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Procedure to be confirmed this week; working on...

Procedure to be confirmed this week; working on how mich time to take from work and trip accommodations, spur of the moment choice .. want to do this before im too old I suppose and no one cares to look .. nervous about the whole out of country surgery experience .. only getting fat transfer from various areas I suppose and her famous bbl procedure .. went with her because all her great reviews and results online and she has fair pricing .. she responded to several emails already that weve exchanged .. waiting to see If im traveling alone or with a friend... and wondering if I could get away with staying only 5-7 days or so ..cant afford to miss so much work and how long until we can move normally and get back to work .. haven't started any shopping wish there was a one place stop .. seems like alot of supplies ..its just scary all together I guess .. I live in Houston and have had a Tt and augmentation in the past 5 yrs ago .. it was great results and I covered my tiny scar with a tatoo a year later .. my Dr was famous and from Beverly Hills though and I paid for my quality .. that was his specialty though not bbl and thats how I end up here .. #teamdrahilarioduran

deposit for duran

Anybody send this yet? Is it an international wire? Dang confusing err

Vacation requested

Oh yeah! Just requested my vacation today, hope it gives me enough time to heal without going back to work looking like a retard lol Sept 17 through the end of the month!!


So excited!!! Im all set!!!! Dr. just instant message me n said jus show up... all will b fine.. n not to worry... that she loves her work n wants those results as bad as we do!!! Luv her already! !!!! SEPTEMBER Duran DOLL!! Thank u Lord for making this all possible!


OH YEAH, SO EXCITED, BOOKED AND PAID FOR FLIGHTS TODAY!! Ladies, Im also in the FB group for Duran - Jacquelene Smith, but only the admins can add you to the group; find them on Dr Duran's FB page ... Yes, flight set, hotel reserved, now supplies!!

Your Flight Information
Mon 16SEP

AR 9:01am ATLANTA DELTA 1884
Snacks For Sale

Snacks For Sale

Hey Dolls

Date changed, going alone :0( .. Sept 10th is surgery day!! Let's c if I can load a wish pic or a decent me pic

pre and wish pics

Some widh photos and pre op of me!!

More preop

One more preop pic, this was about a yr ago when I was 10lbs lighter

Single digits

Opened my box of supplies today, been sitting out ny bedroom door about 2weeks, sad cuz my bf cant go with me n no one can, so killed my excitement when it was initially delivered .. now its more I have to be not so happy around home cuz then im stuck in myself supposedly blah blah so its not talked about around home... jus me my bf n my two kids .. so I jus keep it to myself goin crazy with 9 days left prayin prayin prayin all goes qell n God sends his shield of protection with me .. be safe dolls! #teamduran #durandoll13'

Duran doll in tha makin'! More Pre op n wish

Me today and me after shot playing with my plastic surgery app lol ..didn't know I was this bad off .. omg my ass is even flatter now, ugh


Plastic surgery app

4 more Days!!! OMG! Nervous!!

My pre op bootay! Im so nerved up ladies, scared wxcites n errythang in between! Goin alone darn bf owes child support n denied his passport :0 ( .. its ok God sendin hos angels to watch over me n bring me to tha otha side!!! I love my kids with my last breath n Lord knows I need to get bacc to them! My flight leaves Monday, sx scheduled 4tuesday ... hope I have enuff fat was scared to gain too much cuz I kno u will b swole the first week or so n dnt think I can carry all that weight on my poe lil ankles lol .. im currently 5'9, 2wks ago I was 165, im sure I have ate my way to 170ish by now lol .. I have my follow up visit with my pcp today ... lung testing again ... was not good last visit n got prescribed inhaler 4two weeks ... hope I got better im worried bout that ... my hemo was 13.8 last time .. im nervous again though cuz my cycle is due 2morrow!! Help! Gotta ask my doc should I manipulate it n make it wait so my hemo ok? Or how long will it take after my period to go bacc to normal levels??!!

