional $250 (im not sure if I want to do this yet) My quote includes 1 compression garment, compression sleeves, pre-op testing, EKG, anesthesiologist, operating room, 1 night at CIPLA with 3 meals, IV and nurses.
I am happy about my quote and I wasn't expecting it to be significantly more because I know Yily is very affordable. Its awesome because I know if I would have gone to another doctor I would end up spending a lot more. Im also going with two additional people who are getting surgery done on the same day so we get a $200.00 discount off our surgery. Who knows I might just throw the thighs in after all lol.
Idk yet I wish I could foresee how I will look with smaller thighs. I want a big booty but I do not want it to be SO obvious lol.
Who am I kidding...everyone is gonna notice :)

I will update more thoroughly soon. :)

RS 2: Hello Girls! Sorry it has taken so...

RS 2:

Hello Girls!

Sorry it has taken so long for me to post again, it's just that so many girls are going to Yily now and I've been waiting in suspense to see what her work looks like. I have looked at other doctors' work and I'm convinced Yily is the one for me. Her sculpting is amazing. Recently, I have seen a few females complain about Yily not delivering on what they have asked for. For some of these females it is kind of too soon to tell and for others it is truly heartbreaking to know that your expectations cannot be met. I'm not going to Yily for a ginormous butt so I know she can give me the body I want. I have somewhat of a butt now I just want her to fill it in in all the right places. My main concern is giving me curves and making my arms smaller.

I have decided against chin lipo because I kind have small rolls on my neck if that makes any sense and I don't know if chin lipo is exactly what I would need to take that away. When I lose weight those and my chin fat tend to go away so I'm not too concerned about that at this point. I am doing inner thigh and back of the thigh lipo. I do not have huge thighs but my thighs do rub against each other a little and I definitely do not want that.

So the first time I emailed Yily I included only lipo to the back and abdomen and bbl and she quoted me $3000. Then I emailed her a second time with the same email and pics and added chin and inner thigh lipo and she quoted me $3200. The only tricky part is that she said for lipo and bbl you would pay $3200. This sort of confused me because I don't know if she's not including the other stuff I asked for in the second quote or if her price went up for lipo and bbl for me. But I'm not stressing about that because ill be taking extra money anyway so I guess I will figure it out when I get there.

So my mom and friend have expressed their concerns about "Yily not being readily available to answer any questions or us landing on day one and getting operated on day 2". That they feel like everything is rushed and were just cows waiting to be butchered (baca pal matedero"
My mom has gotten a procedure done in DR before and she said that with her last doctor she met him one day for a consult and he gave her his opinions of what he thought she needed and then ran tests and a few days later she got operated. I guess what she's saying makes sense but I do know that Yily is in very high demand. I may be wrong but I haven't heard of anyone hearing an opinion from Yily. I may think I know what I want for my body but I definitely want someone to put me in perspective if I'm wrong about the changes I'm going to make to my body. Again this is something I will just have to figure out once I get to DR.

I'm not buying her medication package because I have read that it is cheaper to buy them on your own. The only two things that you won't be able to get from here are the antibiotics and the heparin shots but I read that you could just walk into any pharmacy and ask for the right dosage and it will run you about $20-25 USD. I pretty much bought everything I need with the exception of a few things and I bought everything from BJAYS and WALMART.
I'm not home right now which is where I have the list, prices, and locations of everything I have purchased so when I get home I will type that up for you guys.

That's all I can think of for now :)
Till next time...feel free to ask me any questions...I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.

RS3 Hello Ladies, I just have to say I...

Hello Ladies,

I just have to say I cannot take anymore of these nightmares lol. Last night I dreamt that I was ready to get on the plane and they forgot to stamp my passport and then there was a gust of wind and then I lost my boarding ticket and my passport and I couldn't get operated...NOOOOO lol.

Ok so update on my current situation...
I am no longer going to Yily with my mom or her friend. I tried to wait for them but they were kind of "frontin" on me so I will be going by myself lol. I am staying by myself at Jacqueline's Spa. I called Yily's office today and asked for May 20th but she was completely booked so I had to settle for the 21st. I am going to send my deposit tomorrow but before I do I am going to ask her if she has saturday the 18th available. I want as much time to recover as possible. I only have two weeks to my disposal so I have to use my time wisely.

