Team Yily - Update 2/12/13

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Hey, Ladies My MMH name is Ready2B. I'm...

Hey, Ladies
My MMH name is Ready2B. I'm scheduled for my BBL with Dr. Yily on January 22nd. I had a tt and lipo 6 years ago in NY after my 3rd son. Even though my tummy looked better than before I wasn't happy with my overall results. I dont mind talking about it but I won't get into that unless someone has a question about it.

I was so relieved when I discovered RS and MMH. To get support and experience from ladies who share what I'm feeling and going through is amazing.

Anywhoo, I'm 31 yrs old, I"m 5'1 and weigh 150 lbs. My measurements are 40, 32, 40. I don't have a pancake but its kinda square. I'm really excited about this procedure. I'm getting lipo to my arms, flanks, back, inner thighs and abdomen. I'm arriving in DR on January 21st and staying at JM Spa. So if there are any other TEAM YILY ladies out there going around then same time hit me up.

It's two weeks until my day. I have so many...

It's two weeks until my day. I have so many emotions. I'm anxious, excited, scared, hype and in disbelief almost, like is this really gonna happen? I'm getting on a plane by myself going to a foreign country, getting major surgery and I'm finally gonna have the ass I always wanted. I'm not really concerned about going to DR. I'm cuban and puerto rican so I understand spanish and speak it ehhh, ok. I'm actually excited about getting out of this cold NY weather and going somewhere tropical. Being that I had lipo and a tt 6 years ago I kinda know my pain tolerance. I'm ready for that. The way I see it is its some pain and discomfort for a bit of time but the result will be well worth it. Ok, so this is what I'm concerned results. Everything I want I get but not exactly how I want it. I'm praying my results exceed my expectations. I sent Yily my wish pics and she said the girls with the biggest ass get that from PMMA. She said she will inject as much fat as she can but it will depend on my hip size. Anywhoo, I'm sending out positive energy into the universe. I'm going to be GOOD. All I packed so far were my clothes. I better start getting my supplies. That's my goal this week. If anyone is going to Yily on January 22nd, contact me so we could room together.

So the big day is 8 days away. Whoa! This is...

So the big day is 8 days away. Whoa! This is really gonna happen. I got sick for New Years with Laryngitis and then a cold. I was so scared that I wasn't gona be well enough for the surgery but thank God, I'M GOOD. I was so happy when my passport came in. I spent this week shopping and I think I have every thing I'm going to need. I bought some supplies like:

Arnica Gel
Arnica Tablets
Cocoa butter lotion
A loofah on a stick
Gold Dial Soap
Wash clothes
Sleep Aid pills
Medical Tape
Pill case
My sister is mailing me compression socks
Cotton balls and Q-tips
Mouth Wash, toothbrush and toothpaste
Feminine wipes
Maxi Pads

Yily was so nice to email me and ask me how I was doing because I guess she heard about the flu outbreak. She told me I was her first patient for the day. I'm prepping myself for feeling like I got hit by a mack truck, TWICE.

My flight was fine. I slept most the way because I...

My flight was fine. I slept most the way because I was super nervous. When I arrived at the airport Jackie and junior from the JMspamedical were waiting for us. They took our luggage for us and drove us to the spa. They are extremely nice and attentive. They had arroz con pollo waiting for us which was really good. I'm sharing a room with Mermaid and met the others ladies who were post op at the house. So I felt a lot better and comfortable. I was buggin out before because my phone doesn't work in DR but the house has cells for you to hold while you're here but you have to buy the calling card. Before you know it they are serving you dinner. The room was nice and clean. So I give the RH an A+. We were up at 4:20 the next morning to get ready for sx and arrived at Cipla around 6 or so. It was 3 of us from the RH. We took our tests and waited until 11am and then Yily came. She marked me up and answered any questions. I had any easier time because I speak Spanish so I translated for the girls. Ily had an assistant also to translate who stood with us the whole time. I told the blue pill and off I went ino the OR. Excuse my language but I was scared shit. And then I floated off into lala land. When I woke up it was about 6:30pm. I felt really nausace and there was no way to get a nurse so I was so desparate I got my ass up to go to the bathroom. Just then a nurse came and said what the hell are you doing? No lies, I did feel like I was gonna collapse. She laid me down and told me never Eva Eva Eva Eva do that again. I told her well how am I suppose to call u if the phone is across he room. So she put it next to my roommate. Then she kept coming in joking telling me she was gona spank my behind if I do that again. Now she's sleeping on the sofa here just in case. They r kinda bitchy for nurses. But this one likes me so she kool. I do hate it here and can't wait to get back to RH. Ohhhh and I'm sure ya want to know about my body. I am not in pain at all, tho I am uncomfortable. Why do hey have me laying on my big booty? I told Them no vas a plancha mis nalgas? They said no it won't. It's only for today. It's feel big. Tomorrow I'll see when they take off the faja to shower me. Until next time beauties.....

Hey Ladies, I'm sorry I haven't posted an update...

Hey Ladies,
I'm sorry I haven't posted an update but I went back to work a few days after I came back and I was very swollen so it was hard for me to do anything. Plus, I have been going through an emotional roller coaster. I loved the way my ass looked after the procedure but now 3 weeks later it has gone down a lot. I told Yily I wanted a big ass and she said she was going to make my waist small and my ass would appear bigger. I told her I wanted it big. Yes, my shape is nice but I had this shape when I use to work out. My main concern was my ass. I don't know if it's going to stay like this or will it go down more or get bigger. I get a headache just thinking about it. I hope I didn't waste my money and go thru physical trauma for nothing.

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