Time is Here!!! OMG!! I'll be in D.R this time tomorrow!! #Durandoll

Hey fellow dolls!! the time is here, just checked in for my flight on delta, less than 15hrs away!!! I met sum dolls on here and the FB group so I will have two dolls who are already there that will check on me while I'm in DR. My last follow up with my pcoc here was Wednesday, she gave me a clearance letter and my medical history that I will take with me .. Got concerned and still nervous cause a doll was rejected for as due to asthma last week ..sad face .. I have asthma!!! They tell me as long as the test come back ok I should be fine but to take my rescue inhaler into sx with me ... I've been tested here n should b fine to proceed .. Hemp was at 13 so keeping my faith it stays there until my tests at cipla are complete .. Hiring a nurse and cook and driver for my stay .. Will be at a nice hotel a few blocks from cipla ... Prayers for me dolls that I come back on the other side to update u guys!!l went to church this morning to get me sum last minute blessings, I've been blessed so far so I'm sure this will continue !!! My kids mean the world to me so gotta make it back to my family!!! Oh n I was old by my doc 2jus manipulate my cycle and make my period come next month after all this is dun!! I promise I luv my doctor here .. Got all the pain pills I can ever need too! Lol .. Tramadol, Tylenol 5, Fleril, Lovenox, Augmenting, Promethazine tabs and Vicodin phew!! Jus bought me sum luggage tsa approved lcks too!! Until next time dolls!!! Xoxoxox

Spending nite at Cipla b4 sx tomorrow

Hey dolls! U knew id come update yall!!! Im at Cipla, I arrived yesterday checked in Floeida Suites omg its like an apt, I have the master suite, lil over a hundred a night but welll worth it, two queen beds so u can split costs, 3 blocks from Cipla. . So got here round 245ish 2clinic .. hemo test, ouch they stuck me errywhere trying find a vein, I tried tellin them use a butterfly needle but they aint understand me lol ..hemo 13.4 whoohoo then ex ray of chest, them ekg all good, then lung test ..dam I kno I have light asthma ... the caring part dolls .. im borderline levels on oxygen outputs so 2gether neumologist n Duran suggest they check me in to Cipla tonite give me sum iv meds 4my lung strength n push sx till after lunch 2morrow so I can get 2doses .. extra precautionary measure .. sweet huh...even helped me ease my worry sum .. ok by this time its 630ish I kno long phew .. I wanna run back to hotel get overnight bag n eat b4 9pm!!! Wifi tripping cant reach my driver work in duran office n certain parts of cipla

part 2

It was long sorry lol .. so outside its hot still yes at 7summin at nite no signal . getting dark thinkn of walking the short blocks to hotel but how will I get food smh and its dark now not smart .. so there comes this lady out of Cipla, perfect English, u need a ride hun? Omg English! ! Lol she said my name is Angie, I have a recovery home here .. not Angelas but Angie .. I had heard of her name in my FB group so kindly accepted...she was so nice and wow, she was raised in my city, Houston!!!! Was there 18yrs n recently relocated jus a couple years ago to Dominican 4her husband work...she took me to hotel, mcdonalds n bacc to Cipla, God really sent his angels with me .. she refused to take my gas money, I slipped 5bux in the ashtray anyway its 345a here n of course cant sleep .. but my iv hand getting tired so gunma rest it ..lemme try n post a few pics of hotel n cipla .. oh duran...soo sweet..she said ohhh when she seen me on her office yesterday afternoon .. u so beautiful even more in person, u need nothing crazy girl, I told her no she beautiful, she say oh no stop, being shy lol .. I said quit playing woman n give me a butt jus like urs lol..I told her she was a celebrity in the US she was tickled 2death lol .. nite dolls sorry 4typos

pics hotel n cipla

Florida suites n cipla


Oh yeah dont u kno this woman stopped bacc by my room b4 she left Cipla, didn't even kno what room number, she found me 2wish me luck n make sure I aint need nothing, wow that's wussup yall

Mornin time!!

Nurse came in with sum shot ouchy! 4sum reason she thinks I speak spanish lol I asked quen eso? N she rambled on 4ever laughing n all .. I was like ooohhkkk wonder what she said lol .. she also started bacc up the breathing machine .. its 620am here now .. things get real hectic round here I hear when rhe clinic opens at 7.. see u on tha otha side!!

im alive!!

Yeah post more later but I was wheeled out at 1130 n woke up in my room at 5 like heyyyy I made it bacc to this side hard part recovery

First Post Op peek!!!!