Im pretty much packed and this is what I have so far...please keep in mind at first I thought it was me and my mom going and besides that I tend to always exaggerate with packing:

-diurex- water pills (amazon-4.22)
-boppy- for not sitting on my big butt (ebay 10.00)
-iron with vitamin C, B12, FOLIC ACID AND COPPER- to get your blood ----levels up (vitamin shoppe 5.99)
-cottonelle wipes- to wipe my booty and stuff (bjays 4 pack with case 8.99)
-prilosec- one of the meds Yily prescribes-(bjays 42 count even though we ---only need 20 for 23.99)
-neosporin- for burns, incisions etc (bjays 3 0.5oz packs for 9.99)
-always thick maxi pads- for inside your garment and your period because I ---heard it comes down after surgery (bjays 2 36 packs for 12.99)
-benadryl- because I heard you get really itchy after surgery and most people say it doesn't work but i just wanna make sure it doesn't lol (walmart 24 tablets for 4.44)
-calamine lotion- for the same thing as above and i figure i could use this for mosquito bites too lol (walmart 6oz bottle for 1.44)
-colace stool softner- heard you get constipated after surgery so i will start taking these a few days before (walmart 30 capsules 9.98)
-sleep aid- sleeping pills...heard you will have some trouble sleeping- (walmart pack of 8 for 88 cents )
-vitamin e capsules- for scarring for my incisions (walmart 2 pack of 100 in each for 6.00)
-aleve tablets- for pain even though i might experience more soreness than pain (walmart 24 tablets for 3.87)
-arnica gel- for bruising and soreness (gnc 7.5 oz bottle for 9.99)
-warm socks- for when you come out of surgery even though this might not do a damn thing for me lol i could also walk around in them (fever which is like a conway 3 for 3.99)
-pj shirt- i know i wont be able to fuss with pants and crap (fever 2.99)
-crocs- 22.99
-hiblicens- anti bacterial soap only to be used the day of surgery (ebay-4oz for 7.60)
-compression socks- (ebay 3 pair for 9.99)
-make me heal vitamedica kit-amazon or mmh 100 have not bought this yet
-urinal/funnel- amazon 8.34
-body tape measurer-to measure your amazing results 5.24
-track suit-to come back home with ebay 18.00
-bandaids-waterproof for incisions- have not bought this yet
-wife beaters-3 for $7 in my neighborhood
-tshirts-3 for $7 in my neighborhood
-comfy wireless bras- walmart 7.94 each
-yoga capris and tights at walmart 5.00-12.00
-empty containers from the 99 cents store- i will fill a few of these with shampoo and conditioner ...i know i wont be able to shower right away.
chux-havent bought these yet

i had bought arnica tablets and bromelaine from vitamin shoppe but then i realized the vitamedica kit has this already so i returned them.

this is it for now...hope this helps some of you...

Hello Ladies! Haven't updated in a while....

Hello Ladies!

Haven't updated in a while. First things first: I am selling my May 21st date with Yily De Los Santos. My down payment was for $250.00. If anyone wants it please PM me.

On that note I would like to tell you all that me new doctor is Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran. I feel she can get me closer to the results I want than Yily can. That is the ONLY reason I'm switching doctors. My new quote is a little more and I honestly don't even mind because its still cheap. I have contacted her and she has been very attentive and extremely nice. I emailed her and her email was personal and not like an automated message. I called today and confirmed my date and I got the date I initially wanted which I'm very happy about. Umm that's it for now.

6 1/2 weeks left before I leave. Really excited.

6 1/2 weeks left before I leave. Really excited.

Hello Dolls, I've gotten a few messages for...

Hello Dolls,

I've gotten a few messages for me to share my details about Duran. The $3500 quote includes lipo to the back, flanks, abdomen, arms, inner thighs, And fat grafting to the hips and butt. Also all testing is included, one night at cipla and one faja. The recovery house and meds are separate. Hope this helps.

I'm on the other side

Sorry for leaving everyone out its just RS was filled with drama and I no longer wanted to be a part of. However, I thought it was only right for me to come and update. :) duran is amazing. I had many complications, but I made it. I love my body and I feel amazing.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I found out about Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran through

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