Doing something for me for a change. After having kids BBL, n BA here I come. Dominican Republic, DO

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Is the surgicoordinator for Dr Duran real? I don't...

Is the surgicoordinator for Dr Duran real? I don't see anybody saying they had to pay 200 dollars to schedule an appointment. I dont want to spend that money if I dont have to. It can go towards my deposit. Somebody please let me know. I'm trying to schedule my procedure at the end pf february of mid may.

Finally got in touch w/Dr. Duran and got a quote

So after trying and trying like I read most people do I got in touch with Duran. I never considered anyone else or giving up. I called her office at 0540 in the morning and got an answer. After that I have been I contact. I sent her my pic and did a questionnaire and she sent me a quote for 5900 for lipo, bbl, and ba. That's a bit more than I expected but hey. She recommended a recovery house and sent me the things I would need. Still need to do my own research on recovery houses and see what fits my budget and needs. I plan on having my surgery on 29 feb 16. I'm going to stay for 7 days. Ill be most likely traveling alone but my sister may come. I'm super excited and ready to go go go. Ready to be sexy! I will post pre op pics soon. Soooo, anyone else for that date?

Recovery houses needed for 29 feb 16

I cannot seem to find a list of recovery houses so I can find what's best for me. I want it to be comfy and affordable!

Got My Blood Work Results

So I got my blood work and my hemoglobin levels are a 13.8. I'm super excited about that. I still have not bought any vitamins yet but I will in a few days. I'm excited but not as excited as I will be next month when I get my ticket and start throwing supplies in my suitcase. I've chosen real recovery house to stay at for 6 days. I need to get back home to my babies.

Wish picks wish picks

I have had so many wish picks saved to my phone. I promised myself that as time drew nearer I would narrow it down and I have. I dont want dr duran to match our bodies I just want to give her an idea about what I want to look like.

Pre Op pics

I was hesitant about posting before pics but I guess I can't use realself and don't give back when it's been so helpful to me. Soooo, here it goes. I usually work out but I have my date set for 29 Feb and I figured it's better to have more fat than I need than less fat.

Time is slowly approaching! 28 Feb 16 I'll be on a plane!!!

I'm so ready to get this over with. The only thing I'm worried about is my recovery taking to long. I want to walk out of surgery and go to the beach! I know that can't happen but I hope to have the quickest smoothest recovery possible. I have my RH. I'll be staying at Armonia RH. I have my passport and I bout a few items like z quil and laxative and pads and scar strips. I don't want to pack a bunch of stuff that I don't need. And the less money I spend on a bunch of crazy products the better. I lost my journey as often as I need to but I don't think any body really cares until you have some post op pics so I try not to bore you with my life story.

I packed my bad, why do I feel like Im missing something????

So in my bag I have some scar cream, scar strips, pads, gloves, z quil, advil pm, anti itch cream, a female urinal, ensure, polysporin, 4 maxi dresses, baby wipes, and cottentale toilet wipes, laxative, and some vitamines. Am I missing anything ladies? I didnt want a bunch of stuff I didnt need. I'm going to bring sports bras and underwear and white undershirts. dial soap I guess, it doebt agree with me down below but thats the most reliable antibacterial soap out there. Still feel like im missing something.

7 April I'll be back to see Duran, 1st trip was a flop!

I went once and didn't bring casher and my bank froze my funds. Then Duran said my platelets were low. My new date is the 8th of April. Ready to get this over with for sure!!!! Praying all goes well!

Finally had my surgery 8 April 16.