Ok dnt tell me how gross it is , I already kno, so if u cant stand graphic dnt look!! Jus trying give u dolls 1st hand insight .. im not even one day post op on this pic, more like 5hrs post op! First shot takin by the nurse .. yes it is blood in my crack but its jus dripped their from the drain ok!! Dr Duran said she normally has extra fat n goes thru good n best, she said she drew about 2200 ccs from my arms luv handles and inner thigh all she could find ... so she said she didn't throw away any this time and jus used it all to reinject in hopes most of its stays bout 1100 each cheek will loose sum but think it will b jus rite what I was looking 4 when the swellin goes down, im in corporate america for my day job so didnt want ghetto donky butt or too small where its not noticeable, I was aiming for medium or in between .. think I got what I was hopin for!!!! Good night dolls

Faja Stage 1 Pics!!!

Faja stage one, Duran gave this garment included in ur quote leg compression sox, arm sleeves and the faja suit, eating food now lunch was great my cook made authentic Dominican food, now she makin dinner awhh feeling better already cant wait till the drains come out blah


Hi dolls, I had a scare yesterday, I have slight asthma and was given the advair pump at my pre op clearance visit from my doctor back home saying my lungs weren't so great and she wanted to see me again for a follow up b4 I leave, did my follow up on Wednesday before my surgery and it got a little better going from moderate to mild obstruction .. 3 levels .. mild moderate and severe .. so Duran was fully aware I had asthma so had the neumologist waiting to test me, so I barely passed thats why they admitted me to Cipla the day b4 so I can have iv meds ..anyway so at hotel day 2 posy op, got my massage felt great .. so im sitting at the dining table with my pillow under my butt and all the sudden started sweating, breathing hard .. I didn't know what was happening ..mind u I barely found out I had slight asthma, my dr at home gave me the advair pump to use daily and a rescue pump in case of emergency ..ive never had an asthma attack so I don't know what that feels like .. I dont know if I was hyperventilating or panic or anxiety or asthma attack?? So my nurse and massage lady was there at the time, I got enough wind to say please my pump the yellow one!! After about 2minutes they found it, I hurried and took two puffs, they had ice rubbing it on ny forehead rubbing my back to cakm me down telling me take deep breaths and finally it subdued .. they put me in bed , elevated my feet, gave me muscle relaxer to calm me ..flexeril I bought from home .. and a pain pill .. mannn I was sooo scared yall that has never happened before l..just got to take it easy sometimes .. so keep prayers coming, Gods listening!!! Talk more later dolls!!!

Pics from postop day 2

Jus took my first walk today outside, walked about 8 blocks phew and it was hot, me and one of my sx buddies ..hardbum561.. headed 4the ice cream shoppe .. that went well and I made it back with no issues ..ok u prob need 3 outfits tops, its Friday and my 1st time out the room and then yes, I still had on my zipper front night gown cause the drains blah .. and duh I have on compression sleeves as soon as they see that comin they r gunna look at ur rump I jus wear my knee length nighthown suckers lol ..believe me u wont care what u look like u jus wanna recover and go home .. u will need an outfit for clinic and back home hoping we all feel good enuff by sunday to go loook at sum boutiques n find me sum unique n cute maxi dress sx buddies had surgery a day b4 me on Monday .. so they r a lil ahead of me ... im on my stomach writing this feel like a newborn baby when they try n lift their heas and it's too heavy lol .. my massage lady Zara tells me she has dun massages for girls dor 15 years! I believe it, she is food but neway today shw rold me about a recovery house called Juana's and its upscale and beautiful n the best she seen ..this stuff seems 2b secrets cause ive been here on RS and FB for several months researching prior 2surgery n never heard of this place .. 4sum reason the good shit is a secret .. and apparently girls wont share info which is crazy 2me! Western Union by my hotel has the best exchange rate for pesos as well .. imma share my post op day2 photo, sumone asked bout bruises so u will definitely see them, I dont see projection yet n hopin it fluffs out soon .. many people say u cant really tell until at least a week.. hope so and I know im also swollen so when that goes down im sure u will notice more ... talk later dolls!!!


Ok r massage lady bought us each a box of this tea, it says its Bicentry diet, im sure its some other benefit to this but I cant seem to find an English website that tells me about, wunderin if any of u may know .. must b another one of dem darn secrets! Smh

Massage Cook RH

Zara is the name of r masseuse, her nurse/cook travels with her named Fatima but you speak to Zara about what you would like to have because Fatima doesn't speak Englishnor does she have a whatsapp .. Juana is not a person, that isbthe Recovery house that Zara told us was the best by far ..she travels to all of them givin patient massages and to any hotel in the vicinity .. im going 2post her whatsapp information as she said she was fine with me sharing .. if you reach out to her, I would use Google translator so she can understand what you want ..she speaks English but just a little, our Google app has definitely got us by ..

