Team Duran April 4,2014 - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi Ladies! . I have been lurking on this site...

Hi Ladies! . I have been lurking on this site for quite some time. I have to admit I feel as though I am addicted to this site and looking at the azzz and more azzzzzzzzzz. When I am work and should be working I find myself on this site thank God my husband is the boss, because I would have been fired. I had tried contacting Duran for quite some time via email face book, twitter calling and never could get a hold of her. I then was desperate and hired Jasmine with Bella Vita Consultants and I was able to receive a quote within 72 hrs sent $250 deposit and called Elizabeth and confirmed my surgery date. The $150 was well worth it. I would suggest anyone that is having a difficult time getting a hold of Duran and is desperate as I was and want to be stress free to contact them. I am tired of looking and ready for Duran to get her hands on me and transfer me into a show stopper !! I never had a lot of azzzzzzzzz however I made due with what God did bless me with however I want something to look back at. lol ! I am currently 5'5 188 lbs yes lord I know that I am over weight and I am planning to lose 25lbs before Sx. My hemo was 13.6 I love all vegetables and it has always been in the 13. I am having this procedure done for myself and not anyone else because I really don’t give a dam what anyone else thinks anyway. I am in my own lane and they need to stay in there's. I am secured my date with Duran for April 4, 2014 for bbl, tt lipo. I am sort of nervous for #1 because I have never been on a plane let alone out of the Country. However I will be praying hard and trusting in God to see all of us beautiful ladies through our procedures without complications. I have not decided which RH I am going to stay in at this time any suggestions ladies would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to link up with some other beautiful ladies to share this experience as well as split the costs. I live in sunny Florida and will be flying out of the Orlando Airport on April 3, 2014. staying in DR for 8-10 days. I know it will be hard because I will be missing my hubby and my babies. My hubby doesn’t want me to go worried that something will go wrong you only live once and I am going to enjoy it while I can while having a gorgeous body at the same time. H If any of you beautiful ladies would like to link up please feel free to hit me up and we can support each other thru this experience. Be blessed!

Hi ladies

Hi ladies!!!! I have been sooo busy these last couple of days busy working trying to finish getting my money up exercising and trying to lose this weight .. I have to admit that I love to eat and its hard as hell for me .... I am at work everyday 10-12 hours a day and by the time I get home I am not thinking about cooking anything so me and my family eat out wayyyyyyyyyyyy to much and I know its not good ladies but I be tired as ever when I get home I want to take me a nice bath and have me a drink to relax.. How much money do you ladies think I need to take with me ???? I have saved $7500 in 3 months for my surgery do I need to save more???? I want to be comfortable especially being away from home. It will be hard because I have a 2 yr old and he is not used to being away from me at all... Also ladies what RH would you ladies recommend? I still haven't purchased any supplies or my ticket yet but I will start purchasing my supplies next week. I hope that I will be able to find me a travel buddy because I scared as Hell to go thru this alone. And my husband has started trippin already getting on my last fucking nerves. about the surgery at first he was ok with it. He thinks its crazy that I want to go out of the country to have the procedure done . He's worried that something is going to happen but anything can happen in the states also. I believe and trust in God that all will be well. Anyways ladies Im at work should be working but on this site. Lord please help me im addicted LOL! ... Chat with you ladies later. Mauh :)

Hi Ladies

Hi Ladies :))))))))))))))))))) It has been a min since I have been on here my life has currently been crazy! My husband woke up one morning and his leg was swollen and he could barely stand up and went to the doctor then the lab then rushed to the hospital where he had to stay for a couple of weeks. We found out that he had blood clots in his one leg and he is now required to take blood thinner meds. He loves to smoke and drink but now he isn't able to. I just thank God that he is ok now I love my husband so much and I couldn't imagine being without him. To add too this madness I have (2) teenager daughters that has gotten a taste of some dick and have went slap dam crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I feel as though I need to knock some sense in them to let them know that they need to stop falling for the ookie doke from these lil boys. Anyways ladies enough of me ranting! I have booked my flight for DR I leave out April 3 and have surgery April 4 and I plan on staying 8-10 days. I would love to buddy up with someone or a couple of ladies to share this experience with> I have to admit shittttttttttttt it getting real now. I have purchase most of my supplies. I have shared with some of my friends and family who seem kind of jealous and asking why am I doing this. I really dont give a dam what they say or think its about me and no one else. It's time for me to focus on me and make myself happy! I started taking my pre op vitamins and exercising like a mad women. I started off weighing 188 I am now 178. I exercise 1 hour every day and I must admit I actually enjoy it. I really don't want a tummy tuck because I don't like or want the big scar so I am going to try to work it out. Please know ladies that God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.Well ladies; my prayers are with all of you!!! Chow!

Switched to Dr. Michael Salzhauer, M.D. @ Bal Harbor in Miami Fl its about to get REAL!

Hi Babes I know it has been a min since I have been on here I have just been busy working and preparing for my surgery which would have been on April 4,2014. However I am not the type of person that can wait at all what ever I want I want it then. I know that Duran is AWESOME however my husband was super worried about me going out of the country so I have decided to stay in the US pay the extra cash and go with Dr. Michael Salzhauer, M.D. @ Bal Harbor Plastic Surgery in Miami Fl and I am scheduled for February 20th for BBL & Lipo. Girls Its sounds crazy but I cant wait I want some ass now!! And I love the fact that he performs the procedure where I don't have to have drains. I have already paid my deposit and will pay the remaining balance on friday.... I know in the US they really don't perform aggressive lipo so I am considering going to Duran later in the year since I have already paid my deposit to her also to get some more lipo an possibility a breast lift. But I need Azzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to look back at NOW! I am tired of being square and am ready for some luscious curves. I am only maybe 4 1/2 hours from Miami which is great because I am going to be missing my hubby and my babies. Chat with you babes later (smooches)

Hi Dolls its getting REAL headed to MIA

Hi dolls well shitzz is getting Real surgery scheduled tommorow @ Bal Harbour with the handsome Michael Salzhauer. Im excited nervous plus anxious but most of all im ready to be a Salz doll. I will keep you dolls updated Mauh
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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