So I got here on the 7th. Checked in to aRomania recovery house. The best RHODE ever ever ever. That same day I went and did lab's. 220 dollars is the charge for that. I got up early that next morning and headed to see duran. It was about 3 other girls with surgery scheduled for that day. We sat and compared stories while we waited. I went in and got checked by some lady who put little tabs all over me. That checked out because next I saw Duran. Beautiful and really nice and down to earth. I answered a few questions for her then got undressed so she could mark me up. I told her what I wanted to look like. And she asked why I wasn't getting a tt and I told her I really didn't want one. I told her make my but like wow but no too big and give me hips...please and thank you! No breast for me this time but I'll be back. Soooo that was at about 8. I didn't get surgery til after 4 and I was fine with that. I asked her to do me last and she did! I got the blue pill and about 20 to 30 mins later the man came in to put me on the rolling bed. Didn't feel anything with the pill but I was ready to get the party started. When I got to the surgery room duran came in an told me she would be there in a minute. Next thing you know I was sleep. I woke up during surgery. No pain, no agony, no fear. I could feel my body moving a little but was too knumb to tell what was being done. Finally duran looks down and smiles and says you done doll. I just smiled back and I think I feel asleep because I don't remember going back to my room. I felt fine. Little pain at first. Then at about 4am. My stomach n waist n back and but we're hurting. My button felt like it had go beat with bats aND my stomach and stuff felt like it was on fire. The nurse bring pain meds and I was better. Then I was uncomfortable laying on my back. I wanted to turn but my nurse said no. When she feel asleep I tried to turn but she woke up n told me nooo Mami! So I told her my button hurts laying like that. I stayed in that position til about 7 and she flipped me over. Maan did I feel better. It was lots of fluid and blood under me...Ewing. I felt good though. At about 10 a nurse came in n wiped me down with wipes and put my faha on. It didn't hurt that bad just a little uncomfortable. After that duran came in to check on me. She said I hope you like because I made you a beautiful body. I hadn't really got a chance to see it tho. So the man came with a wheeled chair after she left and wheeled me to the door where my driver Pedro was waiting. He kept complimenting my body. I'm back at the recovery house day two post op aND the nursing staff have been super nice and attentive. They feed me give me my medication and come when ever I call. I'm getting my faha washed now so I'll post pics.

Trying to post pics I'll get them up as soon as possible

Pics coming soon

1st and 2nd day post op pic

Still really swollen but super happy and excited to see final turn out. Pink shirt is day 1 and maroon shirt is day2

This Faja is kicking my butt

12 dayso post op. Still swollen a lot. I've been paying an arm n a leg for massages here in the states. My faja cuts off circulation in my arms causing extreme discomfort and knots. My body looKS nice. My butt is perfect. Hips on point. My boyfriend keeps grabbing and squeezing to the point I think he's going to kill my father! I was in my stage two but got back in my stage 1 due to discomfort! I couldn't take it.

20 days post op n I'll be honest

So I started back to work 10 days after my surgery. I had no choice. It was rough walking around trying to act normal and standing all the time in my office and in meetings. The faja was the death of me! It was so tight n cutting off my circulation. It was leaving crazy indents in my skin. It kept me nice and flat and tight tho. I decided to go without it one day n oh boy! I was so swollen n lumpy that it looked like I needed to either hit the gym or get some work done. I felt like my insides were trying to bust out of my waist stomach and back. Ok so that felt better than wearing the garment. I went a few days without wearing it at all. Lumps and all. When I woke up in the morning my stomach was flat like a board because I slept on it. 20 mins out of bed and I poofed up again. I wore my garment today with a lipo foam board on my stomach n it was much better when I sit. The garment wasn't digging into my stomach. Mind you this is still stage 1. My stage 2 was way too tight. No way. I may try it in a few days. My butt is still nice even tho I sit often. I work at a desk and attend meetings all day! I stand as much as I can and switch positions on my bottom. I'm obsessed with my butt. I go in the bathroom n touch it a million times a day to make sure it's still there! The first thing I do when I wake up is look at my booty in the mirror. It's nice!!! My back hurts all the time and my skin is very numb. I still get massages but it breaks the bank! I've had 6 since I've been back. I'm going to start back wearing that garment in fear that I won't be as sexy as soon as I would be otherwise. I've read about it and doctors say that you still get the same results in the long run it just takes longer. I'm confused about my eating because I wanna feed my booty!!! However I don't wana feed my stomach waist n back!!! I'm happy with my results. My stomach is tightening up nice and the stretch marks are less visible. I chose not to do the tummy tuck and it's a good thing I didn't cuz I look just fine. My boyfriend still can't stay away!!!! Pics coming soon

Almost 1yr post op...

Still very happy!!! Luv Duran. I wana go back!!!
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Dr. Duran

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