Post op day 3 pic

Layin in the bed from the side

pic day 3 post op

Pic day 3

Video humor lmao

Video vixens? Lmao


The not so good part .. pill poppers blah .. by the way, we r up like every few hrs, layin down, sitting down is so uncomfortable, u will be cotton mouth from all the pills and drink lots of water because of it, so that 15min u took to get in the bed comfy will have to repeat itself every 45 min or so .. think of coming home from the hospital with a newborn and ur up every few hrs durin the night .. yep u will b that annoying ass newborn to ur nurse lol

Arm Lipo Pics

Be prepared for bruises!!!

Peaches n cream

So dont get me wrong, it's not all peaches n cream ..we all have burns me n my sx buddy but we dnt think they r from surgery, we r thinkn more of faja rub on those spots which r usually the crease where the faja ends or mayb how tight they r .. who knows... they r not too severe but not 2b taken lightly either .. they say its normal n should go away .. guess we will c but ouchy!


Hard 2sleep decided 2get up n brush ny hair 4the haters lol


The cook is awesome, always get sum good authentic Dominican dish umm


No pain no gain, yes I have a mixture of burns n bruises, the risk we take n so much more, im grateful I have not had any other complications so far and have jus a few burns, I understand goin in sx this could occur, im bein treated by my nurses and all should heal jus fine .. still lice ny Dr, her works is awesome, cant waith to heal ro enjoy the benefits, just trying to make it thru this hard part first ..

New Video! Answers 2many questions about sx!

Video with answers 2many of ur questions about surgery in DR!!

Corrected Video Link

Last try lol

Home now

HI Dolls!! Im back home now so glad to b here, had a follow up dr appt today with my pcp today that I scheduled prior 2leaving 4 sx .. my vitals are good .. a little swelling from my 3hr flight forced me to take off thw faja today, it was like a trincate around my knee n they were so puffy, so glad I had a doctor appt planned cuz I was worried .. didnt wanna take my faja off but couldn't allow it 2continue 2strangle my leg! ! Lol felt much better visiting my pcp, she reassurred me all was well, told me go by spanx or support pantyhose and wear them with my compression socks until my swelling go down .. got home instant messaged Duran and she replied right back n said yes that's fine or cut my faja at the knee .. I told her I was afraid to remove and might loose my new but ..her reply jajajajaja no girl .. lol which means hahahhaah in r language .. funny .. so far so good, ill post pics as it gets it shape n form. . Muah Dolls!!!


Feelin much better today! Swelling went down n I was able to put my faja back om today, yea! Few snap shots .. hard to take photos of ur self blah!

Got out today

Got out to try on a few clothes for my return to work tomorrow, definitely not looking forward to it .. not sure if im slow on the healing track or if uts normal to still b in a little pain at 12 days post op .. im scared not knowing if im healing right or if something is wrong cause im not 100% me yet .. I would say im about 65% me .. kinda scary not knowing. .my arms have lumos in them n feel gross when I touch them, I rub then here n there when I think about it .. I busted out my wahl heated massager I bought n used on my arms n my inner thighs that were hardening .. yucc .. seemed to work temporarily but kinda goes back to what it was like 30min later .. a lot of my body is sensitive to touch n feels weird bacc, my stomach .. cant wear my original faja anymore. . I pretty much murdered it ..tried cutting sum of the legs so it wouldnt choke me at the knee n cut off my circulation but the higher I cut, the more it looked like chop suey ..started wearing my butt out faja during the day, uts a medium n fits much better even when im swollen .. got a little spanx body suit on that I sleep in, only thing I can wear besides my butt out faja, hopin im not ruining my results cuz im not sleeping in the faja.. I put the spanx on at night so tje swelling will go down enuff 4me to put on the butt out faja during the day n especially tomorrow when I go to work .. oh well .. hope I am on the right path to healing n all this stuff is normal .. talk to ya dolls soon ..

Wow really? No dam ER smh

Its no wonder people dnt post after sx .. yall stop with the madness .. u mean sumone blew up my pic sooo much n looked at erry fine detail, that u seen the tag on my brand new washcloth I used to catch the saline when I changed my bandage ? Really people .. im wondering who worse now here or FB was FB but now its tricling here, if u read my entire review n watched the video I mentioned several times about my small burns n how thankful thats the only minor issue I had .. I posted my burn n how nicely it was healing on FB and omg damn near started a riot in the groups smmfh ..all cuz I wasnt bashing my Dr and ..the words they put in my mouth. .she happy with her burns .. no stupid, im postin the pic to show them im happy at how nice their healing only 19 days post op and when u suffer a lil burn or summin, geez it aint the end of the world, again read my entire review, watch my video n stop runnin ur mouth with half true shit the way, to whomever is the inspector gadget that analyzed my photo, ER is a brand name from target idiot .. n I was comfortably layin in my king size foam bed at home when I snapped the shot since now u also need detail information of where I am, what time of day, the scenery the weather looks like when I post my pictures .. I mean really people. . Wow ..didnt think it could het worse

Oh new pic

Oh and before u try analyzing the next pic sayin im in icu or summin im in my bathroom takin a mirror shot so I could finally get a butt photo to erryone smmfh

20 days post new pic- arms ouchy.still

Still waiting 4fluffing blah, been eating like a pig need to slow down, had to buy me 2 new fajas.over the weekend, still waiting on delivery so been stucc in my spanx smh ..bacc still sore to touch arms are killers n still sum lumps right now, my massage lady has been sicc so doin the best I can by myself ..rubbing urself feels oh so good ..come on fluffing, still waiting. . Toodles dolls!! Xoxoxo

Work pics!

At work blah, playing in the bathroom with my natural lil bump in the bacc lol .. come on fluffing .. oh this is with no faja, my dog ate it been without 2 weeks, but delivery scheduled 4tomorrow! Yeah! Finally!

1 month post op anniversary! w Pics!!

Heres sum photos dolls! The colorful striped undies r my 1month post photos, all the rest r preop pics ..

1 month Duran Doll Pics!!

Happy camper, healing goin well, almost bacc me .. 85% well, massages massages! O so important, two per week since my sx, plan on continuing at least another month

New Faja arrived! same brand Duran uses!

Yes it came! U can thank my doll, Golddee 4remindin me I 4got 2post bout that ... it feels soo good! The one Duran gave at Cipla was just way 2tight, I want it 2fit so bad cuz it worked soo good n I could feel it, I was like mann if only it was one size bigger id b so happy, well so tight had 2stop wearing it ..was lookin at it hanging up n noticed the website inside the faja! Yupp Marena group .. ordered me a blacc one in my size!!! Well worth the investment feels like it will last 4 years!

More pics!!

More work bathroom shots, do I ever work? Lol .. about 40 days or so post op .. hard 2 take pics of urself phew!


Oops missed a couple

Steppin out

Steppin out no faja ... all me tonite lol

2 months post

2 mos post op

Goin out pics!!!

Goin out pics!! My sister made my catsuit outfit!!

Before n After

Finally found a decent b4 n after shot

Marena Butt Out!

Marena now sells butt out faja! Yeah!! Here I am with my bubble butt in my new faja!! 3months now dolls!!


Finally put my workout clothes on today n got 20min of cardio, phew! After 3mos of nothing mannnn .. im also gunna post a shot of where my burn spots were, many have asked how they healed..


Oh 4got to attach ....

Butt shots

Ahh sumwhere my bathroom butt shots r appreciated lol luv my new faja

Butt out faja with pantyhose

Butt out faja pics n sum with my pantyhose. .spanx work wonders as well


Waist was small 2day .. took a few shots


B patient with ur tummys! I had a tummy tuck 5yrs ago so waa happy with my tummy n didn't want it disturbed. .at first u may b mad with ur results... let the time pass postin my preop tummy n post 8wks side by side .. then im postin preop tummy n post op 3mos tummy .. it gets better as u go along ladies .. b patient

Happy New Yr!!



4mos pics!

4mos post op

Pics! 4mos

4mos po #durandoll

4 mos

4mos post

burn progress

4.tha doll that asked how my burns were healin now .. pretty good in my opinion

Booty Pics!

Couple my waist aint that small cuz im a eater! Lol when I eat light n watch my diet it gets much smaller, oh well blah

Been a while

Thought I'd come give a quick update, need to exercise err

8mos post with pics!!

New pics, 8mos post op, still trying to.loose weight blah

Updates!! Pic

I know yall miss my bathroom shots lol
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